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Archives: Week Of September 29-October 5, 2003
-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,024 Monday - September 29, 2003-
Jackie Flosso (Jack Levinson, February 11, 1926 - September 26, 2003) died on Friday at the age of 77.Jackie Flosso (Jack Levinson, February 11, 1926 - September 26, 2003) died on Friday at the age of 77. Flosso was the owner of the longest continuously running magic shop in the United States and the only one that was once owned by Houdini. Flosso ran the shop since 1976, when his legendary father Al Flosso passed away, until he sold it to Ted Bogusta in 2000. Services will be held on Wednesday Oct. 1 at 1pm at the Riverside Memorial Chapel (333 Amsterdam Ave- off 76th Street) in New York City, 212-362-3600. In a MagicTimes exclusive Ben Robinson gives an overview of Flosso's life and career. To read the MagicTimes exclusive click: HERE.(9/29)

As David Blaine reached the half way point of his 44 day ordeal some press stories and audiences have become a little more respectful and the dangers involved are being reported. An itv article reported that "David Blaine's endurance stunt is set to cause incredible damage to his health, medical experts warned today, as his challenge reached the halfway point. The illusionist is facing the most demanding three weeks of his career as he completes his 22nd day locked in a glass box without food - with 22 still to go." A Guardian article pointed out that "precisely because we can all attach our own private meaning to Blaine's action, this strange public confinement in the end acquires something of the unresolvable ambiguity of art." A Washington Times article reported that "Estimated crowds have exceeded 30,000 in the first two weeks alone."(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 itv article titled "Blaine 'dizzy' at half way point" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 BBC News article titled "Blaine risking health, doctor warns" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 Sun-Herald article titled "Life's tough when you're hungry and live in a box" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 27 Guardian article by Michael Billington titled "Halfway house" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 Scotsman article by Victoria Ward titled "Blaine Risking Massive Health Damage, Experts Warn" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 Newsweek article by William Underhill titled "Irreverent? Or Just Boorish?" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 article titled "The water checks out, but tell us, Mr Blaine, what's in your blanket?" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 Washington Times article by Al Webb titled "British sour on Blaine's stunt" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 27 Daily Record article titled "This Is Like Watching Paint Dry" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 28 Washington Post article titled "Zeroing In on David Blaine" click: HERE.(9/29)

David Blaine's plastic case was shot with a balloon full of pink paint on Friday at 3am. An Associated Press article reported "A 28-year-old man from London was charged with criminal damage after he fired several balloons filled with pink paint at Blaine's box from a nearby upper floor window, hitting his target at least once, police said."(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 Evening Standard article by Abul Taher and Graeme Culliford titled "Paint attack on Blaine" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 27 Associated Press article titled "Man Charged in Firing Balloons at Blaine" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 27 Independent article by James Burleigh titled "Paint-filled balloon hits Blaine's box" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 Associated Press article titled "Latest David Blaine stunt growing unpopular" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 Sky News article titled "Paint Attacker Charged" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 27 Mirror article by Nick Watkins titled "Paintball Attack On Illusionist" click: HERE.(9/29)
--To read the Sep. 26 article titled "Man charged over Blaine paint bomb stunt" click: HERE.(9/29)

Ben Robinson appears at the Manhattan Penthouse (80 Fifth Ave.) in New York City in the benefit for Music-Theatre Group on Monday Sep. 29 at 6:30pm. Robinson will present the east coast debut of his new jewelry illusion. Also ppearing are Roman Paskas puppets and Master clown Bill Irwin on video. Tickets begin at $150 per person. For information and reservations phone: 212- 366-5260 x15.(9/29)

Jeff McBrideJeff McBride, Handsome Jack, Dana Daniels, Fenik, Alfie, Chris De Palma, and Monique appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 29-Oct. 5. Jeff McBride lectures on Sunday Oct. 5.(9/29)

Music City Magic at Miss Marple's Dinner Theatre in Tennessee and its cast which features John Pyka, Nelson Griswold, Jason Michaels, Scott Cantrell are featured in a Tennessean article. Pyka explained, "There have been two sellouts in two months. All the rest of the performances have been at about 80% capacity." Griswold is quoted, ''Magic is a miracle, and we produce miracles… We let you enjoy the miracle.'' To read the Sep. 28 article by Tim Ghianni titled "Watch the foursome behind 'Music City Magic' and you just may not believe your eyes" click: HERE.(9/29)

