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-VOLUME: 90 / ISSUE: 2,123 Friday - June 17, 2005-
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson has just opened Oswald's Speakeasy (1331 Decatur) in New Orleans where he will be performing nightly with his one-man show "Wise Guy". The shows will run Wednesday through Sunday nights at 9:30pm with the doors opening at 8pm. The nightclub was purchased by Anderson in 2003 and is now open after extensive renovations. In addition to the show patrons will be able to enjoy a "fine selection of wines and brews, as well as a unique variety of cocktails." Tickets are only $20 per person and are available by phoning: 504-218-5954 or by picking them up at Anderson's Sideshow curiosity shop on Chartres in the French Quarter.(6/17)

Gerry McCambridge will be opening on Jul. 11 at the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas where he will perform on Mondays through Thursdays at 8pm. On June 11 McCambridge received the "Dunninger Award" from the Psychic Entertainers Association, which is the highest award a mentalist can receive from that organization.(6/17)

Bill Malone's Magic BarBill Malone's Magic Bar in Boca Raton, Florida that opened on March 10, 1995, will be closing on June 30 after more than ten years. Malone has hired dozens of magicians over that period, many of which have gone on to become very successful in magic. The reason for the closure is the new ownership of The Boca Baton Resort where the bar was located want a change of scene. Malone told MagicTimes that this opens up some big opportunities for him that he was unable to pursue before.(6/17)

Derren Brown is featured in a Wood & Vale story that recounts many of his past magical accomplishments and discusses his current show, "Something Wicked This Way Comes" that appears at the Cambridge Theatre through Jul. 2. Brown explained, "I always keep it a surprise... It will be dark and have plenty of audience participation - a rollercoaster ride. It's different every night but I've got a rough idea of where I want to go and we'll have fun." The article also reported that he is scheduled to film a new television series. To read the Jun. 13 article by Tony Padman titled "Derren do" click: HERE.(6/17)

Carney’s Wonder CabaretJohn Carney stars in "Carney’s Wonder Cabaret" at the Actor's Forum Theatre in North Hollywood, California every weekend through Jul. 3. The show "combines Carney's love of magic, comedy, and music into a unique evening of entertainment. Featuring several new pieces and characters." Tickets are $15 per person. For more information click: HERE.(6/17)

David Copperfield's appearance in Branson for two weeks is the subject of a News-Leader story and interview. Copperfield explained how his character evolved, "…lately, you know, times have changed and it became more about reality ... very urban. People want things that are absolutely real. ... So my style has really allowed me to ... tell stories about my life through my magic. ... Not in a very showy way. ... I dress in jeans and a T-shirt and I walk on stage, and the audience really sees enormous contrast between ... magic that's spectacular and big, but me just being like a normal person." To read the Jun. 12 article by Tresa McBee titled "Copperfield appearing in Branson" click: HERE.(6/17)

Criss Angel MindfreakCriss Angel has just finished production for his new weekly magic series titled "Criss Angel Mindfreak" that will begin airing on the A&E network on Jul. 20 at 10pm ET. Taping for the 16-part series began on Mar. 1 in Las Vegas and will feature appearances by Johnny Thompson, Amazing Johnathan, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton among others.(6/17)

Brett Daniels and Kirby VanBurch have teamed up to produce a combined magic spectacular in Branson. A Branson Courier article reported, "This extravagant, high-energy magical production show will combine the best of the large-scale illusions, dynamic theatrics, precision dancers of both magicians’ shows with the award-winning, world-class sleight-of-hand of Brett Daniels with Kirby VanBurch, his wife Bambi and his exotic animal family that includes a Royal White Tiger." To read the May 31 article by Gary J. Groman titled "Only in Branson - Brett Daniels and Kirby VanBurch together in a ..." click: HERE.(6/17)

Pavlov’s DogNicholas Night and Pat Hazell's story titled "Pavlov’s Dog" has just been optioned by Melwood Pictures and Exodus Film Group to be made into a full length CG-Animated/Live Action movie. The story revolves around "Pavlov, an uptight flea from out-of-town that catches a greyhound to the big city in order to claim his inheritance... a canine 'property.'" A Variety story reported that "Companies will work together to raise financing with an eye toward a budget of $20 million-$30 million."(6/17)

Rich Marotta can be seen in the new Vytorin television commercial which is currently airing nationwide. Although he does not do any magic you can catch him twirling his mustache.(6/17)

P.C. Sorcar has announced that he will begin patenting his magic. A Deccan Herald quotes Sorcar, "It is a tribute of the highest order to me if my magic is copied by other magicians, but then these days a lot of upcoming magicians take credit for tricks that are not their creation. I have thus begun to apply for copyright for every new act." To read the Jun. 2 article titled "Magician PC Sorcar for patenting of magic tricks" click: HERE.(6/17)

John MoehringThe Society Of American Magicians has announced that John Moehring will take over as the editor of their monthly magazine M-U-M. Moehring until recently has been the editor of MAGIC. The previous M-U-M editor, David Goodsell, has held the job for 29 years and will remain on board during the transition period.(6/17)

Anuj Kumar Das plans to open a magic school in India. A Calcutta Telegraph article quotes Amal Dutta, "The basic objective of the academy is to bring magic to an academic setting and prove that it is an art form worthy of recognition. I want to make people realise the depth of magic, its place in our lives and its connections with philosophy, psychology, religion, theatre, arts and other disciplines." To read the May 16 article titled "School of magic in ancient land of occult" click: HERE.(6/17)

The "Magic: The Science of Illusion" exhibit which is now in Portland, at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, is featured in The Daily Astorian where they quote the museum president, "Most people don’t connect science with magic, yet magic tricks fool us because they fool our eyes and brains… Performers can't do the impossible, although it may appear so. This exhibit is about appreciating the wonder of magic, while exploring basic science concepts that make illusions possible." To read the Jun. 2 article titled "What's really with all the hocus-pocus?" click: HERE.(6/17)

Dirk Arthur's "Xtreme Magic"Dirk Arthur's "Xtreme Magic" at the Tropicana in Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where it is described as, "The show seems to move so fast you hardly have time to realize you have seen most of his material before. …While Arthur may lack charisma, he doesn't need it when he can focus attention on the dancers. And isn't distraction the key to magic?" To read the May 20 article by Jerry Fink titled "Sexy dancers helping Arthur get leg up on competition" click: HERE.(6/17)

Richard Steven Cohn will present his "The Magic Of Coney Island" lecture on the afternoon of Jul. 13 at the Bryant Library in Roslyn, New York. For more information phone the Bryant Library at: 516-621-2240.(6/17)

Craig Mileson is featured in a News & Star article about his close-up magic at Gretna's Garden House Hotel. The article reported, "He started winning competitions and won Junior Magician of the Year three times in a row from the age of 14. When he was doing business studies at university, he was performing his tricks in the evenings at clubs and bars. In 2000, he won North East Close-up Magician of the Year." The article also discusses his family's involvement in football. To read the Jun. 11 article titled " Tricks Of The Trade" click: HERE.(6/17)

Scenes from Lance Burton's newly renovated show at the Lance Burton Theatre in the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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