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-VOLUME: 93 / ISSUE: 2,126 Monday - September 12, 2005-
Marco TempestMarco Tempest has been getting some television coverage for his high-tech magic. A NY1 feature quotes him, "We're currently launching a service called I-Magician, or Instant Magician, which is something where you can download a magic trick onto your cell phone and perform it instantly for your friends and colleagues." To read the Aug. 23 transcript by Adam Balkin titled "High-tech magic tricks" click: HERE.(9/12)

Rouclere SAM Assembly #25's Annual Banquet & Magic Show takes place on Friday Sep. 16 at 7:00pm at the Russian Hall (4 Woodhull Ave., Little Falls, NJ). This year's stage performers are: George Schindler & Nina, Ben Robinson, Eric DeCamps, Will Shaw and Meir Yedid. Prior to the stage show there will be many close-up magicians performing during the banquet. If you want to go, phone Phyllis at 201-797-5504 for a reservation. Tickets are $40 per person and include the close-up shows, stage show and dinner.(9/12)

Steve WyrickSteve Wyrick is mentioned in a Poker Player article that reported, "He has signed a multi-year, $30-million agreement with The Shops in Desert Passage at the Aladdin to develop a 22,000-square-foot entertainment complex that will blend a state-of-the-art 500-seat theatre, ultra lounge and magic shop." The theater complex is scheduled to open in December while the Aladdin is scheduled to be renamed to Planet Hollywood next year. To read the Sep. 5 article by Len Butcher titled "Entertainment Report" click: HERE.(9/12)

Larry Taylor and his magic shop the South Florida Magic Co. are profiled in a Palm Beach Post article that looks at his career. Taylor said, "Being on stage in front of a large audience and hearing people cheer and laugh, it's the greatest feeling in the world." Taylor also explained, "People from 8 to 80 love magic. They know it's not voodoo. It's a fun thing. Many of my customers are from up North and retired. They do it for their grandkids." To read the Sep. 7 article by Libby Wells titled "Magician shows tricks of trade at magic shop" click: HERE.(9/12)

Princess TenkoPrincess Tenko will be making a rare United States appearance with her full illusion show as part of her "ZIPANGU" World Tour. She is scheduled to appear at the Cashman Theater in Las Vegas on Nov. 4-6. Joining her for the five shows will be Norm Nielsen with his regular act and his Floating Piano. For more information click: HERE.(9/12)

The Great Lafayette (Sigmund Neuberger) is the subject of a Scotsman article that looks at his career, his magic and his death. The article reported, "Lafayette quickly became the highest paid performer of his time, earning around £44,000 a year (or about £2.75 million today) and his show was booked ten years in advance." To read the Sep. 8 article by Diane Maclean titled "Portrait of Sigmund Neuberger, better known as The Great Lafayette" click: HERE.(9/12)

Marc SalemMarc Salem is profiled in The Telegraph in conjunction with his live show at the Tricycle Theatre in London. The article observed "…with his skills at reading body language in ways that can seem positively psychic, I guess he knows that already. Seeing him on stage, as he blends sharp insight into the human mind with a wily reinvention of traditional magic techniques, it's easy to believe there is something superhuman about his abilities." To read the Aug. 22 article by Paul Morley titled "Master of magic mind games" click: HERE.(9/12)

Tommy Wonder is one of the magicians quoted in a Korea Herald story about the effect of the Internet on magic. Wonder explained "In a sense, the Internet has contributed a great deal to the growth of the magic industry, by drawing more people near to the world of magic." Also mentioned in the article are Tony Hassini, Mirko Callaci, Murray Sawchuk, Jason Latimer, and Kenji Minenura, Park Ki-hoon, Han Young-hoon, Wooki Lu, Roh Byeong-wook, Kim U Jung-kuk, Choi Hyun-woo, and Roh. To read the Sep. 1 article by Lee Yong-sung titled "Magicians thrive in Internet-led world" click: HERE.(9/12-Subscription)

Lord Howard PosenerLord Howard Posener will perform magic in all 14 episodes of Jimmy Osmond's new television series "Branson Jubilee" which will begin airing this month on local PBS stations across the United States.(9/12)

Joe Givan and Carol Massie-Givan will produce "Magicians for Mississippi" on Sep. 17 at 7:30pm as a fundraiser for the Red Cross' hurricane relief effort. The show will feature more than a dozen magicians at the Theatre of Dreams Arts & Event Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. For more information click: HERE.(9/12)

Steve Wyrick performed several magic shows to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina on Sep. 10 in Dallas. Wyrick also donated more than 1,000 magic sets to the children at the Dallas shelters where he taught them how to perform some of the items.(9/12)

The members of S.A.M. Assembly #206 in Austin, Texas entertained the victims of Hurricane Katrina that are currently being housed at the Austin Convention Center. The magic presented was close-up strolling magic.(9/12)

Gerry McCambridgeGerry McCambridge is mentioned in a Las Vegas Sun article where he explained, "My act is very Vegas… Personally, I've looked at Atlantic City, which is close to my home in New York, but in Atlantic City they bus people in every day -- that's their clientele -- and in six or eight weeks they bus the same ones in again. In Atlantic City I would have to constantly change the show." The article also mentioned that McCambridge bought a house in Vegas. To read the Sep. 2 article by Jerry Fink titled "On Tour makes stop in Vegas" click: HERE.(9/12)

Tom Yurasits who made a cow vanish for the opening of the 153rd Allentown Fair is mentioned in an Allentown Morning Call article that reported, "There'll be no fake cows, the magician promised. No holograms, either. Nor, as one child theorized, any robot cows." To read the Aug. 31 article by Ron Devlin titled "Allentown Fair opens with disappearing Holstein" click: HERE.(9/12)

A series titled "Secrets Of The Card Cheat" by Jack Wise began in the September issue of Bluff Magazine. The bi-monthly articles will feature mechanical and sleight-of-hand techniques for cheating at cards. The magazine already has a monthly article by magician Rich Ferguson who teaches basic card and chip handling and stunts.(9/12)

Bob Orndorff is profiled in a Lexington Herald Leader article which described him, "Orndorff performs at corporate events, birthday parties and Harry Potter book releases. But he isn't a show-off. Students at UK couldn't fathom their professor being a magician, Orndorff said, so he rarely mentioned it at the university." To read the Aug. 24 article by Jamie Gumbrecht titled "Making magic for 50 years" click: HERE.(9/12)

David CasertaDavid Caserta will star in Stonefield Productions' "Haunted Illusions starring The Magic of David Caserta" in Dorney Park in Allentown, PA during their Halloweekends on Sep. 30-Oct. 30. The show will return to the main stage after giving 43 performances at the 2004 event. For more information click: HERE.(9/12)

Dynamo (Steven Frayne) is profiled in an Observer article where they report, "For the moment, home is a bedroom at his grandmother's house in Bradford, but many predict that super-stardom is just around the corner." To read the Aug. 28 article by Nicole Mowbray titled "Hey presto! Bradford's answer to David Blaine" click: HERE.(9/12)

The annual Abracadabra show at the Cincinnati Playhouse is the subject of a Cincinnati Post article that profiles Tim Kole and David Williamson. To read the Aug. 18 article by Connie Yeager titled "Magic takes the stage" click: HERE.(9/12)

David Shareef is profiled in a Journal Gazette story where he explained why he does magic, "As I did more research, I found out how much money there was to be made… Oh, my god. The average kid show magician can pull in $6,000 a month. There are so many multimillionaire magicians out there that nobody’s ever heard of." To read the Aug. 28 article by Steve Penhollow titled "Magician working to be king of cool" click: HERE.(9/12)

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