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Archives: Week Of December 22-28, 2003
-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,085 Monday - December 22, 2003-
Armando Lucero, Dimmare, Aaron Fisher, Alfie, Jim Bentley, Mark Haslam, and Nancy Jean Gray appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 22-28.(12/22)

Adam Steinfeld and his castAdam Steinfeld's show MagicLive! which has been at the Alhambra Casino in Aruba will be presenting a special Christmas show on Thursday Dec. 25 at 9pm. The show will incorporate "bits on Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa" and some special illusions, "such as levitating an audience member while surrounded by reindeer and making a brightly lit Christmas tree appear out of thin air." Steinfeld will also be adding a new "Cocoon" illusion to the show this week where he and his assistant will transport themselves across the theater.(12/22)

Harold von Braunhut died on Nov. 28 at the age of 77. Braunhut was known for his wild inventions that used to be sold in the back of comic books items like the "Amazing Sea Monkeys," and  the "X-Ray Specs." A New York Times obituary reported, "…perhaps only this verbally snappy holder of 195 patents could have realized that what the world needed was Amazing Hair-Raising Monsters, which allow a child to add water to a card and watch hair grow on the previously bald pate of the monster depicted there." His involvement with magic, although not discussed in the article includes a friendship with Jackie Flosso and as a youngster he performed in as a mind reader. Harold von Braunhut was also a close friend of Dunninger's and was quoted saying that he was also his manager at one time. To read the Dec. 21 obituary by Douglas Martin titled "Harold von Braunhut, Seller of Sea Monkeys, Dies at 77" click: HERE.(12/22-Subscription site)

Dexter the Magician joins the Fresno Falcons players to travel to a different schools through February where they will use magic to "captivate the youths, then subtly instills the value of education and encourages them to always give their academic best." A Fresno Neighbors article reported that "The 33-year-old conjurer says much of the credit for making the program free goes to sponsors Kelley's Pet Foods and GW School Supplies." To read the Dec. 18 article by Lamar Lopez titled "Falcon Magic" click: HERE.(12/22)

The Fort Myers Magician's Association third annual Holiday Magic Show is the subject of a News-Press article that mentions performers, Tony Dunn, Alex Geiser, Jim Hall, Terry Harris, Dan Tong, Keith Raygor, Don Hillebrands and Doc Hollywood & Kimberley. To read the Dec. 21 article by Brett Dupras titled "Show spreads holiday magic" click: HERE.(12/22)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,086 Tuesday - December 23, 2003-
Harry AndersonHarry Anderson continues to expand his magic empire in New Orleans. Anderson just purchased a building on the corner of Decatur and Esplanade in the French Quarter which he plans to turn into a magic theater/nightclub or as he described it to MagicTimes, "a Chicago style 1936 speakeasy." The club will be called "Oswald's Speakeasy" and current plans have it opening on May 20, 2004. Oswald's will open six nights a week with shows and drinks. Two of the nights will feature classic films and a variety show while Anderson will present two different shows on the other four nights. The early show called "Anderson Illusions" will feature magic and mentalism while the second show called "Wise Guy" will feature the routines Anderson is famous for, or as he refers to them "The Anneman show and the needle show." His Sideshow store will continue to operate under the management of his wife Elizabeth. His previous store Spade & Archer Curiosities no longer exists as much of the inventory is displayed in Sideshow. An article by Chris Rose titled "Magic over El Matador" ran about this subject in the Dec. 20 issue of the Times Picayune.(12/23)

Roy HornRoy returned to Las Vegas on Monday after spending more than a month at the UCLA medical center. An Associated Press article reported, "Roy Horn of 'Siegfried & Roy' returned to his home Monday to continue his rehabilitation under the care of a team of doctors and therapists." No hints of his condition were given. To read the Dec. 22 article titled "Roy Horn of 'Siegfried & Roy' returns to Las Vegas for rehab" click: HERE.(12/23)

