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Archives: Week Of December 29, 2003 - January 4, 2004
-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,090 Monday - December 29, 2003-
Alain ChoquetteAlain Choquette's family show which runs at the Salle André Mathieu through Jan. 4 is mentioned in a Montreal Gazette article that quotes him, "I've been performing for over 20 years, but my favourite thing to do is my Christmas show for the family… There is less talking and the rhythm is faster. The youngsters just want to be amazed with their eyes." The article also looks at Choquette's career and how he became a magician. To read the Dec. 27 article by Kathryn Greenaway titled "'The youngsters just want to be amazed'" click: HERE.(12/29)

Jim Steinmeyer's new book "Hiding the Elephant" is reviewed in the Baltimore Sun where it is called "a delightful new book" and reports, "The tricks it exposes and the illusions that are disclosed can be fascinating, but the book's greatest strength is its overwhelmingly consistent insistence that it is in the theatricality that the real work of genius occurs." To read the Dec. 28 review by Michael Pakenham titled "A learned practitioner of magic gives the craft life by exposure" click: HERE.(12/29)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

Armando Lucero, Dimmare, Aaron Fisher, Alfie, Jim Bentley, Mark Haslam, and Randy Kappe appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 29-Jan. 4.(12/29)

Jenny and  Scott Alexander and SarafinaScott and Jenny Alexander's new show "Two Girls & A Guy" at Fitzgeralds in Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where it is given 3˝ stars and reported, "Any one of the three probably could keep an audience entertained for at least an hour. Their three-in-one show is almost too much of a good thing -- one would like to see a little more of each, but there isn't time." The article also quipped, "If 'Two Girls & A Guy' is at Fitzgeralds very long (and it should be), the act will have to change its name to 'Two Girls, A Guy and A Baby.' The Alexanders are expecting a child on April 15." The article also mentions Dan Rodriguez' "The Great Golfini" act. To read the Dec. 26 review by Jerry Fink titled "'Girls, Guy' gives maximum bang for buck" click: HERE.(12/29)

Peter Lamont's new book "The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick" is reviewed in The Observer where they observe, "Using the example of the fabled Indian rope trick, Lamont aims to show, and largely succeeds, how people will believe a thing is true, despite all rational evidence to the contrary, indeed despite outright denials of its existence, if it is repeated that it is true often enough." To read the Dec. 28 review by Michael Holland titled "Give 'em enough rope" click: HERE.(12/29)
--To buy the book (from the UK) click: HERE.

Michael Hasko, Genevieve Sanders, and Devin Hector who are described as "three of the youngest members of the Sierra Sorcerers, a magic club based in Placerville" are featured in a Sacramento Bee article that reported, "Club founder Leroy Goodenough said the young members of Sierra Sorcerers are some of the most dedicated magicians he's worked with." To read the Dec. 28 article by Michelle Miller titled "Believing in magic" click: HERE.(12/29)

David Copperfield upcoming appearance at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center's Jackson Hall is mentioned in The Tennessean which quotes him, ''For magic to be relevant, it has to evolve so it keeps up with, or even surpasses, the best film and theater… I want to base my work on what people really dream about." To read the Dec. 28 article by Kevin Nance titled "Copperfield poised to pull fascinating series of illusions out of his hat" click: HERE.(12/29)

PRESS RELEASE: Tim Wright's Zombie And Multiplying Balls Videos Released on DVD.

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,091 Tuesday - December 30, 2003-
Mystery HuntersDavid Acer who co-hosted and co-wrote the children's series "Mystery Hunters" for the Discovery Channel told MagicTimes that the show has just been picked up for another season and "We start writing and shooting 26 new episodes in May." Acer plays 'Doubtful Dave' on the series which intermixes science, magic and fun. The show currently aires around the world on various Discovery and Discovery Kids channels. For more information about the show click: HERE.(12/30)
--To view the current US airings go to:

The magic exposure that is planned as part of the new Houdini exhibit by the Outagamie County Historical Society in Appleton, Wisconsin is the subject of a New York Sun article that spoke to the museum curator and several magicians. Quoted in the article were Kenneth Silverman, Walter "Zaney" Blaney, Adam Blumenthal, and Charles Reynolds who summed it best by calling it "a pretty dumb idea." Also mentioned in the article were Doug Henning, The Pendragons, Siegfried & Roy, Criss Angel and Tannen's. The article by Gary Shapiro titled "Magicians Wish Exhibit Would Vanish" ran in the Dec. 24 issue of the New York Sun.(12/30)

Martyn Moore will be groomed to become a professional magician on the television show "The Test -- Magician" on Dec. 31 at 10:30am on ITV1 (UK). His mentor on the show is Paul Zenon.(12/30)

Dream MakersThe Houdini Magic Club in Madrid, Spain, which closed six months ago, has reopened last weekend to a newly redesigned location (Garca Luna 13 (28002) Madrid) with two close-up rooms, a parlor and a 115-seat theater. Headlining at the theater are the award winning illusionists Dream Makers who will present their "Theatrical Magic" full-evening show. Shows run daily (except Monday) at 11pm and 1am. For reservations and information phone: (34) 91 521 0670.(12/30)

