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Archives: Week Of October 27-November 2, 2003
-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,045 Monday - October 27, 2003-
Criss AngelCriss Angel's Supernatural television special that airs on Oct. 31 on the Sci-Fi channel is previewed in a Ventura County Star article that describes some of what will be on the show, "Friday's special shows him walking in burning clothes, a typical Hollywood stunt except for the fact that Angel isn't wearing anything to protect his face and hands. Also, he is doing this for 45 seconds. In the special, stuntman Mark Chadwick said stunt performers normally do that only for a few seconds." The one item that will probably cause the most amount of talk among magicians is described as, "Angel has a quarter roll up his arm -- on the inside of his skin." To read the Oct. 26 article by Dave Mason titled "Magician is beside himself, literally" click: HERE.(10/27)

David Blaine disappeared from his hospital room on Friday night around 6pm. A Sun article reported that "The hungry illusionist stunned medics by simply leaving a note on his bed reading: 'Thank you.' …A clinic insider added: 'Blaine left all his belongings but disappeared leaving a note to thank the staff. He had a friend waiting to drive him away and vanished into the night."(10/27)
--To read the Oct. 25 Sun article by Clodagh Hartley titled "Famished Blaine is gone" click: HERE.(10/27)
--To read the Oct. 26 New York Post article by Adam Miller titled "Blaine's New Trick: Gone In A Tick" click: HERE.(10/27)
--To read the Oct. 27 Daily Record article by Vickylogan titled "Blaine Nookie Famine Is Over" click: HERE.(10/27)

Fred Jurgensen who owned the Theophilus Magic Co. and performed as Kai Jurgens died on Wednesday Oct. 22 at the age of 64. A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quotes his daughter, Laura Pawelski, "The magic was everything to him… It was life." The article also reported that, "Family members are considering plans to keep the shop open a couple of days a week. Jurgensen also was the founder and president of the local chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, as well as a member of other professional groups." To read the Oct. 26 article by Amy Rabideau Silvers titled "Jurgensen saw magic in spreading laughter" click: HERE.(10/27)

Terry Seabrooke, George Saterial, Jason Latimer, Gregory Wilson, Jonathan Neal, Jeffrey Steele, Liz & Leondo, John Star, and Bill Perron appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Oct. 27-Nov. 2. Terry Seabrooke lectures on Sunday Nov. 2.(10/27)

The Siegfried & Roy CollectionSiegfried & Roy's three programs, on two DVDs (The Siegfried & Roy Collection), that have been sporadically appearing on commercials on late night TV recently are the subject of a Las Vegas Sun article that reported, "The commercials are part of a national media campaign that has been going for the past five months, said Joseph Torkan, chairman and president of Vox Corp., which produced the three-tape set. Sales have doubled since the accident, he said." Torkan explained, "We are upset and really sorry that Roy was unnecessarily hurt… But the fact is that people are showing great interest and wanting to know what the show is about." To read the Oct. 24 article by Heather Rawlyk and Jean Reid Norman titled "Siegfried & Roy DVDs, videotapes in demand" click: HERE.(10/27)

David Copperfield's "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" is the subject of a Post-Standard article that describes many of the illusions in the show and lists some of them by name, "Reunion," "Killer," "Shortschange," "Lottery," "Man versus Steel," and "Thirteen." Copperfield explained, "I want to make people realize there are no limits to evoke different emotions by my magic… Magic is an art form that can inspire us, motivate us and encourage (individuals)." The article also quotes some local magicians about his show and talent. To read the Oct. 26 article by Dana Naim titled "Making dreams come true" click: HERE.(10/27)

The Houdini séance on Oct. 31 at the Willows Lodge in Woodinville, Washington is reported in a King County Journal article that quotes organizer Midge Markey, "It's a very sincere attempt to reach him. …I don't know if Houdini can return. …I don't know if anybody can truly communicate from the other side. …But if they can, I want to be there.'' To read the Oct. 26 article by Lori Varosh titled "A spirited search for Harry Houdini" click: HERE.(10/27)

