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-VOLUME: 77 / ISSUE: 2,103 Saturday - May 1, 2004-
Roy HornSome great news about Roy Horn is being shared by Siegfried & Roy's spokesman David Kirvin. Roy is now able to speak well enough to be interviewed for a 90-minute interview by Maria Shriver that is tentatively scheduled to air in September. A Las Vegas Sun article reported that "Kirvin and Siegfried & Roy's longtime manager Bernie Yuman said Horn continues to improve, spending at least six hours a day in rehabilitation….While neither would divulge exactly how Horn is doing, Yuman said reports that Horn could walk without assistance were 'erroneous.'" An Associated Press article reported, "The 90-minute special is produced by NBC Studios, not by the network's news division. Horn will speak to Shriver about the tiger attack that nearly claimed his life and the difficult recovery that has followed, NBC officials said."(5/1)
--To read the Apr. 30 Las Vegas Sun article by Timothy McDarrah titled "Neil down for appearance on 'Sports Show'" click: HERE.(5/1)
--To read the Apr. 30 Associated Press article titled "Maria Shriver to interview injured magician Roy Horn" click: HERE.(5/1)

Al's Magic Shop officially closed its doors in Washington, DC on April 12 and a Washington Post article reported, "Affixed to the door was a sign -- 'Thank you, many times over for your friendship and support' -- and taped to the sign were the two halves of a broken magic wand." The article quotes Steve Brown, the current owner, and Al Cohen about the store, the state of magic shops and future plans. To read the Apr. 22 article by John Kelly titled "Presto, Change-o, the Magic's Gone" click: HERE.(5/1)

Loaded DiceJim Swain's latest novel, "Loaded Dice," in the Tony Valentine series is scheduled to be released on Jun. 1 and Swain will be doing an extensive book promotion tour where he will be performing magic and demonstrating gambling techniques. His current schedule has him at  stores in Tampa, FL (Barnes & Noble -Jun. 1), West Melbourne, FL (Barnes & Noble -2), Vero Beach, FL (Vero Beach Book Center -3), Wellington, FL (Barnes & Noble -4), Del Ray Beach, FL (Murder on the Beach -5), Miami, FL (Books & Books –5), Sarasota, FL (Circle Books –6), Carrollwood, FL (Borders –6), Clearwater, FL (Barnes & Noble –7), Tampa, FL (Inkwood –8), Pasadena, CA (Vromans –11), Thousand Oaks, CA (Mysteries to Die For –12), Torrance, CA (Borders Books & Music –12), Orange, CA (Book Carnival –13), Las Vegas, NV (Clark County Library –14, Mandalay Bay –15), Modesto, CA (Modesto Bee Book Club –16), Sacramento, CA (Sacramento Bee Book Club –17), San Francisco, CA (Staceys Bookstore –18, Book Passage –18), San Mateo, CA (M is for Mystery –19), Houston, TX (Murder By the Book –21), Dayton, OH (Books & Co. -22), Chicago, IL (Centuries & Sleuths –23), Milwaukee, WI (Harry W. Shwartz-Mequon –24), Minneapolis, MN (Once Upon a Crime –25), Sarasota, FL (Sarasota News & Books –Jul. 2), and St. Petersburg, FL (Haslams –10). Swain will also lecture for magicians at the Magic Castle (6/13) and in Las Vegas (6/14).(5/1)
--To pre-order the new novel click: HERE.(5/1)

Steve Cohen and his "Chamber Magic: A Demonstration of Modern Conjuring" show are featured in the New York Daily News where he explained, "People seem to want this kind of entertainment, where you're not a faceless audience member at a Broadway show… The real draw here is that you get to feel like you're part of the show." The article also reported that he now also "performs one night a week in a San Francisco hotel" and …has a book due next spring and is working on a TV special, enjoys performing for a select - and highly appreciative - few." To read the Apr. 23 article by Robert Dominguez titled "Not all tricked out - just classic magic" click: HERE.(5/1)
--Steve Cohen is also featured in the May 2004 issue of Robb Report Worth Magazine in an article by Constance Gustke titled "The Millionaire's Magician."(5/1)

MaritessMaritess is currently being featured in a commercial for AT&T Phone Cards that is currently playing on monitors at Walmart department stores around the world. She performs some card and coin magic in the fast-paced video. The commercial is scheduled to run every half-hour through May. 19.(5/1)

"The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam" by Ann Marie Fleming will be screened in New York City on Wednesday May 26 at 6:30pm at the Asia Society (725 Park Avenue – 70th Street). The Asia Society and the Society of American Magicians are sponsoring the event that will include a discussion with the filmmaker after the screening. For tickets and information click: HERE.
--For other screenings throughout the United States and Canada click: HERE.(5/1)

