MT: July 8-14, 2002

VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,652 / Monday – July 8, 2002
Dr. Peter Lamont who recently received a grant to study why magic is often relegated to being for children is featured in a Sunday Herald article that quotes Genevieve Warwick, “It would seem there is a desire to relegate magic into a pleasant fantasy land for children where it can be side-lined and its power somehow diminished by co-opting it out of the adult world.” Lamont explained, “Five hundred years ago most people would have believed in genuine magic… The rise of the modern West was, in some ways, a war against magic because science tried to explain everything.” There will be a conference titled Magic presented at the Glasgow University on Jul. 9-11. To read the Jul. 7 article by Ann Donald “Magic’s Moment” click: HERE.(7/8)

The new book, “52 Ways To Magic America,” by James Flint is reviewed in the Sunday Herald where the describe it’s basis,  “The novel tells how young Marty Quick takes up card tricks and illusions, mostly as a way of attracting the attention of pretty girls and avoiding the attention of rougher boys, and eventually turns into Martin Mystery.” To read the Jul. 7 review by Ron Butlin titled “Illusions and delusions” click: HERE.(7/8)

Penn & Teller’s new two-year contract at the Rio is explained in a Las Vegas Review-Journal where Penn Jillette comments about how Vegas is changing and why they decided to settle in one place for a while. To read the Jul. 7 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Comedy duo at home in ‘New Vegas'” click: HERE.(7/8)

R.J. Lewis, John Graham, Rocco, Todd Robbins, Belinda Sinclair, Frank Brents, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 8 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(7/8)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,653 / Tuesday – July 9, 2002
The winners of the SAM magic competitions held in New York City on Jul. 3-6 were: Close-Up: Oscar Munoz (Chairperson’s Award for highest score and $1000), Francis Menotti (second highest score and $500), Oscar Munoz (Jim Zee Award for Close-Up Magic and Jim Zee table), and John George (People’s Choice Award and $500). Stage competition winners were: Torkova (Silver Medal and $1,500), Eun Gyoel Lee (Second Highest Score and $500), John Cassidy (Mystic Craig Award), Bravo Nakaya (Seabrooke Red Seal Award for Comedy), and Eun Gyoel Lee (People’s Choice Award and $500). Junior Stage winners were: Sumire Fujiyama (Chairpersons Award for Highest Score and $300), Gerald Rojo II (Genii Award and $300). Other sponsored awards were won by: Torkova (The Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Award for Classic Magic), Eun Gyoel Lee (The SAM Centennial Award with FISM Sponsorship), and Gerald Rojo II (Japan SAM 2003 Convention booking). It is also worth noting that all attendees were winners. How often can you see David Copperfield, David Blaine, Mark Wilson, Paul Daniels, and Silvan all at the same event? The attendees were a literal whose who in magic.(7/9)

Typhoon Lou (Lou Marin) and his show is featured in the Orlando Sentinel where they give a brief history of the performer and his Masters of Magic theater. To read the Jul. 6 article by Aline Mendelsohn titled “No allusions about magic: It’s real theater” click: HERE.(7/9)

David Copperfield will stop over in Taiwan, on his way to China, to sign an autograph for Hsiang Hsiang. According to the Taipei Times, “…he [Copperfield] will sign an autograph for a Taiwanese girl whom he reportedly promised to do so during a performance in Taiwan about 15 years ago, according to the local Chinese-language media. She was unable to get his autograph after the performance at the time, but Copperfield reportedly remembered his promise and asked the organizers of his Taiwan event to search for the girl over the Internet in April. His organizers claim that they have now found her, according to the media reports.” To read the Jul. 8 article titled “David Copperfield to stop over for an emotional visit” click: HERE.(7/9)

Steve Rodman, Infantino, and Larry Maples & Raven star in “Magic Under the Stars” on Thursday Jul. 11 at 8pm at the JFK Middle School (500 Broadway) in Bethpage, New York. The show is scheduled to run around two hours and admission is free (bring your own chairs or blankets). For driving directions phone: 516-483-9610.(7/9)