Joe Kerrigan's show at the Fairfield Inn is featured in a York Daily Record article that describes the 2-3 hour evening of magic, history and dinner. The article also explained how the show came about, "He traveled as a magician for 23 years before returning home. He began performing the Civil War Theater in various eating establishments in the area, before finding his home base in Fairfield Inn. There, his love for history and magic are united in a form he can share with a private audience." To read the Oct. 24 article by Mike Caggeso titled "Doctor Shock" click: HERE.(10/27)

Ryan Adler is featured in an Argus article that quotes him, "I absolutely love it… There's something in my heart that tells me I belong on stage. I can go somewhere with just my hands and entertain people. And when I do fund-raisers, it's a great feeling knowing that when I go to work, not only do I make people happy, but I make people's lives better." To read the Oct. 24 article by Jennifer Kho titled "Union City magician ready to take stage at CSUH" click: HERE.(10/27)

Dirk ArthurDirk Arthur's new show at the Plaza is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal were they conclude, "Arthur's show leaves one thing clear: You can get all the illusions your head will hold at a relative bargain. But if you want to see them done with panache, it's gonna cost you extra for Burton or Copperfield." The article also reported, "But youngsters will be particularly forgiving, and downtown finally has a family show that offers all the 'greatest hits' of Las Vegas stage magic. A Lamborghini levitates and then vanishes. A female assistant goes into a mirror ball that's skewered with flaming spikes before a baby leopard emerges." To read the Oct. 24 review by Mike Weatherford titled "'New Art of Magic' lacks flair" click: HERE.(10/27)

Joe Libby who was teaching magic to children in the "Poof: You're a Magician" workshop is featured in a Record Times article that reported, "Libby, who has been performing magic since he was about 8, said performing magic tricks is a great way of improving a child’s hand-eye coordination. Learning to successfully impress others with magic skills helps to build a child's selfconfidence, he added." To read the Oct. 26 article by Kara Isham titled "Kids learn new tricks at magic workshop" click: HERE.(10/27)

The Daytona Festival of Magic is featured in a News-Journal article that began discussing a magic convention and turned into an anti-animal use story. Mentioned in the article are Oscar Munoz, Harry Allen, and Harvey Hecker. To read the Oct. 24 article by Jim Haug titled "Show goes on for magicians in Daytona" click: HERE.(10/27)

PENNSYLVANIA: Doc Eason lectures in Pittsburgh on Tuesday Oct. 28. For more info e-mail:

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,046 Tuesday - October 28, 2003-
Selling PowerCharles Greene III and his company Corporate Shuffle are featured in the October issue of Selling Power where he gives away some of his secrets to creating business relationships and gaining clients. Greene explained, "People hire me because they like me. They're not going to say 'I don't like Charles, but I need his product.' Because I am the product." Greene also tips the line he uses as an ice-breaker and what it can accomplish. The article reported that it, "helped him build a thriving business with blue-chips such as Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto and Exxon." The article in the Workshop section titled "Be Friendly, Be Fast, Be Cool" was written by Betsy Wiesendanger. To purchase a copy of the issue click: HERE.(10/28)

Criss Angel is scheduled to appear on "The Big Show with Scott and Todd" on Wednesday Oct. 29 at 8:30am. The radio show runs on WPLJ 95.5 FM in New York.(10/28)

Bev Bergeron is featured in a Baytown Sun article that looks at his childhood and all the local residents who inspired him to pursue a career in show business. To read the Oct. 27 article by Wanda Orton titled "Road to success began at home" click: HERE.(10/28)

John Stetson, Bob Sheets, Alain Nu, Mark Phillips & Karen Beriss perform at Wednesday Wizardry on Oct. 29 at 7:30pm at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn (311 Kent Square Road) in Kentlands, Maryland. Tickets are $15 per person and are available by phoning: 301-258-6394.(10/28)

A magician automataTwo rare Renou automata are being auctioned at Christie's "Mechanical Music, Automata, Dolls and Dolls' Houses" sale #9724 on Wednesday Oct. 29 in London and on the Web. "A magician automata" (Lot #626) performs magic and "a maid and magic portrait" (Lot #627) is a magic themed piece. Both were made around 1890 in France.(10/28)

Tony Brent who left the "Outta Control Magic Show" in Orlando on Sep. 2 after he broke his ankle is back in the show after a five week hiatus for recovery.(10/28)

The "Clowns of America International Mideast Convention" is featured in a Gazette article that focuses mainly on clowns but does mention magicians Steve Bender and Lou Walston. To read the Oct. 22 article by Matt Boyd titled "Make 'em laugh, make 'em laugh" click: HERE.(10/28)

PRESS RELEASE: The Best-Selling Smiling Assassin Routine Now Available In Poker.