"Poof! A Play With Magic" which is appearing at the Miners Alley Playhouse in Colorado is featured in a Sentinel & Transcript article that described it as, "…a comedy and magic production reminiscent of the old movie and variety shows of the early 20th century." The article also reported that the show features, "…magical illusions created by such well-known magicians as Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone Jr., P.T. Selbit and Harry Kellar." To read the Sep. 27 article by Katie Niekerk titled "Poof! joins drama, laughs, and magic" click: HERE.(9/29)

Mhelly Bhumgara is featured in a Mid Day article that reported "The magician in Mhelly makes boring and mundane product launches demonstrations, road shows, dealer meets and press conferences interactive, exciting and memorable." To read the Sep. 27 article by Janhavi Samant titled "Magic to help firms promote products" click: HERE.(9/29)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,025 Tuesday - September 30, 2003-
The Magical Life of Long Tack SamThe Magical Life of Long Tack Sam documentary by his great-granddaughter Ann Marie Fleming is covered in a North Shore News article reported that "The history of magic and vaudeville is also front and centre in the film. Fleming interviews magicians and people from the American Society of Magic, the Society of American Magicians, the School of Circus Arts and the Egyptian Hall Museum of Magic (run out of a home in Nashville)." The article also reported that, "Fleming is planning a dramatic feature based on Sam's life. A book is also in the works incorporating all the amazing behind-the-scenes stories she heard from old vaudevillians, magicians and archivers that never made it into a film." To read the Sep. 28 article by Julie Crawford titled "Director explores magical history" click: HERE.(9/30)

David Copperfield presents his "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion" show at the Hollywood Theatre in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where he will appear on Sep. 29 through Oct. 8. For tickets and information phone: 800-929-1111.(9/30)

Criss Angel's Supernatural Sci-Fi Halloween special is being promoted in a PRNewswire release that describes what is expected on the show, "Filmed in part at Universal Theme Park in Orlando, Supernatural finds the rock n' roll magician cooking up all-new extraordinary feats before live audiences. Among his stunning illusions, Angel will effortlessly walk up the side of a building, pass a quarter through his skin, and spontaneously combust -- staying engulfed in flames for a full two minutes. Another large-scale illusion features an otherworldly creature leaping into his back and bursting through his chest." To read the Sep. 29 press release titled "Illusionist Criss Angel Challenges David Blaine" click: HERE.(9/30)

Mysterious StrangerDavid Blaine's book "Mysterious Stranger" will be released in paperback on Oct. 14 and a Publishers Weekly article reported that "Random House will issue the paperback reprint of Blaine's Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic the week before Blaine is due to emerge. The book contains new clues to the unsolved treasure hunt introduced in the hardcover edition last fall (worth $100,000 to the lucky solver)." To read the Sep. 29 article by Suzanne Mantell titled "Musical Notes and TV Quotes" click: HERE.(9/30)
--To pre-order the softcover Mysterious Stranger click: HERE.
--To buy the hardcover Mysterious Stranger click: HERE.

"The Illusion" which runs at the Illinois Central College through Oct. 5 is described in a Journal Star article, "Based on the 17th century 'L'Illusion Comique' by French dramatist Pierre Corneille, the play was adapted by Pulitzer Prize- winning playwright Tony Kushner in 1990. The story centers on a rich lawyer, Pridamant, who seeks out the magician Alacandre to find out what has become of his estranged son. Through a series of illusions, the magician shows the lawyer what his son has been doing for the past 15 years." To read the Sep. 21 article titled "Magician shows dad son's life" supplied YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/30)

David Blaine in an Evening Standard article that reported, "Unusual weather and relentless disturbances have taken their toll - with the heat making him lose salt and feel unstable. Urine tests over the weekend appeared to show Blaine is not cheating by taking supplements with his water." To read the Sep. 29 article by Suzy Austin titled "Blaine faces lasting damage" click: HERE.(9/30)

