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-VOLUME: 95 / ISSUE: 2,128 Monday - November 7, 2005-
Off the Deep EndPenn & Teller's new prime time television magic special titled "Off The Deep End" that will air on Nov. 13 on NBC-TV gets some press. A Las Vegas Review-Journal quoted Teller about the trouble they had with the underwater production, "But if there's any notion in your mind that being out in five- to seven-foot swells with everybody groggy from seasick pills and the ocean itself ripping apart our props while sharks swim around is a good time, no, it isn't a good time." An NBC release reported, "The duo's trademark 'sardonic' commentary accompanies each feat, and as they do in their Las Vegas stage act, Penn & Teller also reveal for the audience members who want to know: how they pull off their illusions." We understand that some of the exposures will be very controversial.(11/7)
--To read the Oct. 31 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Christopher Lawrence titled "For sweeps, Penn & Teller go 'Off the Deep End'" click: HERE.(11/7)
--To read the Oct. 12 NBC release titled "Rogue Magicians Penn & Teller Star In NBC Magic Special Performed Completely Underwater" click: HERE.(11/7)

Jerry AndrusJerry Andrus is profiled in a Times-Picayune article that describes him as, "Like a CD player on random shuffle, Andrus' mind bounces from one subject to the next. He makes up words and nonexistent medical conditions, writes them down and files them -- more than 79 pages' worth. But mostly he obsesses about inventions, magic tricks, illusions, songs, poetry, prose and, above all, the complex nature of the human mind and the ways he can fool it." To read the Oct. 30 article by Tom Hallman Jr. titled "Inside a master's magical mind" click: HERE.(11/7)

Curtis Adams' show "Adrenaline: Magic That Rocks" at the Plaza in Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where it gets four stars. Adams is described as, "…fresh from an engagement at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, has a pleasing blend of magic, humor and choreography -- sort of David Copperfield meets Janet Jackson meets Carrot Top." To read the Nov. 4 article by Jerry Fink titled "With magic touch, Adams rocks the Plaza" click: HERE.(11/7)

Magic in a Minute Suitcase-O-MagicMac King will be launching his "Mac King's Magic In A Minute Suitcase-O-Magic" magic set on November 25 and 26 at two Las Vegas Barnes & Noble locations. As a special gift to purchasers at the events each kit will include two free tickets to his show.(11/7)

Siegfried & Roy make an appearance in Branson during Darren Romeo's show. An Associated Press article quoted Roy, "We will be back… I will make sure of that, because I am making a remarkable recovery… The doctors have assured me I will be better than new." The article also mentioned their recent lawsuit, "The pair dismissed as baseless a lawsuit filed last month by a former security guard alleging that Siegfried forced Roy to take excess medication during his recovery… 'This is disgusting,' Roy said." To read the Nov. 6 article by Marcus Kabel titled "Siegfried & Roy Back on Stage As Patrons" click: HERE.(11/7)

Criss AngelCriss Angel is profiled in a Newsday story that observed, "…he says, he's not a magician at all, but an artist who employs music, cinema and theater to 'blur the line between reality and illusion.' In effect, a magical creation tailor-made for TV…. So cross Angel's shaggy good looks and gothic eyeliner with his exotic silver jewelry, theatrical flair, endearing public manner and show-biz whiz, and it adds up to an Event." The article also reported that "Angel hopes to settle 'for the next 10 or 15 years' in Las Vegas if he can seal a long-term deal for a permanent gig to perform live in the City of Magic (Seigfried & Roy, anyone?). Hotelier Steve Wynn and Angel are 'toying with the idea of doing something like that.'" To read the Oct. 24 article by Stephen Williams titled "Hot? This guy is on fire" click: HERE.(11/7)
--To read the Oct. 28 Orlando Magic article titled "Criss Angel 'Mindfreak' to headline the Magic’s Opening Night entertainment on Wednesday, November 2nd" click: HERE.(11/7)

Arthur Benjamin is profiled in a Modesto Bee article about his show "Mathemagics." The article explained, "He calls his events 'Mathemagics,' because besides being a mathematician, he's also a magician. He performs annually at Magic Castle in Hollywood, has appeared at Disneyland and will do shows at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., soon." To read the Oct. 20 article by Lorena Anderson titled "Magician squares fun with math" click: HERE.(11/7)

