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-MagicTimes News Archives Week of May 28-June 3, 2007-
Jack Sheehan notes how we take stars for granted in Las Vegas, then he ...
Las Vegas Sun - I had wanted to be a magician from the time I was 6 years old and had practiced magic tricks every day for six or seven years. One day, I just realized that I wasn't good enough to make it as a big-time magician. And then in 1972, when I was 13 years ...
Publ.Date : 27 May 07 14:12:00 UTC

Nothing Up His Sleeve (Bay Weekly)
Lights dim. The audience hushes. Peering into his black magic box, stretching out his fingers, the magician reaches inside. Presto! He presents a bowling ball. It is heavy; when he drops it onto the stage, it hits with a dull thump.
Publ.Date : Wed, 30 May 2007 20:40:11 GMT

Living his dream and illusions (Las Vegas Sun)
The question isn't whether internationally renowned magician Hans Klok can compete in a city already brim full of illusionists, including Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Penn & Teller and (next year) Criss Angel.
Publ.Date : Tue, 29 May 2007 14:19:59 GMT

How does a Magician make a gold fish disappear? Using acid - Ynetnews
So, please, next time you invite a magician to entertain the kids at their birthday party, make sure no animals will be used.
Publ.Date : Wed, 30 May 2007 15:23:00 GMT

These sites are truly magical - Cincinnati Post
I know you're never supposed to give away a magician's secrets, but only a few fairly well-known tricks are revealed here. Also note that when the list pops ...
Publ.Date : Wed, 30 May 2007 15:35:42 GMT

Criss and Cameron: Just Friends? (Extra TV)
Criss Angel and Cameron Diaz have been linked together since they were spotted in Las Vegas, but the magician is telling "Extra" that rumors of a romance are not true.
Publ.Date : Thu, 31 May 2007 23:45:31 GMT

Criss Angel laughs off Diaz romance rumors
SAWF News Connect - Washington, June 1 (ANI): Magician Criss Angel has ridiculed reports that he is romancing Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz. Angel, star of A&E's "Mindfreak, laughed off rumors by asking why a gorgeous woman like her would be attracted to someone like ...
Publ.Date : 01 Jun 07 08:58:00 UTC

Pirate Magician teaches kids to read (The Celina Record)
The Celina Community Library had a visit from an interesting character Wednesday morning. Brett Roberts, the pirate magician, visited The Celina Community Library to share a message with young readers.
Publ.Date : Fri, 01 Jun 2007 05:41:39 GMT

Magician reaches out to readers - Salt Lake Tribune
Magician and comedian Lance Nielsen shows audience volunteers Tanner and Rees a magic wand, given to Nielsen by his grandfather years ago.
Publ.Date : Thu, 31 May 2007 19:13:34 GMT

Cirque Shanghai returns to Navy Pier
Chicago Sun-Times - His father, Mark Wilson, is a well-known magician who recognized the possibilities of a cultural exchange with China. Michael Wilson, who lives in Branson, Mo., has a master's degree in business and is fluent in Chinese. The small sideline in ...
Publ.Date : 01 Jun 07 08:51:00 UTC

Magic Star Cole a headliner at age 28
Tahoe Daily Tribune - He was twice voted "Stage Magician of the Year" by the membership of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, he was a guest performer on Lance Burton's second network special, and he has been a featured performer in Gala shows and at Variety Theaters around ...
Publ.Date : 01 Jun 07 20:39:00 UTC

Sorcary and the new woman (The Telegraph)
David Copperfield has made the Statue of Liberty disappear, has walked through the Great Wall of China and made a part of the Orient Express vanish, but calls himself an "illusionist".
Publ.Date : Sat, 02 Jun 2007 21:31:58 GMT

MAGICAL youngsters learned new tricks with the help of a magician. - Hartlepool Today
The Summerhill visitor centre in Hartlepool was the venue for an environmentally themed workshop with magician Martin Duffy. ...
Publ.Date : Sat, 02 Jun 2007 09:27:27 GMT

Magician reaches out with some hocus-pocus - Salt Lake Tribune
For 20 years, he has been reading books about magic and honing his skills as a magician . Now he's bringing his passion for reading and magic together at the ... Magician reaches out to readers Salt Lake Tribune all 3 news articles
Publ.Date : Fri, 01 Jun 2007 18:33:47 GMT


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