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-VOLUME: 99 / ISSUE: 2,132 Monday - March 20, 2006-
Gene Alfred Maze (October 24, 1928-March 13, 2006)Gene Alfred Maze (October 24, 1928-March 13, 2006) died last week at the age of 77. Gene was a highly skilled and creative magician who specialized in card magic. He influenced, taught and nurtured many of the New York City magicians who attended the weekly meetings at the "cafeteria" during the 1960s through the 1990s. His brand of magic had the distinction of being direct and visual -- much of it was considered difficult but all of it was worthwhile. He first came to the attention of card magicians all over the world in Karl Fulves' "Packet Switches" series (Volume 4 and 5, 1970s). Later Richard Kaufman wrote and published the definitive book "The Gene Maze Card Book" (1980) and "Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing" written by Stephen Hobbs and published by Richard Kaufman. In 1992 Meir Yedid released the two volume video set "The Magic Of Gene Maze" that featured Gene performing and explaining many of his trademark routines and techniques.(3/20)
--For a Gene Maze Tribute by Meir Yedid click: HERE.(3/20)

Chris Korn and J.B. Benn were taping a new Mondo Magic episode in Singapore when a Star Online reporter followed them and discussed what they are doing, "Benn looks more focused when he is performing his magic and he can mysteriously bend coins without touching them or stick three rings together with no way of pulling them apart. Korn on the other hand, is easy going and makes people laugh." To read the Feb. 21 article by Rizal Johan titled "Sleight of hand" click: HERE.(3/20)
--To read the AXN-TV description of the show click: HERE.(3/20)
--To read the Feb. 27 Manila Bulletin article by Ninah C. Kinavanod titled "A taste of magic" click: HERE.(3/20)

Channing Pollock (August 16, 1926-March 18, 2006)Channing Pollock (August 16, 1926-March 18, 2006) who was the epitome of the classic and debonair magician died on Saturday at the age of 79. Pollock's skill with doves and cards inspired a generation of manipulators and dove workers who strived to be like him. He also had a career as an actor in movies and on various television shows in the 1960s. The performance he is best remembered for is his appearance in the movie European Nights (1962) where he performs his act. He began as a Chavez Student and later as one of their instructors. He also created a number of now classic techniques that can be seen in just about every dove act.(3/20)

The upcoming movie "The Great Buck Howard" that begins filming in New York City later this year will star Tom Hanks and his son Colin. The story revolves around an aging magician who teaches a young assistant. An E! Online story reported, "Lensing on The Great Buck Howard is set to begin in July for a 2007 release." To read the Mar. 10 article by Josh Grossberg titled "A Hanks Family Film" click: HERE.(3/20)

Juliana Chen is profiled in a Kathimerini article that revolves around her show in Athens. Chen discussed what makes good magic, "A good magician never sticks to the same old tricks. He or she endeavors to adjust to personal aesthetics, culture, and personality… The most important thing of all is to adjust magical tricks to your measure." Additional performers that will join Chen through the run include Shimada, Valerie Mageux, Shawn Farquhar, Guy Barrett, James Goodwin, Erix Logan, Chris Randall, Kevin James and Omar Pasha. To read the Mar. 9 article by Sandy Tsantaki titled "A world void of logic, surrendered to dreams" click: HERE.(3/20)

Mark CannonMark Cannon was the escape consultant/choreographer on the Ghost Whisperer episode that ran on Mar. 10. He trained Johnathan Firth and Orlando Seale in the underwater escape sequences. Robert Baxt and Gerry Katzman were the magic consultants for the show.(3/20)

David Copperfield's appearance in Springfield, Illinois is reported in a Herald & Review article that quotes him, "For me, being an illusionist has given me opportunities I could have only dreamed about. There really is nothing else I would rather have been." To read the Mar. 16 article by Alicia Spates titled "Illusionist Copperfield performs twice in Springfield" click: HERE.(3/20)

Why the art of magic continues to thrive is the subject of a Windsor Star article which mentions David Copperfield, Penn and Teller, David Blaine, Doug Henning, The Amazing Kreskin, Larry Hass, Ray Hyman, James Alcock, Uri Geller, and Ben Whiting. Kreskin explained, "Magic endures, he says, 'because it's one of those rare forms of communication where the audience is left with a sense of mystery… They'll leave and feel they've seen something beyond the drudgery, the frustration, the lack of the health and the difficulties of everyday life." To read the Mar. 16 article by Don Butler titled "Magic moments: In a cynical age, we're still amazed with supernatural" click: HERE.(3/20)

Sterling Dietz who won the "2006 World Magic Seminar Teen Magic Competition" is featured in a Bellingham Herald article that reported, "Dietz’ repertoire includes sleight-of-hand card tricks, stage magic done with large props, and a special opener spinning glowing 'poi' (a ball on a cord) -- a nod to his Hawaiian heritage." To read the Mar. 3 article by Michelle Theriault titled "Abracadabra, he's a winner" click: HERE.(3/20)

Marvin's Magic has partnered with KFCMarvin's Magic has partnered with KFC to supply five different magic tricks that will be given to purchasers of a Kids Meal. The promotion will take place in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Caribbean and Latin America and will last through April. The meals will come in branded tray liners or bags.(3/20)

Murray Sawchuck who is the featured act in "Really Big Shew" in Laughlin, Nevada is profiled in a Laughlin Entertainer cover story and interview. The article quotes Sawchuck, "Every week I put something new in the show, I'm always thinking about the next level to make a trick larger, better. I don't sit on my laurels-and I don't let my ego get too big. You're only as good as your last show." To read the Mar. 14 article titled "Really Big Shew Features Murray's Magic" click: HERE.(3/20)

A magic club at the University Of Florida whose name is the "House of Flying Cards" is profiled in the Alligator where the president of the club, Arthur Antonio, explained "Through our performances, we're going to expose magic to mainstream college society, so people know that it's an art that is very alive… It's not an arcane, antiquated, novelty kind of entertainment." To read the Mar. 6 article by Joey Chindamo titled "UF magician group seeks recognition, apprentices" click: HERE.(3/20)

Richard Saldan and his motivational magic programs are featured in a Pocono Life story that quotes him, "Performing magic builds confidence and self-esteem… Plug teenagers into something that builds their confidence and self-esteem and they'll have confidence for the rest of their lives." To read the Feb. 25 article by Carol O'Neill titled "Dale Carnegie course, magic changed shy, introverted Richard Saldan" click: HERE.(3/20)

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