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-VOLUME: 92 / ISSUE: 2,125 Monday - August 15, 2005-
Murray SawChuckMurray SawChuck has just signed to co-host a new reality television show with Brandi Williams. The show titled "Don't Be Cruel" will have Murray traveling around the globe looking for the best Elvis impersonator. The series is scheduled to run for 14 episodes with taping beginning on Aug. 8 in Las Vegas.(8/15)

Derren Brown and Objective Productions are profiled in a Reuters story that reported that they, "…have revitalized British magic, delivering a younger, upscale audience to a genre that broadcasters had left for dead." Brown explained, "I think it was (U.S. magician) David Blaine that really changed it -- what Blaine did was that he turned the camera back onto the audience and their reactions… I wouldn't have had my show if it hadn't been for Blaine, so I think that he should take the credit for making that change." To read the Jul. 21 article titled "British magician revitalizing genre" click: HERE.(8/15)

Criss Angel MindfreakAs Criss Angel's Mindfreak series gains ratings and a following, the majority of the national press is impressed. A USA Today article reported that, "In its first two weeks Mindfreak has drawn 1.7 million viewers, easily improving on the cable network's average prime-time audience of 1.1 million. More important, it's drawing young viewers: The median age is 34, well below A&E's usual 49." In the New York Daily News Angel explained, "Magic has become a cheap novelty, and what I'm trying to do is blur the line between reality and illusion and create an experience with the audience that will get them invested at an emotional level." Angel is also making appearances throughout the country in the traveling Ozzfest festivities.(8/15)
--To read the Aug. 2 USA Today article by Ann Oldenburg titled "Criss Angel, a new master of illusion" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Jul. 19 New York Daily News article by Jacob E. Osterhout titled "Illusionist isn't afraid to get in over his head" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Jul. 20 Knight Ridder article by Jean Prescott titled "Rock 'n' roll magician starts new A&E series" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Jul. 18 Kansas City Star article by Aaron Barnhart titled "Magic time" click: HERE.(8/15)

Richard Wiseman who has found what appears to be the "World's earliest 'moving picture' of a magician" is the subject of an Innovations-Report story. The moving pictures were made by Alfred Binet, who created the IQ test, and was testing to see if "the hand is quicker than the eye." Wiseman explained, "The magician in the moving pictures was a well known French sleight of hand artist called Raynaly, who performed various magic tricks for the camera. Only one set of photographs still exists which shows Raynaly vanishing a ball." To read the Jul. 28 article titled "World’s earliest 'moving picture' of a magician discovered and to be screened for first time at Dana Centre, London" click: HERE.(8/15)

Todd RobbinsTodd Robbins stars in his new show "Dark Deceptions: The Séance Experience" that is described as, "Todd employs trickery to produce manifestations right before the eyes of the audience, and covert trance induction to conjure up phenomenon within their minds. Todd creates the illusion that the dead have returned to walk among the living." The show will be presented five times during the New York International Fringe Festival. Remaining performances include Aug. 16 (11:15pm), 18 (8:45pm), 20 (noon) and 24 (11:30pm). Shows take place at The Players Theater (115 MacDougal St.) in New York City. For ticket information click: HERE.(8/15)

Richard Dooley, the new president of the SAM is featured in a Hartford Courant article that explained, "Overall, Dooley says this is a good time to be in magic. Magicians are everywhere -- cruise ships, traveling shows, and of course, in Las Vegas…. There are more full-time professional magicians who are getting real good job opportunities than ever before." To read the Aug. 12 article by William Weir titled "For Amazing Doolini, a magical role to play" click: HERE.(8/15)

Marvin's MagicMarvin's Magic has signed a promotional deal with Yazoo (England's number one flavoured milk). As part of the promotion Marvin's Magic will appear on more than 10 million packs giving opportunities to win 10,000 Magic Sets. Marvin's Magic will also be featured at movie theatres on billboards, bus stops and high profile kids' websites. Plans are also in place to promote the line in the US on cereal boxes.(8/15)

Gerry McCambridge's "The Mentalist" show has been extended through the end of September at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas. Show times are Sunday through Thursday at 8:00pm and Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and 10pm. Tickets are $10 per person.(8/15)

Jon StetsonJon Stetson is featured in a Standard-Times article about his career. The article reported that "Through the years, Jon Stetson has transformed his magic act into a humorous keynote performance he bills as 'corporate America's most unique entertainment experience.' …He breaks the ice, shows off his comedic 'mind-reading' skills, and customizes the act to reflect each company's products or corporate culture." The story also mentioned that "on Wednesday, he's doing a benefit for the Rogers School park rehabilitation." To read the Jul. 20 article by Jennette Barnes titled "Magician and mentalist turns his talent to helping hometown" click: HERE.(8/15)

A report from Abbott’s Magic Get-Together and the American Museum of Magic in The New York Sun mentions George and Nina Schindler, Blackstone, Milbourne Christopher, Ricky Jay, Ken Allen, Jim Reneaux, Russell Delmar, Robert and Elaine Lund, Joseph Dunninger and many others while looking at New York's magic links to the past. To read the Aug. 8 article by Gary Shapiro titled "Gotham Conjurers Amid Michigan Cornfields" click: HERE.(8/15)