David Blaine in a Scripps Howard article that reports, "Blaine aims at beating Jesus' record of 40 days and nights fasting alone in the desert. Jesus, Blaine reckons, was a magician like himself." To read the Sep. 29 article by David Yount titled "Illusionist mimics Jesus Christ's feat but not his motive" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/30)

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,026 Wednesday - October 1, 2003-
Russell T. Barnhart (August 20, 1926-September 14, 2003)Russell T. Barnhart (August 20, 1926-September 14, 2003) died on Sep. 14 at the age of 77. Barnhart was a well known close-up magician and gambling expert. Born in Chicago he was inspired by the local bar magic scene and befriended Edward Marlo whom he corresponded with for many years after moving to New York City in 1960. Barnhart wrote two books on magic, Two Second Deals (1974), The Master Palm (1975) and has contributed many routines and articles to magic and gambling magazines. His books on gambling include: Casino Gambling: Why You Win/ Why You Lose (1978), Gamblers Of Yesteryear (1983), Beating The Wheel (1992) and was the translator for the Eugene Villiod trilogy. He also wrote two semi-autobiographical books that were never published, "My Life in Dens of Iniquity" and a book about his experiences as a Yeoman 3rd Class in the U.S. Navy. Barnhart was also a member of the gang which tested Edward O. Thorp's Blackjack system prior to the release of the classic book Beat the Dealer. His gambling library was donated to the Institute of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada, Reno who have setup a special section in his honor. At one time they also honored him for his lifelong study and contributions to gambling.(10/1)

Le Grand David's Anthology of Stage Magic begins its new season on Thursday Oct. 2 at 7:30pm at the Larcom Theatre (13 Wallis Street) in Beverly, Massachusetts. The Larcom is the North Shore's oldest operating theatre, which will be celebrating its 91st anniversary this year. Performances are also scheduled for Oct. 16 and 30, Nov. 13, Dec. 11 at 7:30pm and every Friday from Nov. 28-Dec. 26 at 2:00pm. Tickets are $18 for adults and $12 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(10/1)

The man who tried to sabotage David Blaine's stunt on Sep. 16 "pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage and a further charge of using threatening behaviour at Tower Bridge Magistrates' Court."(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 CNN article titled "Man fined for Blaine water attack" click: HERE.(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 BBC News article titled "Man fined for Blaine stunt attack" click: HERE.(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 Evening Standard article titled "Blaine attacker is fined" click: HERE.(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 Telegraph article titled "Man fined £750 for Blaine box damage" click: HERE.(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 Associated Press article titled "David Blaine's London Stay No Piece Of Cake" click: HERE.(10/1)
--To read the Sep. 30 ITV article titled "Man fined for harassing Blaine" click: HERE.(10/1)

Jack FereroJack Ferero who was once a partner at Tannen's Magic is featured in a Bergen Record article that catches up with him now that he is 74 years old. Ferero explained, "I practice flourishes and sleights so my hands won't tighten up… I just want to stay in shape. It's an ego trip and fun for me… It's always fun making people happy." The article also recounts Ferero's career as magician and magic shop owner. To read the Sep. 30 article by Elaine D'Aurizio titled "At 74, semiretired magician is still a card" click: HERE.(10/1)

Craig Karges' "Experience the Extraordinary" show at the Union Little Theatre is described in a Kansas State Collegian article that reported, "Karges has been traveling with his act, which he said is a mix of stage magic, psychology and intuition, for 23 years. He has been named Entertainer of the Year six times by the National Association for Campus Activities. Karges was also named the most popular variety entertainer on the college circuit for 12 consecutive years." To read the Sep. 30 article by Wendy Gorman titled "Mind Games" click: HERE.(10/1)

"It’s Magic!" which appears on Oct. 12 at the Christopher Cohan Center in California is promoted in a press release that names the performers, "The afternoon showcases Master Magician James Dimmare, considered to be the "Fred Astaire of Magic"; witty Master of Ceremonies, Mike Caveney; the magic and dance team Magicanna; the avante-garde magic of Danny Cole; Magic Castle favorite Matt Marcy, and "Magician of the Year" winners Mark Kalin and Jinger." To read the Sep. 30 press release titled "'It's Magic!' Again in SLO" click: HERE.(10/1)

