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-VOLUME: 85 / ISSUE: 2,117 Friday - January 7, 2005-
Darren RomeoDarren Romeo's show that opened at the Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno, Nevada and will run through Feb. 27 is previewed in a Reno Gazette-Journal article that quotes Siegfried, "Darren brings personality, charm, romanticism, and youth to each show, combined with the most powerful universal languages -- music and magic." To read the Dec. 30 article by Maria Dias titled "Illusionist’s new show set to open at Eldorado" click: HERE.(1/7)

Recent deaths in magic, which we have been unable to offer a formal obituary for, include: Alton Sharpe, Alan Wakeling, Bill Zavis, David Charney, Elizabeth Konzen, Keith Fraser, James Auer, and Ed DeMello.(1/7)

Belinda Sinclair's PhenomenaBelinda Sinclair's show "Phenomena" which runs through Jan. 16 gets reviewed in the New York papers. An ATW review reported, "Sinclair is, without a doubt, a talented actress and engaging show-woman. …As she performs, Sinclair explains some of the misconceptions that audiences have about how the trick may or may not work. She even adopts a sort of self-help guru stance, explaining that 'fear' is really just an acronym in her mind. It stands for 'false evidence appearing real.' It’s an ingratiating way to begin. She's on 'our' side." A New York Theater review stated, "Most of all, she's a pro who knows how to work a room and make everyone in the audience an active participant in her show, whether they intend to or not."(1/7)
--To read the ATW review titled "Magic, History, a Little Self-Help All Found in Phenomena" click: HERE.(1/7)
--To read the Dec. 16 New York Theater review by Liz Kimberlin titled "Belinda Sinclair's Phenomena" click: HERE.(1/7)
--To read the Dec. 22 Daily News article by Robert Dominguez titled "Hocus-pocus' new focus" click: HERE.(1/7)

Paul Haynes' new show "SpellBinder: The War of the Wizards -- A Rock 'n' Roll Illusion Spectacular" that is billed as the "largest illusion show ever" will premiere on Jan. 28 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Sun article reported, "Haynes describes his creation as a combination magic show, rock concert and theatrical production with a storyline that threads through the entire show." The $3 million production with a 16-member cast, and original music will "Ultimately …be a traveling show, perhaps based in Las Vegas." To read the Dec. 17 article by Jerry Fink titled "Magnitude of show is no illusion" click: HERE.(1/7)
--For more about the show click: HERE.(1/7)

PuckPuck (Malcolm Puckering) is profiled in an Orlando Sentinel article in conjunction with his show at the Magic & Mischief Theatre. The article looks at his career in magic and how he began. Denny Haney is quoted, "He was study, study, study… He read every book he could get his hands on. His rehearsal was unbelievable -- he would rehearse three or four times a day. Puck had this drive." To read the Jan. 2 article by Aline Mendelsohn titled "To become a magician, it helps to be obsessed" click: HERE.(1/7)

The recent popularity of magic in Japan is the subject of a Japan Times story that reported "After a lull of about 10 years, Japan is once again seeing a boom in magic, with department stores reporting sharp rises in sales of paraphernalia for the sleight of hand." The article also reported that, "The boom appears to be spreading nationwide as "magic bars" featuring magic acts are opening in various parts of the country." To read the Dec. 29 article by Shigemi Kotaka titled "Japanese both young and old falling under the spell of magic" click: HERE.(1/7)

Max MavenMax Maven writes an article about simplifying magic in issue number 74 of Brick. Maven points out, "Experience, if willfully perceived, enables an understanding of what is essential, and what can be removed without harm. Thus, the path continues down the other side of the hill, and by the time the descent is completed, much extraneous complication has been purged. The result is, once again, simplicity--but this time, it is of an informed approach; call it Expert Simplicity." To read the Winter 2004 article by Max Maven titled "Simplicide" click: HERE.(1/7)

Lance Burton and Penn & Teller's show upgrades are reported in a Las Vegas Review-Journal. The article reported that Burton "…hopes to reveal an all-new show by March." While Penn & Teller will be adding a new piece this quarter and "…the big changes will be saved for summer with the debut of a new set by a still-unannounced Broadway production designer." To read the Dec. 30 article by Mike Weatherford titled "New year offers promise with new, updated shows on the Strip" click: HERE.(1/7)

Alexandra and Richard CohnThe 4th Annual Night of Magic! Produced by Richard Steven Cohn will take place on Friday Jan. 28 at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (53 Prospect Park West/Park Slope) in Brooklyn, New York. Featured performers are David Oliver, Michael Chaut, Ryan Oakes, Diggy Fontaine, Magical Melodions (Richard and Alexandra Cohn) and a surprise mystery guest. For more information click: HERE.(1/7)

Nathan Burton will be appearing on Wayne Newton's new reality show "The Entertainer." A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "Two of the specialty acts in 'V -- The Ultimate Variety Show' -- magician Nathan Burton and comedian Joe Trammel -- are telling people they expect good things from exposure on the E! show." To read the Jan. 6 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Holmes continues recuperation from colon cancer surgery" click: HERE.(1/7)

Kevin and Cindy Spencer are featured in the Taipei Times which reported, "The Spencers have been performing for sold-out crowds in Hong Kong since Christmas and debuted in Taipei yesterday." To read the Dec. 31 article by Emily Drew titled "Is it a kind of magic, or just an illusion?" click: HERE.(1/7)

Le Grand David Spectacular Magic CompanyLe Grand David Spectacular Magic Company will be celebrating it’s 28th Anniversay on Feb. 20 with a special performance at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. The show continues to run every Sunday while their sister show "An Anthology of Stage Magic" runs concurrently at the Larcom Theatre. For tickets and information phone: 978-927-3677.(1/7)

Darryl Miller's performances for hospitalized children is mentioned in a Texarkana Gazette article that reported, "Through his magic, if only for a moment, the children forget why they were in the hospital." To read the Dec. 24 article by Dionne Victor titled "Hospitalized kids get magical treat" click: HERE.(1/7)

Bruce Kalver is mentioned in a Westerly Sun article that quotes him, "I've been a magician for 39 years… I'm going to do some magic from the 1800s (later Friday night) to show that even old magic tricks can fool people even today." To read the Jan. 1 article by Tom Kasprzak titled "Celebrating Westerly's First Night" click: HERE.(1/7)

David Straitjacket and Martin Cole will perform several escapes on Jan. 8 at the Arndale Centre, Manchester in England as a benefit for the Tsunami relief fund organized by the Disasters Emergency Committee. Straitjacket will also attempt to break or make some guinness records. For more information click: HERE.(1/7)

The 24th annual NEMCON (New England Magicians' Conference) sponsored by SAM #127 on Feb. 26 in North Haven, Connecticut will feature: Bob Sheets, Eric DeCamps, Aaron Fisher, Steve Hart, Wade Whitcomb, and Almodarr & Angelique Steelgrave. This year's guest of honor is Bill Andrews. For more information click: HERE.(1/7)

Reminiscences about Bob Leonard and Holden's Magic Shop are part of a story in the Old Colony Memorial where the author describes the shop. To read the Jan. 5 article by Richmond Talbot titled "Here & There: Magic is no sleight ambition" click: HERE.(1/7)

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