David Ross Sheetz who died on Dec. 8 at the age of 75 is described in a Journal Star obituary as, "He also was a professional magician for more than 40 years. He was a member and two-time past president of the Peoria Magicians Assembly, where he had been a former newsletter editor. He also was a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Society of American Magicians." To read the Dec. 11 obituary titled "David Sheetz" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/23)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,087 Wednesday - December 24, 2003-
Roy HornRoy's return home on Monday spawned many articles that shed some light on the transport. An Entertainment Tonight article reported "Roy was flown by private jet to Nevada where Las Vegas police officers assisted in making sure the ambulance carrying the 59-year-old magician arrived at his home without incident. They had been called to action because there was concern that paparazzi would swarm the vehicle in an attempt to capture a photo." An E! Online article reported that "Though his doctors have been tight-lipped about his condition, it was reported that Horn was left unable to walk, talk intelligibly or eat." A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported, "Kirvin did not know if Horn would remain in Las Vegas after the holidays or return to UCLA Medical Center for rehabilitation. Until November, Horn was dependent on a respirator. His speech is severely limited, and he is reportedly paralyzed on his left side."(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Lisa Kim Bach titled "Minus fanfare, Roy Horn returns to Las Vegas" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 Entertainment Tonight article titled "Horn Is Home for the Holidays" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 22 E! Online article by Sarah Hall titled "Roy Returns to Vegas" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 24 Daily Record article titled "Tiger-Attack Star Released" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 ITV article titled "Mauled magician leaves hospital" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 KVBC-TV report by Jeff Jaeger titled "Magician Roy Horn Returns Home to Las Vegas" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 BBC News article titled "Magician Horn is out of hospital" click: HERE.(12/24)
--To read the Dec. 23 Knight Ridder article titled "It looks like Siegfried Fischbacher got his Christmas wish" click: HERE.(12/24)

Joey McIntyre who is a postal employee and magician is mentioned in an Anchorage Daily News article that reported "McIntyre's hands move quickly and deftly, fingers flashing around coins and small yellow balls that disappear and reappear in his pockets or on top of his desk or even next to his ear. He takes his magic seriously and is a member of Alaska Magicians and the International Magicians." To read the Dec. 22 article by Cinthia Ritchie titled "Magic of the mails" click: HERE.(12/24)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,088 Thursday - December 25, 2003-
Steve CohenSteve Cohen is featured in a Financial Times article that described one of his recent "Chamber Magic" shows in New York City and observed, "His is a delightful anachronistic form of magic - card tricks, mind-reading and a few original feats performed by no-one else." The article also reported, "Cohen, 32, learned his first tricks at age six from his uncle, an amateur magician who was taught by Harry Houdini. 'My tricks are a throwback to that time,' Cohen said later. 'The magic is pure and it puts people in this beautiful mood.'" The article by Paul Sullivan titled "Fast Hands and Big Feats" appeared in the Dec. 20/21 Weekend Edition of The Financial Times. (12/25)

Jason A. Dimitropolis is featured in The Republican where they discuss his interest in magic and what his future plans are. The article reported, "As for Jason Dimitropolis, he said he likes performing for just one or two people. It's more personal that way, he said. 'It's a fun hobby. I don't run across too many people who do it,' he said." To read the Dec. 24 article by Lori Stabile titled "Palmer student has magic touch" click: HERE.(12/25)

NEW YORK CITY: The weekly gathering of New York City magicians will hold a Holiday party on Saturday Dec. 27 at Maui Tacos Restaurant (330 Fifth Avenue--lower level) from 1-5pm. Admission is free to all magicians. Expect some food, continuous viewing of magic videos and of course live magic. The afternoon is sponsored by Doug Edwards.(12/25)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,089 Friday - December 26, 2003-
Houdini Days Magic FestivalThe second annual Houdini Days Magic Festival has been scheduled for Sep. 2-5, 2004 in Appleton, Wisconsin. Confirmed performers for the event include: Mark Wilson, Jeff McBride, Bill Malone, Michael Ammar, Michael Finney, Robert Baxt, Glen Gerard, David Kaye, Kevin King, Ice McDonald, Nate Nygren, Jessica Reed, and The Comedy Magic of Mike & Chris. The event that is organized by Chris Cochrane attracted 12,000 people in 2003 and the goal for 2004 is around 20,000 attendees. All the outdoor events are paid for by individual and corporate donations and sponsorships and are free to attendees. Some of the indoor shows and parties due carry a nominal fee. For more information click: HERE.(12/26)

Bob Infantino appears at McGuires Comedy Club & Restaurant (1627 Smithtown Ave.) in Bohemia, New York on Saturday Dec. 27 at 2pm. Also appearing o the show is Vince Dantona & George. Admission is $8-$10 per person. For reservations phone: 631-467-5413.(12/26)

The effect the Harry Potter phenomenon has had on magic shops in Germany is the subject of a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung article that reported, "Despite the fuss surrounding the release of the fifth Harry Potter book, and in spite of the thousands of children storming book shops in magician's costumes in November, sales of magic supplies at Freer's Zauberladen in the hip Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg have not been transformed." The article also revealed that there are "…40 to 50 shops in Germany that carry magic equipment - a business niche with a small customer target group. Germany's magic circle has around 3,000 members." Mentioned in the article are Frank Freer and Christian Jedinat. To read the Dec. 26 article by Kristina Merkner titled "A spellbound sector" click: HERE.(12/26)

David Oliver, The Great Throwdini, and Jon Stetson  headline at Monday Night Magic on Dec. 29 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(12/26)

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