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-VOLUME: 82 / ISSUE: 2,114 Friday - October 29, 2004-
The Great Houdini AuctionSidney H. Radner's Houdini auction in Las Vegas is the subject of a New York Times story that reported, "The sale, being promoted with true Houdini hyperbole, is the buzz of the magic world. Auction materials quote a 1942 letter from Hardeen, in which he described Mr. Radner as owning 'the greatest collection of Houdini material of anyone in the world.' Mr. Radner says it is worth perhaps $4 million. The auctioneers set the value at $2 million. When in Appleton, the collection was insured for $1 million." To read the Oct. 29 article by Dean E. Murphy titled "With Sadness, Houdini Artifact Collector Puts It on the Auction Block" click: HERE.(10/29-subscriber site)

The Houdini Auction in Las Vegas on Oct. 30 is the subject of a Las Vegas Sun article that reported, "[Sid] Radner acquired the collection in 1942 from Houdini's brother, Hardeen. An escape artist and protege of Hardeen's, Radner traveled across the country getting out of anything he was put in, including Houdini's punishment suit, which he escaped from while on top of a diving board above a pool." Geno Munari is quoted, "I'm going to be buying with two fists. I'm going to buy as much as I can. Houdini was not just a magician. He was an inventor, an aviator, a movie producer." To read the Oct. 21 article by Kristen Peterson titled "Houdini Released: Legendary escape artist's memorabilia ready for auction" click: HERE.(10/29)

Around a quarter of a million dollars was spent at the annual Magic auction at Swann Galleries in New York City on Thursday Oct. 28. Although sparsely attended there were still fierce bidding wars and many bargains, especially for beginner collectors. The main items in the auction were Houdini's personal diary that sold for $36,000 and a Kellar scrapbook that went for $15,000. The most surprising sale was item number 318 "Group of over 150 photos of magicians and apparatus" it was estimated to be worth $250-$350 but was fiercely bid up to $5,000. Prices do not include a 15% buyers premium and an 8.625% sales tax. For more information click: HERE.(10/29)

Theory And Art Of MagicDr. Larry Hass is featured in a New York Times story that looks at how and why he created the successful "Theory And Art Of Magic" program at Muhlenberg Collage. Comparing magic to philosophy the story reported, "'Magic had always been quietly pushed into a box marked kids stuff/naďve,' Dr. Hass said, but in its experiential nature and with its undercurrent of wonderment, there were direct links-up to a point-with his own field of study. 'All philosophy begins with wonder,' he said, 'then you bring in reason and wonder disappears.'" To read the Oct. 27 article by Marek Fuchs titled "A Real Education, by Way of Sleight of Hand" click: HERE.(10/29-subscriber site)

Lyn Dillies appears in her "Magic At The Symphony" program with the Virginia Symphony on Oct. 29 at 8pm at the Ferguson Center For The Arts (Christopher Newport University) in Newport News, VA and on Oct. 31 at 3pm at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, VA.(10/29)

David BlaineDavid Blaine's encasement in a plastic box last year has resulted in some positive results that could help with nutrition research. A BBC News story quotes his doctor, "It showed that in just 44 days, someone can become dangerously deficient in B vitamins, which can lead to short-term problems. …And if someone is undergoing re-feeding treatment in hospital, it is important they are also given vitamins, which doesn't always happen." A Mail & Guardian article reported, "Blaine's emaciated frame had been a goldmine of information as to how the human body copes with extreme hunger, said Jeremy Powell-Tuck, professor of clinical nutrition at Queen Mary's School of Medicine in London." (10/29)
--To read the Oct. 12 BBC News article titled "Magician helps nutrition therapy" click: HERE.(10/29)
--To read the Oct. 13 Mail & Guardian article titled "Starving magician's body a 'goldmine' of information" click: HERE.(10/29)

Russ Smith is honored. A Public Opinion article reported "Russ Smith, an insurance man who dabbles as a comedian and magician, was named Citizen of the Year by the Greater Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce this morning for his 17 years of dedication to a local fund-raising event." To read the Oct. 14 article by Cathy Mentzer titled "Chamber awards announced" click: HERE.(10/29)

Hiding the ElephantJim Steinmeyer's book "Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned to Disappear" has just been released in paperback and as part of the promotion Steinmeyer will be doing select book signings around the United States. He has already appered in New York City (Oct. 25) and Oak Park, Illinois (Oct. 28) but you can still catch him on Nov. 9 at 7pm at Booksmith (1644 Haight Street) in San Francisco, California. You can purchase a copy of the highly rated book by clicking: HERE.(10/29)

Andre Kole is quoted in a Southern Oregon News story, "I try to create wonder and keep the wonder alive in people… With so many problems in the world today, people enjoy fantasy because, if only for a little while, it turns their attention away from all that's wrong. They love to be entertained. They love to be fooled." Kole added, "I love to provide people with fantasy… Magic appeals to everyone; it goes beyond language, and beyond culture. A magician is one who uses natural means to create what looks like a supernatural effect. Any eight-year-old child can do the things I do...with 15 years of practice." To read the Oct. 25 article by Nick Diamantides titled "Magician With A Mission Levitates In Front Of 400 People" click: HERE.(10/29)