Marie Blood (Houdini’s niece) and David Copperfield get last minute instructions prior to the unveiling of the Houdini Stamp at the SAM convention in New York City on Jul. 3, 2002. (Photo: MagicTimes). (7/9)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,654 / Wednesday – July 10, 2002
Scott & Jenny Alexander in a story that reported, “Think about this. You and your wife are magicians, performing together in one of the two theaters in Caesars Magical Empire. You come to work one day and there, on the marquee of one of the best-known resorts in the world, are your names.” Jenny commented, “We were shocked… No one had told us our names were going to be on the marquee. Can you imagine how excited we were? The marquee. At Caesars Palace!” The article also looks at their career, how they met and concludes, “But remember their names. I predict that, in the not-too-distant future, they’ll be the first couple of magic with their own showroom on the Strip.” To read the Jun. 27 article by Len Butcher titled “Magic Moment” click: HERE.(7/10)

Paul Gertner is quoted in a Wall Street Journal article titled “Sometimes Screening Can Be Magical.” The article looks at people whose professions force them to carry suspicious looking props through airport security. Referring of Gertner’s woes the article reported, “While he now makes it a point to check his knives, other items that he packs in his carry-on — such as the steel ball bearings, magic wands and a ‘weird-looking electrical device that makes cards fly into the air’ — often require a demonstration.” Gertner explained, “Now if you want to get on a plane, you have to be willing to do a trick.” The article by Jane Costello appeared on page five of the Travel section of the Jul. 9 issue.(7/10)

Jamie O’Hare explained in an El Paso Times article. “People love to pretend… That’s why we read fantasy stories or mysteries. That is why people read Stephen King or go see ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Star Wars.'” The article also obsereved, “Magic is similar to beauty; the attractiveness of a trick is in the eye of the bewildered.” To read the Jul. 9 article by Victor R. Martinez titled “Magicians still mesmerize many” click: HERE.(7/10)

David Copperfield’s visit to Taiwan where he delivered an autograph he promised 15 years ago is reported in the Taipei Times. To read the Jul. 9 article by Chang Yu-jung titled “Magician keeps a promise” click: HERE.(7/10)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,655 / Thursday – July 11, 2002
The International Brotherhood of Magicians convention in San Diego, CA on Jul. 2-6 held a number of magic competitions and the big award, was the occasionally given Gold Medal which went to Keiko Muto from Nagoya, Japan. The rest of the winners were: Brian Ochab (1st place close-up), Rod Chow (2nd place close-up), Keiko Muto (1st place stage), Derek Selinger (2nd place stage), Danny Hill (1st place junior close-up), Chase Curtis (2nd place junior close-up), Michael Barron Williams (1st place junior stage), and Dan Sperry (2nd place junior stage). Derek Sellinger received the People’s Choice Award for his stage act. Next year’s IBM Convention takes place on Jul. 1-5, 2003 in Kansas City, MO.(7/11)

Maritess performs at the 4th Annual Bamboo Girl Zine Benefit Party on Saturday Jul. 13 at 6pm. The event takes place at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop (16 West 32nd Street, Suite 10A) in New York City. Admission/donation is $10 per person. For more information click: HERE.(7/11)

Joseph Harris who performed at the M.R. Dye Public Library in Horn Lake is featured in a Go Memphis article that describes some of the routines he does and the messages they convey. To read the Jul. 10 article by Talethia Steward titled “There’s no trick to doing right thing” click: HERE.(7/11)

Fay Presto looses court case for riding an uninsured scooter to her shows. An Ananova article reported that, “A High Court judge ruled the electrically-assisted ‘pedal cycle’ is in fact a ‘motor vehicle’ not exempt from the legal requirement to be insured on the roads.” To read the Jul. 10 article titled “Fay Presto fails in rhinestone scooter court battle” click: HERE.(7/11)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,656 / Friday – July 12, 2002
Alan and Michele Watson received the annual Dragon Award on Jul. 4 at the SAM Convention in New York City from the J. Marberger Stuart Foundation, Inc. The Watsons have long been among the leading magicians in New Zealand. The award was created to honor couples in magic that demonstrate outstanding talent in the categories of Drama, Romance, Artistry, Glamour, Originality and Necromancy (magic). The award was presented by Paul and Debbie Daniels who were last year’s winners. Past recipients include Harry and Gay Blackstone, Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell, Johnny and Pam Thompson, Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert, Peter and Coral Reveen, plus many other names you would recognize.(7/12)

