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-VOLUME: 80 / ISSUE: 2,110 Sunday - August 15, 2004-
Joshua JayJoshua Jay's show "At Home on Stage: World Class Magic" which runs at the Players Guild in Canton, Ohio is previewed in a Beacon Journal article that reported, "This show offers a look at Jay's life offstage, with a set designed to resemble the magician's room." Jay is quoted, "It's just what I love… It's what I was meant to do.... I rehearse five, six hours a day. Then I take a break by reading a magic book.... At night, I may watch a magic video.'' To read the Aug. 12 article by R.D. Heldenfels titled "All hands on deck" click: HERE.(8/15)

Roy Horn was admitted into the Craig Hospital in Colorado which according to an Associated Press article "specializes in spinal cord and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation." To read the Aug. 13 article titled "Tiger-mauled magician evaluated at specialized hospital" click: HERE.(8/15)

The Magic CastleThe Magic Castle is featured in a lengthy Redlands Daily Facts story that reports, "the exquisitely unique structure was fashioned after a well-known Redlands historical landmark, but thanks to the work of the Larsen family of magic users it has become the grandest palace of illusion known to mankind." The article looks at the history of the building and what the Larsen's have made of it. To read the Aug. 5 article by Steven Sabel titled "Mansion is Hollywood's home to illusion" click: HERE.(8/15)

Tannen's Magic shop's move to it's new location down the hall from where Flosso's used to be is the subject of a New York Sun article that reported, "Louis Tannen, a kinetic redhead, founded The Nat Louis Fun Shop in Brooklyn in the 1920s next to the Fabian Fox Theater at Nevins Street and Flatbush Avenue. By the middle of the next decade, he moved the store to 52nd Street near Stillman’s Gym.  In 1941, Tannen moved again to the Wurlitzer Building. There, in the first of his shops located above street level, foot traffic vanished but cognoscenti ascended to view the latest innovations in the practice of magic." The article also gives a brief history of Flosso's magic shop and mentions a number of magicians. To read the Aug. 13 article by Gary Shapiro titled "Magic Shop Moves Alongside Houdini Haunt" click: HERE.(8/15)

Marc SalemMarc Salem, whose show will run daily on Broadway during the week of Aug. 30-Sep. 4, is featured in a New York Times story that reported, "In May he began his first Broadway run at the Lyceum Theater, doing Monday nights when the theater's current occupant, 'I Am My Own Wife,' is dark. He sneaked off to London for a two-week run at the Tricycle Theater and now, back in New York, is resuming his act tonight." Article pointed our that "Along the way he has learned a few tricks of the trade, including never to look shocked when something goes wrong. And more important, he said, never to look shocked when something is right." To read the Aug. 9 article by Jesse McKinley titled "A Hypersensitive Guy Playing Mind Games" click: HERE.(8/15)

George John Johnstone (April 5, 1919-August 5, 2004) died on August 5 at the age of 85. An Associated Press obituary reported "Born in Boston in 1919 as George John Johnston, his career started at the age of 9 with the gift of a $1 Mysto Magic Set. By 1936 he was competing at amateur nights in neighborhood theaters. In 1939 he became one of several assistants to Harry Blackstone Sr." Johnstone also appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and opened for Elvis Presley during his 1956 southeast tour. To read the Aug. 7 Associated Press obituary titled "Magician George Johnstone dies at 85" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Aug. 7 Star Tribune obituary by Trudi Hahn titled "Magician-comic George Johnstone is dead at 85" click: HERE.(8/15)

