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-VOLUME: 82 / ISSUE: 2,113 Thursday - October 7, 2004-
Lou Gallo (April 19, 1932-September 30, 2004) died on Sep. 30 at the age of 72. Gallo was a mainstay of the Buffalo, New York magic scene and inspired, taught and influenced many magicians with his contagious enthusiasm for sleight of hand with cards and coins. A regular at the famed Forks Hotel and a confidant of Eddie Fechter, Gallo once wrote about himself, "To be quite candid, I am not an entertainer nor did I ever aspire to be one. I consider myself a hobbyist who loves doing card tricks." Gallo is best known for the coin technique named after him, "The Gallo Pitch," and the book that featured many of his best routines "Lou Gallo - The Underground Man." A memorial is scheduled for Saturday Oct. 16.(10/7)

"The World's Greatest Kid Magician" which is a Disney Channel movie has begun production in New Orleans. The movie revolves around "an ambitious student producer who, during the filming of a kids' reality TV show, uncovers a real magical wizard who is just learning the extent of his incredible powers." It is scheduled to air in early 2005. To read the Oct. 3 Disney story titled "The World's Greatest Kid Magician" click: HERE.(10/7)

Roy Horn's 60th birthday party is the subject of a Las Vegas Sun story that reported, "With Siegfried at his side, Horn sat in a battery-powered wheelchair and spoke at length on a ballroom stage as the party began. And at the close of the festivities, he walked -- with some assistance." The article also mentions many of the guests in attendance. To read the Oct. 4 article by Jerry Fink titled "A year later, Horn's recovery is no mirage" click: HERE.(10/7)

Mickey SilverMickey Silver (Michael Sweeney) is featured in an Enterprise story that quotes him about his passion for coin magic, "I sleep with coins; I drive with coins." The article also revealed that, "Sweeney said he has not studied other coin mechanics, but developed his own routines through years of practice. And, now he says he is nearly ready to share them with the world." To read the Oct. 3 article by Elaine Allegrini titled "A magical moment" click: HERE.(10/7)

David Copperfield's current West Coast tour gets some press. Copperfield told the Columbian, "I love doing this show. ... From my standpoint, things couldn't be going better." The articles also describe some of the major illusions in the show.(10/7)
--To read the Sep. 29 Columbian article by Brett Oppegaard titled "Copperfield still the dream weaver" click: HERE.(10/7)
--To read the Oct. 1 Register-Guard article by Paul Denison titled "Illusionist plans to appear, disappear" click: HERE.(10/7)
--To read the Oct. 1 Modesto Bee article by Lisa Millegan titled "Illusionist David Copperfield opens new series of shows at Stockton theater" click: HERE.(10/7)

Nicholas Einhorn's headline prediction is reported in a This Is London article that quotes him, "It was very close. I have to admit I was apprehensive about the outcome as it was the first time I had done anything like it… When I was working to predict the headline I used a combination of different techniques, including basic problem solving, psychology and straightforward intuition." To read the Sep. 30 article by Louise Compton titled "Magician gets so close to predicting headline – but he was spot on about the small animal" click: HERE.(10/7)

Swann GalleriesThe annual Magic auction at the Swann Galleries in New York City which takes place on Thursday Oct. 28 has just released it's printed catalog. Many of the 381 lots being offered for sale come from the collection of Stanley Palm and the heirs of Carl Waring Jones. This year's auction also includes books on gaming from the collection of Bob Rosenberger. The Highlight of the auction is Houdini's personal diary and date-book from 1897-98 (estimated at $40,000-$60,000). For more information and to see the catalog on the Web click: HERE.(10/7)

The Society of American Magicians proclaimed the week of Oct. 25-31 as National Magic Week throughout the United States and Canada. The week's highlights include members performing for many charitable institutions. Governors in nine states and many mayors and local officials currently recognize the week. The tradition began 77 years ago.(10/7)

Amos LevkovitchAmos Levkovitch just finished filming a spot in the Rob Reiner movie tentatively titled "Otherwise Engaged." Levkovitch will be seen producing a dove for the two stars (Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner) during an outdoor party.(10/7)

Ricky Jay makes a cameo in the new "Incident at Loch Ness" movie. A Seattle Weekly article reported that the movie includes "Ricky Jay, the magician and illusionist (hint-hint of things to come)." To read the Sep. 29-Oct. 5 article by Brian Miller titled "Incident at Loch Ness" click: HERE.(10/7)

Jonathon Bryce's appearance at the Fairmont Opera House is previewed in the Fairmont Sentinel where he is described as, "…a young and energetic performer who has been doing magic for 15 years. He started his pursuit of performing magic like many others did: seeing a magician perform." The article also recounts his career and his tour with Rudy Coby. To read the Sep. 25 article by Dave Smith titled "Magical work" click: HERE.(10/7)

