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Archives: Week Of December 1-7, 2003
-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,070 Monday - December 1, 2003-
Mac KingMac King is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that reported, "King has been named the 2003 Magician of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts, based at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Calif. He will be presented with his award during a ceremony on May 1 at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater in Hollywood." The article also observed that "Two days before Thanksgiving this week his performance was at near capacity -- and this is the slow time of the year." The article concluded, "King has a country-boy charm that appeals to his fans, and a sense of humor that may make you forget how talented a magician he truly is." To read the Nov. 28 article by Jerry Fink titled "Offbeat afternoon show remains King's court" click: HERE.(12/1)

Murray Hatfield's annual touring illusion show, "Illusions...A Magic Spectacular!" featuring Murray Hatfield & Teresa with special guest performers Christopher Hart, Richard Forget, and Brad Cummings, continues its tour through Canada with shows at The Orillia Opera House in Orillia (Dec. 1), Govenor Simcoe School Auditorium in St. Catharines (5), Mohawk College Auditorium in Hamilton (6), Nelson High School in Burlington (7), Ryerson Theatre in Toronto (8), Kingston Collegiate Auditorium in Kingston (9), Brockville Collegiate in Brockville (10), Adult High School Auditorium in Ottawa (13-14), and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary (29-30). For ticket information contact the local ticket brokers (Ticketmaster) or event venues.(12/1)

John Hirokawa's show "Magic of Polynesia" is reviewed in a Star Bulletin article that reported, "…the show still reigns as a world-class attraction. Hirokawa is superb illusionist and entertainer. The show is outstanding in all respects." To read the Nov. 28 article by John Berger titled "Magic still aflame" click: HERE.(12/1)

The Pendragons, Earl Nelson, Steven Youell, Mark Haslam, Emiel, Rob Mollien, and Jeff Martin appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Dec. 1-7.(12/1)

David Blaine: Above The BelowDavid Blaine's Above the Below DVD is scheduled to be released today in the UK and a Yahoo Movies article discusses the contents, "As well as all the preparation and his subsequent hospital rehabilitation, this DVD also features the magician performing his tricks around the streets of London. Included too are the highlights from his Vertigo stunt from New York in which he perched on a 80 ft pole for 35 hours." To read the Nov. 28 article titled "David Blaine: Above The Below" click: HERE.(12/1)
--To purchase the DVD (UK edition only) click: HERE.

Eric Brouman gives advice on how to keep from getting ripped-off in a Plain Dealer article that describes him, "As a master of sleight of hand, he also considers himself an expert in travel scams and pickpockets. The mechanics are pretty similar." To read the Nov. 30 article by Bill Lubinger titled "Don't let thieves ruin your holiday shopping" click: HERE.(12/1)

Rev. Mike Purcell is featured in a Star-Telegram article about how he uses magic in his church. The article reported that, "Sleight of hand is one tool in the toolbox Purcell has developed in the past decade at New Hope to appeal to youths." To read the Nov. 30 article by Bryon Okada titled "Magic helps deliver the message" click: HERE.(12/1)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,071 Tuesday - December 2, 2003-
RoySiegfried and Bernie Yuman appeared on the Today show on Monday Dec. 1 with an update on Roy's improving health. Siegfried said, "He is moving now, little by little… speaking a few words... but this develops also every day." Siegfried also said that Roy is no longer on a respirator and that Roy could be back home by Christmas. A CNN article reported that, "Dave Kirvin, the duo's publicist, told CNN that Horn is still undergoing treatment for his injuries, but his doctors are optimistic the animal trainer and performer will be well enough to continue recovering at home in Las Vegas within a couple of weeks."(12/2)
--To read the Dec. 1 CNN article titled "Publicist: Magician Roy Horn may be home by month's end" click: HERE.(12/2)
--To read the Dec. 1 Associated Press article titled "Magician Roy Horn Recovering From Attack" click: HERE.(12/2)

The Mystery Lounge that has been appearing every Tuesday at the Comedy Studio (1236 Mass Ave) in Cambridge, Massachusetts will be presenting it's final show for the year on Tuesday Dec. 2. Erik Rochelle, Steve Kradolfer, Mike Bent, Jon Stetson, David Oliver, Joe Howard, and Bob Riordan will be the featured performers. Show starts at 8pm and admission is only $10 per person. For reservations and information phone: 617-661-6507.(12/2)

Jeff HobsonThe "World's Greatest Magic Show" at the Sahara in Las Vegas is featured in Showbiz Weekly article that focuses on Jeff Hobson who is described as, "His engaging humor catches the audience off guard, so that he is able to pull off some peculiar prestidigitation, such as the popular egg in the bag trick, right before their eyes. Then there's the ancient Egyptian magician he channels while dressed in an exotic turban. Sometimes he swallows fire, and at other times, he pretends to find a man in the audience attractive. Hobson keeps the audience in stitches of laughter and is an important lightning rod in the production." To read the Dec. 7-13 article by Hilary L. Green titled "Oh, That Marvelous Magic" click: HERE.(12/2)

