MT: August 28 – September 3, 2000

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 973 / Monday – August 28, 2000
David Blaine: Magic Man airs in the UK on Monday and a Sunday Mail preview of the show calls it, “Quite simply, it is one of the most entertaining shows I have ever watched on television.” To read the Aug. 27 preview by Billy Sloan titled “king of the magicians” and supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/28)

The Magic Circle’s Young Magicians Club is reported to have its membership increase by 25 percent in the last few months. The reason for the increase is explained by Roy Marsh, “It’s not been cool for kids, particularly older kids, to be into magic… The Harry Potter books have swept this away. It’s now cool again to believe in magic.” To read the Aug. 27 Associated press story titled “Potter Stirs Magic Society Interest” click: HERE.(8/28)

A St. Louis Post-Gazette article rated Las Vegas Magicians according to a “The Best of Las Vegas” feature in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The readers of the paper selected Siegfried & Roy while the Newspaper picked Lance Burton. To read the Aug. 27 story by Dan Caesar titled “Newspaper readers choose favorite Las Vegas entertainers” click: HERE.(8/28)

Mr. Maric has a new book being released in Japan Titled  “Mr. Maric No Yattamon-Gachi 2 (Mr. Maric’s Do It And Win No.2).”(8/28)

An article in KnoxNews about magic on the web is prefaced with, “I still enjoy magic, and now that I have the Internet, getting my magic fix is just a mouse click away.” To read the Aug. 27 article by Dave Farrell titled “Hocus-pocus! Slew of Web sites reveal magical side of Internet” click: HERE.(8/28)

Shimada, Brian Gillis, Mystina, Mike Barger, Jeff Ezell, Dick Barry, and Jim Skaggs appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Aug. 28-Sep. 3.(8/28)

JAPAN: The International Magic Symposium in Nagoya takes place on Aug. 30 at the Nagoya Kokusai Hotel and features Lennart Green, Tommy Wonder, George Saterial, Max Maven, Mahka Tendo, Toshio Yamauchi, Spirit Momose, Johnny Hirose, Papion Onishi, Kogi Sadataka, and many others. Registration is 30,000 yen per person.(8/28)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 974 / Tuesday – August 29, 2000
Egyptian Hall Museum Reveals Treasures.
David Prices’ Egyptian Hall Museum of Magical History in Tennessee which was sold by his son Dave Price to collectors Mike Caveney and George Daily has brought to light artifacts and rarities. One of the items uncovered is a paper mache head of Harry Kellar which he used in The Blue Room illusion. This is just one of many treasures which will be brought to light as the dust of time is blown away from this old and extensive magical repository. Daily told MagicTimes, “Because of the size of Mikes’ collection and my own there are a lot of duplicates. Soon, there will be a sale of some of these items.” …Go to full story (8/29)

Doug Henning was the brunt of some bad jokes during a FOX baseball game telecast on Aug. 5. Announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were later forced to apologize for their comments which were described in TV Guide’s Cheers & Jeers column as, “…the jokes were gratuitously mean-spirited.” To read the article published in the Aug. 26-Sep. 1 issue of TV Guide click: HERE.(8/29)

Jerry Sadowitz’ act is described as, “His act is pared down and minimalist. The house lights fully up and the tricks (not to mention the humour) is as in your face and intimate as it is possible to be.” To read the Aug. 27 Mail on Sunday article titled “Native Wit Is Hitting Home At Long Last” and supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/29)
VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 975 / Wednesday – August 30, 2000
Stephen Mulhern who hosts England’s Quick Trick Show is profiled in an Evening Mail article. The article centers around his wish to become a millionaire before the age of 25. He is already on his way, appearing in four separate television projects as well as having his own magic set. Mulhern who is constantly working on new projects said, “And I’m taking singing lessons. I’d love to play Joseph in Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat.” To read the Aug. 26 article by Graham Young titled “Make a million? You don’t say! Children’s ITV presenter Stephen Mulhern is on his way to a fortune” supplied by Infoseek and YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/30)

The L.I. Mystics Assembly #77 is featured in the NY Times. Joe Silkie describes what he likes about performing, “It’s the child in people… It’s playing with toys. It’s more sophisticated and a lot of people take it more seriously, but you are playing. You are controlling the visual perception of your audience.” Other magicians who were quoted in the article were Mr. Cohen, Mike Maione, Mitch Goodkin, Todd Schwartz, Al Garber, and Arnold Wonsever. To read a reproduction of the Aug. 27 article  by Marcelle S. Fischer titled “There’s a Trick to Joining Magician’s Group” click: HERE.(8/30)

WISCONSIN: The annual Houdini Club Convention takes place on Sep. 1-3 at the Madison Marriott West in Middleton. Performers include: David Seebach, Glen Strange, Danny Archer, Danny Cole, Bob Jepson, Rick & Susan Wilcox, Jason Baney, Circus Boy, The Balester’s, Bob Rath, and Dan Sperry. Registration is $65 for members and $80 for non-members. For information and registration phone: 773-252-7855 or e-mail:

VOLUME: 32 / ISSUE: 976 / Thursday – August 31, 2000
TEXAS: The 53rd Annual T.A.O.M. (Texas Association of Magicians) Convention takes place on Sep. 1-4 at the Adam’s Mark Hotel and the Majestic Theater in Dallas. Featured performers include: Gene Anderson, Banachek, Steve Bargatze, Becky Blaney, Walter “Zaney” Blaney, Charles Brook, John Carney, Chase Curtis, Eric DeCamps, Jeff & Tessa Evason, Paul Green, Brad Henderson, David Hira, Chuck Jones, Roger Klause, Joe Lefler, Simon Lovell, The Majestix, MarcoM, Chris Mitchell, Oscar Munoz, Murray, Nels, Bill Palmer, Chuck Smith, Diamond Jim Tyler, Greg Wilson, Mark Wilson, and Ron Wilson. For more information click: HERE.(8/31)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 977 / Friday – September 1, 2000
The sixth annual auction devoted to magic and conjuring antiques will take place at the Galerie de Chartres in Chartes, France on Sunday Oct. 15. The auction is split into two sessions. Rare magic books and magazines (mostly in French) will be auctioned off in the morning session. The afternoon session will feature, 19th century magic sets and toy boxes followed by many posters. The highlights are a collection of prints from the 19th century two paintings by Joseph Favero and Emanuel Pryl, A Diorama, and a collection of antique magic props made out of metal. A catalog is available for FRF 50. For more information click: HERE.(9/1)

Marc Summers has been announced as the host for a new game show titled “History I.Q.” where contestants vying for the $30,000 top prize will have to answer questions about world history with a majority of the question being on American history. The show is scheduled to debut on Oct. 2. If you would like to be a contestant phone: 877-554-4786.(9/1)

Richard Robinson’s All Magic Guide is reviewed in Newsbytes where it is described as, “The aspiring and practicing magician might want to check into this site, which offers tips and tricks and thoughtful essays and broadcasts about the art.” To read the Aug. 31 article by Wendy Woods titled “All Magic, All the Time” click: HERE.(9/1)

Terry Godfrey is described as, “He’s one of the best ones we’ve seen because he gets the kids going,” in The Anchorage Daily News. To read the Aug. 31 article by Rose Cox titled “Performers Shine On Rainy Day Magician, Hypnotist And Dancers Keep Soggy Crowd Smiling” click: HERE.(9/1)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 978 / Saturday – September 2, 2000
Siegfried & Roy are the guest columnists in the Las Vegas Sun. Their story is about the “Summer of Survival” where they point out that the 16 people in the Survivor TV series are not the only survivors: “Aren’t we all survivors? Don’t we test life every single day until the end? Don’t we confront the surprises thrown at us on a daily basis? We, too, are survivors.” You are also treated to a brief history of how Siegfried & Roy have survived against all odds to reach their current status. To read the Sep. 1 article by Siegfried & Roy titled “Where I Stand — Siegfried & Roy: A town of survivors” click: HERE.(9/2)

Marc Salem is scheduled to appear on the Jerry Lewis Telethon on Monday Sep. 4 in the afternoon. Check local listings for a station near you.(9/2)

“Melinda — First Lady of Magic” almost closed on Thursday due to problems between the hotel and the theater’s management company. David Saxe told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “he did not know until 5 p.m. Thursday that a 6:30 p.m. show would go on as planned.” To read the Sep. 1 article by Mike Weatherford titled “Magic show at Venetian scrambles” click: HERE.(9/2)

J. Wm. Johnson performs at the Nothpark Mall in Joplin, MO on Sep. 4 in conjunction with the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon for MDA. The performances begin at 10am and are scheduled to be seen on KODE-TV12.(9/2)

Mallory, daughter of Shari Lewis, is bringing back Lamb Chop and will be performing with it at the Magic Castle later this year. According to the NY Daily News there is also “a Lamb Chop animated series in the works.” To read the Aug. 29 article by Lance Gould titled “Puppets Rule in NY A festival’s bringing us the world on a string — and it’s not just for kids” click: HERE.(9/2)
VOLUME: 33 / ISSUE: 979 / Sunday – September 3, 2000
Richard Kaufman, publisher of Genii Magazine, got married on Sep. 2 to Elizabeth O’Keefe at the Dahlgren Chapel in Washington, DC with a reception at the historic Swann House. Magicians seen at the wedding included: James Zoldak (best man), George Daily, Michael Edwards, Matthew Field, Charles Greene, III, Earle Oakes, Mark Phillips, Jon Racherbaumer, Harvey Rosenthal, Bill Tadlock, and Bob Read who also entertained the guests during the reception. This is the second Washington wedding in the past month. Tradeshow magician Mark Phillips married Alexandra Castro on Aug. 5. We wish them all a happy life together.(9/3)

An oil painting of Lance Burton by Julienne Michelle is being auctioned on Yahoo. The receipts from the auction will go to benefit “Positively Kids” so they can build a facility to take care of children who are medically fragile. The painting also includes a signed plaque from Burton. There is a $600 minimum and the auction ends on Sep. 8. For more information or to make a bid click: HERE.(9/3)

Torkova, R.J. Lewis, Todd Robbins, Michael Chaut, Frank Brents, and Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 4 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(9/3)

Gary Walker performs on Sunday Sep. 3 at 9:30am at the First United Methodist Church (801 First Capitol Drive) in St. Charles, MO. For more information phone: 636-947-0066.(9/3)
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