Frank Everhart who died on Jul. 31 at the age of 82 is reported as being "Considered the originator of bar magic by many of his contemporaries" in a Daily Courier obituary. Everhart performed behind the bar at the Ivanhoe lounge in Chicago during the 1950s and '60s. His son Frank Jr. is quoted, "He had a special brand of magic… A customer would go through 10 gags before seeing a trick, or even getting a drink." The obituary also reported, "After some reluctance, Frank Jr. followed his father into the world of magic. During his service in the U.S. Air National Guard, he entertained the soldiers with a deck of cards and his father's bag of tricks at a Texas base. He now performs nightly under his trademark fedora at 'The Magic Bar' on Schooner Wharf, Key West, Fla." To read the Aug. 12 obituary by Michael Cope titled "Famous magician was formerly from Connellsville" click: HERE.(8/15)

MAGIC Live!MAGIC Live! Which takes place on Aug. 22-25 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas is about to sell-out. They are now only accepting reservations by phone. The convention holds around 850 attendees comfortably and is selling out based on word of mouth and the previous convention's track record – not a single act or event has been officially announced. For more information click: HERE.(8/15)

Jim and Sandy Sisti's appearance at the Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, Connecticut as part of the "Medieval Magic on the Walkways" event was mentioned in a Voices News article that reported, "Jim Sisti has been performing magic as a full-time professional for nearly two decades. His brand of comedy-magic and mentalism has taken him from local nightspots and comedy clubs to the off-Broadway stage. …Sandy Sisti is a performer, who in addition to magic, has an extensive and eclectic range of skills in storytelling, balloon sculpting and origami." To read the Aug. 4 article titled "Quassy Plans Medieval Magic" click: HERE.(8/15)

Jarrett and RajaJarrett and Raja's show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival are featured several articles. A Telegraph article reported, "Seven years on, the Jarrett and Raja show has morphed into a big-budget extravaganza complete with a troop of showgirls and a string of residencies in Vegas's grandest venues. The content of the show is madcap beyond description." A Times Online article reported, "Jarrett and Raja may not be making money in Edinburgh, but they’ll be finding their feet to take on Vegas, on their own terms." To read the Aug. 2 Telegraph article by Benjamin Secher titled "Edinburgh 2004: two men and their magic cocktail" click: HERE.(8/15)
--To read the Aug. 8 Times Online article by Simon Fanshawe titled "It's a kind of magic" click: HERE.(8/15)

Jay Scott Berry and Mark Fisken's show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the subject of an Edinburgh Evening News story that reported, "…Midsummer Nights' Magic is different because it's as beautifully scripted as it is well thought out. The organisers have gone to great pains to pay attention to the fine details. And it pays off." To read the Aug. 10 article titled "Midsummer Nights' Magic: Jay Scott Berry and Mark Fisken" click: HERE.(8/15)

J.B. Benn and Chris Korn's upcoming A&E series "Mondo Magic" is mentioned in Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "…star magicians J.B. Benn and Chris Korn performing close-up magic and grand illusions for locals and tourists alike. Their expected stops include the Golden Nugget, the Fremont Street Experience, Game Works, Sin City Tattoo and various wedding chapels." To read the Aug. 2 Carol Cling "Shooting Stars" column click: HERE.(8/15)

John CalvertJohn Calvert's blindfold drive on Aug. 14 is reported as part of a report on the Invisible Lodge's Magic Convention in Irving, Texas. A Times Record article reported, "It's noteworthy because John Calvert, who is 93, will perform a blindfold drive in a convertible… The police department will be there to examine the blindfold, and there's a hood that covers his eyes even more." Also mentioned are Fred Baisch, Dunaldo & Dawn, Bill Pitts, Ruth Pitts, Lee Grabel & Helene, Roy Graziano, Richard Hughes, Harry Garrison and Alyse Eady. To read the Aug. 5 article by Scott Smith titled "Magician, 93, To Drive Downtown Blindfolded" click: HERE.(8/15)

Keith Barry's television series "Close Encounters" which has been commissioned for eleven episodes for its second season is mentioned in a C21 Media article that reported, "LA-based Barry travels around Ireland performing magic and mental challenges for members of the public, tourists and celebrities. …The series has also been sold to Prime in New Zealand, TVB in Hong Kong and Theatre Red for Trans TV in Indonesia and TV2 Zulu in Denmark." To read the Aug. 4 article titled "Close encounters for LivingTV" click: HERE.(8/15)

