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Archives: Week Of November 3-9, 2003
-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,050 Monday - November 3, 2003-
David Blaine will appear on Larry King Live on Wednesday Nov. 5 at 9pm ET (times vary around the world) on CNN-TV. A company press release reported that "In a worldwide exclusive, American illusionist David Blaine will be interviewed by CNN’s Larry King on Thursday, 6 November 2003. The interview marks Blaine’s first television interview since his 44-day voluntary starvation in a Plexiglas box next to the River Thames in London. The internationally renowned performance artist will discuss the stunt and the reaction from the public." Transcript of the interview will appear on the web shortly after the show.(11/3)

David Copperfield is interviewed in a Bergen Record feature in conjunction with his appearance in Atlantic City where he explained how to present good magic, "First of all, you don't want to make it a trick. You don't want to trick anybody. Not that the word trick offends me, it's just that I want to involve the audience in a fantasy. I want the audience to root for what I'm doing to happen. I don't want them to hope it fails." To read the Oct. 31 article titled "His magic is a joint effort" click: HERE.(11/3)

"The Magic Of Japan" is this week's theme at the Magic Castle where featured performers include Tomo Maeda, Kohei Kobayashi & Gitaro, Shintaro Fujiyama, Natsuki Wada, Arajin & Yuka, Whit Haydn, Jon Armstrong, Bruce Cervon, and Howard Jay on Nov. 3-9.(11/3)

Petrick & MiaUS/CANADA: Petrick & Mia are currently traveling through the East Coast and Canada presenting their "Farewell Lecture Tour" featuring new products, routines and a show. You can catch them in Hollywood, FL on Nov. 4 (954-474-7474), Tampa, FL on Nov. 6 (813-882-9541), Columbia, SC on Nov. 9 (803-781-6112), Cookville, TN on Nov. 10 (931-372-8941), Columbus, OH on Nov. 11 (614-895-8417), Harrisburg, PA on Nov. 12 (717-737-7559), New York City on Nov. 13 (212-929-4500), Boston, MA on Nov. 14 (781-853-0037), Montreal, Canada on Nov. 17 (514-698-3923), and Gatineau, Canada on Nov. 18 (819-664-6244).(11/3)

Andy Dallas who owns Dallas & Co. Costumes & Magic in Champaign, Illinois is featured in a Daily Illini article where he pointed out, "My main love is magic and Halloween is just what keeps the store open." The article also discusses the Society Of American Magicians and describes the items in the store. Dallas also explained that he is about to unleash a new act he has been working on for 25 years and concluded by explaining, "I'm living out my dreams and that's the nice part… I don't feel bad about getting up and coming to work." To read the Oct. 31 article by Zachary Campillo titled "Local store owner still 'living, breathing world of magic'" click: HERE.(11/3)

The Houdini Séance is reported in a KOMO 4 News story. To read the Oct. 31 article by John Sharify titled "Channeling The Sprit Of Eric Weiss" click: HERE.(11/3)

Peter Togel who performs as "Pit Finn" is featured in a Daily Gazette article that reported, "In his latest stage production, Togel performs a bullet catch illusion using an air pressure pistol and darts. In another, he plays Russian roulette. Other highlights include foreseeing newspaper headlines and winning lottery numbers." To read the Oct. 29 article by Ann Patton titled "Sharing God's Magic" click: HERE.(11/3)

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,051 Tuesday - November 4, 2003-
Jeff McBrideJeff McBride is described as "One of the world’s most innovative contemporary magicians" in a Korea Times feature promoting the upcoming appearance of his, "Abracadazzle!" show on Nov. 19-23 in Korea. The article reported that, "In addition to performing, he will also open his magic school to teach simple magic tricks for all comers on November 15, 16. There also will be a master class for professional magicians at the Ritz Carlton Hotel." To read the Nov. 3 article by Lee Yong-sung titled "Abracadazzle! We Are All Magicians With McBride" click: HERE.(11/4)

Gay Blackstone appears on KTLA Channel 5 on Tuesday Nov. 4 doing multiple segments promoting the Blackstone Auction, which goes online on ebay and starting November 5 and ending November 15.(11/4)