Paul Kieve is featured in a Liverpool Echo article that looks at his involvement in creating the illusions for the live show "Scrooge" and the upcoming "Harry Potter" movie. The article reported, "As a budding young magician Paul first did magic shows for the family, then entered competitions using his sister Karen as an assistant. Now 36, he has worked on hundreds of different shows, from dramas and musicals, to ballet and opera." To read the Dec. 26 article titled "Paul's the man behind the magic of Scrooge" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/30)

Joe Labero's UK television special titled "Magician Impossible" which aired on Dec. 28 is mentioned in a Western Mail article that reported, "Presented by Linda Barker, the show takes celebrity guests Louise Redknapp and James Hewitt on a journey of a lifetime, ending with a dramatic finale in Tunisia. Linda, Louise and James join Joe on board a cruise ship for an illusion-filled journey which sees them wide-eyed at Joe's close-up magic, and open-mouthed as he attempts to escape the table of death." To read the Dec. 27 article titled "Prepare for the great TV escape" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/30)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,092 Wednesday - December 31, 2003-
Criss AngelWe have been tipped off that last week Criss Angel was seen with Steve Wynn and Franco Dragone (creator of Cirque Du Soleil) in Las Vegas. Rumors are flying that there might be a Vegas show in the works but all Angel would tell MagicTimes in "no comment." Angel did mention that he is about to finish working on his first DVD Criss Angel: Made In Japan and that his first two specials Mindfreak and Supernatural have "aired in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Argentina this past week and will also be out on DVD in 2004."(12/31)

Murray Hatfield's annual touring illusion show, "Illusions...A Magic Spectacular!" featuring Murray Hatfield & Teresa with special guest performers Christopher Hart, Richard Forget, and Brad Cummings, continues its tour through Canada with shows at the Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall in Winnipeg (Jan. 2), Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton (4), Kelowna Community Theatre in Kelowna (6), Abbey Art Centre in Abbotsford (7), and the Massey Theatre in Vancouver (8-10), and the Royal Theatre in Victoria (11-12). For ticket information contact the local ticket brokers (Ticketmaster) or event venues.(12/31)

Lyn Dillies performs her "Magic At The Symphony" show with the Charlotte Philharmonic on Jan. 3 at 8pm at the Belk Theatre in North Carolina.(12/31)

The Rise of the Indian Rope TrickPeter Lamont's new book "The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick" is the subject of a Telegraph article that reported, "So what was the source of the famous illusion, beyond the hoax of a colourful American journalist who later became head of the US Secret Service? The answer, it appears, was no more mysterious than Indian pole-juggling, in which a boy climbed up and lay on top of a length of rigid bamboo. When pressed, Lieutenant Holmes, the man whose infamous photograph purported to prove the Indian rope trick was genuine, admitted it showed no more than a boy balancing on a bamboo pole which was mistaken for a rope." To read the Dec. 28 article by Justin Marozzi titled "The trick that tugged at the imagination" click: HERE.(12/31)
--To buy the book (from the UK) click: HERE.

Doug King who is a youth minister and magician is featured in a Messenger-Inquirer story about his career and how he became a magician. The article reported, "Though he sometimes uses a magic trick in the children's message he gives most Sunday mornings, Doug King said he is not a magician whose act is mostly a sermon. "I'm a magician who's a Christian,' he said. 'I'm not an evangelist. I'm not a speaker. But I am an entertainer. I can share my experiences.'" King also observed, "It's a trick. I am an actor doing something that looks impossible… It's all -- and (Harry) Houdini realized this -- in the performance." To read the Dec. 29 article by David Blackburn titled "Youth minister uses magic to reach kids" click: HERE.(12/31-Subscription site.

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-VOLUME: 73 / ISSUE: 2,093 Thursday - January 1, 2004-
Meir YedidFirstly I would like to wish all of you a happy new year. I am also sorry to inform you that I decided to suspend the regular updates to MagicTimes as of today -- January 1, 2004.

I feel that I do owe the 20,000+ loyal readers an explanation. Although this was never a moneymaking project (and it lived up to that goal) the opportunity cost was too high. During the six years of operation (since December 1997) MagicTimes has been updated 2,093 times. It took around five hours per day for an unbelievable 10,465 hours, which translates to more than 260 workweeks.

This time of year is when most of us reflect on our past accomplishments and future goals. So the question that must be asked is, is it worth continuing at this pace? From your point of view the answer would be yes but from mine unfortunately it is no.

Now for the good news: The TV Magic Guide and the Live Magic Guide, which are just as popular as MagicTimes, will continue to run and be upgraded with more features. We also just launched a free E-mail Newsletter ("MyMagic Headline News") to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in magic. And best of all we will now have the time to produce more outstanding magic products and DVDs. The MagicTimes database of news will remain on the web for research purposes and will be upgraded and updated.

Magic Times will sporadically be updated with news and features when events call for it. There are several exciting things on the horizon and we expect to cover them in detail. Please sign-up for the free "MyMagic Headline News" newsletter so we can keep you informed when news breaks and when the sites are updated.

I am sure that for a short while we will have some withdrawal symptoms but pretty soon someone is bound to pickup the slack.

I always considered MagicTimes as a fan site disguised as a news site and this approach made it user friendly and fun to do. I promise to reevaluate my decision every six months and who knows we could be back.

Thanx again for your loyalty and support,

Meir Yedid
Publisher, MagicTimes

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