Jeff Martin, and Zach Dubnoff join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Oct. 2 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(10/1)

NEW JERSEY: IBM Ring 113 holds it's annual auction on Thursday Oct. 2 at 8pm at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church (300 Forest Ave) in Lyndhurst. For more information phone: 973-699-2723.(10/1)

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,027 Thursday - October 2, 2003-
Stanley Burns is featured in a New York Times article about ventriloquism, his long career, his book and the fate of his collection. His wife Sylvia related that "When no museum could promise a permanent exhibit, she slowly began to sell the items. Most of the wall art, from a movie poster for Charlie McCarthy, Detective to that advertisement for a long-gone French ventriloquist (L'homme qui parle du ventre), sold at auction. But there was still the matter of the kids. Bruce, the redhead, and Cecil, his small sidekick, went to relatives of Stan's. Dr. Lichi, who moved by remote control, and sexy Lulu -- 'she had a lot of husbands, none of whom were her own,' Sylvia said, repeating Stan's old line -- were sold to a collector in the Midwest." To read the Oct. 1 article by Dan Barry titled "Puppet in Lap, and Audience in His Palm" click: HERE.(10/2-Members Site)

Derren BrownDerren Brown's new television special that airs on Sunday and closes with a live Russian roulette routine is the subject of a Guardian article that speaks to Brown, "Asked why he was apparently willing to risk his life on 'live' TV, Brown replied: 'It's not really about the money. I wanted to do something that would make exciting TV, and I wanted to find out if I could do it. You are always trying to push the boundaries, to push things forward.'" To read the Oct. 1 article by John Plunkett titled "Russian roulette stunt 'not live'" click: HERE.(10/2)

Richard Buffum (March 5, 1921-Sep. 25, 2003) died on Sep. 25 at the age of 82. Buffum has also written several books on magic including "Brema Brasses," "Keep The Wheels Turning" and "The Carl Owen Book." He is also known for the extensive tape-recorded interviews with Dai Vernon that were used to write several articles in magazines and books. Buffum was also a columnist for the Orange County edition of the Los Angeles Times is has a featured obituary in their Oct. 1 edition.(10/2)

Ann Marie Fleming's "The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam" is described in a Province as, "The result is a spectacularly good movie -- one of those rare instances when substance (there is massive amounts of passionately researched history here) meets style (the movie is strikingly beautiful, with vivid colourful animation and costumes contrasting stark black-and-white arch-ival footage)." The article also offered, "The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam is good enough to be one of this year's five nominees for the best-documentary Oscar." To read the Oct. 1 article by David Spaner titled "Magical Life is magical" click: HERE.(10/2)

Mark & Sheila CannonMark Cannon and Thomas Blacke's appearance at the Victorian Fair in Winona is featured in a Winonan article that explains how both of them ended becoming escape artist and how they did at the Fair "While Blacke's style of showmanship focuses more on humor, Cannon's style of performance is strikingly different." The article also quoted Blacke, "'The crowd was pretty lucky to see two of the world's best escape artists in Winona… Mark is recognized as the world's largest seller of escape artists merchandise, and me as the president and publisher of the magazine,' Black said the crowd saw something they’ll never seen anytime soon." To read the Sep. 24 article by Adam Crowson titled "Acts 'wow' crowds under big top" click: HERE.(10/2)
An article also appeared in the Winona Daily News on Sep. 18 by Kari Knutson titled "Don't Try This At Home' that featured Mark & Sheila Cannon's appearance and described how they became interested in escape artistry.(10/2)

Jackie Flosso is featured in a New York Times obituary that described his shop as, "It was also an atmospheric fraternity house where a visiting European magician, a superstar like David Copperfield and a curious teenager from Queens might rub elbows, ideas and magic wands. The younger and older Flossos held court on an old sofa, both making smart comments in an accent not unlike that of W.C. Fields." To read the Oct. 1 obituary by Douglas Martin titled "Jackie Flosso, 77, Magic Shop Maven, Dies" click: HERE.(10/2)

