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-VOLUME: 81 / ISSUE: 2,112 Friday - September 24, 2004-
Mac King's Magic in a Minute Laptop Kids MealMac King has partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken for a promotion. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "During a three-month window, KFC's 'Laptop Pack' kids' meals will find King's 'Magic in a Minute' artwork on the box. It's a tie-in to King's new syndicated Sunday newspaper strip, which so far is limited to Seattle and Las Vegas for its major markets."(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 2 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled "'Angels' make room for 'Forever Plaid' at Gold Coast" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep 2 Las Vegas Mercury article titled "A/E Highlights" click: HERE.(9/24)

Darren Romeo who appears at Hofstra University in New York for five shows on Sep. 24-26 and is featured in a Newsday article that recounts his biography and the highlights of his career. Although not mentioned in the article Romeo is reported to have signed a "multi-million dollar contract" which will have him appearing in Branson for the next four years. To read the Sep. 24 article by Peter Goodman titled "Making magic" click: HERE.(9/24)

"A History Of Science And Magic In NYC (The Golden Age)" will star Bob Friedhoffer, Torkova, Gary Lee Williams, Eric DeCamps, George Schindler, and Tom Klem at the Elebash Theatre (City University Graduate Center) in New York City on Monday Sep. 27 at 7pm. Admission is free but pre-registration is required. For more information click: HERE.(9/24)

Maria Shriver, Siegfried and Roy"Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle" which aired on Oct. 15 was watched by approximately 14.5 million viewers. A Washington Post article reported, "It was the most watched show of the night, beating the much ballyhooed "60 Minutes" interview… among other programs. …So happy is NBC with the performance of 'Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle' that the network has decided to rerun it at a time yet to be determined." A Reuters story quoted Roy from the show, "I was not allowed to die just yet, because my wings for being an angel were not quite ready."(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 17 Washington Post article by Lisa de Moraes titled "Siegfried & Roy Tame the Ratings Beast" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 17 Reuters article titled "Mauled magician defends tiger's actions" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 16 CBS article titled "Magician Roy: Tiger Saved Me" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 16 Associated Press article titled "Roy sez tiger was trying to help him" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To purchase the Sep. 16 People Magazine cover feature titled "Roy Horn: Tiger 'Saved My Life'" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 15 preview by Adam Goldman titled "NBC details Horn's survival" click: HERE.(9/24)

Max Maven will be a panelist on "The Ethics of Deception" panel at the New School University's Swayduck Auditorium (65 Fifth Avenue) in New York City on Oct. 2 at 2pm. Later that night Maven will present his full evening show "An Evening with Max Maven." Before leaving town Maven will also present a lecture for Tannen's Magic Shop (Oct. 3) and appear at Monday Night Magic (Oct. 4). For more information about the New School shows click: HERE.(9/24)

The Pendragons"The Pendragons: Mysterium" show is previewed in the Coloradoan where they also report, "On Wednesday, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper proclaimed Sept. 19 to 25 Pendragons week in honor of their Guinness achievement and their two performances in Northern Colorado." To read the Sep. 23 article by Anna Maria Basquez titled "Raising Houdini" click: HERE.(9/24)

Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon are profiled in a Greeley Daily Tribune article that reported, "They met in college -- she was a dancer, he was an artist. They got married after graduation and just celebrated their 27th anniversary last month. But are far from the typical couple. They can transform into one another in less than a half of a second." To read the Sep. 17 article by Melissa Cassutt titled "Pendragons to perform magic in UCCC show" click: HERE.(9/24)

David Blaine's "Above The Below" stunt in London is a major part of Nicola Barker's new book "Clear." A Guardian review reported, "Yet nothing Barker engineers can quite match the oddity of events which actually took place during Blaine's tenure beside the bridge." To read the Sep. 18 review in The Guardian titled "Box of tricks" click: HERE.(9/24)

The Amazing Johnathan's show at the Riviera is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where they conclude "The show should be a high priority for anyone who declares his sense of humor to be 'sick.'" To read the Sep. 17 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Amazing Johnathan" click: HERE.(9/24)