"The Outta Control Magic Show" is reviewed in an article about dinner theaters in the current issue of Orlando Weekly. The review starts with "I'll say it flat out: This is the best dinner show I've seen in Orlando" and then explains why, "Magicians Tony Brent and Danny Devaney are top-shelf performers, and funny as hell. I laughed until my sides hurt." To read the Nov. 27 article/review by Bob Whitby titled "We went, we watched, we ate" click: HERE.(12/2)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,072 Wednesday - December 3, 2003-
Roy's road to recovery is featured in several articles that center around Siegfried's appearance on The Today Show. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article quotes Bernie Yuman, "He's not in the survival mode at all. He is in the recovery mode… I don't want to downgrade the seriousness of this, but eight weeks ago we were facing death." The reason Siegfried was in New York City was revealed in a Los Angeles Times article, "And on Monday he was in New York to tape an interview with Barbara Walters for a 'Ten Most Fascinating People of 2003' special to air later this month."(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 2 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Mike Weatherford titled "Siegfried says Roy's doing well" click: HERE.(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 1 E!Online article by Sarah Hall titled "A Christmas Miracle for Roy?" click: HERE.(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 2 Los Angeles Times article by Ann Conway titled "Siegfried without his Roy" click: HERE.(12/3-subscription site)

André Kole who is appearing in Jamaica is featured in a Jamaica Gleaner article that has him defending himself after being accused of having "satanic and occult powers." Kole said, "If I had demonic powers to do what I do, it would be much easier for me to be a magician. I would not have to have 20 persons assisting me and a truck load of thousands of pounds of equipment. I would just tell the demons 'Go do your thing' and zap - all the magic would be done. I would not need all my stuff to do the special effects." To read the Dec. 2 article by Mark Dawes titled "André Kole's million-dollar challenge" click: HERE.(12/3)

The new misconceived Houdini exhibit in Appleton, WI that is being redesigned by the "The Houdini Historical Society" is the subject of a CBS 2 Chicago story that explained, "What disturbs magicians is the big metamorphosis box. Visitors can climb into the box and figure out how a magician and an assistant are able to switch places." The reason for the exposure is given as, "Outagamie County Historical Society director Terry Bergen says the museum surveyed 700 members and found the majority want to know how the trick is done." To read the Dec. 1 story titled "Magicians upset over Houdini exhibit" click: HERE.(12/3)

Steven Dick, Reg Anderson and Ian Kendall appear at The Comedy Vault (1110 Pollackshaws Road, Shawlands Cross) in Glasgow, Scotland on Wednesday Dec. 3 at 8:30pm. This is scheduled to become a monthly event.(12/3)

Rick ThomasRick Thomas' sold out shows and evening time slot this month is discussed in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "The evening shows have a Christmas theme, with Santa Claus and holiday costumes for the dancers. At this writing, no decision had been made on whether to extend the Christmas theme to the two regular afternoon shows." Also mentioned is David Copperfield's marathon show schedule where he will do 34 shows in ten days during Dec. 23-Jan. 1. "Two Girls and a Guy" starring Scott and Jenny Alexander is also promoted. To read the Dec. 2 article by Mike Weatherford titled "There's still a chance to make Las Vegas a Christmas town" click: HERE.(12/3)

David Blaine appears in his first British television interview since finishing his Above the Below stunt. Yesterday he appeared on Eamonn Holmes's morning show (the same show that he did a couple of years ago when he didn't speak the entire time). Blaine was cheerful as he joked about having a double in the box and other scenarios, "The top looked like glass but it was a hologram glass made out of glucose… I'm just joking."(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 2 Evening Standard article titled "Blaine's London sex watch" click: HERE.(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 2 story on Five News titled "Blaine has rematch with Holmes" click: HERE.(12/3)
--To read the Dec. 2 Ananova article titled "Blaine says he was 'never in the box'" click: HERE.(12/3)

Michael Jackson's interest in magic is mentioned in an Associated Press article that reported, "He penned the theme song for the now-closed Siegfried & Roy show and once fed Apollo, their white male Siberian tiger." The article also reported, "When not witnessing magic, he's buying it at one of the city's many stores. 'He likes all kinds of things,' said Scott Alexander, 33, manager of Denny and Lee Magic Studio near the Strip." To read the Dec. 2 article by Adam Goldman titled "Jackson's Roots Run Deep in Las Vegas" click: HERE.(12/3)

PRESS RELEASE: Martinka Magic Auction Ends Sunday Dec. 7th.