Dylan Ace staged a straitjacket escape while hanging from a burning rope at "Footy's Y-100 Wing Ding" that was featured in a Miami Herald article that described the event and concluded "He coiled, worked at the cuffs with his teeth and freed his arms. He reached behind him to unfasten the buckles there and ripped the jacket off. It fell and hit the ground in the vicinity of Dan Marino with a loud 'Whommpp!' Elapsed time: one minute, 40 seconds." To read the Apr. 20 article by Nicholas Spangler titled "Escape artist bound by his calling" click: HERE.(5/1)

Ben Robinson appears with the October Project band on May 1 at 8pm as part of the "Live At The Loft" concert series in New York City. Special Guests include Julian Coryell and Dana Pomfret. For more information click: HERE.(5/1)

Ed Voorhees (Aug. 30, 1924-Apr. 17, 2004)Ed Voorhees (Aug. 30, 1924-Apr. 17, 2004) died on Apr. 17 at the age of 79. Voorhees was a very talented and knowledgeable magician in the Philadelphia area. He owned Kantor's Magic Shop in the 1960's and was a graduate of the Chavez Studio Of Magic (1948).(5/1)

The "A.K.A. Houdini" exhibit that will be exposing Houdini's secrets is the subject of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article that quotes Kimberly Louagie, "We're putting people in his shoes. Part of the story of Houdini is telling the story of being a magician… By telling people how this trick works, we're giving people a deeper meaning of Houdini." To read the Apr. 25 article by Meg Jones titled "New Houdini exhibit conjures up protests" click: HERE.(5/1)

Penn & TellerPenn & Teller's 30th anniversary as a team is reported in an Associated Press article that quotes Teller about their career, "We've never planned and strategized, and it's just worked so far… We just thought we'd do things that were interesting to us, and see if the public was interested in it. It is inexplicable to me, but there are enough people that do have the same interests so that we have an audience." The article also recounts some highlights of their career. To read the Apr. 25 article by Colleen Long titled "Dynamic Duo of Penn & Teller Keep on Joking" click: HERE.(5/1)

Stephen Bargatze's anti drug magic show is reported in The Daily Review where he is described as, "Bargatze lives in Nashville, Tenn., and has worked with several entertainment stars including Bill Cosby, Garth Brooks, Barbara Mandrel and Ray Stevens. He has won several national magician championships and represented the United States in an International Brotherhood of Magicians Championship. He has also appeared on television several times, including an appearance on HBO." To read the Apr. 21 article by Erin Lemley titled "Magician speaks against drugs at NEB" click: HERE.(5/1)

Arthur Kurzweil who presents a spiritual show titled "Searching for God in a Magic Shop" is featured in The Jewish Week where they explain, "He gives some Jewish background about magic. For example, according to Jewish tradition, today’s playing cards are descended from the ancient 22-card decks of Tarot cards, corresponding to the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, that readers used to indicate likely future events." To read the Apr. 16 article by Steve Lipman titled "Tricks And Tractates" click: HERE.(5/1)

Todd Robbins' Coney Island Sideshow School is featured in a Village Voice article that reported, "Todd Robbins, 45, who helps run the sideshow and stars in the Off-Broadway Carnival Knowledge, acts as 'dean,' molding malleable minds--and gullets and nostrils. Rather than the grisly geekfest advertised outside, the school offers lessons in exacting, if risky, techniques developed over the course of a century." To read the Apr. 13 article by Julia Glick titled "Get Your Freak On" click: HERE.(5/1)

Jan RouvensJan Rouven will be receiving the "Illusionist Of The Year 2004" Merlin Award from Tony Hassini's International Magicians Society on May 22 at the Royal Palace Theatre in France.(5/1)

A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reports of several magic show shakeups in Las Vegas. "V -- The Ultimate Variety Show" at The Venetian will close on Apr. 30 and Steve Dacri's show has cut down performances to one per week and will have to move shortly. Also reported is that "The 36th annual Academy of Magical Arts Show & Banquet in Hollywood will be called 'For Roy, With Love,' dedicated, of course, to recovering star Roy Horn. The publicity release for the gala in the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater notes, 'The show will include a very special scheduled appearance by Siegfried Fischbacher.'" To read the Apr. 22 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Shows closing at The Venetian a clue that change is coming" click: HERE.(5/1)

Kirk Kokinos is featured in a Black Hills Pioneer article that reported "As a professional magician, Kokinos upholds a long tradition of keeping secret exactly how he accomplishes his magical tricks and act. 'It's all integrity,' he said of the professional 'code' maintained by magicians." To read the Apr. 23 article by Donna Smith titled "Making a life full of magic" click: HERE.(5/1)

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