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Harry Anderson's World Of MagicHarry Anderson's World Of Magic will be back at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (12700 Center Court Drive) in Cerritos, California on Mar. 18-20. Featured performers this year are Jay Johnson, Tina Lenert and Mike Caveney. For tickets and information click: HERE.(3/7)

The close-up magicians who regularly entertain at the West End Inn in Hamburg, New York are featured in a Buffalo News article that quotes Victor Trabucco, "Close-up magic is the poetry of magic… When you say 'magic,' people think of kids' shows or things that happen on stage. Close-up magic is so different, most people have never experienced it." Michael Hilburger added, "People like this kind of magic, because it's right in front of them and it's not hidden by distance or smoke… Close-up magic is one-on-one." Also mentioned in the article were Dan Block and Todd Nelson. To read the Feb. 27 article by Anne Neville titled "Now You See It…" click: HERE.(3/7)

Dirk ArthurDirk Arthur's "Xtreme Magic" show will be opening at the Tropicana in Las Vegas on Mar. 26. It will be replacing Rick Thomas' show which just moved to the Stardust. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "Xtreme Magic will be produced by David Saxe of 'Showgirls of Magic' and 'V -- The Ultimate Variety Show.' He plans to add more dance and female eye candy and to punch up the comedy." To read the Mar. 3 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Magician Dirk Arthur to move into Thomas' spot at Tropicana" click: HERE.(3/7)

Sad to report that recent deaths in magic include Joseph Fenichel at the age of 95 and Chris Carey at the age of 53.(3/7)

Lance Burton has just become a grandfather. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "Monte Carlo magician Lance Burton, 44, is a grandfather for the first time. Granddaughter Kayla Jewell Burton was born Tuesday in Las Vegas." To read the Mar. 3 article by Norm titled "Las Vegas entries advance on 'Idol'" click: HERE.(3/7)

Mac KingMac King has been named as the 2005 Spokesman for Clark County READS. Part of his duties will be to visit the Clark County Schools throughout the year where he will perform magic while raising awareness about literacy issues that affect Clark County through book drives, public service announcements, and fundraisers.(3/7)

"The African American Masters of Magic" show at Hamilton High School's concert hall is being presented as a fundraiser and is profiled in a Los Angeles Times story that reported, "For the 12 magicians, the event is an opportunity to help youths, while also accomplishing a rare feat. Never, organizers say, have so many of the nation's top African American magicians appeared together." The show is produced by Kenrick "ICE" McDonald. To read the Feb. 26 article by Jocelyn Y. Stewart titled "Magicians Conjure Up a Fundraiser to Aid Students" click: HERE.(3/7-Subscription)

Freaky Magic cast"Freaky Magic" is a new four-part magic television series that began airing this week on channel 4 in the UK. The show stars David Penn, Nigel Mead, Mike Fitch and Phil-the mini magician. The show follows the cast as they shock people on the streets with magic and illusion. The show is produced by Steven Mulhern.(3/7)

Ben Robinson will open for the hit recording group October Project in a series of "Live At The Loft" concerts in New York City on Friday Apr. 1 and 2. The limited seating shows will also feature Sylvia Tosun (Apr. 1) and Gabriele Gewirtz (Apr. 2). For tickets and information click: HERE.(3/7)

David Copperfield's appearances in Alaska are previewed in a Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story that describes many of the illusions including, "…floating through a solid steel wall and compacting his 6-foot frame into a 'bite-sized piece that could fit into a Prada shoe box.'" To read the Mar. 3 article by Debbie Carter titled "Copperfield: 'I make (dreams) happen'" click: HERE.(3/7)

Derren BrownDerren Brown is profiled in a Telegraph article that quotes him about the effect of his stage persona, "The whole issue is power and control, which people are going to interpret in all sorts of different ways. Some people clearly find it the stuff of fantasy, while others find it threatening." Brown also comments about why some magicians are disliked by the public, "Yes, yes, yes, most magicians end up being disliked… The tendency is for magicians to construct a sort of fiction or lie about the abilities they have, or have an air about them that suggests they are being a bit cleverer than everybody else. Also, it demands that the public are fooled by them." To read the Feb. 28 article by Jan Moir titled "Oh yes, I'm hugely nerdy..." click: HERE.(3/7)

Ken-Zo's Yogi Magic Mart and it's owners Kenneth and Spencer Horsman are profiled in a Baltimore Sun article which quotes Ken-Zo, "When people come in, it's a happy feeling, a great feeling - like, what's behind that door? …This is a very giving business. The reward of it is to make other people laugh. How many people can say they do that?" To read the Feb. 28 article by Rona Kobell titled "Conjuring a supply of illusion" click: HERE.(3/7-Subscription)

