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Archives: Week Of December 15-21, 2003
-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,080 Monday - December 15, 2003-
Xtreme Close-UpSteve Dacri's show at The Orleans in Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where they report, "Dacri and his wife and stage assistant, Jan, took the bold move of moving to Las Vegas after the Empire closed last year. Now he's trying to solve the business quandary of finding a profitable way to showcase his skills." And conclude, "If you can handle the loss of anonymity a darkened showroom usually provides, Dacri offers a real change of pace for locals who have exhausted all the usual tricks up their sleeve for entertaining holiday visitors." To read the Dec. 12 review by Mike Weatherford titled "'Xtreme Close-Up' has plenty of tricks up its sleeve" click: HERE.(12/15)

Joe Marsh who was instrumental in David Copperfield's success is profiled in an Akron Beacon Journal article that reported, "…Copperfield had been a localized act. He hadn't become the superstar he felt he was destined to become. Then he met Joe Marsh, who took him to dinner and pitched him an idea: to make Copperfield a worldwide phenomenon. 'At the time, he was hungry and he made sense,' Copperfield said. 'He had never toured. He had no agent, no manager, no nothing,' Marsh said. 'I convinced him.' The world of magic -- or illusions, as Copperfield calls it -- would never be the same." The article also reported that, "When Marsh got married this year, Copperfield bought every piece listed in his and his wife's gift registry from Dillard's." To read the Dec. 14 by Stephen Dyer titled "Local producer shines bright among the stars" click: HERE.(12/15)

David Copperfield's show at Ball State University is reported in a U-Wire story that describes many of the illusions. To read the Dec. 12 article titled "Lord of Illusions: David Copperfield performs at Ball State U." supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/15)

Billy McComb, Dana Daniels, Jason Latimer, Scott Tokar, David Stryker, Jon Armstrong, Jeff Martin, Mike Elkan, and Stoil Stoilov appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 15-21.(12/15)

Muhammad Ali's use of magic is discussed in The Star where the story reported, "On and on the tricks continued. But before his guests departed, Ali showed them the ruse behind every trick he had done. 'Never do a trick twice,' he whispered after they left. 'And never show them how you do it.' 'I don't get it, champ,' I said. 'If that's the case, then why did you show them?' 'To prove to them . . . how easily they can be deceived.'" To read the Dec. 12 article by Cal Fussman titled "You can't stop that Ali magic" click: HERE.(12/15)

The continued success of magic and magicians in Las Vegas after the Siegfried & Roy era is the subject of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that quoted many of the local magicians. To read the Dec. 12 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Believe in Magic" click: HERE.(12/15)

"Dan Chan the Magic Man" performs magic, juggling, escapes, and acrobatics at the Ortega Branch Library in San Francisco on Dec. 16 at 10:30am.(12/15)

Denny More who performs as a hypnotist is featured in The Tennessean where they discuss his current show and how he evolved his show from magic to hypnosis. More discussed his early years, ''I had an interest in magic tricks as an 8-year-old kid. All my friends were out playing baseball and I was down in the basement of my parents' house learning magic… I found magic as a tool to break out of my shell.'' To read the Dec. 12 article by Robert Hicks titled "Denny More still putting audiences under his spell" click: HERE.(12/15)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,081 Tuesday - December 16, 2003-
Roy HornRoy Horn has been selected as one of the "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2003" on the Barbara Walters television special of the same name. Siegfried is interviewed by Walters about Roy's accident and explains what he thinks happened. The show's promo released some information, "Siegfried tells Ms. Walters that he thinks Roy suffered a stroke while on stage with Montecore -- a 400 pound white tiger -- and that Montecore acted to protect Roy. According to Siegfried, the tiger did not attack him. Siegfried says: 'If Montecore would attack him, in two seconds, Roy would not be here.'" The show is scheduled to air on Wednesday Dec. 17 at 9pm ET on ABC-TV (US). For more information click: HERE.(12/16)

The rise of theatrical magic in Korea is the subject of a Donga article that reported, "In recent times, magic is getting to settle down as a new genre loved by the young generation. In particular, magic is soaring up as a popular 'material' to be used with other performing art's genre, in order to give a brand-new show." The article mentions several shows that will premiere in the next month that will use magic and magicians." To read the Dec. 15 article titled "Dramatic and Musical Performances Equipped With Magic" click: HERE.(12/16)

Tom Lyon is scheduled to appear on "Innovation Nation" on Wednesday Dec. 17 at 8pm on BBC1 (UK). The premise of the show is of Lyon escaping from a sack that was locked with a new type of padlock that is about to be manufactured. Lyon never saw the lock in advance and there is only one in existence and it only has one key. Lyon did the stunt as a tribute to famed escape artist David DeVal.(12/16)

John Carney, Paul Green, Tony Chapek, Ken Scott, Joe M. Turner, Eddy Wade, Bill Robinson, and Scott Robinson have been announced to appear at the 2004 South Carolina Association of Magicians convention on Jan. 16-17, 2004 in Columbia, South Carolina. For more information click: HERE.(12/16)

PRESS RELEASE: Meir Yedid Magic Acquires The Rights To Seven Video Titles.

