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-VOLUME: 83 / ISSUE: 2,115 Sunday - November 28, 2004-
Phenomena: False Evidence Appearing RealBelinda Sinclair's new show "Phenomena: False Evidence Appearing Real" begins performances on Dec. 8 and will officially open on Dec. 16 at the Perry Street Theatre in New York City. The 90-minute show is being described as a "romantic, intelligent and amazing journey of astonishment and self discovery that will redefine the term Magician." The show is scheduled to run through Jan. 16. For tickets and information click: HERE.(11/28)

Earl Nelson is profiled in a Daily Courier story that reported about his move to Arizona and his "semi-retirement." Nelson who is widely regarded as one of the best sleight-of -hand artists in magic is described by Mike Cavaney, "You have to spend years and years practicing these moves… For Earl, it is not work. It is joy. He found something that he is passionate about and has spent his life studying it and practicing and performing it." To read the Nov. 22 article by Ken Helder titled "A 'handy' talent" click: HERE.(11/28)

Houdini's Magic ShopGeno Munari's new Houdini's Magic Shop opened in The Quarter at the Tropicana in Atlantic City over the Thanksgiving weekend. What makes this venue special is that it includes a 40-seat magic theater. Munari told MagicTimes that it is a beautiful theater with raked seating that was designed for close-up magic. Currently the one-person magic shows run nightly at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm and 9pm. All shows are open to the public and are very reasonably priced. If you think you can perform an entertaining formal show lasting 35-50 minutes and would like to perform in Atlantic City contact Geno Munari: Phone: 702-236-4114 or Fax: 702-798-0045.(11/28)

An article about the current state of magic appeared in City Life that mostly looks at Las Vegas which is described as, "…home to more magicians and illusionists per capita than anywhere else in the country, if not the world." Penn & Teller explained that "…a good trick is one where there's a collision between what you see and what you know, the intellectual with the visceral." The article covers many angles and quotes a number of magicians while concluding that, "We are finally seeing magic that reflects modern moods. We want to look behind the curtain and pay attention to the man found there, because he knows more about what's going on than anyone else. …We know it's a trick. The question we have to ask ourselves is: 'Is it well done?'" The article concludes with solid advise on how to get started in magic. To read the Nov. 24 article by Jaq Greenspon titled "Now you see it..." click: HERE.(11/28)

Max MavenMax Maven has been presenting his new "Thinking In Person: An Evening of Knowing and Not Knowing" show since Nov. 12 at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, California. You can catch the two-hour show every Friday at 8pm through Dec. 17. For more information click: HERE.(11/28)

Giving back to the community Lance Burton will be offering discounted tickets to local residents for his shows on Nov. 30-Dec.4. Tickets are $30 per person and are available by phoning: 702-730-7160.(11/28)

The aftermath of Sidney H. Radner's Oct. 31 Houdini auction is reported in The Republican which stated, "…a live audience of about 150 bidders and perhaps an equal number of Internet participants looked on as Radner's 1,000-piece collection was sold off. …In the end, about $1.3 million in cash, checks and promises was collected, with posters, photographs, handcuffs and various escape devices tagged for destinations across the globe." The article also gave brief biographies of Radner and Houdini as well as mentioning, "The History Channel, which filmed the seance and the auction, is planning a two-hour program on the event next year." To read the Nov. 13 article by David Reid titled "Like Houdini, artifacts were going, going, gone" click: HERE.(11/28)

Darren RomeoDarren Romeo, who is appearing at the Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi through Dec. 5, has been named as the  "2005 Magician Of The Year" by the Academy Of Magical Arts. Siegfried attended the announcement on Nov. 3 after Romeo's show. Romeo is quoted in the Sun Herald about his brand of magic, "We've always known that music is the universal language. Magic is kind of ooh and ahh, when music is emotional. If you can find lyrics that motivate the magic, it makes a longer impression."(11/28)
--To read the Nov. 1 Associated Press article titled "Darren Romeo Wins Magician Award" click: HERE.(11/28)
--To read the Nov. 11 Sun Herald article by Pete Tattersall titled "Siegfried & Roy protege blends music, magic" click: HERE.(11/28)