Nelson Lugo & Eric WaltonThe Rouclere SAM Assembly #25's Annual Banquet & Magic Show takes place on Friday Oct. 8 at 7:00pm at the Russian all (4 Woodhull Ave., Little Falls, NJ). This year's stage performers are: Danny Allen, Infantino, The Men Of Magic (Nelson Lugo & Eric Walton) and Meir Yedid who will Emcee. Scheduled close-up performers include: Richard Bangs, Daryl Barnes, Mike Bornstein, Dave Corsaro, Eric DeCamps, Mark Eulie, Mel Fields, John Henderson, Warren Kaps, John Mintz, Harry Parkhurst, Stuart Schneider, Dan Sylvestri, Ron Wohl, and Paul Zevin. This show, which usually sells-out months in advance, has a few openings this year. If you want to go, phone Phyllis at 201-797-5504 for a reservation. Tickets are $40 per person and include the close-up shows, stage show and dinner.(10/7)

Jeremy Kelley is interviewed in a Times Record article were he says, "I love cards. I have a deck in my hands constantly. I go through a couple decks a week sometimes. Even when I'm watching TV, I'm shuffling cards in my hands. There's something poetic about the way the cards sound when you shuffle them. Cards are great." To read the Sep. 26 article by Scott Smith titled "Magician Maintains Illusion" click: HERE.(10/7)

Matt Beech is featured in a Shropshire Star article about his show at the Young Magic Circle Junior Day Stage competition. The article reported that "If he wins on October 24, Matt will appear on the BBC television programme Exchange before jetting off to America to perform his act in front of some of the country's top magicians." To read the Sep. 22 article titled "Magician Matt wows with mind-reading act" click: HERE.(10/7)

Kim Jonb Soo and Oh Eun-Young appear at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) in conjunction with the Korean National Day and a Borneo Bulletin reported that "Kim Jong-Soo said that magic is both an art and a science. He said a magician is an artist who performs magic on stage not by using supernatural powers but by utilising a creative mind and science." To read the Oct. 5 article by Azaraimy HH titled "Korean Magicians Perform At UBD" click: HERE.(10/7)

Harry Houdini Milk Can Escape Stein"Harry Houdini Milk Can Escape" is the title of a new limited edition Stein that is featured as the "Stein of the Month" by Stein Collectors International. The article describes it as "This new character stein shows him doing one of his famous escapes in a milk can, first performed in St. Louis in 1908. The stein was made for Domex Geschenk-Manufaktur GmbH, with the body being made in China and the final assembly being done in their plant in Germany, a cost-saving production procedure done with most of their steins. The stein was made in a limited numbered edition of 500 for Appleton Brewery, brewers of Houdini’s Escape Stout and Houdini Root Beer & Soda." Also mentioned is Adam Steinfeld and Al Blanchard's upcoming book “Houdini Lives!” To read the October article by Ronald E. Gray titled "Houdini in a Milk Can" click: HERE.(10/7)

"Haunted Illusions starring The Magic of David Caserta" appears every weekend in October during Dorney Park's Halloweekends. The illusion show is presented 2-3 times per night on the main stage. Admission is free once you enter the park.(10/7)

Jadugar Anand is profiled in a News Today story that describes him as, "…one of the world's fastest magician and he holds three international records. 'I am happy that I do not have a guru and hence I have an open sky to try and innovative new ideas in the art from other entertainments like circus,' he says." To read the O ct. 5 article titled "Jadugar to wave the wand in Chennai" click: HERE.(10/7)

Tommy Wonder, Bebel, Olmac, Shoot Ogawa, Dirk Losander, Devil, Mayol, Klingsor, Sylvie Barrault, Daniel Jacqadi, Henri Giraud,Yannick Chretien, Jean Pierre Blanchard, and Mac Ronay Junior are among the headliners at the 38th National Congress of Illusion convention on Oct. 7-10 in Saint Etienne, France. For more information click: HERE.(10/7)

Loki who is appearing in the United Arab Emirates is mentioned in an AME Info article that describes his show as, "Beautifully produced and presented, his performance is a magical fairytale, and features fast-paced and bright acts with props and stage furniture that are almost surreal in their design. He works silently in classic mime to specially arranged orchestral music which gives his performance complete international appeal." To read the Sep. 25 article titled "Unique world-class entertainment launched to celebrate opening of BurJuman extension" click: HERE.(10/7)

Steve Taylor and his vent dummy, Officer Phil, are featured in a Pepperell Free Press article that describes parts of his show, "Slipping plastic hoods over Freddie and Eddie, Taylor, who is also an amateur magician, showed how their colors switched sides when the hoods were removed, symbolic of a safe road crossing." To read the Oct. 6 article by Don Eriksson titled "Officer Phil delights school children with safety magic" click: HERE.(10/7)

Meir Yedid - Juan Tamariz - Herb Zarrow - MagicTimes PhotoJuan Tamariz and Herb Zarrow dropped by the MagicTimes offices on October 3 to say hello. Tamariz was about to embark on a three-week visit in the United States which included several lectures for magicians.(10/07)
-A MagicTimes photo.

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