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-MagicTimes News Archives Week of April 23-29, 2012-
David Stone receiving his guest of honor plaque from Obie O'BrienDavid Stone receiving his guest of honor plaque from Obie O'Brien at the 42nd annual Obie's 4F Convention on April 28th. (4/29/12: A MagicTimes photo).

"The Celebrity Apprentice": Contestant pulls a disappearing act - CBS News
Magician Penn Jillette was fired after his team, which also included Clay Aiken, Dayana Mendoza and Lisa Lampanelli, lost the Success cologne challenge. The mild-mannered Jillette left with equanimity, telling the camera as his car sped into the New York night that he enjoyed his time on the show, even this last episode...
Publ.Date : 2012-04-23T15:30:23Z

Dennis Watkins Defies Death as Harry Houdini at the Arsht - Miami New Times
"The water torture cell is geared to being a moment of catharsis in the story," says actor/magician and cofounder of the House Theatre of Chicago, Dennis Watkins. He's preparing to play the king of all illusionists during the Miami run of Death and Harry Houdini, which opens this Thursday for a four-week engagement at the Adrienne Arsht Center's Carnival Studio Theater. "The magic serves to move the story along."...
Publ.Date : 2012-04-24T13:34:40Z

Harmon theater goes from great magic to bad magic. - Examiner
The Harmon Theater, next to the planet hollywood, is home to one of the funniest and most entertaining magicians in Las Vegas: Amazing Johnathan. It is now also home to one of the lamest magician, Stefan Vanel. Vanel used to work at the crazyhorse Paris in the MGM, where he put on a short variety act. Vanel really is the best one handed card manipulator. His act, without speaking and only doing what he does best, was very good....
Publ.Date : 2012-04-24T23:07:20Z

Top Magician Visits Island -
Raphael Benatar, one of the world’s finest magicians, visited the Island on Friday to deliver a lecture and teach members of the local magic clubs. The event, organised by the Magicians of Mann, was supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council. Paul Martin, chairman of the club, explained “Raphael was born in Venezuela but has lived in Spain for many years. He is renowned as one of magic’s greatest exponents of sleight of hand.
Publ.Date : Tue, 24 Apr 2012 09:51:45 GMT

Do you believe in magic? - Jerusalem Post
This event marks 20 years since the establishment of the Israel Magicians’ Association. For three decades, the organization has hosted a variety of events around the country for magicians and magic lovers. Bridging the gap between street performers and stage magicians, the IMA is a pool of entertainers unlike any other in the field. This festival marks the first of its kind for the IMA, bringing in an eclectic and impressive list of local and international performers...
Publ.Date : Tue, 24 Apr 2012 11:38:54 GMT

Magician to teach secrets at Fresno shop - Fresno Bee
Magician Tim Mannix has decided to reveal one of the biggest secrets of his profession. "It's not about the tricks, but the presentation," Mannix says. "You have to be a great entertainer first, a great magician second. A lot times when I teach, the students think that knowing the secret is magic. It's not. It's the presentation that makes it an art form." That's the lesson Mannix wants to get across in his Introductory Magic Class for students age 7 to adult. It will be taught at the center of Fresno's magic universe, Hocus Pocus, 1492 N. Clark St., a store that sells magic-related items to amateur and professional prestidigitators around the world. Mannix recently joined the local shop's staff after working for years in the Southern California area performing everywhere from corporate parties to the famed Magic Castle. He calls himself a comedian magician because of the humor he brings to his shows....
Publ.Date : 2012-04-23T21:35:27Z

Green magician teaches children to be eco-friendly - Examiner
Steve Trash is in love with magic and with taking better care of our planet. He has been a practicing magician for more than two decades in which he has established his unique brand of magic: green magic. “I use trash and items that most people might consider garbage and incorporate them into my magic routine,” said Trash....
Publ.Date : 2012-04-25T20:07:11Z

Magician makes fame disappear on purpose -
I am walking through Hollywood's Magic Castle with a legend, a man who's performed here 29 years and still gets four standing ovations a night. He doesn't do big magic. He does small magic; up-close. So close that you're almost on top of Johnny Ace Palmer when baby chicks pop out of cups two feet from your nose. Or when a bottle of Coke materializes in front of your eyes. Or when a live dove flies out of his hand and then -- before your jaw returns to place -- multiplies into two doves!..
Publ.Date : 2012-04-26T15:12:30Z

Magician Murray building brand, including new residency at Tropicana - Las Vegas Review Journal
And now comes the opportunity Murray has waited for: star billing with a financial guarantee. When people would ask him why he didn't have his own show in Vegas, the answer would be more easily understood by those familiar with a pay-to-play marketplace: "I didn't want to lose my two houses." He is also trying to sell two reality shows of his own. "Designing Illusion" would create a major new illusion every half-hour, while "Dirt to Dreams" would offer backyard makeovers that tap into his offstage passion for landscaping....
Publ.Date : 2012-04-27T16:37:13Z

'Battle of Magicians' Jason Judy - Canton Repository
Captivated by illusionists since childhood, Jason Hudy has found considerable success as one himself. He’s performed on cruise ships, at theme parks, at major corporate gigs and, in 2009, on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”
Publ.Date : Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:13:08 GMT


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