Todd Robbins is featured in a Los Angeles Times article about his association with the Coney Island Sideshow School where he is the "Dean." The article describes the school as, "a twice-annual course for the nonsqueamish few who aren't put off by a curriculum that includes 'fundamentals of sword swallowing,' 'broken glass walking' and 'hand in animal trap.'" The article related that, "Although Robbins occasionally uses magic tricks, what he likes about the sideshow arts is the absence of illusion. Those are real light bulbs he's munching -- more than 3,000 in his career to date -- and that's a real lighted cigar he puts out on his tongue each performance. 'Seeing someone do the impossible can inspire you to rethink what's possible in your own life,' he said." To read the Nov. 3 article by Thomas S. Mulligan titled "Performer Passing Sideshow Torch" click: HERE.(11/4)

David Groves' "Magic In The Burbs" will be moving to Wednesdays at the Coffee Klatch (806 W. Arrow Highway) in San Dimas, California. This week's performers include Rick Castro, James Holguin, and John Guastaferro. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-599-0452.(11/4)

Penn & TellerLance Burton, Channing Pollock, and Penn & Teller are shooting segments this week for the new six-part BBC documentary series titled "The History of Magic." According to a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "Each hourlong chapter will explore an aspect of magic, from the form's ritualized violence (such as sawing someone in half) to the sleight-of-hand and misdirection involved in close-up magic. Other chapters focus on 'Danger,' 'Beyond Belief' (levitation and transformation), 'Smoke and Mirrors' and 'Mentalism.'" The article also reported that Penn and Teller's Showtime series "Bullshit!" "will return to the cable network for its second season next April. Production resumes on the show, in which Penn and Teller use their knowledge of con games and trickery to expose hokum, debunk junk science and unmask those who prey on the gullible." Penn & Teller also just taped a segment for the NBC show "Las Vegas." To read the Nov. 3 article by Carol Cling titled "BBC crew to interview Lance Burton, Penn and Teller" click: HERE.(11/4)

Alain Nu, Thin Air, Bob Sheets, Rich Bloch, and Barry Wood perform at Wednesday Wizardry on Nov. 5 at 7:30pm at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn (311 Kent Square Road) in Kentlands, Maryland. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 301-258-6394.(11/4)

Magic on the British television series is the subject of an Evening Times article that mentioned magicians Phillip Schofield, Penn & Teller, David Blaine, Uri Geller, Paul Daniels, The Pendragons, and Rene Lavand. To read the Nov. 1 article titled "We're all in for a magic night; Tricks will amaze and astound" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(11/4)

Keven Thompson has been entertaining families who have lost their homes in the California fires is featured in a Daily Press article about his appearance at a Red Cross shelter, "For the past week, Thompson, 24, has been a barber by day and a comedian performing magic shows for local evacuation centers by night." The article also reported, "Although Thompson dreams of making it big in Las Vegas someday, just sharing his talent with out-of-towners and making kids laugh in the face of disaster is rewarding enough: 'I want them to know that the High Desert is the biggest small town in the world.'" To read the Nov. 3 article by Mary K. Dunning titled "Barber by day, magician by night" click: HERE.(11/4)

Sarah Straney who performs as "Lady Sarah" is featured in the University of South Carolina's Gamecock newspaper where they discuss her shows, "It's her technique - but not just the sleight of hand. Children's magician Sarah Strainey captivates both with magic tricks and her stage personality, the befuddled Lady Sarah." The article also reported that she hosts a weekly children's show at the Comedy House Theater and is a student of John Tudor. To read the Oct. 31 article by Corey Garriott titled "The Witching Hour" click: HERE.(11/4-Member site)

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,052 Wednesday - November 5, 2003-
World's Greatest Magic ShowThe "World's Greatest Magic Show" at the Sahara in Las Vegas is featured in this week's Showbiz Magazine. The show is described as, "Emceed by funnyman Jeff Hobson, the show consists of more than half a dozen, alternating magicians, each of whom brings something slightly different to the mix, as well as some glamorous showgirls, who also serve as magician assistants here and there." Mentioned in the article are Billy Ferguson, Joseph Gabriel, Nicholas Knight, The Majestix, and Kevin James & Arturo. The story concludes, "World's Greatest Magic is a fast-moving presentation of a variety of styles of magic that will entertain the entire family." To read the Nov. 9-16 article by Hilary L. Green titled "A World Of Magic" click: HERE.(11/5)

David Merry appear at Jr's Last Laugh (1402 State Street) in Erie, Pennsylvania on Nov. 6-8 with five performances of his award winning "Don't Panic" comedy and magic show. Tickets are available by phoning: 814-461-0911.(10/5)

Paul Daniels will be presenting his new Masterclass on January 11, 2004 in Las Vegas. The event will be co-sponsored by and will coincide with the World Magic Seminar. The new program will feature new information not covered in the 2003 edition of the Masterclass. The focus this year will be "about improving performance skills, as well as business aspects of developing a career in magic." Other US appearances are currently in negotiations. For more information click: HERE.(11/5)

