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-MagicTimes News Archives Week of June 11-17, 2012-
Kenrick "Ice" McDonald and Garrett Thomas Kenrick "Ice" McDonald and Garrett Thomas lecturing at Bob Little's Super Sunday on June 10th in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. (6/17/12: A MagicTimes photo).

Magician Arrested in Series of Brooklyn Bank Robberies - New York Times
A self-described magician and escapist who once set a record for eating a household light bulb in fewer than 34 seconds was arrested and charged with committing a string of Brooklyn bank robberies, the police said Thursday. The authorities said the man, Robert J. Williams, 22, had robbed six banks, including three last Friday...
Publ.Date : 2012-06-08T16:23:12Z

Illusionists inspire at "Super Sunday" magician meeting -
Bob Little performed magic tricks in front of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Secret Service agents in the 1950s, quit his job as a chemical salesman in the ’60s and has since become a famed figure in the magic industry, traveling internationally each year for the past 30 years to showcase his skills next to big-time acts like David Copperfield. This past weekend he found himself in Bensalem hosting an all-day convention for amateur and professional magicians alike, complete with magic equipment dealers, lessons and a show...
Publ.Date : 2012-06-11T02:22:08Z

Local teen on way to becoming professional magician - Joplin Globe
When you think of a magician, some rather iconic images quickly spring to mind: black top hats and fuzzy white rabbits; card and rope tricks; smoking mirrors. But a lot more goes into being a professional magician than just fancy finger work. Jay Temaat is a magician. Actually, at age 17, he’s one of the most talented teen magicians in the country.
Publ.Date : 2012-06-11T17:16:55Z

Warner Bros Taps Puss In Boots Scribe To Rewrite Mandrake The Magician - Cinema Blend
And it seems now that Warner Bros is on board, they want a fresh start on this re-imagining, as Variety reports the studio has brought in Tom Wheeler, Puss in Boots scribe and creator of the short-lived action series The Cape, to rewrite Mandrake the Magician's screenplay, which was originally drafted by David and Janet Peoples, who co-wrote Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys.  For those unfamiliar with the long-running comic, Mandrake the Magician followed the adventures of the titular illusionist who had a special talent for quickly hypnotizing people, making them susceptible to his every command....
Publ.Date : 2012-06-12T23:56:35Z

Anchorage magician makes first visit to Fairbanks - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Don Russell wasn’t born a magician. It wasn’t until he was an adult living in Alaska that performing magic became part of his identity. It was actually his dog who started him on sleights of hand and levitations....
Publ.Date : 2012-06-13T23:55:24Z

David Blaine Shark Trick: Illusionist Seems To Swim With A Great White Shark In 'Dressed For Dinner' (VIDEO) - The Huffington Post
David Blaine. You probably haven't thought of him or his potentially fatal shenanigans lately, but you will soon think of nothing else. Your Google search history will be a witness! The illusionist/endurance artist just uploaded a video on his YouTube account that seems to show him swimming with a Great White shark.
Publ.Date : 2012-06-14T00:00:00Z

Local magician wins international honor again‎ - The News Herald
Last year Noah Wells became the youngest magician to win a Merlin Award; this year he came back for an encore. The International Magicians Society, the world’s largest magic organization, is presenting Wells with a Merlin Award on Wednesday. It makes two consecutive years he’s been named Illusionist of the Year.
Publ.Date : 2012-06-14T00:00:00Z

Photo Flash: Max Maven Celebrates Opening Night Off-Broadway‎ - Broadway World
Named by Orson Welles as “the most original mind in magic”, world famous mentalist and master magician Max Maven makes his Off-Broadway debut in the summer’s most mind bending supernatural attraction, MAX MAVEN: THINKING IN PERSON. Previews began at The Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex (312 W. 36th Street -1st floor) on June 12th. Presented by Alexander Marshall and Giles Cole, Maven’s electrifyingform of on-stage mentalism, officially opened last night, June 14th and continues until Sunday, July 1st. Check out photos from opening night below!..
Publ.Date : 2012-06-15T00:00:00Z

The born magician‎ - The Hindu
Cyril had his first magic lessons when he was 10. “The person who took me to my first magic show gifted me 10 private lessons with a magician from Hollywood's Magic Castle. He taught me the basics of magic, like transporting and appearing. If I had to draw an analogy I would say it's a bit like learning the basic chords.” His passion landed him his first gig when he was 15....
Publ.Date : 2012-06-15T00:00:00Z

Magician sentenced for trickery in Harley deal‎ - OCRegister
A magician, who a jury found used a sleight of hand to swap envelopes stuffed with cash, taking one with $7,000 and leaving the man he was buying a motorcycle from with another containing just $80, was sentenced Friday to three years in state prison. Jurors in Superior Court Judge John Conley's courtroom earlier this year found Loren Michael Zwick, 25, of Capistrano Beach, guilty of residential burglary and grand theft.
Publ.Date : 2012-06-15T00:00:00Z

Magic world standoff over tricks of the trade‎ -
However, professional practitioners say there are more than just simple tricks to the venerable trade. "You can go on YouTube and find out the secret, but that doesn't make you a magician," said Julie Eng, one of the organizers of the Mind over Matter - Magicana series in Toronto as part of 2012's Luminato.
Publ.Date : 2012-06-16T00:00:00Z

Albert Cadabra, Magician, Can Swallow A 3-foot-long Balloon Whole (VIDEO) - Huffington Post
Some magic tricks are hard to believe, but Albert Cadabra has one that's hard even for him to swallow -- and he's the guy doing it. It requires Cadabra, a New York-based magician, to stick a 3-foot-long balloon down his gullet -- whole. Cadabra demonstrates the mouth-dropping -- and throat-opening feat this Saturday on "Oddities,"
Publ.Date : 2012-06-16T18:44:02Z

6-Time Magician of the Year Releases Biographical Memoirs - Mynews India
Magicians have been historically seen as being greater skilled and talented than actors in that magicians have to act and perform simultaneously and hence the categorization of magic as a part of the performing arts. Stories of a Street Performer traces six-time magician of the year Pop Haydn’s life travelling to multiple countries performing street magic to his ascension as an award winning magician....
Publ.Date : 2012-06-17T06:11:14Z

Something up his sleeve - New York Post
At any given day in New York, meanwhile, there are “a dozen private gatherings — in the back of diners, at split-level veterans’ lodges, in spare rooms at medical centers and universities,” all of which us non-magical, normal folk are unaware...
Publ.Date : 2012-06-17T00:34:48Z

'Everything is magic; it's everywhere'‎ - Daily News & Analysis
Cyril Takayama is that magician we’ve all stopped and stared at while browsing through channels. Yes, that very same Asian-looking entertainer, who jumps off the screen, everytime he’s on it. But there’s so much more to him than his amazing craft and good looks as DNA discovered in this tęte-ŕ-tęte...
Publ.Date : 2012-06-17T00:00:00Z


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