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-VOLUME: 80 / ISSUE: 2,109 Sunday - August 1, 2004-
The Great Houdini AuctionThe Sid Radner Houdini collection featuring more than a 1000 items that once belonged to the Houdini family will be auctioned on Oct. 30 at the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. The auction being titled "The Great Houdini Auction" will feature a Chinese Water Torture Cell, a Milk Can, straight jackets, trunks, props, handcuffs, leg irons, shackles, locks, keys, picks, letters, personal correspondence and documents, theater broadsides, posters, advertising, playbills, original photographs and much more. Also being auctioned are the items which Radner took back from the Houdini exhibit at the Outagamie Museum. The Capital Recovery Group will handle the auction. For more information click: HERE.(8/1)

An interesting reference was made in a Times-Picayune article that reported "Disney, which shot the recent 'Stuck in the Suburbs' locally, returns in the fall to make 'The World's Greatest Magician,' a fictional TV movie set inside the world of reality TV." To read the Jul. 31 article by Dave Walker titled "You've been a great audience" click: HERE.(8/1)

David HaversatDavid Haversat who published William V. Rauscher's book "S.S. Adams: High Priest of Pranks and Merchant of Magic" has just joined the Adams Company as a full partner. Along with Chris Adams (grandson of the founder Samuel Adams) they are planning to develop additional products and will continue to manufacture many of the signature pieces, including the original Joy Buzzer, Dribble Glass, Snake Can, Mystic Smoke, Sneeze Powder and of course the many magic sets and tricks. Haversat pointed out that, "S. S. Adams is a large slice of Americana, and with Chris we will work to promote and enlarge our impact in the business community." The company resides in Neptune, New Jersey and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2006. Current plans include releasing a new catalog and updating their packaging.(8/1)

John A. Novak (May 9, 1931-July 17, 2004) died on Saturday Jul. 17 at the age of 73. Novak who is best known for the eight-volume set of booklets titled "The Art Of Escape" has also published much more on magic and performed thousands of shows throughout his career. He even won third place at an IBM Ring #23 stage contest earlier this year. A Plain Dealer obituary reported, "He was a consultant to leading magicians and served as a mentor for young people who wanted to learn the craft." To read the Jul. 22 obituary by Richard M. Peery titled "John Novak, 73, magician, veteran" click: HERE.(8/1)

A magic shop opens in Chongqing which it the first to open in western China. A Xinhua article reported, "The shop was opened by Yung Tat-Chi, a magic master from Macao. Earlier, Yung had opened magic shops in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing cities." To read the Jul. 31 article titled "First magic shop in west China opens" click: HERE.(8/1)

Siegfried & Roy's "Father of the Pride" which debuts on NBC-TV on Aug. 31 at 9pm is the subject of a U-Daily News story on how Roy's tiger accident affected the show. The article reported, "Katzenberg says that the high-profile project, which NBC had previously announced to be in production, almost shut down. 'We absolutely did (consider it),' he says. 'For a month there, he was fighting for his life; it was touch and go. It was heartbreaking for all of us, there was no question. During that month, the question was really whether we should - or we could - continue.'" The article also reported that "On July 12, as part of a TV documentary on his recovery, Horn came face to face with the tiger that attacked him, patting and talking to the big cat." To read the Jul. 19 article by David Kronke titled "Commitment to 'Father of the Pride' even stronger after Siegfried and Roy tiger accident" click: HERE.(8/1)

"Peter Marvey's Magic Mania" which appeared in Seoul, Korea is previewed in a Korea Times article that reported, "If the magician's job is to artistically unite dream and reality, then few would do as well as Marvey. Once a student of architecture, he is known for creative and original performances, designing himself not only the magical acts but also the choreography, music and lighting." An interesting statement was also made, "An estimated million people are now learning magic skills at clubs both online and offline, and a small magical performance to surprise a girlfriend has become a part of the ritual for proposing." To read the Jul. 22 article by Yoon Ja-young titled "Magician to Make Midsummer Night's Dream Come True" click: HERE.(8/1)