Juan TamarizJuan Tamariz will be making a rare appearance in the United States next month where he will present some shows and lectures. On Oct. 5-7 he will appear at the "2004 Theory and Art of Magic" program at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania where he will lecture for magicians as well as present a show and a performance talk that is open to the public. On Oct. 11 he will lecture for the Fantasma IBM Ring #257 in Las Vegas and before leaving the United States Tamariz will present a show and lecture for MyMagic in New York City. All appearances are likely to sell-out.(9/24)

Earl Bullard died on Sep. 14 at the age of 84. Bullard was one of the movers and shakers in the Kentucky magic area. A Courier-Journal obituary describes his career as a newspaperman. To read the Sep. 15 obituary by Paula Burba titled "Ex-newspaper executive Earl Bullard dies" click: HERE.(9/24)

The Louisville Magic Club's show "Magic Under The Stars" that was dedicated to the memory of Earl Bullard is promoted in a Courier-Journal article that mentions David Garrard and Bob Escher. To read the Sep. 17 article by Scott Henson titled "Magicians will mesmerize under the stars at Iroquois Amphitheater" click: HERE.(9/24)

Dan Birch will join the cast of "A Really Big Shew" at The Flamingo Hotel in Laughlin, Nevada on Sep. 28-Nov. 27.(9/24)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. NorrellA new novel by Susanna Clarke titled "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" which is themed around magic and magicians (real) has been getting many decent reviews around the world. A Star Tribune review reported, "If Harry Potter makes you want to be a kid again, 'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell' will make you realize that being an adult should be a whole lot more fun than it is." A New York Times review reported, "…those who find enchantment in books about magicians will, by and large, be amazed at the elaborateness of what she has done. ...At its best and most uncluttered, this book delivers splendid and unpredictable surprises. It lives up to Ms. Clarke's lovely observation that 'to a magician there is very little difference between a mirror and a door.'"(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 10 Star Tribune review by John Freeman titled "'Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell' by Susanna Clarke" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To read the Sep. 17 New York Times review by Janet Maslin titled "Wellington's Wizardry Wasn't All His" click: HERE.(9/24-Subscription)
--To read the USA Today review by Edward Nawotka titled "Magical 'Jonathan Strange' makes spellbinding reading" click: HERE.(9/24)
--To buy the book click: HERE.(9/24)

"Le Grand David and his own Spectacular Magic Company" will be opening it's 29th consecutive season on Sep. 26 at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts. The show will run every Sunday at 3pm throughout the year with added shows on the holidays. It's sister show "An Anthology of Stage Magic" at the Larcom Theatre begins it's season on Oct. 14.(9/24)

David Copperfield's recent legal troubles about his purchase of an island is reported by Celebrity Justice, "Copperfield's New York based attorney, Peter Haveles, told us that's nonsense. Haveles produced letters that he says show Melk tried to market the property to a 'wealthy individual' seeking a 'private island retreat.' This lawsuit by Mr. Melk is really just an attempt by him to shakedown Mr. Copperfield for additional money." To read the Sep. 13 article titled "David Copperfield Says He's No Island Trickster" click: HERE.(9/24)

Paul Zenon's new book "Dirty Tricks" is previewed in The Guardian where it is described as, "…if you enjoy the stings and stunts he does on telly, you'll like his latest book, Paul Zenon's Dirty Tricks. Some of these practical jokes are pretty basic, but quite a few are ingenious, and they're all good unclean fun to read about, whether you try them out or not." To read the Sep. 4 preview titled "Paul Zenon's Dirty Tricks" click: HERE.(9/24)

Nicholas EinhornNicholas Einhorn's upcoming television appearances every Friday night on the "Dan and Dusty" show on ITV in England and his upcoming headline prediction is described in a Borehamwood Times article that quoted him, "I see magic as an art form and what I really love about it is shattering people's expectations even the most cynical people." To read the Sep. 23 article by Louise Compton titled "TV magic man predicts the news" click: HERE.(9/24)

