MT: April 30 – May 6, 2001

VOLUME: 40 / ISSUE: 1,218 / Monday – April 30, 2001
90-year-old, living legend, John Calvert performed highlights of his show “Magicarama” on Saturday night while receiving the 2001 Magician of the Year award from the Parent Assembly of the SAM. An Associated Press story reported that, “…Calvert, a magician for more than 65 years, presented segments of his “Magicarama,” one of the longest-running touring magic shows in theater history. He levitated his wife and assistant, Tammy Calvert, over the audience while she played an organ.” Also mentioned in the article were David Oliver and Todd Charles. To read the Apr. 28 Associated Press Story titled “Abracadabra! Calvert named magician of the year” click: HERE.(4/30)

Looks like Kirk Douglas has been added to the cast of Smoke & Mirrors, a movie loosely based on the life of Jean Robert-Houdin. This will be the first time that Kirk and his son Michael Douglas (who plays Houdin) will work together on a film. To read the Apr. 28, Snowball Network, story by Stax titled “Michael Douglas to Smoke Out His Dad Kirk?” click: HERE.(4/30)

Rafael Benatar, Chris McDaniel, Rocco, Camilo Vázquez, Jamy Ian Swiss and Dennis Kyriakos appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 30 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100.(4/30)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,219 / Tuesday – May 1, 2001
Rev. Jerome Jecewiz is featured in a New York Daily News story which describes him as, “He can pull a rabbit out of a hat, make people float in midair and discuss Catholic liturgy in minute detail.” Jecewiz who performs magic shows under the name, Priesto, has raised more than a million dollars for his church through magic shows during the past ten years. He credits Maximilian Londono for inspiring him to learn magic, “I met him at a magicians’ convention in town… He showed me a few things and encouraged me to keep at it.” To read the Apr. 23 story by Clem Richardson titled “The Caped Clergyman Priest also aids his church as Priesto the magician” click: HERE.(5/1)

David Blaine who attended the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday commented in a USA Today article that the only thing bad, which happened to him after the ice stunt, was, “My girlfriend (model Josie Maran) broke upwith me. She thinks I want to die.” To read the Apr. 30 story by Ann Oldenburg titled “Bush survives night of jokes” click: HERE.(5/1)

Siegfried & Roy’s white lion, Prosperity, who is on loan to the Cincinnati Zoo gave birth to four cubs on April 1. The cubs are the first litter of White Lions born in the United States. Roy commented, “It is a significant birth for the future of the species,” continued Roy. “It creates a new bloodline; it is an historic event for the people of Ohio and for the entire world. It is a gift for the ages.” To read the Apr. 26 press release titled “Siegfried & Roy Introduce Four Rare White Lion Cubs at Cincinnati Zoo Historical Happening Marks First Litter Born in the United States; Named ‘The Pride of the Millennium'” click: HERE.(5/1)

David Copperfield who appeared in Nashville with his new show “Portal” is featured in The Tennessean where he discusses his new style, “…onstage I’ve relaxed a lot more. I’ve decided to have a good time. I goof around a lot and make fun of myself. I’m still very serious about the work — I can get killed if I’m not — but I’m having a lot of fun now.” To read the Apr. 27 story by Kevin Nance titled “Almost magically, Copperfield now appears kinder, gentler” click: HERE.(5/1)

David Copperfield’s May tour dates have him presenting his new show at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, NC (May 2-3), Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, MD (4-6), Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, CT (7-9), Playhouse Square Center in Cleveland, OH (11-13), Warner Theatre in Washington, DC (15-17), and Tweeter Center at the Waterfront in Camden, NJ (18-20).(5/1)

Andre Kole performs his full-evening show at the Calvary Church in Trumball, CT on May 4-5. For more information phone: 203-268-3750.(5/1)

Max Maven has been announced as the Guest of Honor for the 2002 F.F.F.F. (Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic) Convention to be held in Batavia, NY on Apr. 24-27, 2002.(5/1)

OHIO: Martin Lewis lectures for IBM Ring 68 on May 3 at 7:30pm at the Masonic Temple Ballroom (910 Phillips Ave.) in Toledo. Admission is $5 for members, $10 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(5/1)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,220 / Wednesday – May 2, 2001
The 19th annual New England Magic Contest sponsored by SAM Assembly 16 is featured in a Telegram & Gazette article. Mentioned in the story were: Peter Boie, Paul A. Baird, and Timothy Graves. To read the Apr. 30 article by Bronislaus B. Kush titled “Magicians hold annual contest” click: HERE.(5/2)

The International Battle of Magicians Convention which begins on Thursday is profiled in The Beacon Journal. Tickets for the evening shows, which are open to the public, are available for $18 per person by phoning: 330-454-8172. To read the May 1 article titled “Magicians to trade secrets at gathering” click: HERE.(5/2)

The Sci-fi Channel has announced that they are developing a one-hour TV special with Marc Salem to be titled “Mind Over Mind With Marc Salem.” The show, which will be produced by Howard Schultz and Lighthearted Entertainment, is scheduled to air sometime in 2002.(5/2)

Melinda is remembered in a Las Vegas Sun article which looks at her début at the Lady Luck in 1992. To read the Apr. 27 article by Joe Delaney titled “Joe Delaney remembers 1992: Melinda is magic at Lady Luck” click: HERE
-To see Melinda’s show ad from Dec. 4, 1992 click: HERE.(5/2)

An Audience with Paul Daniels tours throughout England with stops at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton (May 4), Forum 28, Barrow in Furness (10), Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield (12), The Arts Centre in Southport (16), St. George’s Hall in Bradford (18), Assembly Rooms in Derby (19), and the Civic Theatre in Rotherham (26).(5/2)