Paul Daniels will appear in "An Enchanted Evening" at the Ipswich and Suffolk Press Ball 2005 on Jun. 24. An Evening Star story quotes Daniels: "Magic really is the oldest profession. I think it is popular because we are all bound by natural laws. The magician seems to be seen to bend those laws." To read the Feb. 18 article titled "Top magician to entertain at Press Ball" click: HERE.(3/7)

Nathan BurtonNathan Burton's parody of David Blaine is the subject of a Las Vegas City Life story that reported, "Yes, that's right; the Las Vegas entertainer intends to lock himself in a box with seven scantily clad showgirls for seven days in a publicity stunt that will take place March 9-15 in front of the Desert Passage's 'V' Theater at the Aladdin hotel-casino." Also reported is that "…Howard Stern is scheduled to interview a boxed-in Burton; E! is planning a half-hour special; and the nightly news programs and entertainment gossip shows will likely follow. Plus, when it's all over, Burton won't just walk away. The box will be lowered, put on a cart, wheeled out to a waiting flatbed truck and then transported down Interstate 15 on its way to Hollywood, where it will be opened before a live television audience." To read the Mar. 3 article by Ryan Slattery titled "Man in the box" click: HERE.(3/7)

Arthur Benjamin and Lennart Green are mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle article about the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference. The article reported, "Arthur Benjamin blew everyone away with his lightning- fast calculations, even producing the square of 57,683 (it's 3,327,328,489). You could see presenters like actress Anna Deavere Smith shaking her head in wonder." The article contined "…Swedish magician Lennart Green displayed a set of sleight-of-hand card tricks indecipherable by even the smartest of the crowd." To read the Feb. 27 article by Dan Fost titled "Meeting of minds in Monterey" click: HERE.(3/7)

Bob FriedhofferBob Friedhoffer will present his show "The Magic of Science: Einstein and 20th Century Physics" March 28 at 6pm at the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Avenue - Room 4102) in New York City. The family show is free and children over the age of 10 are welcome.(3/7)

The annual "Faces of Magic" show in Bermuda is the subject of a Bermuda Sun article that explained, "For the past five years, young local magicians have spent hours practising for the annual magic show, their chance to showcase their talents in front of friends, family and complete strangers. This year is no different." Mentioned in the article are O’Brian Roberts, Ken McCreedy, Chris Linn, and Peter Gossamer. To read the Feb. 25 article by Leah Furbert titled "Facing the magic" click: HERE.(3/7)

The Spencers are featured in an Austin Daily Herald article that describes them as "They are simply the best act of their kind touring America today." The story also promotes their Mar. 12 show and recounts their accomplishments. To read the Mar. 5 article by Lee Bonorden titled "The Spencers are no illusion" click: HERE.(3/7)

Brian Ledbetter is featured in a Skagit Valley Herald article about his upcoming show. The article reported, "Ledbetter is preparing to enchant the audience in his first full-length solo performance. He has been holed up in the Skagit Community Art Theatre in Sedro-Woolley for weeks, practicing for Friday's opening night." To read the Feb. 18 article by Randy Trick titled "The WOW Factor" click: HERE.(3/7)

Andy "Icebreaker" (Anurag Dwivedi) who presents his "Matho-O-Magic" shows to schools is featured in a Western Howard County View article that reported, "During his Math-O-Magic program at Centennial Lane Elementary School, Magician 'Icebreaker'  produced a bouquet with ten flowers, converted kidney beans into milk, taught the students how to multiply two digit numbers such as 54 and 56 in 5 seconds mentally and… Students were mesmerized and flocked to him after the show to interact and learn more.  'This is the type of appetite for knowledge can be created by magic,' Magician Andy 'Icebreaker' believes." To read the Feb. 9 article titled "Is it Math or Magic?" click: HERE.(3/7)

Leon Etienne is profiled in a Utica Observer-Dispatch article that quotes him, "There's a very large percentage of American males who go through the phase of playing with magic… Most of them leave it alone at 13, 14. I'm the result of those who didn't leave it alone." Peter White also points out, "To make a living being a full-time magical performer is not easy… When you're a magical performer, you're out there hustling for work all the time… If there's no work coming in, you don't eat." To read the Feb. 14 article by Shawn Anderson titled "UC student studies business, but works magic" click: HERE.(3/7)

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