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-VOLUME: 73 / ISSUE: 2,095 Monday - January 19, 2004-
Jose "Pepe" CarrollJose Franco Arsenio Larraz (September 19, 1957-January 5, 2004) who was best known to magicians as Jose "Pepe" Carroll (recently changed to Carrol) died last week at the age of 46. Carroll was one of the leading magicians in Spain and won the FISM Card Competition in 1988. Carroll once partnered with Juan Tamariz to create more than twenty magic skits that they presented on television. Carroll is a celebrity in Spain as he had recurring rolls on television and his own shows for several years. His obituary appears in many Spanish newspapers. In the United States he his best known for his best selling book "52 Lovers."(1/19)

Ricky Jay will star in the new David Mamet play "Dr. Faustus" that opens on Feb. 24 at The Magic Theatre in San Francisco, California. A San Francisco Chronicle article reported that "Jay is cast as Magus, the magician in the play, and David Rasche will play the title role." The show is scheduled to run through Mar. 21. To read the Jan. 14 article by David Wiegand titled "Mamet pulls illusionist Ricky Jay out of the hat for 'Faustus' debut" click: HERE.(1/19)
--To read the Jan. 14 Playbill article by Ernio Hernandez titled "Cast Set for World Premiere of David Mamet's 'Dr. Faustus' at San Francisco's Magic" click: HERE.(1/19)

Peter Stockhammer (August 27, 1929-January 18, 2004) better known as Peter Heinz  Kersten died on Sunday at the age of 74. Kersten at one time had his own illusion show as "Dr. Kersten & Co." and was the president of the Magic Club Of Vienna (1963-1989). He was also an organizer of the many magic events, conventions and even FISM (1976) when held in Austria.(1/19)

David Blaine is featured in a Cherwell story that looks at his "Above The Below" stunt, his career and tries to figure out what makes him tick. The article reported, "It would be impossible to describe David Blaine as anything other than an enigma. His obsession with death, coupled with his almost clichéd love of life. His penchant for apparent selfharm -- traditionally a private act -- in public. The man who can survive live burial, but has an irrational fear of insects." Blaine also pointed out "I love to pull people out of their mundane thought patterns and make them think differently. I love making people watch suffering." To read the Jan. 16 article by Julia Buckley titled "No pain, no Blaine" click: HERE.(1/19)

John Zweers who was one of the founders of the Society Of American Magicians Hall Of Fame and its president died last week. John Zweers was the national president of the organization (1966-1967) and an Honorary Life Member. Zweers was also instrumental in creating the annual "National Magic Week" which previously was a single day.Zweers also co-wrote with Heman Hanson "The Magic Man" (1974) and contributed many articles to the international magic magazines. A funeral will be held on Jan. 23 at 1:30pm at the Church of Our Savior (on Roses Road) in San Gabriel, California.(1/19)

David Copperfield's performance of "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center's Jackson Hall is reported in The Tennessean where they quote Copperfield about his Lottery Illusion, "'The piece is based on the fact that I really never made up with my grandfather… He disowned me, in fact, because he didn't want me to do this as a career -- even though he actually taught me my first illusion, a simple card trick. He felt that by being stubborn, he would beat me out of it. So I do this illusion as a salute to my grandfather to make things right with him, and to make his dream come true.'' A Nashville City Paper article reported, "A portion of his latest production is a simpler illusion than most of Copperfield's more famous accomplishments. He'll perform a small feat utilizing the most basic of magician's arts and skills: sleight of hand. The only level of spectacle is that he's handling a lethal, Black African scorpion."(1/19)
--To read the Jan. 17 Tennessean article by Kevin Nance titled "Copperfield's magical illusions hit the jackpot" click: HERE.(1/19)
--To read the Jan. 16 Nashville City Paper article by Leo Sochocki titled "Magic man revisits the basics" click: HERE.(1/19)

Lyn DilliesLyn Dillies who will be presenting her show "The Magic of Lyn" at the Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts in Alabama on Jan. 31 is featured in a Decatur Daily story that reported, "She will perform about a dozen illusions during her show, along with bantering with the audience as she adeptly handles some magic tricks. The audience can get involved, too, she said, so hold onto your sneakers, or they may disappear like magic." The article also discusses her career and quotes her about how she became interested in magic, "I would walk around the neighborhood with my cardboard box, asking neighbors if they wanted to see my magic… I did living-room performances and birthday parties, and then Scout troops and corporate shows. Then I decided I wanted to do this for the rest of my life and got bigger and more expensive illusions." To read the Jan. 15 article by Patrice Stewart titled "It's only an illusion" click: HERE.(1/19)

Jim Steinmeyer's book "Hiding The Elephant" is reviewed in the Charleston Post & Courier where it is described, "…at its best when detailing the backroom deals and horse-trading for tricks going on behind the scenes in the industry from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century. The French magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (who Houdini idolized and later trashed) and Howard Thurston, America's best-known magician from World War I to the Depression come to life as masters in the emerging trade known as show business. A dozen other magicians make appearances, each showing themselves to be perhaps trickier offstage than on." To read the Jan. 18 review by Brian Hicks titled "Author's biggest trick the blend of magic, science, history and gossip" click: HERE.(1/19)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Judge Carle F. Germelman Jr. is featured in a Winchester Star article that reported, "For more than 50 years, Germelman has been entertaining young and old with disappearing scarves, pieces of rope that change length on command, torn paper that becomes a hat -- all at the wave of a magic wand." Germelman explained that "You just have to be devious and sneaky, and cheat once in a while." To read the Jan. 14 article by Val Van Meter titled "Mr. Magic Has a Few Tricks Up His Sleeve" click: HERE.(1/19)

Will Gregory is featured in a Wakefield Today article about his fight with drug addiction and his involvement with magic and his upcoming stunt that is described as, "Mr. Gregory will be chained and shackled by the feet, arms, legs and waist before being put into a steel coffin bolted at either side. The magician will then be lowered into a 10ft by 10ft chamber with the lid riveted on. He said: 'Sand and soil will be poured on top of me and I will have about four minutes to get out of the chains and coffin, then out of the chamber before crawling through a hole 30 inches wide.'" The article also reported, "He is supported in his bid by magicians Derren Brown -- famous for pointing an apparently loaded gun at his head in a live television programme -- and Wayne Dobson." To read the Jan. 14 article titled "No more disillusions for ex-heroin addict" click: HERE.(1/19)

Jerry Sadowitz's show scheduled for the Paisley Arts Centre on Apr. 16 is the subject of a Paisley Daily Express article that reported, "A spokesman for Renfrewshire Arts said: "We cannot stress how offensive this show is. People should not turn up if they feel they might be offended. It is strictly adults only." To read the Jan. 16 article titled "The man who has been dubbed the world's most offensive comedian is coming to Paisley" click: HERE.(1/19)

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