Jackie Flosso is featured in an Associated Press obituary that reported, "Flosso came from generations of magicians and ran a shop known as a mysterious cavern of trick cards and magic ropes and even had a live lion in its back room. But it was also a meeting place for magicians from all over." To read the Oct. 1 obituary titled "Jackie Flosso, magician and magic shop owner, dies at 77" click: HERE.(10/2)

Mark Wood's show at the Coshocton County Fair is reported in a Coshocton Tribune article that described him as, "…a self-taught magician, and likes to drive home the fact there's a lot of information to be found in books. 'I learned how to do magic and juggling from reading books,' he said. 'My dad was a school principal, and he impressed on me the importance of reading.'" To read the Oct. 1 article by Kathie Dickerson titled "Magician plays at pavilion" click: HERE.(10/2)

NEW YORK CITY: R. Paul Wilson lectures on Friday Oct. 3 at 8pm at Michael Canick Bookseller (200 East 82nd Street, #3B). Admission is $25-$35 per person and reservations can be made by phoning: 212-585-2990.(10/2)

R.J. Smith's participation in an anti-drug show at the Chambersburg Area Middle School is reported in a Public Opinion article. To read the Oct. 1 article by Ashley Adams titled "TRUCE delivers anti-drug message to kids" click: HERE.(10/2)

PRESS RELEASE: Meir Yedid Magic Acquires The Rights To Tim Wrights Zombie And Multiplying Balls Videos.

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,028 Friday - October 3, 2003-
Hermann and Marcia CarrHermann and Marcia Carr are featured on the cover of the Community News section of the Springfield News-Sun where their 50+ year career is recounted. The article pointed out that, "The Springfield couple is proof that magic can strengthen a marriage. Think about it. When you slip swords into a basket holding a spouse, trust is the difference between making an audience gasp or snicker. And for five decades, Hermann and Marcia have trusted each other, leaving crowds gasping along their path." Hermann also explained, "There's no such thing as magic. It's a trick… I'm making people believe me. They want to believe it. They want to believe in the magic." To read the Sep. 29 article by Andrew McGinn titled "Hermann and Marcia Carr still making magic" click: HERE.(10/3)

Steve Cohen is scheduled to appear on the "Sunday Today in New York" show on Sunday Oct. 5 at around 8:20am on WNBC-TV.(10/3)

Derren Brown's Russian Roulette demonstration in his upcoming television special is covered in a Reuters story that reported "Police have condemned plans for a live television broadcast of a magician playing Russian roulette, saying the stunt would glamorise guns and could lead to deadly copycats." A Chief Superintendent of South Yorkshire Police explained, "It would be absolutely tragic, and the consciences of Derren Brown and Channel Four would be difficult to live with should that happen." To read the Oct. 2 article by Peter Graff titled "Police condemn Russian roulette TV stunt" click: HERE.(10/3)

Lance Burton tapes a week of the popular TV game show "Hollywood Squares" beginning on Sunday Oct. 5. The shows are currently scheduled to air on Dec. 1-5.(10/3)

Dorothy DietrichThe Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania begins its Halloween schedule on Oct. 4 with tours on weekends and holidays. On Oct. 17 through Halloween there will be daily "Spook-tacular Magic Shows" that will feature Dorothy Dietrich and John Bravo. Reservations are required for all events and are available by phoning: 570-342-5555.(10/3)

David Blaine's "Above The Below" which has been getting many people to bet against him finishing has now turned around with the gambling houses reporting that most of the bets are now in favor of him succeeding. A Readabet article reported, "Hills spokeswoman Jennie Prest said, 'The longer David Blaine stays the more likely he looks to last the time and the punters thinking seems to be turning away from the idea it is all a scam. The chances of him failing have drifted back out to 11-4, where as he is a heavy odds on (1-4) to complete the 44 days in his box.'" To read the Oct. 1 article titled "Blaine Hangs In There As Punters Bet On Success" Click: HERE.(10/3)

Justin Style performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Oct.. 4 at 2pm and 4pm.(10/3)

NEW JERSEY: Bill Rauscher presents a lecture about his new book, "Magic in Rhyme: A Magician's Anthology of Poems, Verses, and Limericks" on Monday Oct. 6 at 8pm for IBM Ring 165 at the Transfiguration Church in Collingswood. Admission is free for members and $10 for guests.(10/3)