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,047 Wednesday - October 29, 2003-
Magic auction at the Swann GalleriesThe annual Magic auction at the Swann Galleries (104 East 25th Street) in New York City takes place on Thursday Oct. 30 beginning at 10:30am. Many of the 431 lots being offered for sale come from the library of F. William Kuethe, Jr. Among the many books, magazines, ephemera and posters, Houdini is prominently represented with a very rare guest register, some personal belongings, letters, photos and a few high-end items that are left from previous auctions. There are many rarely seen items being offered like a complete file of The Midget Magician that was the highest bid from a previous Swann auction. Although there a number of items that are expected to fetch more that $10,000 around half the lots are estimated to sell for less than $300 and as usual there will be many bargains and lucky winners. For more information and to see the catalog on the Web click: HERE.(10/29)

Ben Robinson performs at Joe's Pub at the Public Theatre (425 Lafayette St.) in New York City on Thursday Oct. 30 at 9pm. Robinson is the opening act and Emcee for the hit band October Project. Tickets are $25 per person with a two-drink minimum (or $12) and are available by clicking: HERE.(10/29)

Greg Arce, and Dr. Mordecai Cain join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Oct. 30 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. This will be a special Halloween show. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(10/29)

Criss Angel"Criss Angel - Made In Japan" is the title of Criss Angel's first DVD (of a scheduled six). It will feature footage from his recent Japanese television appearance and will include a behind the scenes look at the taping, outtakes, and feature commentary by Angel. It is scheduled for a January release and will be produced by his Apitrag Records label. Pre-orders will be taken at his website beginning on Oct. 31.(10/29)

"Al Belmont's Spectacular Magic Show" is described in a Gloucester County Times article, "With a cast of six people, live animals, 8,000 pounds of equipment, non-stop mystifying tricks, and one hour and 40 minutes of audience participation, Belmont's show is anything but 'birthday party magic,' he said. The show is designed to entertain both children and adults, according to sponsors." To read the Oct. 28 article titled "Show aids Monroe program" click: HERE.(10/29)

NEW YORK: David Ben will appear at Michael Canick Booksellers (200 East 82nd Street, #3B) in New York City on Thursday Oct. 30 at 7pm for a book signing for his latest release titled "Tricks." Admission is free. For more information phone: 212-585-2990.(10/29)

"Magic & Mysteries of Bill Abbott" which mixes magic and mindreading begins performances on Thursday Oct. 30 and will continue every Thursday through Nov. 27 at 9pm. The show is held at The Torch Lounge in one of Toronto's oldest and classiest jazz clubs The Senator Jazz Club (249 Victoria Street) in Toronto, Canada. There is a $20 cover charge per person for the show. For reservations phone: 416-755-2980.(10/29)

Jason Michaels who presents "A Tribute To Houdini" at the Opry Mills on Fiday is featured in a Tennessean article that reports on his upcoming attempt to perform the Water Torture escape, "As a true pro, he plans on eliminating risk by practice, practice, practice. He's been spending a lot of time submerged in a YMCA pool to prepare for it. He also has to become comfortable in the confines of the tall, narrow aquarium." To read the Oct. 28 article by Tim Ghianni titled "Houdini's mishap doesn't spook this illusionist" click: HERE.(10/29)

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,048 Thursday - October 30, 2003-
All of the People, All the TimeDavid Roth and Darwin Ortiz will be starring in a new show titled "All of the People, All the Time" on Nov. 15 – Dec. 7, with the official opening night on Nov. 20, at the Duke Power Theatre (Spirit Square) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The world premiere of the show, that was written by Patrick Cook, Darwin Ortiz and David Roth and directed by Michael Bush, is described as "a comical tale of childhood ambition that turns into reality for two of the world's most famous close-up magicians. Journey with these masters-of-illusion on their search for super-stardom as they open the doors to their dreams only to discover what's really on the other side." For more information and tickets click: HERE.(10/30)

