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-VOLUME: 78 / ISSUE: 2,105 Tuesday - June 1, 2004-
T.H.E.M. -Totally Hidden Extreme Magic"T.H.E.M. -Totally Hidden Extreme Magic" is the title of a new reality television special where magic and illusion is used to surprise and mystify strangers during real life situations. Enrico de la Vega who created the show with Chris Gongora told MagicTimes that "We've taken a lot of stage illusions and brought them into real life situations." Hidden cameras and staged situations capture magicians Danny Cole, Thomas Meier, Michael Grasso, Jason Neistadt, Cyril, Lisa de la Vega, Justin "Kredible" Willman along with Chris Gongora and Enrico de la Vega performing some amazing magic to unsuspecting bystanders. Ken Mok who directed the show described it as, "It's like 'Candid Camera' meets the world of magic." The one-hour show is scheduled to air on Wednesday Jun. 23 at 8pm ET on NBC-TV.(6/1)

Topper Martyn (October 30, 1923-May 24, 2004) died on May 24 at the age of 80. Martyn who lived in Sweden was one of the funniest magicians and jugglers in the world and was often seen headlining at magic conventions. His wild over the top performances where he juggled odd objects while tons of balls, silverware and other items would drop out of his costume would usually bring the house down while filling the stage with junk. Martyn was also a big collector of magic and antiques. In 1974 Gene Anderson wrote a book about his magic titled "Topper's Mad, Mad, Magic."(6/1)

Roy HornRoy Horn made his first public appearance on Monday May 17 when he appeared alongside Siegfried during a satellite feed to an NBC fall lineup presentation. A News Interactive article reported, "The entertainer appeared more gaunt than before, his face scarred by operations to restore his clawed features, and he appeared paralyzed down his left side. Doctors who watched the broadcast said that is likely the result of a stroke suffered by the star after the incident, which affected the right side of his brain." The appearance also aired on Tuesday's "Today" Show. An MSNBC story reported, "A stroke specialist not associated with Horn told Katie Couric that Horn had apparently made impressive strides in his recovery and his speech pattern didn't seem to be affected bya stroke Horn suffered after the accident." A WBAL-TV story reported, "…Maria Shriver will get the whole story from Roy, interviewing him this summer for NBC with an in-depth look at the incident and recovery."(6/1)
--To read the May 20 News Interactive article titled "No illusion as Siegfried presents Roy" click: HERE.(6/1)
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"Jeff Hobson's Money and Madness" show at the Excalibur closes on May 31 and the "The World's Greatest Magic Show" moves to the Greek Isles. To read the May 27 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled "With summer comes several show changes" click: HERE.(6/1)

J.B. Benn and Chris Korn's upcoming A&E series "Mondo Magic" will be taping a spot at the weekly Mystery Lounge show on Tuesday Jun. 1 at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This week's performers include Erik Rochelle, Steve Kradolfer, Mike Bent, Jon Stetson and Joe Howard. For reservations and information click: HERE.(6/1)

Marc SalemMarc Salem's new show "Mind Games on Broadway" gets some great reviews after opening at the Lyceum theater in New York City. A New York Times review concluded, "Logic insists that method underlies his mental magic, but no one knows better than the clairvoyant Mr. Salem that it is impossible for audiences to leave the Lyceum without wondering excitedly how in the world he does it." A New York Daily News review concluded that "Salem is, quite simply, phenomenal" and "Mind Games is thrilling theater." An Associated Press review reported that the shows pieces "…fly by at a breathless pace, inspiring gasps at every turn."(6/1)
--To read the May 28 New York Times review by Lawrence Van Gelder titled "Seeing Through Blindfolds? Reading Minds? Why, It's Magic" click: HERE.(6/1)
--To read the May 28 New York Daily News review by Howard Kissel titled "Heavy mentalist amazes" click: HERE.(6/1)
--To read the May 26 Associated Press review by Justin Glanville titled "Mind Games Is Magic" click: HERE.(6/1)

"Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban" which opens on Jun. 4 will feature traditional magic in addition to the special effects. Paul Kieve who created the effects also makes a cameo appearance during "Three Broomstick's" scene. Daniel Radcliffe who stars in the movie has also been taking magic lessons from Kieve.(6/1)

