MT: December 3-9, 2001

VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,435 / Monday – December 3, 2001
Ricky Jay’s “Jay’s Journal of Anomalies” is reviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle where they described the book, “The words lope off the page, roping readers with charm, enthusiasm and the implicit showman promise that, hey, if you stick around, you’ll glimpse something you’ve never seen before.” The also went on to call him “the coolest person currently walking the planet.” As a side bar to the review is an interview with Jay where he is asked which of the current magicians will be remembered. He answered, Rene Lavand (from Argentina) and Juan Tamariz (from Spain) come to mind, at the moment. I think their work is great. There’s a wonderful sense of story and sleight of hand…It’s just a very wonderful, elegant presentation.” To read the Dec. 2 article by Peter Hartlaub titled “Q & A: Ricky Jay Master of illusion, collector of oddities” click: HERE.
–To read the Dec. 2 review by Mark Luce titled “A front-row seat at the side show” click: HERE.(12/3)
–To buy the book at a specially discounted price of $28 click: HERE.

Fred’s Magic World starring Fred Siegel and The Rosen Sisters opens on Dec. 5 at the 2nd Stage at the Adrienne Theater (2030 Sansom St.) in Philadelphia, PA. The show, which is presented by El Teatro Narcistico is described as “an autobiographical vaudeville play with magic and comedy.” It runs through Dec. 23 on Wednesday-Saturday at 8pm and on Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are $12-$15 per person and a re available by phoning: 215-563-4330.(12/3)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,436 / Tuesday – December 4, 2001
The new exhibit, “Devices of Wonder: From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen,” at the Getty museum in Los Angeles, CA is the subject of a Daily News Los Angeles article which points out that it “could be the first museum exhibit to get a thumbs up from magician Ricky Jay.” A few of Jay’s pieces are in the exhibit, which features many optical illusions and magic devices. The attendees of the L.A. Conference On Magic History got a chance to preview the exhibit last month. To read the Dec. 1 article by Fred Shuster titled “Get a different look at the world at the Getty” click: HERE.
–For an interactive view of the exhibit click: HERE.(12/4)

Tad Ware’s magic collection and career is the subject of a Skyway News article where he is quoted, “A lot of people think I’m crazy… But my wife says that magic is a lot cheaper than psychiatry.” To read the Dec. 4 article by Ellen Nigon titled “Ad man makes magic memorabilia reappear!” click: HERE.(12/4)

David Copperfield’s New York City apartment is one of the celebrity homes featured on the TV show “InStyle: Celebrities at Home.” The show airs on Tuesday Dec. 4 at 8pm ET on NBC-TV (US).(12/4)

NEW JERSEY: SAM Assembly #161 will be holding it’s Annual Holiday Banquet & Show on Monday Dec. 10 at The Willows in Greenbrook. Performers for the evening are Mike & Mike, Randy St. James, and Jim Angelo. For more information click: HERE.(12/4)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,437 / Wednesday – December 5, 2001
Marc Salem’s new Off-Broadway show “Mind Games, Too!” at The Duke (on 42nd Street in NYC) is reviewed in Variety where they called it, “It’s a surefire you-gotta-see-this-show show.” The review comments on the opening of the show, “He [Salem] modestly suggests at the show’s opening that anyone, properly trained, could perform the feats at hand, then instantly detonates that idea by performing a dazzling bit of mathematics.” The Dec. 4 review by Charles Isherwood titled “Marc Salem’s Mind Games, Too!” appears on the Variety website — a subscription only site. If you are a member you may read it by clicking HERE.(12/5)

Michael Night is the subject of an article in The Press where they discuss his magic career until now. Night was the owner of The Magic Studio in Toledo, OH, which was formally owned by Ted Carrothers and recently closed. To read the Dec. 3 article by Tammy Walro titled “No hocus-pocus needed –  Talent, tenacity, hard work bring magician success” click: HERE.(12/5)

Lance Burton takes his mammoth Vegas show, “Lance Burton: Master Magician,” on the road to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (12700 Center Court Drive) in Cerritos, CA on Dec. 7-9. The show is described as “a theatrical extravaganza of magic and illusions.” Tickets are $45-$55 and are available by phoning: 800-300-4345 or 562-916-8500.(12/5)