6-year old Eli Portala is described as having, “Houdini magic, Fred Astaire moves, and Armani style” in a Toledo Blade article that his father, magician Andrew Martin, “…was shocked when Eli started experimenting with card tricks as a toddler. He never expected Eli to share his interest in magic.” Eli will perform at the St. Georges Lebanese Festival in Toledo, OH on Saturday Jul. 13 at 3:15pm. To read the Jul. 11 article by Rachel Zinn titled “6-year-old boy makes magic with style, flair” click: HERE.(7/12)

Peter Matuska gets his wallet stolen while in Budapest, Hungary. A Budapest Sun article quotes Matuska, “I have studied the last 3,000 years of the history of magic and have been doing such illusions for more than 20 years.” To read the Jul. 11 article by Tamás S. Kiss titled “Hollywood magician finds wallet vanished” click: HERE.(7/12)

NEW YORK: Jeff McBride presents his show and lecture on Friday Jul. 19 at The Screening Room (3131 Sheridan Dr.) in Buffalo. His show will be presented at 7:30pm with the lecture at 9:30pm. McBride will also present a special Secret Session on Saturday the 20. For more information phone: 716-886-5653.(7/12)

VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,657 / Saturday – July 13, 2002
Marie Hinson Blood who was part of the Houdini stamp dedication in NYC is featured in a Messenger Post article that reported, “The 84-year-old Greece woman was in New York City last week to speak about her uncle during the unveiling of the stamp. The stamp presentation was held Wednesday, July 3. It was part of the week-long Society of American Magicians’ 2002 Centennial Convention.” Blood said, “I never dreamed that I would still be here when this stamp was presented. It’s just so thrilling. I’m just so happy I was able to live this long and after 84 years – finally I see the Houdini stamp.” To read the Jul. 11 article by Beth Emley titled “Greece woman happy to see uncle on stamp” click: HERE.(7/13)

Penn & Teller are featured in the Jul. 14-20 issue of Showbiz Weekly where their current show at the Rio in Las Vegas is being promoted. The article points out, “The vivacious and overtly friendly twosome — they meet and greet fans enthusiastically after each show — have become a favorite act at the Rio.” To read the article by Molly Brown titled “Tricks Of The Trade” click: HERE.(7/13)

Glen David Gold’s novel “Carter Beats the Devil” is one step closer to becoming a movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter Paramount-based C/W Prods. and filmmaker Robert Towne have just hired Michael Arndt to adapt the book into a screenplay. To read the Jul. 12 article titled “Scribe Arndt booked to meet ‘Devil'” click: HERE.(7/13)
VOLUME: 55 / ISSUE: 1,658 / Sunday – July 14
Franz Harary whose show “World of Illusion” is described as “largest touring illusion show in the world” is currently appearing in Bahrain with the supporting cast of The Gamesters and Extreme Skaters. Harary spoke to the Bahrain Tribune Daily about the large scale show, “I am constantly inventing new illusions and perfecting them and the whole show is the result of teamwork… We are like a finely-tuned jazz ensemble and depend on perfect timing and careful execution of each one’s work for the success of the act.” He also explained that, “…his acts are a combination of ‘hi-tech and psychology ’80 per cent technology and 20 per cent psychology.'” The show runs daily (5pm and 8:30pm) at the Grand Marquee Tent in Bahrain Summer City. To read the Jul. 13 article titled “World of Illusion set to dazzle visitors” click: HERE.(7/14)

R. Paul Wilson, Billy McComb, Jay Scott Berry, The Hamners, Jim Blantz, Bev Bergeron, Julius Frack, and Bob Stone appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jul. 15-21. Bev Bergeron lectures on Sunday Jul. 21.(7/14)
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