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,073 Thursday - December 4, 2003-
Harry LorayneNEW YORK: Harry Lorayne who has long been synonymous the New York magic scene and with extraordinary card magic will be presenting a special lecture on Friday Dec. 5 at 8pm for SAM Parent Assembly #1 at the Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen's Club (283 Lexington Ave.) in New York City. The exclusive event is the annual "Willie Schneider Memorial Lecture" produced by Meir Yedid. The lecture is free to all members of SAM #1 and closed to all others.(12/4)

Lance Burton who has been appearing on "Hollywood Squares" all this week will now be considered a regular celebrity guest. The current shows will be rerun in March and Burton is scheduled to tape another week of shows in January that will air on Apr. 19-23.(12/4)

Timothy Wenk's recycling themed magic show is featured in a Palladium-Item article that reported, "Throughout the show Wenk used magic to show students how they could recycle. He made a phone book lose its ink and the year change on the front cover. The point was even phone books could be recycled to use again." To read the Dec. 3 article by Hali Cartee titled "Recycling magic" click: HERE.(12/4)

The 29th Australian Convention of Magicians has announced its lineup for the Jun. 11-14, 2004 event in Melbourne, Australia. Featured performers scheduled to appear include: Norbert Ferré, Aldo Colombini, Lee Eun-Gyeol, Henry Evans, Enzo Ficco, Andrew Gill,  Anthony Demasi, Ash Jackson,  Ashley Barnett, Barry Govan, Cath Jamison, Charles Gauci, Chuck Fayne, Cosentino,  David Wright, Dean Atkinson, Earl Shatford, Felicity Rogers, Geoff Conrau,  Adrian Kebbe, Jack Spades, J Koh, James Galea,  Jonathan Rubel, Kamal Bhushan, Kent Blackmore, Michael Boyd, Mark Mayer, Matt Hollywood, Michael Sullivan, Nelson, Patti Stiles, Phil Bevan, Phil Cass, Sam Powers,  Sean Taylor, Simon Coronel, Steve Walker, Sue-Anne Webster, Tammii Twister, Tim Ellis, Tim You, and Warren Jackman. For more information click: HERE.(12/4)

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-VOLUME: 72 / ISSUE: 2,074 Friday - December 5, 2003-
The 32nd Annual International Magic ConventionThe 32nd Annual International Magic Convention takes place on Dec. 6-7 in London. Featured performers this year are J.C. Wagner (USA), Carlos Vaquera (Belgium), Armando Lucero (USA), Jean-Pierre Vallarino (France), Ryan Swigert (USA), and Tom Stone (SWEDEN). One of the highlights to the event has always been the prestigious International close-up competition. This year's competitors have been announced in advance, Alex Cahill (U.K.), Carducci & Jim Langley (USA & UK), Seth Engstrom (Sweden), Andy Field (U.K.), Dr. Szabo Gabor (Hungary), Ferenc Galambos (Hungary), Hayashi (Germany), Sean Heydon (U.K.), Jupiter (Hungary), Paul McCormack (U.K.), Tony Price (Belgium), Tom Stone (Sweden), Ryan Swigert (U.S.A.), Manolo Talman (Spain), Carlos Vaquera (Belgium), and Michael Vincent (U.K.). For more information click: HERE.(12/5)

Michael Chaut, Master Lee, and Simon Lovell headline at Monday Night Magic on Dec. 8 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(12/5)

David Blaine spoke out about Sky TV's reporting on his stunt during the 44 day ordeal, "We got Channel 4 and Sky involved because we needed the capital to hire the crane and set up the site. I'd much rather it was just with Channel 4, though. I had no idea Sky was going to do a live camera. I never watch TV and when I turned on Sky I realised it was nothing to do with what this stunt was about." The Guardian article also quoted Blaine about the financial arrangement, "Money had nothing to do with it. I only made $100,000 on that. I know that that sounds a lot, but I can make that amount in one hour doing card tricks at a party for rich people." To read the Dec. 4 article by John Plunkett titled "Blaine blasts Sky over starvation stunt coverage" click: HERE.(12/5)

The annual auction devoted to magic, conjuring antiques and automata at the Galerie de Chartres in Chartes, France will take place on Sunday Dec. 7. For more information click: HERE.(12/5)

Barry Khoo is mentioned in The Star where they report, "The highlight of Khoo's show will be the magical transformation of champagne bottles into birds and also his famous now-you-see-it, now-you-don't' tricks using cards and ropes." Khoo will be appearing at the Starwalk 2003 in Malaysia. To read the Dec. 4 article titled "Khoo to mesmerise crowd with his magic" click: HERE.(12/5)

Derren Brown's Russian Roulette routine that aired live on British television in October received some complaints about glamorizing the use of guns and has been under investigation. The British Broadcasting Standards Commission rejected complaints today and stated, "The programme was clearly based on and promoted as an illusion, similar to others that had been publicly performed in the past."(12/5)
--To read the Dec. 4 Guardian article by Chris Tryhorn titled "Channel 4 cleared over 'Russian roulette' stunt" click: HERE.(12/5)
--To read the Dec. 4 BBC News article titled "TV gun stunt complaints rejected" click: HERE.(12/5)

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