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Archives: Week Of November 24-30, 2003
-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,065 Monday - November 24, 2003-
Phil WillmarthPhil Willmarth who has been consulting with the Carolina Ballet on their production of The Nutcracker is featured in a News Observer article that quotes Willmarth, "Magic requires a certain amount of precision and handling to take place to be effective… You could be facing the wrong way, thus revealing it to the audience. You may be lifting your hands too high, making the method of the trick to follow obvious. With ballet, you must also do this to music, you can't talk and you can't leave a mess on the floor, where someone may trip over it. You must coordinate everything." The article also gives a brief biography of Willmarth's career in magic. To read the Nov. 23 article by Joanna Kakissis titled "The magic of 'Nutcracker'" click: HERE.(11/24)

The 5th Shanghai International Magic Festival is described in a China Daily article that focused on their presentation of a close-up evening show featuring Lennart Green, Patrick Martin, John Armstrong, and Boris Wild. The article reported, "The exclusive close-up magic show, the first of its kind in the festival's 10-year history, was held on November 16. The organizers, who were initially concerned about the market potential of this new genre, now admit they underestimated the city's hunger for this newly-emerging trend. 'The success of close-up magic came as a complete surprise,'' says Yu Yigang, secretary-general of the festival's organizing committee. 'So far as I remember, this also marks the first close-up magic show in China.' Surely it won't be the last." The convention also held a close-up competition and the winners were, "…champion Chow Man Tsung from Hong Kong, runner-up Xu Fengmei from Beijing and third-place winner Yan Jianrong from Lanzhou, Gansu Province." To read the Nov. 21 article titled "Abracadabra! Magic, close up" click: HERE.(11/24)

Harry Monti, Gregory Wilson, Tom Ogden, Ivan Amodei, Matt Marcy, Chris Mitchell, Wen Fa Sheng, Alexander, and Bob Stone appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Nov. 24-30.(11/24)

The Amazing Kreskin's upcoming appearances are reported in a Courier-Journal that looks at his career, "The seed for Kreskin's career was planted, he said, when he was just 5 and read his first 'Mandrake the Magician' comic book – 'one of the most pivotal points of my life… Mandrake wasn't so much a magician but someone who had hypothetical telepathic abilities,' Kreskin continued. 'Fifty years later at a luncheon I attended with Mandrake's creator, Lee Falk, Lee said to me, 'I want you to know that of all the people who I have come to know in my lifetime, you come the closest to optimizing what the character Mandrake was able to do.'" To read the Nov. 21 article by Gioia Patton titled "Prepare to be amazed by Kreskin" click: HERE.(11/24)

Jewel AichJewel Aich who has long been the leading magician in Bangladesh is featured in an AFP article that reported, "People queue up to see his act, despite the high fee -- as much as 2,500 taka (43 dollars) -- although he sometimes performs for free for people who cannot afford to pay what is the equivalent of a monthly salary for some Bangladeshis." Aich is quoted, "I do nothing for a living, but magic helps me live, it is my love, my addiction, everything… I am still a child and I play with my ideas while at the same time people pay me by enjoying my games." To read the Nov. 23 article titled "Bangladesh's best magician floats on air, guillotines audience" click: HERE.(11/24)

Andre Kole's appearances in Jamaica on Nov. 22-Dec. 6 are reported in a Jamaica Gleaner article that offered, "Considered one of the greatest magical entertainers of our time, Kole will cause people to materialise and dematerialise on stage and do other seemingly 'impossible phenomena'. 'As an illusionist, I do not waste my time trying to accomplish that which is possible, but rather I concentrate on that which is impossible,' Kole said." To read the Nov. 22 article titled "World-famous magician coming to Jamaica" click: HERE.(11/24)

Kevin and Cindy Spencer's college shows and therapeutic magic program are the subject of a Keys News article that reported, "The Spencers presented a morning workshop to occupational, physical and speech therapists Saturday morning about their 'Healing Magic' outreach program. During the workshop, which was sponsored by the Founder's Society, the magicians from Virginia taught the therapists how to teach basic magic tricks that require the fine motor skills the therapists focus on." To read the Nov. 23 article by Mandy Bolen titled "Keys' magical wonders spellbound by new tricks for therapy" click: HERE.(11/24)

David Copperfield's appearances at the Louisville Palace is reported in a Courier-Journal article that concluded, "All in all, the magician, who began performing when he was 14 and has walked through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty disappear, is still able to shock and awe." To read the Nov. 22 article by Dana Norton titled "Shazam! Live audience finds Copperfield a magic moment" click: HERE.(11/24)

