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-VOLUME: 74 / ISSUE: 2,097 Monday - February 23, 2004-
Ricky JayRicky Jay who was scheduled to star in David Mamet's Dr. Faustus which opens on Feb. 24 cancelled his appearance due to a scheduled hernia surgery. A Playbill article quoted Jay, "In my long association with David Mamet--six films and ten years of productions on my two one-man shows, both of which were directed by David -- I've never missed a single performance… I'm truly chagrined at disappointing my splendid fellow actors in this production, as well as fans and friends in the Bay Area. I offer my sincere apologies." The article also reported that he will continue to consult on the magic in the production. To read the Feb. 20 article by Ernio Hernandez titled "Ricky Jay Sidelined from Mamet's World Premiere Dr. Faustus at CA's Magic" click: HERE.(2/23)

"A show focusing on actor and magician Ricky Jay" at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts is mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle article that mentioned that the exhibit is scheduled for next year and will be organized by Renny Pritikin. To read the Feb. 19 article by Jesse Hamlin titled "Yerba Buena chief curator, 8 others laid off in arts center shakeup" click: HERE.(2/23)

The exhibit titled "Playbill: Selections from the Collection of Ricky Jay" is scheduled to open on January 22 an run through April 3, 2005. Displayed at the show will be the many posters, playbills and ephemera pertaining to unusual and eccentric artists and entertainers.(2/23)

Christian FechnerChristian Fechner who has spent his life amassing one of the largest and most important collections of magic has decided to sell it. A portion of the collection will be sold at a special auction on Jun. 5-6 at the Hotel Drouot in Paris, France. The auction promises, "400 posters, 200 pieces of conjuring apparatus from the 19th century, 150 prints, books, paintings, decorative objects and automata clocks." The auction titled, "The Collection Of Christian Fechner," is being organized by Georges Proust ( and Pierre Mayer (

Lance Burton appears in a pictorial feature of punk rockers Simple Plan in the March issue Teen People Magazine. The photos show burton sawing one, levitating one and putting the remaining three in straightjackets.(2/23)

"A Night Of Magic With Maritess Zurbano" takes place on Friday Feb. 27 at 8pm at The Inn at Irving (56 Irving Place) in New York City. Eric Walton will be opening the show with his mentalism. Tickets are $20 pus two drink minimum per person and are available by phoning: 212-539.6558.(2/23)

Jeff HobsonJeff Hobson is featured in Las Vegas Review-Journal article in conjunction with his new show, "Jeff Hobson's Money and Madness Show." The article looks at his career and how he came up with wild character, "The Hobson character we see today started with a small crowd on a cold night at a comedy club in the '80s, after someone gave him a rhinestone-studded tie to wear onstage. 'And that night basically was the birth of this weird, sexually ambiguous person,' he says." To read the Feb. 20 article by Mike Weatherford titled "On the Money" click: HERE.(2/23)

Aladin is featured in an Oxford Student article where they describe several impossible sounding pieces and quote him, "I don't perform tricks as such, and I never rehearse, my magic is different for everyone, I respond to how they are feeling." To read the Feb. 19 article by Tamara Cohen titled "aladin: merchant banker, gangland mentor and acclaimed magician" click: HERE.(2/23)

Andre Kole's upcoming appearance at the Aledo High School in Aledo, Illinois on March 8 is previewed in a Monmouth Daily Review Atlas article that reported, "Kole is one of the worlds leading magicians and illusionists. He has performed in 78 countries, been on national television in 40 countries and has given over 3,500 performances at colleges and universities. There is no other illusionist in the world doing many of the things he does." To read the Feb. 18 article titled "Aledo High to host Magical Spectacular" click: HERE.(2/23)

Paul GertnerPaul Gertner, John Carney, B.J. Hickman, and Kayla Drescher will be headlining at the 23rd annual NEMCON (New England Magicians' Conference) one-day convention on Feb. 28 in North Haven, Connecticut. Charles Cambra is the guest of honor. Admission is $60 per person. For more information click: HERE.(2/23)

Siegfried and Roy's animated television series "Father of the Pride" is rumored to replace "Friends" on NBC beginning in September. An ExtraTV article broke the news, "Our sources says the hottest candidate to replace the sitcom phenom is an animated series called 'Father of the Pride' focusing on a family of talking white lions who perform with the legendary Las Vegas showmen." The article also reported that the show "…would be primetime's first computer-generated series from the Hollywood whizzes that made 'Shrek.'" To read the Feb. 12 article titled "Siegfried and Roy: Lion in Wait" click: HERE.(2/23)

Reports of Roy Horn walking were reported in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that shared, "Roy Horn took two steps on his own over the weekend. …It's encouraging progress in a comeback that started with his Dec. 22 return to Las Vegas from the UCLA Medical Center." To read the Feb. 11 article by Norm titled "Elton to make splash with debut" click: HERE.(2/23)

The Belmont Magic ShowThe Belmont Magic Show appears at the Holy Cross High School on Mar. 5-6 at 7:30pm in Delran, New Jersey. The show is a large scale illusion show with a cast of seven. Tickets are $7-$8 per person and are available by phoning: 856-461-5931.(2/23)

Vanishing Vinny's (Vinny DePonto III) appearance at the Dows Lane Elementary School is described in The Journal News where they reported about his magic class. DePonto explained, "I try to teach tricks that make them use their hands as well as their imaginations." To read the Feb. 21 article by Kimberly Atkins titled "Teen magician works wonders in after-school class" click: HERE.(2/23)

Infantino presents his "Magic You Won't Believe" show at Town Hall West (401 Main St.) in Islip, New York on Saturday Feb. 28. Tickets for the family show are $3 per person and are available by phoning: 631-224-5430.(2/23)

Matt Morgan is featured in the Jackson Clarion Ledger where he is described as "Morgan was born deaf and attended a school for the deaf. 'I can fool your eyes,' signed Morgan to the audience. 'How do I do that? All magic is a trick. I'll admit that to you. I love to see your faces smile. I want to teach you magic secrets.'" To read the Feb. 6 article by Cathy Hayden titled "Deaf magician aims to entertain and inspire" click: HERE.(2/23)

Doc Dougherty's obituary appeared in The Washington Post where he was described as "Trained by his magician father, Mr. Dougherty (pronounced DOCK-erty) toured with circuses and carnivals and on riverboats as a youth. He attended Glenville State College in West Virginia and settled in the Washington area in the late 1960s intending to work in broadcasting. …As a magician, he was considered an expert at card tricks and 'mentalism,' or mind reading." To read the Feb. 2 obituary titled "Harold Dougherty; Photographer, Magician" click: HERE.(2/23)

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