Jewel Aich is interviewed in a Daily Star article where he discusses how he became interested in magic and his career. Aich says, "A good, creative magician should always have a clear vision. He has to have a scientific mentality. Many modern magicians claim that they possess supernatural powers. They only have one aim and that is to entertain people." To read the May 18 interview by Shilpi Mahalanobish titled "A magician needs to have a scientific mentality" click: HERE.(6/1)

Bob LittleGeneral Grant will headline at Bob Little's Super Sunday, on Sunday Jun. 6, with his dove lecture and show. Featured performers include Jimmy Van-Fane, Scott Sullivan, Mike McLaughlin, David Scriber and Little presenting the final performance of the Davino Act. To commemorate the move to the new and improved facilities there will be additional displays commemorating special events and gifts for everyone. Admission is $30 per person for this full-day convention held at The Holiday Inn (3499 Street Road) in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Auction hosted by Hank Moorehouse, free Champagne, cake, and homemade chocolate. For more information click: HERE.(6/1)

Chris "Doc" Dixon's school show is discussed in a Coshocton Tribune article that reported "Dixon told the students that bullying includes calling people names, being mean while teasing others, intimidating and hitting people. He also said that sometimes bullying is hard to identify such as excluding people from activities." To read the May 26 article by Cary Ashby titled "Program helps students combat bullying" click: HERE.(6/10)

2004 The Theory and Art of MagicThe 2004 The Theory and Art of Magic program at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania will begin on Sep. 6 and run through January. Featured performers and speakers this year are Juan Tamariz, Eugene Burger, Topas, Lee Siegel, Luna Shemada, Losander, and event organizer Dr. Larry Hass. Many of the special events will be open to the public. For more information click: HERE.(6/1)

There was a David Blaine sighting at a Thomas Blatt lecture at the Central Washington University last week. A Daily Record article reported, "During his presentation Blatt even mentioned that Blaine had expressed an interest in producing the rest of the "Escape From Sobibor" story, a made-for-TV movie based on Blatt and 300 other prisoners escaping from the Nazi death camp. The movie was originally planned as three parts, but only one was produced, Blatt said." To read the May 25 article by Pat Muir titled "Magician David Blaine surprises CWU crowd" click: HERE.(6/1)

The Houdini exhibit, "AKA Houdini," at the Outagamie Museum opens this week with some press. A Post-Crescent article reported, "Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Houdini exhibit controversy is the fact that a man who died almost 80 years ago still is making headlines. Apparently his genius for self-promotion has continued well beyond the grave." To read the May 30 Post-Crescent article by Steven Hyden titled "Revamped display to open here amid concerns over exposing magician's trick" click: HERE.(6/1)
--To read the May 30 Associated Press article titled "Museum beefs up security for exhibit that reveals Houdini trick" click: HERE.(6/1)
--To read the May 30 Post-Crescent article by Steven Hyden titled "Houdini had history of exposing tricks" click: HERE.(6/1)
--To read the May 31 Post-Crescent article by Steven Hyden titled "When the Pendragons come to Appleton to perform a magic trick as part of a much talked-about exhibit, they are hoping to make a point" click: HERE.(6/1)

Brad RossBrad Ross stars in "The World of Magic" show at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The 35-minute show opened on May 29 and will run through Sep. 6 with five shows per day at the 1,100 seat indoor Showcase Theater. For more information click: HERE.(6/1)

Tim Wise is profiled in the Jackson Citizen Patriot where he discusses the beginning of his career as Dennis Loomis' assistant and his current touring with the "Let's Make a Deal" live show. Wise is quoted, "Even though I am often busy with the game show, I know that I will have time for my magic… It's amazing when people suspend their disbelief about magic for a few minutes to enjoy a few tricks." To read the May 30 article by Will Keeler titled "It's been a Wise, magic Deal for Tim" click: HERE.(6/1)

George Schindler lectures on Jun. 3, Steve Youell on Jun. 9 and David Kaye on Jun. 16 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information phone: 410-686-3914.(6/1)

Bill Neff and Jimmy Stewart appear in a photo in the Indiana Gazette where the caption says, "Neff has been given credit for giving Stewart his first stage appearance at the Ritz Theater, later called the Manos Theater, in Indiana." To see the May 29 photo click: HERE.(6/1)

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