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-VOLUME: 74 / ISSUE: 2,096 Sunday - February 1, 2004-
Siegfried & Roy Present Darren Romeo, The Voice of MagicDarren Romeo is scheduled to star in a new version of the show, "Siegfried & Roy Present Darren Romeo, The Voice of Magic," this summer in Branson, Missouri. The show is scheduled to run from Jun. 14 through Aug. 21 at the Welk Theatre. The Voice of Magic is produced by Siegfried & Roy and promises to be the largest one staged to date.(2/1)

Roy Horn's recent health improvements were described in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "His tracheal tube is out, allowing him to talk and to eat what he wanted, including two of his favorites, pistachio ice cream and Wiener schnitzel." To read the Jan. 23 article by Norm titled "Horn's recovery moves forward" click: HERE.(2/1)

Jeff HobsonJeff Hobson's new "Money And Madness Show" opens on Monday Feb. 9 in the 400-seat Merlin's Theater at the Excalibur Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. The one-man show is described as, "Audience members are baffled by Hobson's quick performances, hysterical jokes, and huge amounts of cash given away at each show. When audience members participate with Hobson's antics, they are shocked to receive crisp bills in varied denominations. It's pure madness, said Hobson. You'll be screaming with laughter one minute and catching money from the air the next."(2/1)

Harold "Doc" Dougherty died on Monday Jan. 26 at the age of 59. Dougherty was a long time Saturday demonstrator at Al's Magic Shop in Washington, DC and an active member of all the magic clubs and the PEA. Dougherty was also a photographer who has taken many pictures for magicians and was the director of photography at the Smithsonian Institution. He has published several of his routines in magazines and released "Prime Cut" and "Castaway" through Al's Magic. IBM Ring #50 will hold a Broken Wand ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 4.(2/1)

Ricky JayRicky Jay who will star along with David Rasche in David Mamet's Dr. Faustus is the subject of a Playbill article that reported that even though the show will not open until Feb. 24 it has already been extended through Apr. 4. To read the Jan. 30 article by Ernio Hernandez titled "Mamet's Dr. Faustus World Premiere Extends Before Show Begins in San Francisco" click: HERE.(2/1)

Gerry McCambridge will be presenting his "The Mentalist" show on Feb. 6-7 at the Resorts Atlantic City in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Feb. 6 show will take place at the main theater with seats going on sale on the day of the show. The Saturday show is a private event for 40 of the Casino's best customers and will be held in a luxury suite.(2/1)

Siegfried and David SandySiegfried & Roy received the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians on January 14 at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. IBM president David Sandy presented the one-of-a-kind crystal award designed by famed crystal and paperweight designer Victor Trabucco to Siegfried who said that "he was overwhelmed by the honor and was anxious to get home and show the crystal edifice to his friend and longtime partner Roy Horn, who Siegfried said would be with him next year at this annual event."(2/1)

"The World's Greatest Magic Show" is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun which reported that the two new performers in the show are Arden James and Chris Hart. The review concluded, "'The World's Greatest Magic Show' might be an overstatement, but so far the entire cast of magicians that have performed in the production have been good enough to merit a show of their own." To read the Jan. 30 review by Jerry Fink titled "Despite defections, 'Magic Show' trudges forward" click: HERE.(2/1)

Andre KoleAndre Kole's appearance at the University Center in Tennessee is the subject of a Daily Beacon article that reported, "In Kole's two-hour show he fascinated the audience with feats of levitation, disappearance, decapitation and others that seemed inescapable without injury. Kole was also sure to include plenty of humor to keep skeptics entertained." To read the Jan. 26 article by Peter McDermott titled "Illusionist fascinates crowd" click: HERE.(2/1)

Wednesday Wizardry begins its second season of shows on Wednesday Feb. 4 at 7:30pm at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn in Maryland. Denny Haney, Puck, Alain Nu, and Mark Phillips & Karen Beriss will be the featured performers for the first show of the weekly series. For more information click: HERE.(2/1)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield's upcoming appearances at the Monroe Civic Center Theatre in Louisiana this week are previewed in The Monroe News Star where they conclude, "In the end, magic is all about emotion for Copperfield. He wants his illusions to evoke a visceral reaction in his audiences. 'They'll laugh and they'll cry; they'll show many different emotions,' he said. 'That’s the most important thing.'" To read the Jan. 29 article titled "Magic Man" click: HERE.(2/1)

John Zweers who died at the age of 76 is featured in a Pasadena Star News obituary that reported, "Around campus, Zweers was also known as a master magician and puppeteer. He recruited Muir colleagues to perform in magic shows around Southern California. He was president of the Society of American Magicians, a national organization, from 1966-67, and his home in Pasadena was filled with puppets from around the world." To read the Jan. 23 obituary by Cindy Chang titled "John Zweers, beloved history teacher, dies" click: HERE.(2/1)

Steve Wyrick's new show is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where it is reported, "Some of the best bits are the ones with no talking at all, such as a hotel lobby sequence -- another carryover from the Sahara -- that weaves several modestly amusing tricks into brisk choreography with a half-dozen female dancers." To read the Jan. 30 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Steve Wyrick has trouble getting any respect" click: HERE.(2/1)

Rick Smith Jr. is featured in a Sun News article that discusses his new talent agency, Cleveland Entertainers Ltd. Smith explained, "Being a magician, I would always get people asking if I had clowns or stilt-walkers available. Now I just won't be referring them away." To read the Jan. 22 article by Matt Lehky titled "Magician's next trick: On-line talent agency" click: HERE.(2/1)

Brooke from the Adam Seinfeld MagicLive! show reading MagicTimesThe most creative e-mail received after stopping the daily updates of MagicTimes came from Adam Steinfeld who said, "I miss reading MagicTimes daily, but a few times per month still OK. Thought you might like these photos I shot of Brooke the #1 Magicbabe in the Adam Steinfeld MagicLive! show reading MagicTimes, as it's freezing in your part of the world it's 90 degrees in Aruba." The long running MagicLive! show at the Alhambra Casino will be celebrating its 600th performance on Feb. 5 with a few new illusions. (2/1)

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