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-VOLUME: 70 / ISSUE: 2,029 Saturday/Sunday - October 4-5, 2003-
Roy Horn is fighting for his life today in a Las Vegas hospital after a white tiger grabbed him by the neck during last night's Siegfried & Roy show and dragged him off stage. During Friday night's early show the 7-year old white tiger, Montecore, which was a regular part of the show, attacked Roy's arm and then grabbed him by the neck and dragged him off stage. Roy was treated for massive bleeding and rushed to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas where he has undergone at least one surgery, is constantly being monitored and remains in intensive care. His condition is being reported as "critical but stable and they don't expect to understand the full extent and long lasting impact of the injuries for another 2-3 days. The show at the Mirage has been cancelled indefinitely with not chance of it being resumed before Christmas.(10/4)

The Roy Horn tiger mauling has become a major news story around the world with many features, news reports and updates on television, websites and in newspapers.(10/4)
--To read the Oct. 4 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by J.M. Kalil and Dave Berns titled "Tiger attacks Roy onstage" click: HERE.(10/4)
--To read the Oct. 4 Associated Press article by Adam Goldman titled "Tiger Attacks Las Vegas Magician Roy Horn" click: HERE.(10/4)
--To read the Oct. 4 Reuters article titled "Tiger Mauls Magician Roy Horn in Las Vegas Show" click: HERE.(10/4)
--To read the Oct. 4 Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH article titled "Tiger Mauls Magician Roy; Condition Said To Be Critical" click: HERE.(10/4)
--To read the Oct. 4 Click10 article titled "Illusionist Recovering From Tiger Attack" click: HERE.(10/4)
--To read the Las Vegas Review-Journal article by Norm titled "Roy has had other close calls" click: HERE.(10/4)

In a related story Roy threw a lavish party on Thursday to celebrate his 59th birthday. A Las Vegas Sun article reported "Beyond the notables, Roy was also feted by hundreds of people he has worked with during his 14-year Mirage gig, ranging from valets and bartenders to Mirage prez Bobby Baldwin and MGM MIRAGE boss Terri Lanni. 'Everyone here is my friend,' a jubilant Roy said before two dozen of his show performers hit the stage for a boffo Latin dance number, featuring a female impersonator as Chita Rivera, complete with fruitbowl headgear. There was of course a lavish buffet, with a carved white tiger ice centerpiece." To read the Oct. 3 article by Timothy McDarrah titled "Roy enjoys a birthday to remember" click: HERE.(10/4)

Siegfried & RoyRoy's condition remains uncertain as more stories and updates appear across the media streams. An Associated Press article quotes Siegfried, "For more than four decades, I have had the great privilege of standing at the side of this remarkable man, and I will continue to do so during this very challenging time." Speaking to visitors, an AP story reported, "'I'm pretty much on a vigil,' said Bernie Yuman, the duo's longtime manager. Fellow magician Penn Jillette, one of many celebrities outside Horn's hospital room Saturday, said he understood that Horn was on life support but did not elaborate." Spokesman, David Kirvin is quoted in a Washington Post article that the doctors, "do expect him to survive, but it will be several days before the extent of his injuries [is] known and what kind of recovery period we're looking at." It is also reported that Roy was freed from the tiger's jaws when crew members used fire extinguishers to distract him.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 4 Associated Press article by Adam Goldman titled "Tiger Attack Leaves Magician in Critical" click: HERE.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 5 Washington Post article by T. R. Reid and Amy Goldstein titled "Las Vegas Magician Roy Hurt in Tiger Attack" click: HERE.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 5 Telegraph article by Charles Laurence tilted "Magician fights for life after tiger mauls him 'like a rag doll' on stage" click: HERE.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 5 Reuters article titled "Animal act tragedy" click: HERE.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 4 Associated Press article titled "Magician in Critical After Tiger Attack" click: HERE.(10/5)
--To read the Oct. 4 Reuters article titled "Magician Roy Horn Critical After Tiger Mauling" click: HERE.(10/5)

The Sunday edition of Larry King Live on CNN-TV will feature extensive reporting and interviews about Roy's career and condition.(10/5) --Will air on Monday.(10/5)

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