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,082 Wednesday - December 17, 2003-
Jeff HobsonJeff Hobson will get his own one-man show titled "Jeff Hobson's Money and Madness" that is scheduled to open on Feb. 9 at the Excalibur in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "He will share the second-floor venue with 'Thunder From Down Under' and do seven shows per week at $29.95, most of them in a 10 p.m. time slot." The article also reported that "Nick Lewin joins the Harrah's family with the afternoon effort, 'Laughternoon starring Nick Lewin' at Harrah's Laughlin from Jan. 13-April 17." To read the Dec. 16 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Comedy developments hog spotlight" click: HERE.(12/17)

Roger Sherman is mentioned in a Virginian - Pilot article that describes him as "…one of the finest magicians in Hampton Roads, and he also happens to be one of the funniest men anywhere." The writer also observed that "Magic is a performance, not a quiz; and sensitive audiences ought to be appreciative of an adroitly presented illusion whether or not they know how it is done even especially if they know how it is done." The article concludes with a recommendation of Jim Steinmeyer new book, "Hiding the Elephant: How Magicians Invented the Impossible and Learned To Disappear" To read the Dec. 14 article titled "Revealing The Trick, Yet Not Diminishing The Thrill" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(12/17)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

David Copperfield is featured in the current issue of  Showbiz Weekly in conjunction with his upcoming shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. To read the Dec. 21-27 article by Carla J. Zvosec titled "Beyond Belief" click: HERE.(12/17)

"The Magic of Love" starring Neech & Kali appears at The Producers Club (358 West 44th Street) in New York City on Feb. 14 at 4pm, 7pm and 9pm. Tickets are $21.50 per person.(12/17)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,083 Thursday - December 18, 2003-
The fiasco at the Outagamie Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin where the new Houdini exhibit plans on exposing magic is featured in several articles. A Post-Crescent article reported, "A rift between the Outagamie Museum and magic lovers over an upcoming Harry Houdini exhibit might have negative repercussions for the area's convention and tourism industry." Terry Bergen who is the executive director of the Outagamie Museum continues to use the same excuses as all other exposers who have tried to spoil the mystery and put magicians out of work by teaching their methods -- that of the secrets being "educational."(12/18)
--To read the Dec. 17 Post-Crescent article by Steven Hyden titled "Magicians mad about Houdini trick" click: HERE.(12/18)
--To read the Dec. 17 Associated Press article titled "Plans to reveal how trick is done irk magicians" click: HERE.(12/18)

Harry Anderson -- Image by Akemi YoshidaHarry Anderson's upcoming performance at "LAF: Laughter Arts Festival" on Jan. 10 at 8pm at the Ritz Theatre in Ohio is mentioned in an Advertiser-Tribune article that is promoting the show. Also appearing are Wendy Liebman and Brad Sherwood. To read the Dec. 18 article titled "Start 2004 at the Ritz" click: HERE.(12/18)

Kalita who is billed as the "Worlds' Only Extricationist" will present his full-evening show of magic and escapes on Saturday Dec. 20 at the Civic Auditorium in LaPorte, Indiana. Also appearing throughout the show are Kaz Kalita, Mark McDermott, and Pete Kalita. The show is a benefit for the LaPorte County Sheriffs Association.(12/18)

Lee Eun-kyol who will be presenting his show "Magic Concert" at the COEX in Seoul, Korea on Dec. 20-Jan. 4 is featured in a Korea Times article that reported, "Lee, who won the Society of American Magicians Centennial Award and ended in second at FISM 2003, an international magic contest held in the Netherlands, upgraded the level of magic scene here. With his trademark hair style looking like the Statue of Liberty, he was gifted with sense of humor as well, boasting of over 150,000 fans at his on-line fan club." The article also listed the many magic shows in the area and how to contact the local performers for lessons and shows. To read the Dec. 17 article by Yoon Ja-young "A Step Forward to the Secret of Magic" click: HERE.(12/18)

"Grand Illusions - The Story of Magic" is given a less than positive review in a DVD Talk article that reported, "The movie 'Explore the rich, fascinating culture and history of magic... Come backstage and see what's behind the curtain!" So proclaims the cover copy of Grand Illusions: The Story of Magic. Oh, if only it were so. But instead of a true exploration of an intriguing subject, we get 160 minutes of bland and nearly content-free pap." To read the Dec. 17 review by Holly E. Ordway titled "Grand Illusions - The Story of Magic" click: HERE.(12/18)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,084 Friday - December 19, 2003-
Dana DanielsDana Daniels will be appearing at Harrah's in Las Vegas on Dec. 23-77 with two shows daily. He will be taking Mac King's place while King is on vacation.(12/19)

"The Magic Of Max Malini" starring Paul Daniels will run at The Baron's Court Theatre (28 Comeragh Road) in London for a limited run in March, 2004. This is the show that sold-out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Tickets are £57 per person. For more information phone: 0208-932-4747.(12/19)

Peter Marvey, Gerry Frenette & Leonora, John Carney, Mirko, Trevor Lewis, Eun Young Lee, Dave Womach, Aldo Colombini, Juan Pablo, Manuel Muerte, Paul Green, Mike Bent, Pit Hartling, and Meir Yedid are scheduled to headline at Hank Lee's 16th annual Cape Cod Magic Conclave on April 16-18, 2004 at the Sea Crest in Falmouth, Massachusetts. For more information click: HERE.(12/19)

Will Shaw, Chris Capehart, and Rocco headline at Monday Night Magic on Dec. 22 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(12/19)

"The Magic of Love" starring Neech & Kali appears at The Producers Club (358 West 44th Street) in New York City on Feb. 14 at 4pm, 7pm and 9pm. Tickets are $21.50 per person and are available by clicking: HERE.(12/19)

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