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Lance BurtonLance Burton celebrated his 10th anniversary at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Jun. 21 with a star studded party which also marked the launch of his new and improved show "New Wonders Await" in the newly renovated Lance Burton Theater. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "Burton's laid-back style and old-school approach also may explain the two years it took to update his show. The anniversary celebrated a new lighting system, a new opening -- in which the history of magic is traced back to Howard Thurston and Harry Kellar -- and a comic slapstick sequence riffing on "The Twilight Zone," complete with a killer clown. To read the Jun. 30 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Growing Into His Act" click: HERE.(7/11)

Barry's Magic Shop, which has been operating in Wheaton, Maryland for around 30 years, is scheduled to close due to the redevelopment of the area. A Washington Post article reported, "Barry Taylor and Susie Kang, the proprietors, feel that rents in today's market would make it difficult to relocate. They are excellent professional performers who have entertained audiences throughout the region and across the country." To read the Jun. 18 article by James C. Flanigan titled "Let's Not Lose This Bit Of Magic in Wheaton" click: HERE.(7/11)

Danny Orleans and John RailingDanny Orleans and John Railing have developed a series of magic kits for Scholastic as part of their Ultimate Magic Club. Orleans pointed out that the magic is "Designed for children aged 7 - 12 years old, each kit comes with a small assortment of props so as not to overwhelm the child. The instruction book is produced in full color with simple language so the child can teach himself using the over 100 photos in the book. In addition, a DVD including sample presentations of the tricks performed by children for children is included. For more information click: HERE.(7/11)

Nicolas Cage begins shooting a new movie where he plays a Vegas magician. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that "Cage returns in the futuristic thriller 'Next,' playing a man with the gift of 'precognition' -- the ability to see, and affect, the future -- who's hiding in plain sight as a Las Vegas magician." To read the Jul. 10 article by Carol Cling titled "Cage films thriller in Vegas" click: HERE.(7/11)

Tommy Wonder (Jos Bemelman -- November 29, 1953-June 26, 2006) Tommy Wonder (Jos Bemelman -- November 29, 1953-June 26, 2006) died last month at the age of 52. Wonder was a true artist among magicians and he was equally as outstanding for his close-up as well as his stage performances. He has won many awards and influenced many magicians with his DVD series and his Books of Wonder. His website is currently accepting condolences – You can go there by clicking: HERE.(7/11)

David Blaine is this year's spokesman for the New York State library’s summer reading program and one of his library appearances is covered in a Queens Chronicle story which quotes him, "A library is an incredible magical place… and you should spend a lot of time here." Blaine also performed and gave out free decks of cards to all the kids. To read the Jun. 8 article by Liz Rhoades titled "Magician David Blaine Touts Magic Of Books" click: HERE.(7/11)

Mac KingMac King who will be headlining at the S.A.M convention in Louisville this week is profiled in a Courier-Journal story about his career and the special "Mac King & Friends All-Star Homecoming Celebration" show he will present at the annual convention. To read the Jul. 10 article by Missy Baxter titled "Do you believe in magic?" click: HERE.(7/11)

Michael Gutenplan will star in "Extraordinary Deceptions: A Magic Show" at The Producers Club (358 w. 44th Street) in New York City on Jul. 28-29. The show is described as, "an evening of sophisticated and intimate magic.  Using cards, coins, money and a bit of mind reading- Magician Michael Gutenplan will 'blow your minds' with his original and fun magic." For ticket information click: HERE.(7/11)

Criss AngelCriss Angel's appearance on The Early Show on Jul. 7 is available on the web. Mindfreak was described as "the No. 1 show on cable, and its success even shocks him." Angel also described himself as, "I'm just an artist that uses many different paint brushes… whether it's mentalism, hypnosis, escapes, illusion, magic, music, performance art, to try to blur the line between reality and illusion and create an experience that hopefully is engaging and connects to people." To read the Jul. 7 story titled "Criss Angel's Success No Illusion" and watch the performance and interview click: HERE.(7/11)

A&E has released a list and descriptions to all of the Criss Angel Mindfreak episodes for the second season. The 19 episodes are titled: Building Float, Vanish, Walk On Water, In Two, Easy Rider, Animal Magic, Party, Bike Jump Vanish, Chad′s Story, Celebrity Minds, Sucker, Celebrity Séance, Metamorphosis, Rice Burners, Back To School, Prophecy, Military Salute, Strait Jacket Keel Haul, and Shark Cage Escape. To read the Jun. 30 RealityTVWebsite article titled "Sneak Peek Of Season Two For Criss Angel Mindfreak" click: HERE.(7/11)

TellerTeller has just been added to the lineup of the 2006 Season of The Theory and Art of Magic being held at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The event will run from Sep. 5-Nov. 29 and will also feature: John Carney, Jim Steinmeyer, Eugene Burger, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Margaret Steele & James Hamilton. Teller's appearance will take place on Nov. 29. For tickets and information click: HERE.(7/11)

Keith Barry's two shows at the Forum in his hometown this September are the subject of a Waterford News story that also looks at his career and all of his accomplishments. The article describes what led to his big break "He was working in the 'Kitchen Nightclub', Dublin, owned by U2, where he attracted the attention of Eamonn Maguire who now manages Keith with Paul McGuinness's 'Principle Management'. To read the Jul. 7 article titled "Two magical nights with Keith Barry" click: HERE.(7/11)