Gianni Mattiolo who stars in “Fiesta Magica” in Genting, Malaysia is set to perform on the Regu Pagi Era show. According to a Malay Mail article the show “will simultaneously broadcast and cybercast their morning show from the grounds of the All Asia Broadcast Centre,” at: To read the Dec. 4 article “Era pair take on magician and tiger” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/5)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,438 / Thursday – December 6, 2001
Al Cohen, owner of Al’s Magic Shop in Washington, DC, has officially announced that the popular magic shop, which has been running since 1945, will be sold or will close within the next couple of months. It was originally called the National Gift Shop when it opened in 1936 by Al’s father and Al’s son Stan has recently managed it. In an e-mail sent out to his mailing list Al sited his age (75), the recent illness of his wife Alice and that Stan decided to pursue other business ventures as to why the shop must close or be sold. Al has long been considered to be the best magic demonstrator around and he will stay on to train the new owners. If you are interested in owning a magic shop in the DC area e-mail Al at:

A magic segment is scheduled on the “Today” show on Thursday Dec. 6 around 8:30am on NBC-TV (US). Expected to appear is Tannen’s Magic owner Tony Spina.(12/6)

Rev. Andrew Thompson who is a Church of England curate has written a book called Gospel Magic which talks about adding magic to sermons in order to make them more entertaining. An Ananova article quotes Rev. Thompson, “The Church is facing a constant challenge to find new ways of reaching out… Magic tricks by their very nature stimulate interest and intrigue, and the element of surprise ensures that people go away remembering the encounter for a long time.” A counter point by Canon Beaumont Brandie is given, “Once a conjuring trick has been shown as just that, none of the performance appears true any more.” To read the Dec. 3 article titled “Sermons should be enlivened by magic tricks says CofE curate” click: HERE.(12/6)

Siegfried & Roy’s manager, Bernie Yuman, has just negotiated a huge endorsement deal for Muhammad Ali with the Coca-Cola Co. According to a Las Vegas Sun article Yuman has been Ali’s manager for the past two years. To read the Dec. 5 article by David Strow titled “Nevada manager negotiates Coca-Cola, Ali pact” click: HERE.(12/6)

A photo of Johnny Magic performing at the Centennial School appeared in the Dec. 5 Wapakoneta Daily News. To view the photo and read the caption click: HERE.(12/6)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,439 / Friday – December 7, 2001
Kirk Kirkham died on Monday Dec. 3 at the age of 76. Kirkham’s specialty was illusions and he has directed and assisted in the production of many live shows (Ice Capades, Disney, etc…) and television shows (You Asked For It, The Colgate Comedy Hour, etc…). He also worked for the Harry Blackstone, Sr. and Virgil touring shows. In 1959 he wrote the booklet “TV Dove Classics.” Kirkham also had a large collection of stage illusions.(12/7)

Rick Fisher has made it into the quarterfinals in the comedy division of Ed McMahon’s Next Big competition. If you would like to see his performance and vote for him click: HERE.(12/7)
John Gaughan pointing out two of the pieces he lent to the Getty museum for their “Devices of Wonder” exhibit which runs through February 3, 2002 in California. (Photo: Roger Dreyer).(12/7)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,440 / Saturday – December 8, 2001
David Blaine is about to release his first videotape to the U.S. market. Titled “Mystifier,” the video was released in the UK in both VHS and on DVD in November, 2000 and includes his first two TV specials “Street Magic” and “Magic Man.” Last month Blaine released his second UK video “David Blaine – Showman” which features his “Frozen In Time” special. “Mystifier” is expected to ship on Dec. 14 in time for the holidays, the 85-minute video can be pre-ordered from the David Blaine Store on the web for $25 plus postage ($8+). For more information and to place an order click: HERE.(12/8)
VOLUME: 48 / ISSUE: 1,441 / Sunday – December 9, 2001
Lance Burton has a question and answer interview in the Los Angeles Times where he was asked if magic has changed. Burton explained, “Magic hasn’t changed in 5,000 years. Just like the “Harry Potter” books, storytelling hasn’t changed in 5,000 years; you’re still trying to tell a story that has a human element and hooks the reader, and it’s the same thing with magic. The props might change and the outward appearance may change, but the essence of the art form hasn’t changed.” Burton is joined by Johnny Thompson at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts this weekend. To read the Dec. 7 article by Laurie K. Schenden titled “For Lance Burton, the Trick Is to Pass Along That Presto Feeling” click: HERE.(12/9)

The Erdnase Mystery radio show by Hugh Levinson will be re-broadcast on BBC Radio Four on Wednesday Dec. 12 at 3:45-4pm. Interviewed on the show are Father Roger Crosthwaite, Darwin Ortiz, Dr. Bart Whaley, and David Alexander. For more information about the show click: HERE.
–To listen to BBC4 live on the web click: HERE.(12/9)

Fred Anderson, Jeff Moche, Rocco, Jamy Ian Swiss, Carl Mercurio, Simon Lovell and Frank Brents appear at Monday Night Magic on Dec. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(12/9)
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