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-VOLUME: 86 / ISSUE: 2,119 Sunday - February 13, 2005-
Strange And Unusual HobbiesSimon Lovell will be presenting his one-man show "Strange And Unusual Hobbies" every Saturday at 10pm at the Huron Club at the Soho Playhouse (15 Vandam Street) in New York City. The show features magic themed to Lovell's varied interests and presented in his usual funny and often hysterical style. Tickets are $25 per person and are limited to 50 people. For tickets and information phone: 888-523-5056 or click: HERE.(2/13)

Teller reviews Peter Lamont's book, ''Rise of the Indian Rope Trick,'' in the New York Times where he concluded, "'The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick' is a labor of love. Lamont disentangles the gargantuan knot of lies and sets the record straight with a joyful vengeance. Plainly he relishes the irony of writing history about bogus history." To read the Feb. 13 review by Teller titled "The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick: The Grift of the Magi" click: HERE.(2/13-Subscription)
--To buy the book click: HERE.(2/13)

EsotericaEric Walton's new one-man show 'Esoterica' featuring magic and mentalism will run for two nights only on Feb. 21 and 22 at 8pm at The Workshop Theater (312 W 36th Street, 4th Floor) in New York City. For more information click: HERE.(2/13)

Eric Mead's appearance in Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza's movie "The Aristocrats" is the subject of an Aspen Times story about the screenings at the Comedy Fest. The article reported, "While few would have noticed if Mead had not been in 'The Aristocrats,' most everyone is paying attention to his segment. 'According to Paul and Penn, it gets a spontaneous round of applause every time they've screened it,' said the 38-year-old Mead." To read the Feb. 9 article by Stewart Oksenhorn titled "Local magician in star-studded film" click: HERE.(2/13)

Gerry McCambridge will be performing for one night only on Saturday Feb. 26 at the Brokerage Comedy Club on Long Island, New York (for reservations phone: 516-785-8655). He will be a celebrity judge at the Long Island Laugh Off at the Huntington Hilton on Mar. 11 and will appear at Catch a Rising Star at the Silver Legacy Resort & Casino in Reno Nevada for one week starting on Mar. 29.(2/13)

Rick ThomasRick Thomas' show will be closing at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino on Mar. 17. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "'The Magic of Rick Thomas' will pull a quick turnaround to reopen at the Stardust March 25. He will continue to perform at 2 and 4 p.m." The article also reported that "Thomas said he doesn't want to discuss the move until his show closes at the Tropicana March 17, lest his comments discourage ticket sales or be construed as disloyal to the property that has been good to him since 1997." To read the Feb. 3 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Thomas moves magic show amid uncertainty at Tropicana" click: HERE.(2/13)

Geoffrey Durham is interviewed in a Gulf News story about his upcoming appearances in the Middle East. Durham explained, "I think a magician's magic show should reflect the performer's personality. I'm basically a very light-hearted person, which I suppose comes out in my shows. There's no intense conversation. The choice of tricks expresses my personality." He also made an interesting observation, "You see, magicians are like ducks (laughs). On the top ducks are very serene and calm but they're paddling like mad underneath. So we too appear really calm and composed on the surface but inside we're constantly trying to make sure that everything goes fine." To read the Feb. 9 article by Vinita Bharadwaj titled "Why magicians are like ducks" click: HERE.(2/13)

Eric BussEric Buss, Jonathan Neal Brown, The Stagebenders, and Uncle Jimmy star in "Viva Vaudeville" which opens at The River Palms Resort Casino in Laughlin, Nevada on Feb. 18. The show is being produced by Tony Clark and Paul Reder and is scheduled to run through August at the Bermuda Club Theater.(2/13)

Franz Harary's appearance at the Suncoast in Las Vegas is reported in the Las Vegas Sun where he is quoted, "'My career has been a series of amazing accidents... I broke into Asia first and my show grew larger and larger until it has become the largest touring illusion show on the planet.'" To read the Feb. 4 article by Jerry Fink titled "Harary to 'debut' at Suncoast" click: HERE.(2/13)

The Amazing Johnathan Show will be appearing for one night only on Apr. 23 at 9pm at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. This will be his first East Coast appearance in four years. Coincidentaly David Copperfield will be preceeding him at the theater with five shows on Apr. 15-17. For ticket information click: HERE.(2/13)

magic themed stampsThe Royal Mail in England will issue a series of five magic themed stamps on Mar. 15 from their Bletchley Park Post Office. The stamps, which contain a hidden magic trick, will be available as a limited edition (300) first day covers. Magic Circle members who want to purchase the first-day cover get an additional 20% discount. For more information or to purchase click: HERE.(2/13)

Gopinath Muthukad's 18 month tour where he spread the Gandhian philosophy through his magic and illusion shows has ended in Johannesburg, South Africa. A New Kerala article reported that, "Muthukad, who has been called the Houdini of India and has won numerous Indian and international awards, explained that he had adapted all the items in the show from centuries-old magic tricks to highlight Gandhian philosophies in a way that especially young people in the audience could appreciate." To read the Feb. 1 article titled "Indian magician ends Gandhian mission in S. Africa" click: HERE.(2/13)

Wolfgang Riebe's magic television series Abracadabra which airs in Africa is in it's second season and airs every Saturday at 6pm on SABC2. It is scheduled to begin airing on the satellite network shortly. To read a Jan. 7 article by Bob Eveleigh that appeared in The Herald titled "The magic touch of Wolfgang" click: HERE.(2/13)

Todd RobbinsTodd Robbins, Chris McDaniel, The Great Throwdini, Dirty Martini, Fisherman's Xylophonic Orchestra, Julie Atlas Muz, and the Coney Island Circus Sideshow will be performing at the Coney Island USA 25th anniversary party on Mar. 8 at 8pm at The Coral Room (512 W. 29th Street) in New York City. The event is a fundraiser for the organization. For more information click: HERE.(2/13)

B.J. Hickman is profiled in a Dover Community News article which describes him as, "…not only a popular children's entertainer, but also a dedicated children's advocate, who uses magic to entertain as well as to educate." The article also describes his latest projects. To read the Feb. 3 article by Kristin Sawyer titled "Local magician evokes children's awe, adults' thanks" click: HERE.(2/13)

Michael Bairefoot is mentioned in a Myrtle Beach Sun article as, "…a regular performer at Angelo's Steak and Pasta in Myrtle Beach and owner of Thee Magic Shop at Coastal Grand Myrtle Beach mall, recently won the Stage Performance Contest at the S.C. Association of Magicians' convention in Columbia." To read the Feb. 4 article titled "Brand-new Necessary listening" click: HERE.(2/13)

Michael Hilburger's appearance as "Magic With Michael" on Feb. 16 is mentioned in a Buffalo News article. To read the Feb. 6 article titled "Magician to perform for retired teachers" click: HERE.(2/13)

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