Wonder CabaretJohn Carney will once again be presenting his Wonder Cabaret on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in December at the Actor’s Forum Theatre (10655 Magnolia Blvd) in North Hollywood, California. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 818-506-0600. For more information click: HERE.(11/7)

The Magic Castle, Criss Angel and Milt Larsen are featured in a Voice of America story that reported, "Mr. Angel was recently named Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts, an honor previously conferred on such stars as Harry Blackstone Junior, Lance Burton, David Copperfield and Doug Henning." About the Magic Castle it reported, "Hollywood's Magic Castle has 5,000 active members. Half of them are magicians. Half are magic fans, often businessmen and Hollywood executives who come to enjoy the ancient arts of conjuring, sorcery and legerdemain." To read/listen the Oct. 25 story by Mike O'Sullivan titled "Hollywood Celebrates Magic on Halloween" click: HERE.(11/7)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield discusses communication in a Forbes article where he said, "A magician must find out what people are drawn to--what colors, what numbers, what shapes--so that you can kind of get a general idea of what people want to see. We're kind of in the same business as advertisers, because we give people what they want to see, but on our terms." To read the Oct. 24 article by Lacey Rose titled "David Copperfield On Keeping Secrets" click: HERE.(11/7)

Penn Jillette will be expanding his multifaceted career to include radio show host. According to a Washington Post article, "Magician-comedian Penn Jillette will launch a one-hour talk show to air later in the day on nine stations, including WJFK." To read the Oct. 30 article by Marc Fisher titled "Stern Measures: Infinity Settles on A Post-Howard Lineup" click: HERE.(11/7)

Rich Marotta, John Pizzi, and Gemini Lombardi star in "Guido Night" at the New York Improv (318 W. 53rd St.) in New York City on Nov. 28 at 9pm. The show will be taped for television. For reservations phone: 908-707-2313.(11/7)

Marvin's MagicMarvin's Magic has partnered with Disney to produce three branded magic sets that will be sold in the 200+ Disney Stores throughout Europe.(11/7)

Michael Caine will star in The Prestige which according to an andPOP article the story revolves around "…rival magicians in early 20th century London who resort to murder in their bitter battle for trade secrets. Caine will play a former magician who teaches Jackman the tricks of the trade… The movie will begin shooting in January with a budget in the $40 million range." To read the Oct. 30 article by Andrea Lau titled "Michael Caine Joins Prestige, Children of Men" click: HERE.(11/7)

Steven Best & Cassandra will host and star in the 3rd annual Viva Las Vegas show to benefit the Variety children's charity. The show, which also features Abba Tribute Band, Marilyn Monroe Tribute, and the Stardust Showgirls Dance Revue, takes place on Nov. 12 at 7pm at the Chilliwack Arts Centre in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. For tickets phone: 1-888-792-6376.(11/7)

Sam SchwartzSam Schwartz has been named as 2006 Magician Of The Year by the SAM Parent Assembly #1. The award will be given on April 8, 2006 as part of their Annual Salute To Magic Show. Schwartz is currently the Dean of the Assembly and has been a member for 48 years.(11/7)

The annual Houdini séance fronted by Sidney Radner is featured in The Republican where they discuss both Houdini and Radner's careers, "A magician and escape artist himself who later specialized in exposing illegal gambling, especially during World War II at armed forces posts, Radner said he grew up enamored of Houdini, who died of a ruptured appendix in 1926." To read the Oct. 28 article by Mike Burke titled "Seance seeking Houdini's return" click: HERE.(11/7)

Magic Michael (Michael "Meir" Tulkoff) who continues to help bring cheer to children's hospitals with his magic, is profiled in a Jerusalem Times story that reported "Using a combination of toys, cards, coins and corny jokes, he distracts children from painful procedures, encourages them to use fine motor skills, provides sensory input and lights up faces. He might do a 20-minute show in a waiting room and then leave to help a patient strengthen her lungs by blowing bubbles." Also discussed is the new documentary about him titled "MAGIC(S)." To read the Nov. 4 article by Sarah Bronson titled "Healing Magic" click: HERE.(11/7)