Elan magazineMagician/Artist Dean Alan Carnegie's paintings are featured in the July/August issue of Elan magazine. The cover features his Cardini painting while the inside story features his works of Dante, Houdini, Doug Henning and even a self-portrait. The story by Donna Cedar-Southworth explained, "Performing, painting, writing-- 'They're all connected,' he says. [painting is] probably an extension of a certain way of thinking about things and seeking things that relates to the magic and performing--you've got to be creative to be a performer. Art has magic to it."(8/15)

Ryan Swigert who is presenting his show "Ryan Swigert's Parlour Magic" at the Cincinnatian Hotel on Fridays through September is profiled and interviewed in a Cincinnati Enquirer story that quotes him, "Now's one of the first times in history - besides in the early '80s, when Copperfield first came out - where magic's cool again." To read the Aug. 11 article by Lauren Bishop titled "Magic makes its way home" click: HERE.(8/15)

Magic On The Beach XIAldo Colombini, Carl Cloutier, Jose 'Pepe' Sousa, Mickey Silver, Quique Marduk, Mirco Menegatti, Phil Schwartz, and Dennis Friebe are among the headliners at Magic On The Beach XI at the Fontainebleau Resort & Spa on Miami Beach on Sep. 2-4. For more information click: HERE.(8/15)

Dennis Regling writes an article about how magicians can expand their business to include weddings in a Bella Online article. He points out that "…you can provide one or all three types of entertainment for the big event. Walk-around, after dinner show or children's activities. Why would anyone plan a wedding and reception without making sure they could get the wedding magician?" The article is full of practical advice for any form of magic marketing plan. To read the Aug. 3 article by Dennis Regling titled "The Wedding Magician" click: HERE.(8/15)

The First PsychicDaniel Dunglas Home who was the first person to ever be called a "psychic" is the subject of Peter Lamont's latest book titled "The First Psychic." A Sunday Times article quoted Lamont, "Virtually everybody else in this field was caught cheating at some point, but he never was. I’ve been a magician since I was a wee boy, and I have worked in parapsychology for a decade. And I don't know how he did some things. Nobody has explained them to date." To read the Aug. 14 article by Kenny Farquharson titled "Psychic who outraged Charles Dickens" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To buy the book from Amazon click: HERE.(8/15)

Magician Joseph Franklin Wilson (Joe Wilson) has been missing and is suspected of drowning in a kayak accident. A Tribune article reported that, "A massive search by county dive teams and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter failed to find the man." The local police department is also looking for anyone with possible information about his whereabouts. To read the Aug. 11 article by Sarah Linn titled "Search for missing kayaker is called off" click: HERE.(8/15)

Magic At the Red SeaMax Maven, Flip, Pit Hartling, Menny Lindenfeld, Anthony Darkstone, Duane Laflin, Charles Brook, Tomer Dudai, Eli Ivgy, Vitaly, Shimi Atias, and Nataly will be headlining at MARS (Magic At the Red Sea) that will take place in the exotic Eilat in Israel on Sep. 25-27. For more information click: HERE.(8/15)

Steve Cohen's new book is mentioned in the USA Weekend Magazine where they report, "Cohen, 34, learned that in high school: He was showing tricks to a friend when a football player began to watch. Before he knew it, 'I had the whole team in the palm of my hand.'" To read the Jul. 31 article by Lorrie Lynch titled "Who's News" click: HERE.(8/15)

An Evening Of Magic And IllusionPaul Daniels, Ali Bongo, Michael Pearse, Bunny Neill, Ali Cadabra, and Moira Fletcher star in An Evening Of Magic And Illusion on Sep. 18 at 7:30pm in Nottingham, UK. The show is sponsored by the Nottingham Guild of Magicians. Paul Daniels will also give a special lecture for magicians earlier in the day. For tickets and information phone: 44-(0)115-9614551.(8/15)

The South Eastern Association of Magicians convention is covered in a couple of Huntsville Times stories that quoted John Tudor, "You know there's no such thing as magic, but you sure like the feeling of 'ahhhh' when a magician performs a trick well. That knowledge needs to be passed on." Also mentioned in the article are: Mike Caveney, Tom Ladshaw, Brett Boyer, Emory Kimbrough, and Darrell Osborn. To read the Aug. 4 Huntsville Times article by Mary Anne Zollar titled "Creators of magic to share tricks of the trade at convention" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Aug. 6 Huntsville Times article by Patricia C. McCarter titled "Abracadabra to fill airat UAH this weekend" click: HERE.(8/15)

Keith Stickley will be presenting his show "Magic Unplugged" at the Carsen Theatre in Boulder, Colorado as part of the Boulder International Fringe Festival. Shows are scheduled throughout August. For more information click: HERE.(8/15)

Afzal Moosa Sorathiya is profiled in an Afternoon Dispatch & Courier story about his magic retail business in India that began in 1972 by his father. The article quotes Moosa, "Explaining the basic fundamentals of magic, he says that the most important thing a person needs to have is a cool mind. 'You cannot perform if you are grumpy, so you really need to keep your cool to make the things more interesting,' he says." To read the Jul. 21 story titled "Abra-kadabra..." click: HERE.(8/15)

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