Dorothy Dietrich is scheduled to be interviewed on the New York radio station WJQZ 103.5 FM on Oct. 31 around 7:45am. The focus of the show will be Houdini, and the "Official Annual Houdini Seance/Tribute" held at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania.(10/30)

Criss Angel appears in the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not Special Edition 2004" book where he is pictured hanging from hooks during his Body Suspension stunt. There is also a blurb about his Submerged stunt.(10/30)

Carl Mercurio is scheduled to appear on the CBS Early Show on Friday Oct. 31at 7am-9am where he will be performing at their live Halloween party for children.(10/30)

RoyRoy's condition appears to have improved as he was moved out of the Trauma Center in Las Vegas on Tuesday to an unverified hospital. Rumors have it that he is now at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. His main surgeon is quoted in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article, "We have the capabilities of handling acute care locally, but for long-term rehabilitation, sometimes people need to go out of town for services."(10/30)
--To read the Oct. 29 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Joelle Babula titled "Roy Horn leaves Nevada for rehabilitation after attack" click: HERE.(10/30)
--To read the Oct. 29 Las Vegas Sun article by Steve Kanigher titled "Roy transferred to California facility" click: HERE.(10/30)
--To read the Oct. 29 Reuters article titled "Animal trainer Horn moved from Las Vegas hospital" click: HERE.(10/30)
--To read the Oct. 29 E!Online article by Josh Grossberg titled "Horn was still in critical but stable condition, a spokesman said" click: HERE.(10/30)
--To read the Oct. 29 Associated Press article titled "Roy Horn of  'Siegfried and Roy' moved to new hospital" click: HERE.(10/30)

Joseph Young's Rubik's Cube themed magic is described in a Coalfield article, "Young makes a Rubik's Cube disappear. In the blink of an eye, he turns a scrambled cube into one with uniform colors. He makes a tiny cube magically grow and makes giant cubes shrink." To read the Oct. 29 article by Jeff Lester titled "Local man's sideline career in magic grows rapidly" click: HERE.(10/30)

Trevor W. Rogers died on Oct. 24 at the age of 96. A Buffalo News obituary reported that "He was also renowned for his charitable work, which included hundreds of magic shows he put on free as fund-raisers for groups in the Northtowns area." To read the Oct. 27 obituary titled "Trevor W. Rogers, Architect, Magician" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(10/30)

Keith Jozsef who presents his show "Bizarre Magic" on Friday is featured in a Riverfront Times article where he explained, "It's important that people understand it is what it is; I make no claims as to what the forces are, I'm not saying there are spirits, I'm not saying that the studio is haunted or anything like that. People can draw their own conclusions based on what happens." To read the Oct. 29 article by Paul Friswold titled "That's the Spirit" click: HERE.(10/30)

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,049 Friday - October 31, 2003-
Around $270,000 worth of magic was sold on Oct. 30 at the Swann Galleries Magic auction where more than 350 of the 431 lots sold and most of them fell within the published estimates. The biggest purchase was the "Houdini Family Bible in Hebrew, Signed by Houdini and his father." It's estimated value was $25-35,000 and sold for $46,000. An album of 125 Houdini photographs sold for $26,000. It was also rumored that the next Swann magic auction will take place in January and will feature the collection of Tom Blue. Swann Galleries will eventually publish all of the realized prices on their website. Prices do not include the 15% premium and 8.625% sales tax.(10/31)

Criss AngelCriss Angel is featured in a New York Post article that reported, "Maybe Angel's real magic is that the man with a New Yowk accent and Marilyn Manson makeup has taken magic and illusion from the realm of cheesola to the realm of art." The article also concluded, "Watching Angel is like watching some horrible end-of-the-world illusionist. And despite the cleaned-up family entertainment that magic and illusion have become over the last 100 years, real, good, old-fashioned magic should not only shock you, but scare you, make you uncomfortable - and make you even a little disgusted." The newspaper also rated the special with 4 stars out of 4. To read the Oct. 30 article by Linda Stasi titled "Magic's Fallen Angel" click: HERE.(10/31)

Criss Angel in a Zap2it article that focuses on his rivalry with David Blaine. The article describes him as, "Angel blends a rock 'n' roll sensibility with a Goth-chick fashion sense, rippling physique and fondness for large-scale, death-wish illusions. He is musically inclined (composing the score for his performances), sports black finger and toenails, and accessorizes with chains." To read the Oct. 30 article by Kate O'Hare titled "Illusionist Criss Angel Calls Out David Blaine" click: HERE.(10/31)

