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-VOLUME: 96 / ISSUE: 2,129 Wednesday - December 21, 2005-
Keith BarryFor more than a year there have been hearing rumors that Keith Barry will have his own network television special on CBS-TV. The official announcement was finally made. A Hollywood Reporter story offered, "Barry will perform his repertoire -- which ranges from card tricks and sleight of hand to psychological manipulation and instant-induction hypnosis to such death-defying acts as catching a bullet in his teeth and driving while blindfolded -- on different celebrities." A Showbiz Ireland article had photos from a recent taping for a show that is being made for RTE-TV under the title "Keith Barry LIVE With Friends". The article reported, "Spooky magician to-the-stars Keith Barry used his world renowned mind control tricks to persuade a plethora of stars, including The Conway Sisters, to attend the filming of his show this week..."(12/21)
--To read the Nov. 30 Hollywood Reporter article by Nellie Andreeva titled "Trickster Barry to appear on CBS" click: HERE.(12/21)
--To read the Nov. 29 CBS press release titled "Magician And Psychological Illusionist Keith Barry To Star In His Own Upcoming Entertainment Special On CBS" click: HERE.(12/21)
--To read the Dec. 8 Showbiz Ireland article titled "Keith Conjures The Conways..." click: HERE.(12/21)

Ryan Oakes is profiled in Forbs and described as "…the hottest magician working today." Oakes is quoted about the magic "There's this moment when you've got them… It's the most innocent of human emotions, really. Wonder. Everyone secretly wants to be amazed." The article also describes part of his show. To read the Dec. 12 article by Stephanie Cooperman titled "The Magnificent Oakes" click: HERE.(12/21)

David BlaineDavid Blaine performed magic at the Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas for wounded soldiers. An American Forces Press Service article reported, "Blaine performed three shows at the center - in the Amputee Care Center, the Burn Center and the hospital auditorium - for different groups of patients. …After his Nov. 22 shows, Blaine said he was so moved by the wounded troops that he returned Nov. 23 and 25 to personally visit with them. To read the Dec. 2 article by Nelia Schrum titled "Magician Casts His Spell on Wounded Troops in Texas" click: HERE.(2/21)

Lance Burton will be featured on the FTD float at the 2006 Tournament Of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California on Monday Jan. 2. The magical theme of the float is titled "Your Wish is My Command" and will feature a genie and a flying carpet. The float will be decorated with 15 varieties of roses whose name is linked to magic. In case you are curious the roses include: Black Magic, Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra, Mystique, Autumn Magic, Magic Lantern, Magician, Midnight Magic, Moonlight Magic, Bewitched, Pure Magic, Mystery, and White Magic.(12/21)

Bill Clinton and Gaston QuietoGaston Quieto performed a private show for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at the end of November at the Emirates Palace in Dubai. Quieto told MagicTimes "…the show was scheduled for 20 minutes but lasted 60. He [Bill Clinton] is a fan of magic, he even asked me advice on some techniques like the Glide, Charlier Cut and a few forces...".(12/21)

Wolfgang Riebe who has presented many successful television shows in South Africa has been commissioned by SABC-TV to produce four one-hour specials whose themes will be the four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Guest magicians appearing include: Fayaad Manie, Roy Smit, Mahommed Moorad and Lesley Coackly. The first show will air on Dec. 25 with the rest in 2006.(12/21)

Houdini Lives!Sid Radner's visit to Adam Steinfeld's MagicLive! Show in Aruba is reported in Aruba Today which also mentions Steinfeld's upcoming novel, "…it's a collaborative effort between myself and mystery writer/ novelist, Al Blanchard. Story Line; It's 1966 and Harry Houdini did not die forty years ago, as people thought, but is planning a dramatic comeback." To read the Dec. 12 article click: HERE.(12/21-PDF download)

Harry Riser is profiled in The Indianapolis Star where they discuss his magic and mention his weekly radio show. The article describes Riser as, "Widely regarded as a 'magician's magician,' Riser got his start in magic as a boy in Depression-era Vincennes -- first by mastering card tricks from library books and later through a magic set he earned selling magazine subscriptions." Quoted in the article are Frank Dailey and Stephen Minch. There is also mention of his upcoming book "Secrets of an Escamoteur: Harry Riser." To read the Dec. 11 feature titled "Harry Riser, The trick is in the cards" click: HERE.(12/21)
--The same issue of the newspaper featured several other magic articles. To read the Dec. 11 article titled "Frank Dailey, Old pro takes historical approach to magic" click: HERE.(12/21)
--To read the Dec. 11 article titled "Taylor Martin, Finding a stage for your talent" click: HERE.(12/21)
--To read the Dec. 11 article by Nick Crews titled "The abracadabra guys" click: HERE.(12/21)

The Chipper Lowell Experience!"The Chipper Lowell Experience!" is the title of Lowell's latest show that is scheduled to open in February at the Horizon Casino Resorts in Lake Tahoe. The show which is scheduled to run indefinitely will also feature a guest variety artist and some dancers. For more information click: HERE.(12/21)

Jay Alexander who was dinning with The Rolling Stones' Ron Wood at the Slanted Door is reported in a San Francisco Chronicle article, "Spy B. Soccus reports that they seemed to be having a great time, Alexander doing 'his magical silverware bending.' To a restaurant's flatware? 'The waitstaff seemed to be very entertained,' said Soccus." To read the Nov. 18 article by Leah Garchik click: HERE.(12/21)

Richard Cohn and Alexandra BaltarzukThe 5th Annual Night of Magic! Produced by Richard Steven Cohn will take place on Friday Jan. 27 at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (53 Prospect Park West/Park Slope) in Brooklyn, New York. Featured performers are Torkova, George Schindler, Simon Lovell, Danny Alan, Jon Stetson, and Magical Melodions (Richard Cohn and Alexandra Baltarzuk). All seats are $15 General Admission. Advance tickets may be purchased prior to January 27th at Park Slope Copy on 7th Ave.(12/21)

"Beyond The Veil" is a new Off-Broadway play by John Chatterton which revolves around Spiritualism. Chatterton told MagicTimes "It uses black-light spirit-magic effects, though it is primarily a (rather funny) drama about a naive scientist caught up with a couple of charlatans." The show will run on Feb. 2-26, 2006 at Where Eagles Dare (347 W. 36th St. in New York City. For tickets and information click: HERE.(12/21)

Mike Lawrence's World Of IllusionMike Lawrence's World Of Illusion will be ending its six-week engagement at the Chrenshaw Christian Center East (1 W. 96th Street) in New York City on Jan. 5. The family show runs every Thursday at 2pm. For tickets and information click: HERE.(12/21)

The popularity of year-end magic shows at restaurants in Japan is the subject of a Yomiuri Shimbun article that reported, "Magic performances at year-end parties have become extremely popular, and Christmas, year-end and New Year parties are opportunities for professionals and those who love to perform to set parties alight. Those who can make a coin disappear through sleight of hand can find themselves the center of attention." Magicians mentioned in the article include: Manabu Shinza, Tomohiro Maeda, Akira Fujii, and Maki Kitami. To read the Dec. 18 article titled "Magic making customers appear" click: HERE.(12/21)

Steve Kline who is the Baseball pitcher that was traded from the Baltimore Orioles to the San Francisco Giants is described in a article as, "Relief pitcher Steve Kline is a renowned stand-up comedian and magician, and Tuesday -- with a flourish and hocus-pocus -- he transformed himself from a Baltimore Oriole to a San Francisco Giant." To read the Dec. 6 article by Rich Draper titled "Giants swap Hawkins for lefty Kline" click: HERE.(12/21)

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