An article about Gospel Magic in Charisma News quotes André Kole, "[Magic] is probably the most universal form of entertainment… People like to be fooled, but I always make it very clear that an illusionist is one who presents an artistic effect creating the image of reality. A magician is one who uses natural means to create a 'supernatural' effect." To read the Oct. 19 article titled "Christian Illusionists Use Sleight of Hand to Convey Gospel Message" click: HERE.(10/29)

Duncan Trillo - Photo by Peter Ryder PhotographyDuncan Trillo wins "The Magic Circle's Stage Magician of the Year Competition" on Oct. 17 with his manipulation act. Finishing second was Keith Fields with Tensai winning third place. The stage competition is held every two years and is considered to be the premiere award in the United Kingdom.(10/29)

David Copperfield gets some press on his recent West Coast tour where he describes his show in a Reno Gazette-Journal article: "It’s about people's dreams… It's an extension of the show I've been doing for years. I've been constantly taking that theme and expanding it. It's all about taking people's dreams and making them really happen." A Daily Bulletin article reported, "More than any other magician before him, Copperfield understands his craft. …In the magic of David Copperfield, the wonder is real; the miracles are happening live before real witnesses." (10/29)
--To read the Oct. 14 Reno Gazette-Journal article by Neil Baron titled "David Copperfield makes dreams come true in Reno" click: HERE.(10/29)
--To read the Oct. 13 Daily Bulletin article by Michel Nolan titled "David Copperfield brings his 'Grand Illusions' to Long Beach" click: HERE.(10/29)
--To read the Oct. 28 Desert Sun article by Richard Guzmán titled "David Copperfield has big plans for Palm Desert shows" click: HERE.(10/29)

Richard CohnRichard and Alexandra Cohn who perform as "The Magical Melodions" appear at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Saturday Oct. 30 at 2pm. Admission is $4-6 per person. For more information click: HERE.(10/29)

Jadugar Anand is profiled in a News Today article where he explains why magic does not get the respect it deserves, "I'm here just for that, to promote magic as an art. It is the social status, security, and uncertainty of income that create a sense of fear thereby downsizing the field of magic. This could be changed only by establishing magic as an art form and establishing an academy for magic in all the provincial capitals of the States'." To read the Oct. 9 article by E. Saravanan titled "Magic is an amazing art, says a master" click: HERE.(10/29)

Rick and Karen Rogers' show at the Star Cinema is previewed in a Statesman Journal article that reported "Rick Rogers has been a magician for more than 40 years. As a teen, he was known as The Great Ricardo and was featured on television in Portland. …Rogers said the show is a combination of a theater stage show and a close-up section, where he will sit at a table with audience members doing card tricks and the like and will be videotaped. His hand movements will be projected onto the screen at the theater." To read the Oct. 21 article by Angela Yeager titled "Have a magical night in Stayton" click: HERE.(10/29)

Kevin and Cindy SpencerKevin and Cindy Spencer's "Theatre of Illusion" show in Greenville is previewed in the Greenville Advocate where it is described as, "The duo has been performing on the road for over a decade with one of the largest and most successful touring illusion shows in the country. …Along the way, the Spencers have won more national awards than any other magical performers in the country. They have been named Performing Arts Entertainers of the Year no less than six times, sharing that honor with only one other magician, David Copperfield, and holding the title longer than any other performer." To read the Oct. 12 article by Angie Long titled "Master illusionists to perform at Ritz" click: HERE.(10/29)

The Amazing Johnathan's Halloween show is the subject of a Las Vegas Mercury article that reported, "Amazing Johnathan's Halloween Show pulls no punches with its adult language and situations. Although there were a few technical problems in screening the film montage, overall it is a real scream." To read the Oct. 28 article by Barbara Scherzer titled "Amazing Johnathan's Halloween Show" click: HERE.(10/29)

Alexander is profiled in The Hindu where they report, "Mentalism means I can read your mind. In the words of the great Appadurai, mental magic or mentalism is a special technique to peep into one's mind. The mentalist reads your mind and can also control it through mental suggestions, which you obey without protests. It is similar to telepathy, thought transference, crystal-gazing, etc." To read the Oct. 28 article titled "Does magic with mind" click: HERE.(10/29)

Penn Jillette's home is the subject of a USA Today article that described it as, "Sitting on 12 hardscrabble acres, the sprawling 6,000-square-foot playpen -- nicknamed The Slammer by Jillette, the larger half of the Penn & Teller duo -- is stocked with erotic art, freak-show collectibles and a ubiquitous logo that spells out 'No God.'" To read the Oct. 28 article by Bob Riha Jr. titled "This is the manic magic house that Penn built" click: HERE.(10/29)

Meir Yedid - Marco Tempest - MagicTimes PhotoMeir Yedid taping a spot for Marco Tempest's Virtual Magician television series on October 9, 2004. The segment is scheduled to air on the first episode of the second season which will begin airing in January in Japan.(10/29)
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