PRESS RELEASE Friday May 9, 2003

Source: Meir Yedid Magic

Originally released at the end of March for some lecture and convention appearances this routine is finally available in magic shops around the world. It was a big hit at the Holy Toledo convention, Cape Cod Conclave and the recent F.F.F.F. convention. It is easy to learn and will shock and fool most magicians and non-magicians alike.

Meir Yedid's Fadeout

A quick and extremely visual routine that will stun any audience. A deck of cards is shown front and back. A spectator names one of the cards. It is removed, shown and lost in the deck. The faces of the cards begin to vanish. You deal through the cards; every single one of them is now blank. At about the center of the deck the selected card is seen to be the only one that has not vanished. It is placed to one side as you continue to show the rest of the deck to be blank. A snap, a wave, and the selected card also turns blank, confirming that it was all an illusion. 

Comes complete with a special poker-size Bicycle deck and photo-illustrated instructions.

Cost: DVD: US $15.00 postpaid in the US.
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