Siegfried & Roy Present Darren Romeo, The Voice of MagicDarren Romeo will be presenting his full-evening show, "Siegfried & Roy Present Darren Romeo, The Voice of Magic" in New York for a limited engagement of five shows in three days on Sep. 24-26 at the John Cranford Adams Playhouse at Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island. For tickets phone: 516-463-6644.(8/1)

Mark Walker who has become a master of the "Punch & Judy" puppet show is profiled in a Baltimore Sun story that reported, "At 51, he remains interested only in what others are not: the uncommon, the old, the antique. But like children of every age, he most loves to laugh or, better still, to hear kids laughing so hard they hiccup, roll on their sides and squeal so that, soon, the adults are laughing, too." The article also point out, "In sum, there is nothing like a lone creative man and a 400-year-old puppet show." To read the Jul. 7 article by Patricia Meisol titled "Still hilarious after 400 years" click: HERE.(8/1)

Kruti Parekh's appearance at the "Malaysian Association of Guardians for the Intellectually Challenged" is featured in a Metro KL article that quoted her, "Lectures in environmental awareness are boring, especially for special children. By using magic to spread the message, I hope that it will stay in their minds forever." To read the Jul. 27 article titled "Green lesson through magic show" click: HERE.(8/1)

"V -- The Ultimate Variety Show" which was about to open in San Francisco has been postponed indefinitely. David Saxe explained in a San Francisco Gate article that reported, "Saxe spoke about a disagreement among investors that caused the sudden postponement but said he couldn't go into further detail without jeopardizing a settlement." To read the Jul. 27 article by Robert Hurwitt titled "Pier 39 Vegas-style show closes abruptly" click: HERE.(8/1)

Magic: The Science of IllusionThe "Magic: The Science of Illusion" at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey is the subject of a New York Times article that reported, "Created by the California Science Center, 'Magic' offers several stages on which youngsters can participate in illusions; behind each are text panels, displays and videos (all featuring famous magicians) that reveal what's really going on." To read the Jul. 23 article by Laurel Graeber titled "Hocus-Pocus? It's Physics" click: HERE.(8/1)

C. Uttam who performed at the Siddhartha Junior College of Arts and Science benefit is quoted in The Hindu, "I am basically a zealous social worker who is eager to see a positive change occurring all around. And magic helps me to a great extent in achieving this. Regardless of my professional line in future, this passion will continue to make the world a better place." To read the Jul. 20 article by Sujatha Varma titled "Ati Uttam!" click: HERE.(8/1)

Bob Garner is described in a San Luis Obispo Tribune as, "a motivational speaker who uses ESP, comedy and magic to inspire confidence in others." The article centers around his self-published book "Masters of Motivation." To read the Jul. 19 article by Patrick S. Pemberton titled "The magic of motivation" click: HERE.(8/1)

The Amazing Johnathan is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that tries to figure him out by touring his home. They describe it as, "Johnathan's magnificent two-story, pillared, white palatial estate sits on a corner lot, more or less isolated from neighbors by a couple of streets and a park." To read the Jul. 30 article by Jerry Fink titled "Amazing Johnathan's digs reflect his twisted personality" click: HERE.(8/1)

Nate Staniforth who has put together a "Blaine like" performance DVD titled "Spellbinder" is the subject of an Ames Tribune article that reported, "Magic is more than just a hobby or even an obsession for Staniforth. He's made it a lifestyle. He used to take a deck of cards to bed, fanning them and flipping them back and forth before waking up with them strewn around his head." To read the Jul. 28 article by Matt Neznanski titled "Facing the impossible" click: HERE.(8/1)

Eric Vaughn's appearance at the United Way of McPherson County's fundraising dinner is reported in a McPherson Sentinel article that reported "Vaughn, a magician and illusionist, said he offers audiences more than 'just one trick after another, but a fusion of spectacular effects that will leave them feeling entertained, not just fooled. The show is geared to family audiences.'" To read the Jul. 23 article by Barb Runge titled "United Way to kick off campaign with magic show by Mac native" click: HERE.(8/1)

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