Brent Braun who owns the "J&B Magic Shop" is profiled in The Courier-Journal that reported, "Braun plans to move the business from Indiana to Louisville next month. It will be the third move for the shop, which opened at Green Tree Mall originally." The article also mentioned that, "Braun has begun to build a name for himself beyond Louisville. He has invented a few tricks, including the one where he tears and burns a card and then reforms it, called Torched and Restored. The initial sales of Torched and Restored helped start his business. Today, the trick has sold about 6,000 copies." To read the Oct. 25 article by Caroline Lynch titled "Working his magic shop" click: HERE.(11/28)

Gerry Griffin's California Magic & Novelty Company has opened a small dinner theater and a Club 52 Café where they are featuring weekly magic shows. For more information click: HERE.(11/28)

Fantasma MagicFantasma Magic re-opened it's retail magic outlet inside the famed FAO Schwarz department store on Thanksgiving Day in New York City. Roger Dreyer told Magic Times that "in addition to Fantasma's Magic, we will be offering for sale quality brass items from Europe, original Houdiniana, Automata, very special hand painted Chinese Crystal Balls and perfume bottles of the magic greats."(11/28)

As David Copperfield tours around the planet he get press where he reveals his thoughts and promotes his shows. He told The Missoula that, "I love the process of inventing new things. Since I was 12 years old, I've been taking magic to new levels. You have to do some greatest hits in the show, which I'm doing. I did a show five years ago on Broadway with Francis Ford Coppola. His title was "Dreams and Nightmares." His idea was to make all the magic based on my personal dreams or my personal nightmares. I took that idea and expanded it to other people's dreams and nightmares. The whole show's based on that." To read the Nov. 11 article by Rob Chaney titled "Magician David Copperfield hits lady with cucumber" click: HERE.(11/28)

Andre Kole is described in the Corvallis Gazette Times as "one of the leading inventors of magical illusions" in an article that promotes his appearance. To read the Nov. 12 article titled "Magician Andre Kole comes to Corvallis" click: HERE.(11/28)

Franz Harary presents his "Holiday Magic" show on Dec. 10-11 at the Ritacco Center in Toms River, New Jersey where an Asbury Park Press article reported, "Frank Delonzo, district coordinator for the Ritacco Center, said corporate sponsors will pay Harary's $20,000 fee." To read the Nov. 11 article by Jean Mikle titled "Holiday Magic expected to mystify" click: HERE.(11/28)

David HaversatDavid Haversat is featured in an Associated Press article that quotes him, "S.S. Adams Co. was one of the reasons I got interested in magic, when I was a kid. When I was 6 years old, my parents gave me an S.S. Adams magic set… I was fortunate to have an opportunity to buy into the company (in 2002) when it became available." To read the Nov. 18 story titled "Oxford selectman makes magic tricks his 'funny' business" click: HERE.(11/28)

The Amazing Kreskin gets some press when he offers the new Governor of New Jersey help to "…monitor government meetings with a mind's eye toward keeping things above board." To read the Nov. 19 Associated Press article titled "Kreskin Offers Services to N.J. Governor" click: HERE.(11/28)

Chuck's House of Magic which burned down on Halloween is the subject of a CBS news story which reported, "The magic shop's demise on Halloween night seems to have been just an eerie coincidence. No one was hurt in the fire, but a lot of people are sad it happened. …That building housed everything from Halloween costumes to decorations to what one guy called 'the best magic shop around.'" To read the Nov. 1 report by Kristyn Hartman titled "Magic Shop Burns On Halloween" click: HERE.(11/28)

The Mile High Magicians Society's "MagicMania 2004" show featuring Keir Royale, Chad Shade, Ned Nedbalski, John T. Sheets, Pit Finn, Dick Bowman and Andy Parks is promoted in a Denver Post article. To read the Nov. 12 article by Ed Will titled "Magic's popularity levitates" click: HERE.(11/28)

Dixie Dooley's show "Escape" at the Riviera and Will Roya's magic endeavors are spotlighted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. To read the Nov. 5 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Taking on the big guys" click: HERE.(11/28)

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