Mia Barkat is featured in an Asian American Press article that reported, "Magic is a type of theater, and it teaches kids who watch a lot of television about the beauty of the live performance. The live performance also teaches kids how to behave, while still having fun as a participant of the show. Mia finds that the interaction and mind play is a much more enjoyable experience for the kids." To read the Sep. 17 article by Tom LaVenture titled "Magical Mia empowers children" click: HERE.(9/24)

Tracie Hughes will be performing on BBC-TV's show "Fat Nation: The Big Challenge." A Peterborough Today article reported, "Mr. Hughes performs the illusion of sawing a woman in half, which allows presenters to show viewers how food is digested in the body." To read the Sep. 9 article titled "Magician cuts it in TV debut on Fat Nation challenge" click: HERE.(9/24)

Dean GunnarsonDean Gunnarson's appearance at Houdini Days is reported in a Post-Crescent article which quotes him about the event, "I wouldn’t be here if it wasn't for Harry Houdini… I've been a student of Houdini my whole life, and now here I am in his hometown, performing his water chamber escape in Houdini Plaza, right on the street where he probably walked when he was a little boy." To read the Sep. 3 article by Ed Lowe titled "Heir to Houdini makes escape" click: HERE.(9/24)

The Houdini Days festival is previewed in a Post-Crescent article "Workshops, stage shows and impromptu demonstrations, like Bruce Hetzler's, are meant to empower and equip the next generation of magicians, whether or not they have professional aspirations." To read the Sep. 5 article by Kara Patterson titled "Houdini Days amazes, inspires young wizards" click: HERE.(9/24)

"Ovation" which has reopened at the Lady Luck in Las Vegas features Jason Byrne and Fielding West. To read the Sep. 10 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled "'Ovation' Stands Again" click: HERE.(9/24)

Gopinath Muthukad begins a four-month tour through India that the Times Of India reported is, "to spread Gandhian ideals among the people from October 2, the birth anniversary of the Mahatma… As a prelude to the campaign, the troupe would perform in all the 14 districts in Kerala for a week from September 8, starting from the northernmost Kasargode." To read the Sep. 7 article titled "Magical campaign' to spread Gandhian ideals" click: HERE.(9/24)

Cavalcade of Magic 2004 starring Eric Paul, Todd Kupper, Ed Schmitt, Kurt Kunsch, Jim Daly, Marty Santalucia, Steve Black, and George Hample is featured in a Phoenixville News article. To read the Sep. 18 article by Kelly Devine titled "Musicians looking forward to Cavalcade at Colonial" click: HERE.(9/24)

Craig KargesCraig Karges who bills himself as an "extraordinist" is featured in a Lawrence Journal-World article where he describes what he does, "I'm part magician, part psychic, part entertainer. It's such a weird mixture of talents and techniques to put on the show that we decided to come up with a word that no one could spell or pronounce or understand, apparently." To read the Sep. 10 article by Jon Niccum titled "Mentalist reveals tricks of the trade" click: HERE.(9/24)

"Bite" starring magician Garin Bader is reviewed in the Las Vegas Mercury where they describe some of the magic, "As the plot progresses, this vampire performs typical illusions--he levitates, he causes his assistants to disappear and reappear, and he tears and restores a sheet of music." To read the Sep. 9 article by Barbara Scherzer titled "Bite" click: HERE.(9/24)

Matt Beech who made it into the finals of the Young Magic Circle Junior Day Stage competition is featured in a Shropshire Star article that reported, "If he wins on October 24, Matt will appear on the BBC television programme Exchange before jetting off to America to perform his act in front of some of the country's top magicians." To read the Sep. 22 article titled "Magician Matt wows with mind-reading act" click: HERE.(9/24)

Joseph Young is featured in a Bristol Herald Courier article that quotes him about his award winning act, "I created the act because I didn't want to be like everyone else… I wanted to be different. I wanted to make a name for myself." To read the Sep. 3 article by Lydia Stout titled "The Magic of Joseph Young" click: HERE.(9/24)

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