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-VOLUME: 88 / ISSUE: 2,121 Monday - April 4, 2005-
Alain Nu"Mind Games: The Mysterious World of Alain Nu" is a new four-part television series starring Alain Nu that will begin airing on Apr. 24 on TLC (The Learning Channel). The first two episodes "Psychic Energy" and "Mind Over Matter" will run in April during the channel's Magic Week which will also feature reruns of all four of the David Blaine specials. Bob Fitch is a magic consultant on the show. Segments were taped in San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Houston and Baltimore. For some details about the show you can read a Jan. 13 TLC press release by clicking: HERE.(4/4)

Gay Blackstone's announcement of the formation of a Blackstone Foundation that will give $5,000 scholarships to magicians is the subject of a Redlands Daily Facts story that quoted Blackstone, "These scholarships are going to be available to magicians of any age, not just young magicians, but those who have been at it a while as well, but could use the opportunity to improve their skills." The article also describes the recent 37th annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards Show with all the winners and performers. To read the Mar. 17 article by Steven Sabel titled "Blackstone magic continues" click: HERE.(4/4)

Paul DanielsPaul Daniels will be performing at Harrah's in Las Vegas on Apr. 19-23 in Mac King's spot. While King is away Daniels will be presenting his "Paul Daniels Comedy Magic Show" with performances at 1pm and 3pm daily. It is a rare opportunity to see an international legend in action with his full show in the United States. After the Vegas gig Daniels will present two performances of his Malini show at the Magic Castle on Apr. 24 as a benefit for The Dai Vernon fund.(4/4)

The annual "Best Of Las Vegas" winners were announced and Lance Burton has once again won as the "Best Magician." The award is voted on by the readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Bruce Block was picked as best by the newspaper staff. Mac King won for "Best Bargain Show" and was selected by both the readers and the staff. For a list of all the "Best Of Las Vegas 2005" winners click: HERE.(4/4)

Rick Thomas"The Magic of Rick Thomas" which now appears at the Stardust's Wayne Newton Theater in Las Vegas is the subject of a Las Vegas Sun article that describes Thomas' career and interviews him. Thomas explained, "The show itself, the staging, the lighting, the sound, everything is upgraded. I'm thrilled with the stage and it's a gorgeous theater. It's beautiful. …We are always adding some new illusions; we're going to surprise you with some new things -- things that have now been added to the show, things that will be added when it opens, that will be added when summer comes around. To read the Mar. 25 article by John Katsilometes titled "True Stripes" click: HERE.(4/4)

Rick Thomas and Dirk Arthur who are leading afternoon illusion shows in Las Vegas are profiled in a Las Vegas Review-Journal story where they are described as, "Both afternoon shows are value-priced and tap a family audience that didn't go away just because the Strip started pushing its nightclubs and the 'Whatever happens here' campaign… And the fact that tigers figure prominently in both shows suggests that even after Roy Horn's near-fatal tiger bite, the public hasn't retired its fascination with big cats in a Las Vegas magic show." The article also pointed out that, "Though many magicians have left Las Vegas, it's still perceived as a magic mecca by those who see only the marquees, not the business reality that most of the magic shows are produced without a guarantee from the host casino." To read the Apr. 1 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Magic Men" click: HERE.(4/4)

Derren Brown was featured in a New York Times story that reported "Brown devised a new approach that combines magic and psychology, tricks of the hands with tricks of the mind. Each of his programs starts with a disclaimer in which he asserts, essentially, that he is not supernatural, only clever." To read the Mar. 26 article by Sarah Lyall titled "British magician's sleight of mind psychs out viewers" click: HERE.(4/4-Subscription)

Ricky JayRicky Jay's "Extraordinary Exhibitions: Broadsides from the Collection of Ricky Jay" is the subject of a San Francisco Bay Guardian story that describes many of the pieces in the exhibit. Jay explained, "I think, of all the things I do collect, maybe these are the ones that are maybe the most integral to what I'm interested in… I just like the idea that they're the black sheep of the collecting family, that nobody paid much attention to them. Sometimes they're scraps of paper four inches or five inches long that were somehow saved for three or four hundred years. And I think the other reason I'm so attached to them is often they're literally the only records of the performers they speak about, and clearly my passion is the people who are described. I love unusual entertainers, and I write about them all the time, and the idea of having this living record ..." To read the Mar. 30 article by Kimberly Chun titled "Geek love" click: HERE.(4/4)