BullshitPenn & Teller's Showtime series "Bullshit" has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy® Awards in the following categories: Outstanding Reality Program, Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming, and Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming.(7/11)

Chase Curtis is profiled in a Star-Telegram story that reports, "Chase Curtis isn't a household name like David Copperfield. But he hopes he will be, and that doesn't sound far-fetched. After years of performing, he has the presence and the polish of someone twice his age. Listening to him talk, it's easy to forget he's not twice his age." The article also mentions the many awards he has won and his upcoming appearance at FISM. To read the May 23 article by Alyson Ward titled "The Magic Chase" click: HERE.(7/11)

The Anatomy Of KeysSteven Price's Houdini book "The Anatomy Of Keys," is reviewed in the Globe and Mail where Patrick Watson describes it, as "This is a dark, compelling book that may have you looking over your shoulder for something lurking in a dark corner. …Darkness and light, glare, dazzle, shadow, the immanence of evil, the poet finding extraordinary analogies for Houdini's struggle through the agony of those parental deaths, to reach through the darkness to some form of light. And also a cunning narrative way of touching on the humour and playfulness of stunts like the famous Sub Trunk Escape he loved to do with his wife Bess. Loved, but -- Price suggests -- feared as well, not physically but symbolically." To read the Jun. 6 review by Patrick Watson titled "Houdini epic is pure magic" click: HERE.(7/11)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Jez Rose and his Jez Rose Foundation raise money for a number of needing charities that help people who are affected by illness, injury or incident. As Rose explains it, "This is achieved in three ways; firstly by a direct donation by me, based on my annual salary; secondly, a percentage of all profits from sales of my merchandise and thirdly by generous public donation.  It is my aim to raise over £20,000 in 2006, so that each of the six deserving charities can reasonably benefit. Rose also just finished filming a one hour magic special that will air on ITV1 in the UK. For more information click: HERE.(7/11)

The Magic PalaceThe Magic Palace is a new magic theater that will open on Jul. 15 in Torremolinos, South of Spain. The main show at the theater will be the "International Magic Show" starring Oscar, Renzo & Mara. For more information and tickets click: HERE.(7/11)

Murray will be making his first appearance in Hawaii on Jul. 15-23 as he guest stars in Franz Harary's "Mega Magic" show at the Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu. For tickets and information click: HERE.(7/11)

The 9th Annual "Lance Burton & Friends" show that raises funds for the Zelzah Shrine is scheduled for Sunday July 30 at 4pm at the Lance Burton Theater in Las Vegas. Tickets are $28.50-$35 per person and are available by phoning: 702-382-5554.(7/11)

Sheldon CasavantSheldon Casavant will return to the New Akao Hotel in Atami, Japan with his illusion show where he will be performing from July 15 through October 15. Joining him this time will be magician Gia. They are scheduled to perform 2-3 times per day, seven days a week. Casavant previously appeared at the resort in 2005 for six months.(7/11)

Nathan Burton is profiled in a Las Vegas Sun article which mentions that his current performing schedule includes three different shows in Vegas. To read the May 24 article by Jerry Fink titled "This magician appears in three different shows on the Strip" click: HERE.(7/11)

Richard Steven Cohn presents "The Magic Of Coney Island" as part of the Coney Island Museum's "Ask the Experts" series. Joining Cohn are Bob Yorburg and Stanley Palm who will discuss magicians such as: Harry Houdini, Dai Vernon, Jean Hugard, and Al Flosso. The event takes place on Aug. 6 at 4pm. For more information phone the museum at: 718-372 5159.(7/11)

Al Belmont Jr. is featured in a Courier Post story which coincides whith his appearance at the Clementon Amusement Park and Splash World. His show is described as, "What with the rabbits that appear and disappear, and the ropes that seem to have lives of their own, Belmont's thoroughly professional, shamelessly entertaining show is downright warm and cozy." To read the Jul. 7 article by Kevin Riordan titled "Showman tricks to treat" click: HERE.(7/11)

Hofzinser postage stampA Hofzinser postage stamp was released by the Austria Post AG to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Joh. Nep. Hofzinser. It is a limited edition stamp.(7/11)

Richard Saldan who uses magic to teach students how to be positive thinkers is featured in a New Egypt Press story that visited one of his shows. The article reported, "Saldan told students that bad things may happen in their lifetime which may include a parental divorce, friends moving away, or a death in the family. However Saldan reminded students that, 'You have the ability to rise above adversities.'" To read the May 11 article by Dana Forde titled "Magician teaches positive thinking" click: HERE.(7/11)

Sadique's (Billy Kaka) performance for Kenya’s first lady Lucy Kibaki at the State House in Nairobi is the subject of an article in the Standard. The article explains, "The main purpose of a magic trick is to amuse and create a feeling of wonder despite the fact that the audience is fully aware that the magic is performed using trickery. They enjoy the shows mostly from the way the magician uses his skill and cunning. The magicians, including Sadique will refuse to reveal their methods to just anyone." To read the Jul. 9 article by Margaret Oganda titled "The mysterious world of magic" click: HERE.(7/11)

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