Michael VincentMichael Vincent wins "The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of The Year Competition" on Monday Nov. 3 in London. This is the third time Vincent won the competition making him the only person to win the prestigious honor that many times. After winning the competition Vincent commented, "Winning The Magic Circle Close-up Competition has to be the aim of anyone wanting to promote magic to a wider audience. We really do have a number of incredibly talented performers in this country and I am confident that, with the renewed interest in magic, you will see this talent coming to the fore."(11/5)

MARYLAND: Jahn Gallo lectures on Thursday Nov. 6 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(11/5)

PRESS RELEASE: Meir Yedid Magic Purchases The Rights To The Original "Stars Of Magic"

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,053 Thursday - November 6, 2003-

The Blackstone Magic Collection"The Blackstone Magic Collection" is being auctioned on Nov. 15 at 11am-6pm in the "Monsters & Magic" auction at The Sofitel in Los Angeles, California. The event is being organized by Julien Entertainment and Odyssey Auctions who will also be accepting bids through ebay. Unlike the previous Blackstone auction this one features many of his trademark illusions like the Buzz Saw, Floating Lightbulb, Vanishing Birdcage, and many of the stage illusions he used in his live shows, TV appearances and tradeshows. Also being sold are one-of a kind custom illusions, personal ephemera, awards and plaques, books, programs, posters, magic sets, silks, many smaller magic props and tons of costumes. On Nov. 14 Gay Blackstone will host a viewing and reception where she will demonstrate and discuss some of the illusions. A beautiful, full-color catalog is available for only $15 with 108 pages dedicated to Blackstone and features color photographs of the more than 400 items being sold.(11/6)
--To view all the items offered for sale (229-435) click: HERE.(11/6)
--To visit the Julien Entertainment auction site click: HERE.(11/6)
--To view the ebay edition of the auction click: HERE.(11/6)

CALIFORNIA: The 8th Los Angeles Conference On Magic History takes place in North Hollywood on Nov. 6-8. The by-invitation-only event that is organized every two years by Mike Caveney, John Gaughn, Frankie Glass, Joan Lawton and Jim Steinmeyer has been sold out for a while with many magicians and historians on a waiting list. The events planned are always kept secret until the conference starts but they have never failed to shock the attendees with innovative presentations and surprise speakers.(11/6)

David Blaine spent a full hour on Larry King Live on Wednesday where he discussed his "Above The Below" stunt while they showed footage of the event that has not aired in the United States. Blaine covered many subjects including his live show, future stunts, discussed his journal and the release of his Mysterious Stranger book in soft cover. He mentioned that nobody was able to solve the puzzle in the hardcover and win the $100,000 so he gave a clue to the viewers, "The clue is, if my tattoo is fearless, then climb 10 weeks to find the route, and route is spelled r-o-u-t-e. If my tattoo is fearless and climb 10 weeks to find the route -- the other thing I would say is drop the most common dice number that's thrown on a craps table." Blaine later added, "That's a very serious clue. I mean, that puts you right there." To read the Nov. 5 transcript of the interview click: HERE.(11/6)
--To purchase a copy of the new paperback edition of Mysterious Stranger click: HERE.(11/6)

Jackson Rayne is planning a stunt on Nov. 7 at 7:30pm at the Sparks Pool of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He plans on being, "shackled inside a canvas bag, locked in a coffin, and buried 10 feet underwater. Jackson must escape his shackles, and pick the locks on his bag and coffin before running out of air - risking injury or even death."(11/6)

"The Magic of Drew Thomas" which appears on Saturday in Palos Hills, Illinois is featured in a Daily Southtown article that quotes him, "We're known to be one of the most lavish productions outside of Las Vegas." Also on the show is Phillip Kaiser. To read the Nov. 5 article by Vickie Snow titled "Pulling fun from thin air" click: HERE.(11/6)

OKLAHOMA: The Oklahoma City Cavalcade of Magic sponsored by IBM #46 takes place on Nov. 7-9 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Headliners include: Bill Malone, Eric DeCamps, David Sandy, Roger Klause, Brad Henderson, David Hira, Michael P. Lair, Bill Pitts, Jim Short & Lee Woodside, and David Thomas. For more information click: HERE.(10/6)

MICHIGAN: Daryl, Garrett Thomas, Dan Tong, and Dan Fleshman headline at John Luka's 7th Annual Motor City Close-Up Convention on Nov. 7-9 at the Ramada Inn in Taylor. For more information click: HERE.(11/6)

PRESS RELEASE: Magicians Announce Special Education Program.