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,066 Tuesday - November 25, 2003-
The Houdini MuseumThe Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is voted as the "Best Museum" in an Electric City feature that was dedicated to the best Northeast Pennsylvania has to offer. Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brook's museum also received an award for having the "Best Museum Exhibit" with their display of Houdini's Handcuffs that were described as, "Bound in Awe, It's hard enough to believe that Houdini managed some of the spectacular escapes with which he is credited, but after staring at the actual tools of this legend's trade any museum visitor is bound to be filled with awe." To read the Nov. 20 article titled "Best of NEPA 2003 Where 'Old' is the new 'New'" click: HERE.(11/25)

David Saxe's "Ovation" which opened at the Aladdin is reviewed in the Las Vegas Sun where it received four stars and describes it as, "…a fun show with broad-based appeal using a technique as old as vaudeville -- staging a series of unrelated acts that amazes, amuses and thrills an audience without busting the family budget." Magicians Mark Kornhauser and Jason Byrne are in the current edition of the show. To read the Nov. 21 review by Jerry Fink titled "With 'Ovation,' Saxe has a winner in the bag" click: HERE.(11/25)

"Ovation" is also reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where they report, "The new show, 'Ovation' in the renamed Ovation Theatre proves there are plenty of impressive variety acts to go around." The review concludes that the secret of the show is that, "people love being entertained by the skills of other people, and one that a lot of our other high-technology diversions seem to forget." To read the Nov. 21 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Variety acts in Aladdin's 'Ovation' are hit-or-miss" click: HERE.(11/25)

CALIFORNIA: Bob Sheets will present a special workshop on the "Three Shells" for IBM #76 on Nov. 26. The workshop will take place at Jack's Magic Place in San Diego. For reservations and information phone: 619-299-9037.(11/25)

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing A New Book -- A Great New Item For Christmas!

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,067 Wednesday - November 26, 2003-
David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield's "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" is previewed in a Treasure Coast & Palm Beaches article that quotes him about his career, "I'm lucky, but I also work really, really hard… I had a dream of sharing this kind of thing with people and having them like it, so I was lucky that somebody said 'Hey, this is pretty cool.' …And I work very hard to keep it current, keep it growing and exciting -- for me as well as the audience." Copperfield also said about his show, "If you go and watch it like you're watching a movie, and immerse yourself in it, you're going to have an experience that's pretty wonderful." To read the Nov. 25 article by Bill DeYoung titled "David Copperfield, performing at Kravis Center, inspired by cinema" click: HERE.(11/26)

David Copperfield is interviewed in the Palm Beach Post where he observes, "All of my show-business idols, whether it's Frank Sinatra or Fred Astaire, all took their work seriously but had fun. That's what I try to do." Asked about exposure shows Copperfield explained, "I think it's like when you see a car accident, and you kind of want to look. You crane your neck to see. You feel bad about having done that, but you're still curious. In the end, it's better not to know." He is also asked about Siegfried & Roy and David Blaine. To read the Nov. 26 article by Leslie Gray Streeter titled "A few words with David Copperfield" click: HERE.(11/26)

Joe M. Turner will perform three stage shows at the 14th annual "Lighting of the Chateau" celebration on Friday, Nov. 28 at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia. Between the shows Turner will also be performing close-up magic for the guests. For more information on the event click: HERE.(11/26)

André Kole is featured in a Jamaica Gleaner article that quotes him, "A magician is one who uses natural means to create a supernatural effect. There is nothing supernatural in magic - it is only the illusion of the supernatural." The article also looks at Kole's career in and out of magic, "To date he has invented more than 1,000 tricks. In the magical profession he is considered to be one of the three leading magical inventors. Several of the best known magicians in the world use his inventions." To read the Nov. 25 article by Mark Dawes titled "Magician André Kole uses craft for Christian ministry" click: HERE.(11/26)

André Kole's appearance at the Ward Theatre in Jamaica is discussed in a Jamaica Observer article that reported, "'How did he do that?' and 'I don't believe that, it simply isn't possible,' were just some of the exciting comments from patrons who attended the performance." To read the Nov. 26 article by Andrea Waite titled "Using magic for Christ" click: HERE.(11/26)

James Randi's lecture is described in an Oswego Daily News article that reported, "The frames on his face had no lenses, and the microphone in front of him wasn't turned on. He had used a ruse. He stood in front of the microphone to make us assume he was using it. He instead was using a simple radio microphone on his chest. He wore frames to make us assume they had lenses." To read the Nov. 26 article by Alan Gallagher titled "Magician Shares His Skepticism In College Appearance" click: HERE.(11/26)

PRESS RELEASE: John Bannon Impossibilia and Smoke & Mirrors released on DVD.

