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-MagicTimes News Archives Week of July 30-August 5, 2012-

Behind the scenes at Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana -
Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana is the story of a magician trying to find his lost love. The acrobatic rock opera blends circus arts with the surreal....
Publ.Date : 2012-07-30T12:01:06Z

History of visiting magicians explored at speaker series‎ - Cache Valley Daily
"Wizards in the Valley - Pioneers of Prestidigitation." That will be the theme for Magician/Deceptionist Richard Hatch in his presentation at the Historic Cache County Court House on Wednesday, August 1....
Publ.Date : 2012-07-30 T00:00:00Z

Copperfield sparks excitement at magicians' convention‎ - Las Vegas Weekly
Copperfield described the amazing feeling he got when he walked into Tannen’s magic shop for the first time. He asked the audience, “Do you remember that feeling?” A wave of yeses spread through the crowd. It was a beautiful, unifying moment.
Publ.Date : 2012-07-30 T00:00:00Z

Dynamo: I'll conjure up Team GB gold - The Sun
Dynamo is heading to the Olympic Village in a bid to conjure up some gold medals for Team GB. Following the success of his latest series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible, the Bradford-born star -- real name Steven Frayne -- says he hopes to make the switch to big-budget US movies....
Publ.Date : 2012-07-31T00:47:02Z

Some men just have that magic touch‎ - Independent Online
For those who do not know who Dynamo is, you have been missing out. Think of anything you would consider impossible, anything at all, and I will tell you Dynamo can do it. If you do not believe me then you will be the perfect viewer for his show, Dynamo: Magician Impossible, that is airing on Discovery (DStv, Wednesdays at 8.30pm)....
Publ.Date : 2012-07-31 T00:00:00Z

Local magician to perform at library - Sun-Journal
Local performer/magician Scot Grassette will conjure up some of his favorite magical effects for the Rumford Public Library's Summer Fest 2012....
Publ.Date : 2012-07-31T03:46:00Z

Card Magic: Magicians Exploit Our Psychological Biases To Amaze ...‎ - Huffington Post
For thousands of years, magicians have amazed audiences by developing and applying intuitions about the mind. Skilled magicians can manipulate memories, control attention, and influence choices. But magicians rarely know why these principles work. Studying magic could reveal the mechanisms of the mind that enable these principles, to uncover the why rather than just the how....
Publ.Date : 2012-08-01 T00:00:00Z

Magician Mulee Pete looks to conjure up magic club in St. George‎ - Dixie Press Online
Local magician Peter McMillan, better known as Mulee Pete, is seeking to turn his years of experience in the art of magic into a fun and friendly learning environment for all. Unique to McMillan’s onstage persona is his cowboy-inspired apparel and abundance of hair, leading many to compare him to “Wild Bill” Hickok and other legendary figures of the Old West. His tricks follow the same theme, among them “ranch ropes” and pistol juggling....
Publ.Date : 2012-08-01 T00:00:00Z

PHL's Youngest Pro Magician On Balancing Studies and Career
Kevin Bryan Bautista is the youngest Pinoy professional magician at 12 years old yet he makes sure his budding career doesn't get in the way of his studies. In his short live appearance on "Unang Hirit," Monday morning, the young magician said he spends weekdays studying while weekends are reserved for training.
Publ.Date : Mon, 30 Jul 2012 22:19:06 -0700

DC Magician Makes You 'Think'
On Thursday morning, we had a guest who is doing a little more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Josh Norris is a magician and hosts "Think - an Evening of Mind Reading and Magic." See the magic trick he did with Andrea Roane in the video.
Publ.Date : Thu, 02 Aug 2012 04:47:43 -0700

Over 300 magicians to treat Davawenyos with 4 nights of magic ...‎ - GMA News
For the first time ever, Davawenyos will be in for a four-night magic extravaganza when around 300 top Asian magicians show off their spell-binding tricks in magic jams on the sidelines of the 9th Asian Magic Association (AMA) Conference from September 14 to 17....
Publ.Date : 2012-08-02 T00:00:00Z

A dash of magic with a library lesson
Magician Greg Skillestad led off his show with a bang. He made a white dove named Dudley appear from nowhere. "What else would a magician have besides a white dove?" Skillestad asked. "A bunny. Would you guys like to see a bunny?"
Publ.Date : Thu, 02 Aug 2012 05:33:48 -0700

Walk of Fame honor a moving moment for magician
It was the first Walk of Fame unveiling to take place this week in Colon. Among three magicians set to be honored with stars, Carl Karl is the only one still living. Visitors to Colon during magic festivities this week can see Karl’s star, along with ones for Monk Watson and Neil Foster.
Publ.Date : Thu, 02 Aug 2012 07:44:38 -0700

Fil-Canadian magician lives his dream
A young Filipino-Canadian is living his dream of doing magic in the streets. Mark Beltran has been interested in magic since he was a kid. But it was a backpacking trip to Australia where he watched an amazing magic show on the street that did the trick.
Publ.Date : Thu, 02 Aug 2012 19:40:03 -0700


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