"Criss Angel Made In Japan" wins a "2004 Silver Telly" award. The "Telly Award is the premier award honoring outstanding achievement in TV, video and film productions." Angel's DVD includes the footage shot for the special in Japan and goes behind-the-scenes to look at the making of the special, along with outtakes, stage and street performances, and commentary.(8/15)

Abbott's 2004 Magic Get-Together is featured in a Battle Creek Enquirer article that talks to some attendees and mentions "Josh Smoker, Tony Wilson, Eli Portala, Melissa Portala, and Andrew Martin. To read the Aug. 6 article by Ardis Baad titled "Magicians from around globe convene in Colon" click: HERE.(8/15)

Lance BurtonLance Burton received "The Helping Hand" award on Aug. 1 from the Shriners as appreciation for his generous support of the Zelzah Shrine Temple and the 8th benefit show he has produced for them as a fundraiser. The money raised is used for transportation to take Las Vegas children in need of medical care to the Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles.(8/15)

John Tudor will present a one-hour magic review on Sep. 24 at 8pm at the Sumter Opera House in Sumter, South Carolina. The free show will star John Tudor, Glenn Strange, Dave Tanner, Tim Sonefelt, Sarah Straney, and Robert Moreland and will be filmed for an eventual airing on ETV's SC Channel. There will also be behind the scenes tapings that will be used for a "behind the scenes book and DVD of the event. Designed to teach performers in the medium of television, the book and DVD (to be published by The Miracle Factory of Monterey, California) will be a resource for performing artists."(8/15)

Jania Taylor will be on a solo USO Tour through Alaska as she performs for families of servicemen in Fairbanks, Kodiak Island, Ketchikan and several other Army and Air Force bases. She will hold the rank of an officer as she tours on Aug. 11-24.(8/15)

S.S. AdamsThe S.S. Adams company in New Jersey is featured in a Courier-Post story that looks at it's history, "[In 1906] Striving for a more American-sounding name, Soren Sorensen, became Sam Adams and named his company S.S. Adams. His first business address was Asbury Park, Monmouth County, but as word of his funny, embarrassing, curious and mystifying inventory of 400 items spread, he moved to a sprawling, three-story former pajama factory in Neptune in 1932, a quiet spot by the sea in Monmouth County where the company remains today." Mentioned in the article are Chris Adams, David E. Haversat, Ron Geoffries and William V. Rauscher. To read the Aug. 13 article by Eileen Stillwell titled "Magic firm looks to pull new tricks out of its hat" click: HERE.(8/15)

"Spotlight" and "Mostly Magic Matinee" which appear at the Bourbon Street's Big Easy Showroom in Las Vegas are featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that quotes producer Will Roya, "We have a good product to offer we can't compete with the big hotels, but for the price and what we have to work with in the venue, it can't be beat." To read the Aug. 9 article by Jerry Fink titled "Will and Grace: Roya's balancing act produces results onstage and in business" click: HERE.(8/15)

Joe Silkie's business as a freelance artist in the silk screening industry is the subject of a U.S. Screen Printing Institute article which quotes him about art but the advice he gives is good for magicians as well, "The most important thing is to listen to people and have a good dialogue with the client… Don't get caught up in yourself." To read the August article by Deborah Sexton titled "Freelance Artist Builds Business On Open Communication With Clients" click: HERE.(8/15)

B. J. Hickman's appearance at the Ludden Memorial Libray is reported in a Sun Journal article that "B.J. Hickman of New Hampshire had everyone writhing in their seats with laughter during his hocus-pocus comedy routine." To read the Aug. 9 article by Terry Karkos titled "Magician wows crowd at party" click: HERE.(8/15)

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