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,068 Thursday - November 27, 2003-
Jenny Alexander, Scott Alexander, Sarafina "Two Girls & a Guy" starring Jenny Alexander, Sarafina and Scott Alexander opened this month at Fitzgerald's Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Jenny told MagicTimes, "We've structured the show to feature each one of us individually and also performing together.  It's a small theatre... a cabaret type feel... and this lends itself so well to the very personalized and intimate atmosphere we are going for." The show features the magic and comedy of Jenny and Scott as well as the song and dance of Sarafina. Admission to the 45-minute show is free with a one-drink minimum per person. For more information click: HERE.(11/27)

David Copperfield's upcoming appearance in Indiana is previewed in a Star Press article that describes many of the new illusions in his show and reported, "Copperfield also opened the International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts in 1991, which houses the world's largest collection of the history of magical arts. The museum contains 80,000 pieces, including magic books that date back to the 16th century and Houdini memorabilia." Asked about his future Copperfield commented, "We're working on some really cool new things… I'm still hungry, so you can expect to see a lot more stuff." To read the Nov. 26 article by Carl Byers titled "Copperfield makes magic out of everyday dreams" click: HERE.(11/27)

Steve Wyrick who was scheduled to open his new show at the Aladdin on Nov. 28 has postponed the opening  till Dec. 11.(11/27)

David Blaine who was attending the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation gala is mentioned in a New York Times article that described his meeting with the columnist." To read the Nov. 26 article by Joyce Wadler titled "Next Time, Get a Box With Cable" click: HERE.(11/27)

Ed Junior who will present his "Ultimate Illusions" show on Dec. 5 at the Albright College’s Wachovia Theatre is featured in the school's newspaper, "Ed will attempt the world's most dangerous escape, 'Cheating Death.' Locked, chained collared and handcuffed to the inside of a steel cabinet, he will have to free himself before 10 spikes, each two feet in length, come crashing down at over 30 mph. He will have two minutes and 30 seconds to make the escape." To read the Nov. 24 article titled "Local Magician Attempts to Cheat Death at Albright College" click: HERE.(11/27)

James Randi is mentioned in a Metro Santa Cruz article about spoon bending and "Metal Bending Parties" that reported, "Randi says--and has said for 30 years--that spoon bending is just a parlor trick, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with 'psychic' abilities. If you believe otherwise, you're being hornswoggled." The article concluded, "Call it a cop-out if you must, but I have no idea how spoon bending works. But it obviously does work. Maybe it does indeed have something to do with the subconscious and/or some undocumented combination of biochemical, electrical and magnetic something-or-other that changes the arrangements of molecules in the spoon." To read the Nov. 27 article by Gary Singh titled "Twisted Experience" click: HERE.(11/27)

PRESS RELEASE: Give Harry Lorayne One Evening And He'll Give You A Push-Button Memory!!

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,069 Friday - November 28, 2003-
Ovation"Ovation" which recently opened at the Aladdin is reviewed in the Las Vegas Mercury that describes Jason Byrne as, "…among the best in the business at transforming birds from folded paper, scarves and yo-yos." Mark Kornhauser is described as the, "…master of ceremonies and also performs his own material. As master of all zip codes, Kornhauser encourages audience members to shout out their zip codes. From these, he is able to identify where they live. The comic also attempts to predict other 'personal information' such as the color of their lawn or if they have cousins." To read the Nov. 27 review by Barbara Scherzer titled "Variety pack" click: HERE.(11/28)

NEVADA: Jeff Sheridan will perform and lecture at IBM #257's first Holiday Get-Together on Monday Dec. 1 at 7pm. The event will be held at Gameworks (3785 Las Vegas Blvd.) in Las Vegas. Admission is by donation and all proceeds will go to benefit "Magic Youth International" in Las Vegas. For more information phone: 702-683-2689 or e-mail:

Puck, Chris McDaniel, John Graham headline at Monday Night Magic on Dec. 1 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(11/28)

NEW YORK: Rogue Productions Presents it's first "Annual Magic Competition" on Sunday Nov. 30 at 6pm at the Rogue Magic & Funshop (85-08 Queens Blvd) in Elmhurst. The competition will have a close-up and a stage division and each will be split into two age groups. Judges include Simon Lovell, Carl Mercurio and Matt Puglisi and prizes range from cash to magic. Admission for audience members is $15 per person. For more information about competing or attending phone: 718-505-0316.(11/28)

NEW YORK: Carl Mercurio lectures on Monday Dec. 1 at 7pm at the Magical Arts Centre (578 Warburton Ave.) in Hastings-On-Hudson. Admission is $20.00 per person. For more information phone: 914-478-2680.(11/28)

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