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Now's your chance to get the advantages that showbiz professionals enjoy, performance scripts designed for the kind of audience's that you want to entertain. Best-selling author Ron Bauer has turned his writing skills toward magic with The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series. These are twenty-four annotated performance scripts with complete blocking and staging directions. Many of you have questions and can get answers directly from Mr.Bauer for the next few days. He is the featured guest on England's premier web forum DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE!!!

Ron Bauer: THE Underground Legend

Ron Bauer began his magic training at age eleven in Portland, Oregon under the tutelage of Ted and Marie Hall, R. Vernon Cook, and Stan Payne of Star Magic. In his mid-teens, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where he was able to work part time as a professional magician, an actor in local radio, television, and live theater, and a disk jockey. Here he was fortunate enough to be guided by Jack Dean and Charles Aste, Jr. (at the time, illustrator for Ed Marlo). He was the first magician to appear on the two new television stations in Memphis, WMCT and WHBQ-TV. (These were the call letters in the fifties.)

In 1959, he married and moved to Detroit, Michigan to complete college.

Instead, with the first of his two daughters on the way, he found a very active career as a professional magician and MC in clubs, and became the first full-time professional close-up magician in the Detroit area.

During this time, he belonged to the Society of Detroit Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, served as secretary of the Detroit IBM ring, and president of the Windsor Magic Circle in Ontario, Canada. Also, he began his training in marketing at Maxon Advertising, serving such national accounts as Gillette, Heinz, Pittsburgh Glass and Paint, LaChoy Chinese Foods, and General Electric.

For nearly a decade, beginning in 1968, he led an ensemble of magicians, clowns, puppeteers, and party planners in what developed into the largest and most successful children's entertainment company in the Midwest (possibly anywhere), Mr. Trix Enterprises, with offices in the center of downtown Birmingham, Michigan.

In the late seventies, he wrote, produced, and marketed the first course in non-broadcast video production, which led him to working for Sony in California during the early eighties. In the mid-eighties, he authored several books on computing, including the best-selling "Easy DOS It!" (used by Alex Elmsley to learn the Microsoft operating system).

He's still writing for the computer and video industries, but always finds time to contribute to the magic community. Some of his contributions can be found in the Genii, New Tops, Linking Ring, and M.U.M. magazines. He also contributed to such books as the New Modern Coin Magic, Kort, L.I.N.T., Ambitious Card Omnibus, Card Finesse II, Card Fixes, and a few others.

In the mid-nineties, he was persuaded to bring out a series of twenty-four "annotated performance scripts for magicians" called the "Ron Bauer Private Studies Series." Recently, the first twelve were revised and expanded (color covers and more illustrations and details), and can be obtained only from better magic suppliers or through his website:

These days, Ron can be found heading up a group of young magicians at the Lake Orion Round Table meeting in Michigan. In this group Ron continues to help out any way that he can by teaching them and giving advice and helping them to become better at magic. Because of Ron's background in theater, he is a great help to those who work very hard to become better at the magical art. Aside from the sleight of hand (of which Ron is a master), he concentrates on getting these young men to look at their presentation from all angles, as only one of theatrical background can. Also in attendance is Milt Kort, who rarely misses one of these weekly meetings. Ron is very committed to these young men and their admiration of Mr. Bauer, who is a legend in his own right, is quite obvious and well deserved.

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