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-VOLUME: 104 / ISSUE: 2,137 Tuesday - October 24, 2006-
The PrestigeThis month's feature film revolving around magic, "The Prestige", receives excellent ratings and even better ticket sales. The Washington Post begins it's review with a funny statement, "Here's something every critic lives to be able to write: If you see one magic-at-the-turn-of-the-century movie this year, make it 'The Prestige'!" The review concludes with, "'The Prestige' may not be high art -- after all, it is a magic-at-the-turn-of-the-century movie -- but it's an absorbing, diverting and entertaining example of some clever cinematic sleight of hand." The Daily Nebraskan concluded that "In the battle of comic book movie supremacy, Bale and Jackman make movie magic in this intelligent and great film that is sure to make you wonder how they did it." USA Today perhaps gave it the best review reporting that "The Prestige is a visually stunning, startlingly clever sleight of hand that will have audiences pondering well after the lights go up." And continued, "The Prestige is wonderfully engrossing, darkly mysterious and entertaining from start to finish." As far as box office sales, a Reuters article reported that "According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, 'Prestige' sold about $14.8 million worth of tickets during its first three days." An Associated Press article reported that "With 70 percent of its viewers under 35, 'The Prestige' drew a younger crowd that tends to turn out in bigger numbers over opening weekend." As a side note Ricky Jay acted as the technical consultant and also has a role in the movie as Milton.(10/24)
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--To read the Oct. 23 Daily Nebraskan review by Sam McCoy titled "Strong performances, suspenseful plot make 'Prestige' a winner" click: HERE.(10/24)
--To read the Oct. 20 Entertainment Weekly review by Owen Gleiberman titled "Darkly magical 'Prestige'" click: HERE.(10/24)
--To read the Oct. 20 Washington Post review by Ann Hornaday titled "'Prestige' Has Something Nice Up Its Sleeve" click: HERE.(10/24)
--To read the Oct. 20 USA Today review by Claudia Puig titled "'The Prestige': Magical, marvelous filmmaking" click: HERE.(10/24)

Showtime...When Vaudeville Meets Vegas"Showtime...When Vaudeville Meets Vegas," is a new variety show starring Tina Lenert, Mike Caveney, George Saterial and additional variety acts and dancers. The show opened on Oct. 22 and will run through Nov. 2 at Resorts International in Atlantic City. The show is being produced by Douglas Leferovich and Seth Yudof's (The Gamesters) production company Masquerade, Inc. which has recently produced several other shows in the city. For tickets click: HERE.(10/24)

The new Houdini movie "Death Defying Acts" is currently filming and the Scotsman reported on one of the scenes, "Tomorrow night, Edinburgh Castle is set to disappear from view. Historic Scotland has agreed to turn off floodlights that usually make the famous landmark visible against the night sky. …The film is set in the late-18th, early-19th century, and it was thought the floodlights would ruin its authenticity." Coincidentally The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Ross Skiffington "…recently completed a six-week stint teaching Guy Pearce how to perform some of Harry Houdini's illusions for a new Gillian Armstrong movie called Death Defying Acts."(10/24)
--To read the Oct. 10 Scotsman article titled "Castle to do a disappearing act as the scene is set for Houdini movie" click: HERE.(10/24)
--To read the Sep. 21 The Sydney Morning Herald article by Jamie Pandaram and Richard Jinman titled "Master passes on a few tricks of the trade" click: HERE.(10/24)

The Great RaymondThe Great Raymond (Maurice Raymond) is profiled in a Beacon Journal story that recounts his life and career. Some of the highlights include: "Akron magician Maurice Raymond lived a charmed life. He circled the globe seven times, mesmerized audiences from Europe to Asia and earned royal decorations from 14 monarchs." "Raymond billed himself as 'The King of Mystery,' 'The Miracle Man of Magic' and 'The Man Who Laughs at Locks.' His contemporaries included Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston and Harry Blackstone." "Raymond was 70 years old in 1948 when he died in Manhattan. He had hoped to tour Europe after the war, but failing health prevented him from going back." "A modest marble slab rests over the plot in Section O, Lot 5 at Akron's Glendale Cemetery. It bears the name of Maurice Raymond Saunders, better known as 'The Great Raymond.'" To read the Oct. 23 article by Mark J. Price titled "Famous Akron magician dazzled the world with his wonderful bag of tricks" click: HERE.(10/24)

Bob Friedhoffer, Eric Decamps, Bob Torkova, Ace Greenberg and Gary Willner will present a Halloween Night Show on Oct. 31 at 6:45pm at the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Avenue) in New York City. The show is free but you must pre-register by phoning: 212-817-1841.(10/24)

Dai Vernon: A BiographyDavid Ben's latest book "Dai Vernon: A Biography" is reviewed in the Washington Post where it is reported, "David Ben is himself a talented and well-regarded magician -- his author photo shows him in the throes of swallowing a handful of needles -- and he brings an insider's perspective to the task as he traces Vernon's wildly adventurous career and his pivotal role in the development of modern magic. 'Magic has produced very few 'artists,'' Ben has said. 'The few artists we have need to be celebrated.' Nevertheless, Ben takes care to present the story here to appeal to insiders and laymen alike." To read the Sep. 21 review by Daniel Stashower titled "A Master of Magic Revealed" click: HERE.(10/24)

--To order the book click: HERE.(10/24)

Curtis Adams is profiled in a Standard-Examiner article which describes him as, "He is everything a magician is not supposed to be -- and the plan is working perfectly." The story also point out that, "Adams is quickly being touted as the next big thing. He became the youngest headliner in Las Vegas, where he had a six-month run at the Plaza Hotel." And that "Adams is currently in serious talks to do a TV special. He will also embark on a weeklong tour of Hong Kong over the holidays. Coming soon is an East Coast tour, with discussions of another headline trip to Vegas." To read the Oct. 13 article by Brad Gillman titled "Extreme magician Curtis Adams doesn't hold anything back when the curtain goes up" click: HERE.(10/24)

Marco TempestMarco Tempest is getting great press for his PhoneCam Magic on YouTube. First an appearance on the Tonight Show and now a feature in the New York Daily News. The story reported, "Tempest had a television series, 'The Virtual Magician,' broadcast in Japan, but now he's conjured up a world-wide audience. In the eight weeks since he posted his first cell phone camera trick, his videos have aired on NBC's 'Tonight' show and CNN. Two networks have since contacted him about possible television work." The article also quotes him, "I have a strategy behind it all, it's not just me putting stuff up that my neighbors recognize me… A good way to interest broadcasters in what I do is to say, 'Have you heard about me, I have 10 million viewers?'" To read the Oct. 15 article by Ethan Sacks titled "Brooklyn 'magic' act? It's only on YouTube" click: HERE.(10/24)

Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic show gets five stars in a Las Vegas Sun review where he was described as "The young man has a lot of talent and manages to come up with gags that keep fans both laughing and in awe - such as flushing a man down a toilet." The article concluded, "If you don't catch him on one of the TV shows, you might want to check him out in person while he is still affordable." To read the Oct. 5 article by Jerry Fink titled "There's a new Burton in town" click: HERE.(10/24)

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