Les Arnold and DazzleLes Arnold and Dazzle (Alex) are profiled in the Gazzette where we find out that "Arnold is the grandson of the vaudeville headliner The Great Leon, creator of some of the most famous magical illusions dating back to the early 1900s. He was a 5-year-old when The Great Leon died, but his mother and uncle made sure the family secrets were handed down to his generation." To read the Oct. 27 article by Sandy Robins titled "Street Pro-File" click: HERE.(11/7)

"The Interaction (Or Not) Of Magic And Science In NYC" featuring speakers, Ken Silverman, Eric DeCamps, Will Shaw and Bob Friedhoffer takes place on Monday Nov. 7 at 7pm at the City University Graduate Center (365 5th Ave. Room #3300) in New York City. Admission is free--limited seating.(11/7)

Jim PasseJim Passe's illusion show is previewed in the Daily Mississippian where they point out, "While these tricks may seem unique in the way that he presents them, they may not be as special as the man performing them…Passe is handicapped and performs his show in a wheelchair." To read the Oct. 28 article by Alex Beene titled "Wheelchair magician to dazzle Oxford audience" click: HERE.(11/7)

Bob Weiss, who is the coach of the Seattle SuperSonics Basketball team, is a magician. How he got interested in magic is discussed in The News Tribune, "When Weiss moved to Buffalo in 1977 to become an assistant coach with the Braves, he began frequenting a bar called the Forks Hotel that also served as a place of magic…After Weiss visited a few times, the main magician, a man named Eddie Fechter who lived upstairs at the Forks, took Weiss under his wing. 'It didn’t take me long,' Weiss said. 'Everything came naturally. I think I had a head start -- in a past life, I must have been a magician because everything really did come naturally." To read the Oct. 30 article by Frank Hughes titled "Weiss world: It's down to earth" click: HERE.(11/7)

Ormond McGill Ormond McGill (June 15, 1913-October 19, 2005) died on Wednesday Oct. 19 at the age of 92. A Mercury News obituary reported "A Gilbert Mysto Magic Set under the Christmas tree changed a painfully shy Palo Alto boy before the eyes of his fellow fifth-graders and ultimately led him to become Dr. Zomb, a skilled showman before adults ranging from GIs during World War II to civilian audiences throughout the world." To read the Nov. 5 obituary by Betty Barnacle titled "Shy Youngster Became Consummate Entertainer" click: HERE.(11/7-Subscription)

The 2005 World Star Magic Show in Seoul Korea that featured Tony Hassini, Jason Latimer, Murray Sawchuk, Tommy Wonder, Kenji Minenura, Mirko, Choi Hyun-Woo, Roh Byung-Wook (Wooki), Park Ki-Hoon, Kim Yoojung-Gook, Lu, and Han Young-Hoon is the subject of a Seoul Times story. To read the Oct. 17 article by Johnny (Hyun-Woo) Nam titled "2005 World Star Magic Show" click: HERE.(11/7)

Lawrence and Priscilla KhongLawrence and Priscilla Khong are featured in a Shanghai Daily story in conjunction with their appearance at the Shanghai International Arts Festival. The article reported, "As a stage show, 'Magic of Love' has matured. Under the guiding hands of renowned directors Andrew Kole, Jeff McBride and John Thompson, the magic routines that are now featured in the show are breathtaking." To read the Oct. 27 article by Fan Meijing titled "Magic of Love" click: HERE.(11/7-Subscription)

The Magic Academy in India will be hosting a "national festival of street magicians of India" on Dec. 10-11 in Kerala. Gopinath Muthukad told MagicTimes that, "The two-day fete will find scenes wherein the famous Indian Rope Trick, Green Mango Tree Trick, Indian Basket and Cups and Balls will be reborn with all their charm and fantasy." For more information e-mail Mr. Muthukad at:

George Stewart, Katie Brizius and Carroll Baker are profiled in a This Week story about three generations of magicians. The article talks about magic in Ohio while giving in-depth biographies of all three magicians. To read the October 6 article by Kevin Parks titled "Tricks of the trade" click: HERE.(11/7)

Scott Sullivan is featured in a Russell County Times Journal article that discusses his foray into acting, pointing out some roles in "Dreamer", "Shadows Light" and others. The article also mentioned his current rolls in the theater. To read the Oct. 27-Nov. 2 article titled "Scott Sullivan’s growing mark in entertainment" click: HERE.(11/7)

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