Fantasma IBM Ring #257 and Gary Darwin will be holding a special Auction/Flea Market on Apr. 6 in Las Vegas. The auction will act as a night before event for the annual Collectors Convention that will honor David Copperfield. Proceeds from the auction will go to the Las Vegas Boys and Girls Club youth magic program. For more information click: HERE.(4/4)

R.G. Smith's 18th Annual Comedy & Magic Specatular starring Danny Cole, Stephen Bargatze, Bob Bloenk, Axel S. and R.G. Smith will appear at the Eichelberger Center for the Performing Arts in Hanover, PA (Apr. 15), Weinberg Center in Frederick, MD (16), The Forum in Harrisburg, PA (22) and Lampeter-Strasburg HS in Lancaster, PA (23).(4/4)

Nathan BurtonNathan Burton's weeklong publicity stunt where was locked in a Plexiglas box with seven showgirls for a week was successful and received some press. Burton is quoted in a Fort Smith Times Record article, "The first and second days were really the toughest; I thought it would be harder later on… During day three, I was like, 'This is killing me.' Dehydration set in." Burton also announced that he will be headlining in his own show, "The show is called 'Reality Magic' and will open in the next couple months here in Vegas… We're still working out the final details of it." To read the Mar. 28 Fort Smith Times Record article by Scott Smith titled "Magician Thinks Inside Box" click: HERE.(4/4)
--To read the Mar. 10 Associated Press article titled "Magician to live in glass box for a week" click: HERE.(4/4-Subscription)
--To read the Mar. 13 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled "Co-star stands by her man" click: HERE.(4/4)

Adam Steinfeld's short film "Knock 'Em Dead," written by Al Blanchard, has been entered in the Amazon Theater/Tribeca Film Festival Short Film Competition and it will be available for viewing and voting at after Apr. 18. The film stars his two assistants form his MagicLive! show in Aruba.(4/4)

John Calvert's recent lecture is Peoria led to a feature story in the Pekin Daily Times where he is described as, "Now 94 and still going strong, Calvert's energy, stamina and magical skills still impresses audiences… Calvert is considered a living legend in his field, and is attributed with inspiring a generation of stage musicians [magicians], including Las Vegas legends Siegfried and Roy. Calvert was the first magician to perform a big magic show in Las Vegas and on Broadway." To read the Mar. 29 article by Shanna Shipman titled "Magician shares his knowledge" click: HERE.(4/4)

The College Of MagicThe College Of Magic in Cape Town South Africa is featured in an Independent Online story that reported, "Since 1980, more than a thousand students have graduated with diplomas from the institution that is funded in part by acclaimed Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried and Roy… Two final-year students recently took first and second prizes at the World Magic Convention in Las Vegas, and several former students are highly respected in the field of magic worldwide." To read the Mar. 18 article by Benita van Eyssen titled "Students excel at the college of magic" click: HERE.(4/4)

David Copperfield has agreed to appear at the Moon River Theatre in Branson in June. A News-Leader article quoted the theater manager, "The show is going to be enormous. He has a big organization. He's going to come in here and blow the doors off Moon River Theatre." The article also quotes Darren Romeo who explained, "Everything you see -- whether it's in Branson or Vegas -- is inspired by David Copperfield… It was always a super-high-charged show." To read the Mar. 12 article by Tresa McBee titled "Copperfield to appear in Branson" click: HERE.(4/4)

Kyle and Kelly Peron will present their family show "The Magical Illusions of Kyle and Kelly" on Apr. 23 at 11am and 2pm at The Centre for the Performing Arts in Quakertown, Pennsylvania. For tickets and information click: HERE.(4/4)

Jason Michaels is profiled in The Tennessean where he is described as having "dreams of near-biblical proportions" and the article also reported that "He captured a first-place in the Winter Carnival of Magic at Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and a third-place in the recent prestigious Columbus, Ohio, MagiFest." To read the Mar. 20 article by Tim Ghianni titled "Keep your eyes on the magician ..." click: HERE.(4/4)

Joe DiDonna is profiled in The Saratogian where they describe him as, "His style is a throwback to the snake oil merchants of old, who plied their wares from the backs of cars and wagons, hawking liniments and suspect medicinals." To read the Apr. 1 article by Jill Wing titled "Magician plans workshops" click: HERE.(4/4)

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