Al Belmont presents his "Mirth, Magic & Surprises" show on Nov. 1 at 7pm and Nov. 2 at 3pm at the Williamstown Middle School (561 Clayton Road) Williamstown, New Jersey. The show is a benefit thrown by the Monroe Township Elementary School PTA and PTO groups. Admission is $10 per person at the door. Advance tickets are available by phoning: 856-740-6727.(10/31)

The University of California-Los Angeles Medical Center has confirmed that Roy is now a patient in the hospital and arrived on Monday Oct. 28. A hospital press release reported, "He was brought to UCLA Medical Center for further evaluation and medical treatment -- and to continue his recovery." A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that his current condition is categorized as "serious" which is, "Serious means you do have a serious medical condition, but that you're not in imminent danger of dying."(10/31)
--To read the Oct. 30 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Joelle Babula titled "Tiger Attack: Roy's condition upgraded" click: HERE.(10/31)
--To read the Oct. 30 Las Vegas Sun article by Steve Kanigher titled "UCLA confirms Roy is at medical center" click: HERE.(10/31)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield's appearance at Caesars in Atlantic City is reported in a Daily Journal article along with an interview where he discusses his early years in magic and his current show, "I try to take people's real emotions and realize them into magic ... have them feel certain feelings beyond just wonder, beyond just amazement. If it comes off as an artistic thing, that really, really is great." To read the Oct. 30 article by Sandy Posnak titled "Copperfield brings his magic to Caesars" click: HERE.(10/31)

"Magic Magic 2003" appears at the Stefanie H. Weill Center on Sunday Nov. 2 at 3pm. John Kurtz, Bob Rath, Len Radde, Mark Haywood, Rex Sikes, Ron Fable, Henning Paul, Arden James, Mark Martinez, and Mike Miller are among the performers at the event that the Greater Milwaukee Area Society of American Magicians has been presenting since 1956 and this year will be sponsoring in partnership with the Optimist Family Series. Tickets are $7 per person and are available by phoning: 920-208-3243. For more information click: HERE.(10/31)

The Houdini Séance to be held in Seattle is featured in a Seattle Times article that reported, "This is the first time the gathering has been held in Washington and one of the rare times the séance has been open to the public. Only the inner circle of select Houdini historians, collectors and relatives will be seated at the séance table. This year, ticket holders can watch from around the room." To read the Oct. 30 article by Sherry Grindeland titled "Houdini buffs hope 77 is magic number this Halloween" click: HERE.(10/31)

Will Shaw, Shimshi, Jeff Moche, and Todd Robbins headline at Monday Night Magic on Nov. 3 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(10/31)

Ben RobinsonMARYLAND: Ben Robinson presents his new "The Situation of Magic in the 21st Century" lecture on Sunday Nov. 2 at 2:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(10/31)

Infantino performs at McGuire's Comedy Club (1627 Smithtown Ave) in Bohemia, New York on Saturday Nov. 1 at 2pm. For tickets and information phone: 631-467-5413.(10/31)

Justin Style performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Nov. 1 at 2pm and 4pm.(10/31)

Houdini is the subject of an NPR feature with some very interesting audio programs and a report on his final days. To read the Oct. 30 feature titled "The Life and Death of Harry Houdini" click: HERE.(10/31)

The Harry Houdini exhibit at the Outagamie Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin closes today after a 15-year run. The new exhibit , "A.K.A. Houdini," with its misguided and controversial plans is scheduled to open in June. To read the Oct. 30 Post-Crescent article titled "Harry Houdini exhibit closes doors Friday" click: HERE.(10/31)

Chris Christian presents his one-man show at American Museum of Theatrical Design (207 N. Broadway) in Santa Ana, California on Saturday Nov. 1. Admission is $6 per person. For more information and tickets phone: 714-667-6959.(10/31)

Ron Ferraro, Bob Coluzzi, Don Bothwell and the New Mazda Mystic Ring are featured in a Daily Herald article that looks at the club's long history. To read the Oct. 29 article titled "Abracadabra Cary group finds perfect potion for fun: Magic and friends" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(10/31)

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