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-VOLUME: 71 / ISSUE: 2,054 Friday - November 7, 2003-
Criss AngelCriss Angel's latest television special, "Supernatural," has been sold to air around the globe. It is currently scheduled to air in Canada (SPACE TV on Nov. 9), United Kingdom (Sky 1), Malaysia/Indonesia (Vision), New Zealand (TV3), Thailand (UBC), Pan Asia (Star). His original special, "Mindfreak," had been previously sold and has aired around the world. Angel is the executive producer and director for both specials. His Japanese special that appeared on Oct. 4 received a very high 10.4 share.(11/7)

Eddie Murphy's next movie roll in "The Incredible Shrinking Man" is described all over the press as "an arrogant Las Vegas magician 'pissed' that he's been assigned to the day show. The movie producer Brian Grazer explained in a Sci-Fi Wire article, "It's Eddie with his edgy attitude, being like David Copperfield or David Blaine. ... But he's somehow been relegated to do the day show, like babysitting kids. And he's pissed. …When Murphy's character begins shrinking, 'the audience believed that that was part of the show.'" The movie will begin shooting in March and is scheduled to be released in 2005.(11/7)
--To read the Nov. 5 Sci-Fi Wire story titled "Shrinking Grows In March" click: HERE.(11/7)
--To read the Nov. 6 JamMovies article titled "Murphy heads up 'Shrinking Man'" click: HERE.(11/7)

"World's Greatest Magic Show" at the Sahara is reviewed in a Las Vegas Mercury article that described it as ,"For this production, eight top-tier magicians each perform their two or three best tricks within a 10-minute spot. Although these illusionists are not yet household names, most have previously appeared in shows on the Strip. Here they display a killer caliber of hocus-pocus and give the audience an amazing evening." Mentioned in the article are Jeff Hobson, Joseph Gabriel, The Majestix, Nicholas Knight, Kevin James, and Sylvester the Jester. To read the Nov. 6 review by Barbara Scherzer titled "Magic men" click: HERE.(11/7)

David Blaine's appearance on Larry King Live on Wednesday received a number of follow-up articles in newspapers around the world who repeated some of his statements. Mostly the articles centered around his announced "Dive Of Death" stunt to jump out of a helicopter into a body of water on his next birthday on Apr. 4, 2004.(11/7)
--To read the Nov. 6 BBC News article titled "Blaine plans chopper leap stunt" click: HERE.(11/7)
--To read the Nov. 6 Evening Standard article by James Langton titled "Blaine jumps to it" click: HERE.(11/7)

Monday Night MagicPuck, The Great Throwdini, and Simon Lovell headline at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 10 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(11/7)

Jackson Rayne's upcoming stunt is reported in a KATU-TV show that described it as, "Rayne's is going to be shackled inside a canvas bag, locked in a coffin and immersed in ten feet of water. The stunt tomorrow gives the 22-year-old magician 90 seconds to free himself. The stunt is at 7:30 p.m. in the Sparks Pool at Willamette University. It's free and open to the public." To read the Nov. 6 story titled "Illusionist rides coffin into deep water" click: HERE.(11/7)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Nov. 8 at 2pm and 4pm.(11/7)

David Harris is featured in a Sun article that discusses his recent Halloween appearance and reported, "Harris said that within a few years, though, he would like to make the transition to becoming a full-time magician, supporting himself solely on his magic. He said that he’s doing what he loves, and that gives him a great sense of purpose." To read the Nov. 6 article by James Proescholdt titled "Local magician casts his spell over Twin Cities" click: HERE.(11/7)

ARIZONA: George Schindler will be lecturing for SAM #136 on Nov. 10 at 7pm at the Embassy Suites (5335 East Broadway Blvd.) in Tucson (520-790-0081) and for SAM #248 on Nov. 11 at 7:30pm at Denny's Back Room (Cactus & Tatum) in Phoenix (602-717-0730).(11/7)

MARYLAND: Steve Reynolds lectures on Nov. 8 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(11/7)

PENNSYLVANIA: The 28th Annual Magic Saturday sponsored by SAM #92 takes place on Nov. 8 at the Kutztown Fire Hall (10 Noble St.) in Kutztown. Headliners include: Bob Little, Joseph, Andrew Hatch, Mark, and Ed Junior. Admission is $25 per person. For more information phone: 610-866-4511.(11/7)

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