ILLINOIS: The 24th Central Illinois Magic Get-Together sponsored by IBM Ring 236 takes place on May 5 at the Urbana Civic Center (108 Water Street) in Urbana. Featured performers include: Maria Schwieter, Andy Dallas, Craig Dickson, Terry Murphy, Rick Fisher, Ron London, Troy Roark, Don Schultz, Lindy Magic, and Gary Slater. For more information click: HERE.(5/2)

OHIO: The 10th anniversary edition of the International Battle of Magicians will take place on May 3-5 in Canton. This convention has traditionally been one of the wildest in the US with many unexpected surprises for the attendees and registrants. Featured performers include: Billy McComb, David Stone, Tim Ellis & Sue Anne Webster, Rick Wilcox, Arden James, Jay Sterling, Steve Hart, Harold D. Russel, Schofields, Hank Moorehouse Gypsy Bob and much more. The event takes place at the Four Points Sheraton, Belden Village. For information and reservations phone: Tim Deremer at: 330-494-2623 or Larry Durian at: 330-830-2206.(5/2)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,221 / Thursday – May 3, 2001
Andre Kole’s appearance in Connecticut is covered in The Hartford Courant which discusses how Kole got into magic, “Kole became interested in magic when he saw a performance by Moxothe Magician. They would become friends, and Moxo taught him magic. By age 12 he had performed in Canada and Central America.” To read the Apr. 26 story by Adam Harrison-Friday titled “All About Magic Subject Of Show In Glastonbury” click: HERE.(5/3)

Andre Kole Magical Spectacular which appeared in Manchester is covered in a Hartford Courant article. To read the Apr. 26 article titled “Kole Magical Spectacular Coming” click: HERE.(5/3)

Kirby VanBurch convinced Branson’s Planning and Zoning Commission to stop the Thunderbird Theater from building a small house for a performing elephant which will be used in a new magic show later this month. The Springfield News-Leader quotes VanBurch “African elephants are known to be temperamental… If the elephant were to become upset while on stage… she would take the path of least resistance, and that’s through the audience.” To read the May 2 article by Kathryn Buckstaff titled “Illusionist helps block elephant act” click: HERE.(5/3)

ENGLAND: “In conversation with Charles Reynolds” hosted by John Fisher and “The Physics of the Looking Glass” lecture given by Jim Steinmeyer are the main attractions at the second Magic Circle Heritage Weekend, produced by Eddie Dawes and Peter Lane, on May 4-6 at the Centre for the Magic Arts in London. Part of the weekend will also include the 26th Collectors’ Day and the main event on Sunday is the Heritage Auction which will feature more than 400 lots of antique magic. Auction Catalogues are available for £10.00 ($20.00). For more information phone the Magic Circle at: [011-44] 020-7388-6480.(5/3)
Herb Zarrow, the Guest of Honor at the 31st annual F.F.F.F. (Fechters Finger Flicking Frolic) Convention in Batavia, NY, receives a surprise gift from Meir Yedid to commemorate the occasion.(5/3)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,222 / Friday – May 4, 2001
Marc Salem’s TV special for the Sci-Fi channel was officially announced as part of a new strategy for the channel to create “…special events for audiences that both entertain and broaden the definition of the genre.” Salem is described as, “The mysterious mental gymnastics of Dr. Marc Salem have become known to audiences worldwide through international lectures, numerous talk show appearances, and two successful Off-Broadway runs.” To read the Apr. 25 press release titled “SCI FI Plays With Your Mind!” click: HERE.(5/4)

The Texas Association of Magicians has named Steve Burton as its Vice President for 2003 and President for 2004. The traveling Texas convention will be held in Houston in 2004 and the President at the time of the convention is elected through the local club which in this case was I.B.M. Ring 39 in Houston.(5/4)

NEW YORK: Craig Dickson lectures for the L.I. Mystics on Monday May 7 at 8pm at the Copiague Public Library (52 Deauville Blvd.) in Copiague. Admission for non-members is $10 per person. For more information phone: 631-757-2236.(5/4)

WISCONSIN: IBM Ring 41’s Annual Spring Magic Auction takes place on Sunday May 6 at 12-6pm at the Tripoli Shrine Temple (3000 W. Wisconsin Avenue) in Milwaukee. For more information about attending or selling merchandise e-mail Bob Rath at:
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,223 / Saturday – May 5, 2001
Enrique Lugo is the featured magician in the new Dick Foster show, “Imagine,” which is running on weekdays through Jul. 1 at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City, NJ. Lugo and the show are described in The Record as, “…In addition to elaborately costumed, intricately choreographed routines devised by Craig Hempsted, each of the three set pieces features magician Enrique Lugo, who serves up standard but mystifying illusions.” The review of the show concludes that the show is by far the most lavish among Atlantic City reviews. To read the May 4 review by Chuck Darrow titled “A mind- and body-bending display” click: HERE.(5/5)

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Paul Cummings lectures for IBM Ring #166 on Monday May 7 at 7:45pm at Paul Heavey’s Little Theater (851 Cilly Rd.) in Manchester. Admission is $10 per person. For more information click: HERE.(5/5)
VOLUME: 41 / ISSUE: 1,224 / Sunday – May 6, 2001
Rafael Benatar, James Hamilton, Terry Seabrooke, Dale Hindman, Christopher Hart, Jeff Martin, Alan Marchese, and Stoil Soilov appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on May 7-13. Alan Marchese lectures on Sunday May 13.(5/6)

ENGLAND: The York Society will hold its annual magic auction on May 9 at 6:30pm at the Ainsty Hotel (Bourghbridge Road) in York.(5/6)

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