MT: April 19-25, 1999

VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 476 / Monday – April 19, 1999
Modern Magicians Conjure Corporate Cash is an article by Matthew Green about the fate of magic in England. Quoted in the article were: Ali Bongo, Jack Delvin, and Anthony Owen. The tone of the article can be summed up with a quote by booking agent Jeremy Lee, “…Magicians on the make can forget the days when top-hatted illusionists dismembered their sequined female assistants with saws. …That kind of magic has died out in the same way it did in the clubs and theaters.” To read the Reuters article click: HERE.(4/19)

Margaret Steele, Armando Vera, Gerry/Leonora Frenette, Tom Ogden, Lawrence Leyton, David Sandy, Tom Burgoon, and J. C. Dunn appearing at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, on Apr. 19-25. Armando Vera lectures on Sunday Apr. 25.(4/19)

George Carl, one of the best mime/clowns in the business is one of the stars in one of my favorite movies, “Funny Bones.” The 1995 movie also stars Jerry Lewis and features several magic illusions. You can see the movie on SHOW2-TV (US-cable) on Apr. 20 at 1:25pm and 9pm, Apr. 29 at 1:35pm and Apr. 30 at 1:20am. It will also air on Apr. 26 at 4:45am ET on SHOW-TV (US-cable).(4/19)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 477 / Tuesday – April 20, 1999
Charlie Mount’s “Abracadabra: A Magical Vaudeville” which runs on Sundays at 1pm at Theater West in Los Angeles is geared for preteens and adults but includes illusions which sometimes look painful, as swallowing sewing needles and pushing a knitting needle through his arm. A very good review of the show by Lynne Heffley ran in the Apr. 8 Los Angeles Times.(4/20)

Ashley Springer who won the Lance Burton Top Teenage Talent award at last month’s World Magic Summit was featured in the Apr. 13 edition of Newsday, in their “A Top Kid” section. In the article Springer mentioned that for a teenager who wants to get involved in magic the SAM, SYM and Tannen’s can help.(4/20)

Penn & Teller are the special guests on a rerun of Saturday Night Live episode #458 from the 1985-86 season on Wednesday Apr. 21 at 2pm and midnight ET on Comedy Central (US-cable-TV).(4/20)

Ricky Jay can be seen in the 1997 James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” on Wednesday Apr. 21 at 9pm and Friday Apr. 30 at 9pm ET on TMC-TV (US-cable).(4/20,4/30)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 478 / Wednesday – April 21, 1999
Lennart Green is the guest of honor at this years F.F.F.F. (Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic) Convention which is “The Original Close-Up Magic Convention.” This, by invitation only, convention organized by Obie O’Brien and held in Batavia, NY on Apr. 21-24 will also feature performances and lectures by: Finn Jon, Daryl, Rafael Benatar, Aldo Colombini, Boris Wild,Roger Klause, Meir Yedid, Bill Malone, Pat Page and dozens of other terrific close-up magicians.(4/21)

World’s Greatest Magic I, starring Lance Burton, Alain Choquette, Brett Daniels, Greg Frewin, Franz Harary, Max Maven, Melinda, The Pendragons, Princess Tenko, and Topas will rerun on Thursday Apr. 22 at 7pm ET on FAM-TV (US-cable).(4/21)

A magician tries to keep a man away from his daughter on the “Love Boat” on Thursday Apr. 22 at 1pm and Apr. 23 at 1am ET on NOST-TV (US).(4/21)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 479 / Thursday – April 22, 1999
David Blaine: Magic Man’s Nielsen ratings place the show tied for 15th place for the week of Apr. 12-18 with a 9.3 rating and a 15 share which amounts to 9.2 million homes and close to 13 million viewers. Did the Buried Alive stunt succeed? About 2 million more viewers tuned in to see this show than, did his first special in 1997, Street Magic. The increase was due to the number of adults who tuned in – 46% more than Street Magic. Another interesting statistic is that Magic Man actually finished in the top ten for the week in three major categories: adults 18-49, men 18-49 and teenagers. To view the Associated Press listing of the weeks top 20 shows click: HERE.(4/22)

The “Secret World of Magicians and Mentalists” with Penn & Teller, Ed Alonzo, and Christopher Hart airs on Friday Apr. 23 at 9pm and midnight ET on TLC-TV (US-cable).(4/22)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 480 / Friday – April 23, 1999
Claudia Schiffer defends David Copperfield and slams David Blaine in the current issue of Details Magazine. Schiffer is quoted as saying, “The fastest way to get attention is to attack somebody that is already established and say, ‘I’m better than this.’ What David Blaine does is party tricks, and he’s good at it, but it’s not comparable to what David Copperfield does. Tell him to take his act on a worldwide tour. Then we’ll talk.”(4/23)

A magic themed episode of the Beverly Hillbillies titled, “The Great Jethro,” airs on Saturday Apr. 24 at 7am ET on TBS-TV (US-cable).(4/23)

A French girl falls in love with a carnival magician in the 1953 movie “Lili” on Saturday Apr. 24 at 3pm ET on TCM-TV (US-cable).(4/23)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 481 / Saturday – April 24, 1999
Ricky Jay is working with David Mamet on a new show for Broadway. The show which is in it’s very early stages of creation will include story telling, humor and sleight-of-hand and will be staged for a larger audience than their previous collaboration, “Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants,” which opened Off-Broadway in 1994. To read the Reuters/Variety story by Claude Brodesser click: HERE.(4/24)

Senor Wences (Wenceslao Moreno) who for many years was one of the most popular and creative ventriloquists in the world died on Tuesday Apr. 20 at the age of 103. Wences was a friend of many magicians and was once awarded “Magician of the Year” by the Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians. To read the Reuters obituary click: HERE. To read the Associated Press obituary click: HERE.(4/24)

Finn Jon, Fukai, Junga Junga, Aldo Colombini, David Ginn, Daryl, and Tony Dunn perform at MAWNY on Sunday Apr. 25 (10am-10pm) at the Holiday Inn in Batavia, NY.(4/24)

The three one-hour “Mysteries of Magic” shows they are being rerun on Sunday and into Monday. “Death Defying Feats” (Apr. 25 at 8pm and 11pm ET), “Masters of the Mystery” (Apr. 25 at 9pm and midnight ET), and “The Impossible Made Possible” (Apr. 25 at 10pm and Apr. 26 at 1am ET). You can catch them on TLC-TV (US-cable).(4/24)
VOLUME: 16 / ISSUE: 482 / Sunday – April 25, 1999
Lance Burton is searching for a young magician to appear on his fourth TV special to be taped at the end of this year. The magician has to be between the ages of eight to eighteen and will be featured in “The Young Magicians Showcase” of his special. Danny Cole and Joel Brook have been featured on previous shows. Burton, who was helped by Harry Collins when he was very young, continues to show his gratitude by regularly contributing money, time and effort to help young magicians and children’s charities. If you think you are good enough and would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity send a video tape of your act (3-5 minutes long) to: Lance Burton Productions Inc., P.O. Box 530395, Henderson, NV 89053-0395.(4/25)

David Oliver, Peter Kougasian, Simon Lovell appear at Monday Night Magic on Apr. 9 in NYC. For tickets call Ticketmaster at: (212) 307-4100.(4/25)
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