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-VOLUME: 79 / ISSUE: 2,108 Wednesday - July 14, 2004-
Mac King's Magic in a MinuteMac King's new comic strip is the subject of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported, "Every Sunday, starting today, readers can see the Harrah's Las Vegas afternoon headliner starring in the comic strip 'Mac King's Magic in a Minute,' syndicated by Tribune Media Services. The strip features Mac's cartoon persona demonstrating magic tricks to Lewis, a bespectacled, fez-wearing, cigar-smoking monkey. Each comic instructs readers how to perform a trick or play a practical joke, Mac said." To read the Jul. 4 article by Sonya Padgett titled "Back to the Drawing Board" click: HERE.(7/14)

The competition winners at the IBM Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Jun. 29-Jul. 3 were: Adult Close-Up: Rick Merrill (1st Place), Ivan Amodei (2nd Place). Youth Close-Up: Nathan Gibson (1st Place), Steve Tippeconnic (2nd Place). Adult Stage: Sh Xiong Wu (1st Place), Wil Golden (2nd Place). Youth Stage: Dakota Rose (1st Place), Jason Morrison (2nd Place). Special Awards went to Rick Merrill (FFFF People's Choice Award) and Jason Morrison (People's Choice Award Stage).(7/14)

The competition winners at the SAM Convention in St. Louis, Missouri on Jul. 6-10 were: Adult Close-Up: Rick Merrill (Chairperson's High Score Award and Silver Medal of Merit), Rod Chow (Second Place). Senior Stage: Matthew Singleton (Chairperson's High Score Award), Ti Xiu Huang (Second Place Award). Junior Stage: Darcy Oake (Chairperson's High Score Award). Special Awards went to Rick Merrill (Brad Jacobs People's Choice Award in Close-Up, Seabrooke Red Seal Comedy Award, Originality Award), Nicholas Anthony (Mike Brazill Award for Close-Up Presentation Par Excellence), Gyoung-duk Kim (Genii Award), Nathan Kepner (Genii Award), Matthew Singleton (Brad Jacobs People's Choice Award in Stage), Ti Xiu Huang (Invitation to perform in Japan in 2005).(7/14)

PuckMalcolm Puckering "Puck" is featured in a Jacksonville Daily News article in conjunction with the opening of a new magic venue in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. The article reported that "Friday Puckering gave a quick glimpse of the magic, illusion and sleight of hand that will entertain families as a show of world-class performances opens in Carteret County." The family show titled "Stars of Magic" also featured Bill Warren and Linda Austin. Richard Staub who produces the show explained, "…that there is a commitment to the business community that includes making all purchases, such as supplies and hotel expenses, locally. The Stars of Magic show will also make contributions from selected magic shows to local charities." To read the Jul. 3 article by Jannette Pippin titled "Welcome back my friends ..." click: HERE.(7/14)

The S.A.M. convention in St. Louis last week gets some press in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch where the article focuses more on the craft than the art while mentioning, "The convention is comprised mainly of competitions and the vendor show, where dealers sell wares ranging from foam balls, decks of cards, coins and wands to backdrops, tables and boxes that give the illusion of making human contents disappear or sustain being sawed in half and put back together." Mentioned in the article were Silly Billy, Bret Robinson, George Schindler, John Apperson, Matthew McArthur, Rachel Wild, and Tom Jones. To read the Jul. 7 article by Cynthia Billhartz titled "Magicians keep techniques under their hats" click: HERE.(7/14)

An Associated Press article about the S.A.M. convention reported that "Security was also tight at the convention, with guards posted at the entrance of each room to weed out any curiosity seekers who might try to steal magicians' secrets." Mentioned in the article are David Kaye, Tom Westerheide, Jose Barreras, Orlando Oronoz, Ali Bongo and Terry Richison. To read the Jul. 7 article by Stephanie V. Siek titled "Hundreds of magicians descend upon St. Louis" click: HERE.(7/14)

Jarrett Parker and Raja Rahman are profiled in a News Journal article in conjunction with their upcoming appearance at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, Delaware. The article reported that "Their Wilmington dates will kick off a new show bound for an international tour. After July 18 they will leave for performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, followed by appearances in London. They have rehearsed the show for the past five weeks." To read the Jul. 10 article by Gary Mullinax titled "Music, magic and one-upmanship" click: HERE.(7/14)

Wilson W. "Red" Hall's magic and Houdini collection housed in his accounting firm are featured in an Associated Press article that reported, "What sets Hall's office apart from any other is the 24 restraints — leg irons and hand cuffs — hanging on the wall behind his desk. One set actually belonged to the famous Harry Houdini." To read the Jul. 10 article by Pati LaLonde titled "Accountant's magical collection would make even Houdini proud" click: HERE.(7/14)

Tannens MagicTannens Magic, which is the oldest magic shop in New York City, will be moving a few streets to 45 West 34th Street (Suite 608). The new location, which is across the street from the Empire State Building, is coincidentally the same building where Martinka & Co.'s final location was. Steven Brown told MagicTimes that the new magic shop will have a bigger showroom, more products, a larger demonstration area, a specials section a book area and much more. The official opening will be on August first. Until then you can visit them on 25th street. For more information click: HERE.(7/14)

David French is profiled in a Gazette article that looks at his side business of performing in restaurants. French explained, "First I always introduce myself and ask if it's ok for me to show them something… Every once in a while someone will say no, but 99 percent say yes." The article continues, "'It's fun for me and good for the businesses,' said French who not only entertains customers, but serves as a time-passer to the wait line and provides damage control if there is an issue in the kitchen." To read the Jul. 8 article by Katie D. Champion titled "Eldersburg man serves magic on the side" click: HERE.(7/14)

The Belmont Magic Show The Belmont Magic Show appears at the Middle Township Performing Arts Center in Cape May Courthouse, New Jersey on Tuesdays Jul. 20 and Aug. 10, 17 & 31 at 7:30 PM where they will present a family friendly full-evening illusion show. Tickets are available by phoning: 609-463-1924.(7/14)

Eric Anderson's appearance at the John C. Fremont Days is reported in a Fremont Tribune article, "Anderson, who is from the Des Moines, Iowa, area, said he likes to make people question their own reality. By taking the audience back the days of old-time swindlers and cheats - through several card and other magic tricks - he worked to do just that." To read the Jul. 11 article by Barbara Raus titled "Illusionist shows reality really is optional" click: HERE.(7/14)

Bradley Fields' appearances at the Roanoke Island Festival Park is described in a Outer Banks Sentinel article that reported "His carefully choreographed production combines elements of dance, mime and music, with great artistry." To read the Jul. 3 article titled "Magician Bradley Fields performs at Roanoke Island Festival Park" click: HERE.(7/14)

A new magic camp for youngsters aged 7-16 and organized by the team of Neech and Kali begins at the end of July with five weekly sessions in New Paltz, New York. The weekly sessions which are divided into beginner and advanced will take place on Mondays through Fridays at 10am-2pm. For more information click: HERE.(7/14)

Andy Guthrie who performs as part of Andre and Company is profiled in a Nelson Mail article that reported, "Guthrie claims to now have the biggest show in New Zealand, and has toured Noumea and French Polynesia." The article added, "While he says the best magic is the small, personal magic, Guthrie would ultimately like to tour his big show." To read the Jul. 8 article by Angela Moriarty titled "Tricks of the trade" click: HERE.(7/14)

Dick Gustafson and Joanne's recent show is described in a Times Herald story that reported, "Gustafson kept up a steady banter of jokes as he encouraged the audience to applaud his tricks." To read the Jul. 5 article by Carl Rotenberg titled "The grand illusion" click: HERE.(7/14)

Steve Crawford is featured in a Daily Ardmoreite article that quoted him, "I saw a movie about Houdini with Tony Curtis where he was locked in stocks and upside down in water… I was hooked from the start. At the library, I found out there was an array of books on magic. I read every book I could find and I would practice tricks and show them to the librarian. Then my fifth-grade school teacher said, 'Why don't you do shows?'" To read the Jul. 11 article by Leah J. Simmons titled "Magician Steve Crawford wows crowds with magical feats and tricks" click: HERE.(7/14)

Brian Brushwood's "Bizarre Magic" show is reported in a Richland Mirror article that quotes Brushwood, "…any magic routine--he calls them routines, although he doesn't mind if people call them tricks--can be learned either from a book or another performer, regardless of how baffling or 'secret' it seems to be. After learning the routine, it's a matter of ability and practice, he says." To read the Jun. 30 article by Randy Scruggs titled "Magician thrills with 'bizarre' tricks" click: HERE.(7/14)

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