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Archives: Week Of September 22-28, 2003
-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,019 Monday - September 22, 2003-
Steve Wyrick is likely to open his new show at the Aladdin in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Sun article reported that he, "…has already signed a deal to 'four-wall' the space until at least February, when new owners are expected to take over the bankrupt property." To read the Sep. 19 article by Timothy McDarrah titled "Wyrick Aladdin gig no illusion, sources say" click: HERE.(9/22)

Showgirls Of MagicPudgy who is appearing in the Atlantic City edition of "Showgirls Of Magic" is mentioned in a Star-Ledger article that describes the show as, "…one of the most pleasing revues on the resort town's current entertainment menu." Also mentioned are Tiny Bubbles, Antonio Hoyas, Stefanie Ungano, Cynthia Fuhrer, Ali Blackhurst, Charisse Bryant, Vanessa McMahon and Maria Curiale. To read the Sep. 21 article by Charles Einstein titled "Trop's showgirls perform magic" click: HERE.(9/22)

David Blaine and the less than favorable reactions he has been getting from some onlookers are discussed and compared to the New York audiences he has worked for in the past. A Sunday Times article observed that "The transatlantic divide can only widen as Blaine continues to remain a sitting duck." A New York Post article reported that "Blaine, however, has won some people over. Fans hung a banner in London last week telling him to 'Keep the Faith.'"(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 21 Sunday Times article titled "Brits stop short of stoning magician in glass house" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 21 New York Post article by Rita Delfiner titled "Just Call Him Boo-Dini" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 20 Channel 4 article by Nicholas Glass titled "Blaine hangs in there" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 19 Independent Online article by Peter Graff titled "Blaine picked the wrong town to be hung in" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 20 Scotsman article titled "Life's a magic box of tricks" click: HERE.(9/22)

Jason Latimer who won the first ever FISM Grand Prix in Close-Up will be appearing at the French Magic Convention on Sep. 23-26, the British I.B.M. Ring convention on Sep. 27-28, a gig in Beijing, China on Sep. 29-Oct. 7 and the El Duco convention in Sweden on Oct. 8-13.(9/22)

Paul McCartney is now part of the David Blaine story as he arrived to view the stunt on Friday and his aides tried to keep an Evening Standard photographer from documenting the visit by apparently roughing him up. A Reuters article reported that, "Police are investigating an early morning scuffle involving former Beatle Paul McCartney near US magician David Blaine's starvation stunt at Tower Bridge in London, a police source said yesterday."(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 19 CBS/Associated Press article titled "Ex-Beatle Brouhaha At Bridge Stunt" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 21 Reuters article titled "Paul McCartney in spat near Blaine box" click: HERE.(9/22)
--To read the Sep. 19 E! Online article by Josh Grossberg titled "McCartney's Shutterbug Spat" click: HERE.(9/22)

Myron St. John, Bill Rugh, Jim Dyko, Eric Sitter and Jason Ribby have just joined forces to open the Mystic Emporium (3152 W. Sylvania Ave.) in Toledo, Ohio. The new shop will feature magic, collectibles, costumes, make-up, tarot, novelties and a private professionals lounge. Current plans are to keep the shop open on Mon.-Fri. 12-8pm and Sat. 12-5pm.(9/22)

The stars of Monkey MagicThe stars of Monkey Magic (Ali Cook, Pete Firman, Jonathan Goodwin, and Pete McCahon) who host the new six part series "The Greatest Magic Tricks In The Universe... Ever" of channel Five in the UK are interviewed in a Digital Spy article about the show and magic in general. To read the Sep. 19 article by Neil Wilkes titled "Tricks are magic on Five" click: HERE.(9/22)

Earl Nelson, Aaron Fisher, Joe Monti, Steven Youell, Mike Douglas, Shimshi, Thom Peterson, David Deeble, and J.C. Dunn appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 22-28.(9/22)

Thorsten Strotmann's upcoming blindfold drive is mentioned in an Ananova article, "A German magician is set to test his memory by driving along a 12-mile stretch of a winding mountain road blindfolded. …Police patrols will seal off the road and Formula One legend 'Strizl' Stuck will join the magician in the passenger seat but said he would not be helping him out." To read the Sep. 19 article titled "Magician to drive 12 miles blindfolded" click: HERE.(9/22)

PRESS RELEASE: Magic From The Magic Castle To Clark, NJ.

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,020 Tuesday - September 23, 2003-
Robb Weinstock wins the Magician of the Year Award at the Arizona close-up competition for the fifth time. Joe DuPerry won second place and Gary Kanowsky finished third. An Arizona Republic article described the event as, "Eight of Arizona's finest magicians bedazzled, mystified and just plain wowed about 300 people attending the ninth annual All-Arizona Close-Up Magic Competition in Scottsdale." To read the Sep. 22 article by Diana Balazs titled "8 state magicians make fans appear" click: HERE.(9/23)

David Blaine -photo copyright by MagicTimesArguments between David Blaine's public relations firm and the British television sponsors are discussed in an Evening Standard article that reported, "…an extraordinary late-night dash from New York by Blaine's advisers, a series of fingerpointing crisis meetings with Channel 4 and Sky Television, who paid 1 million for broadcast rights to the event, and - most sensationally of all - the prospect that Blaine would be humiliatingly taken out of the box and put on a plane back to the States before he had completed his 44 days in his Plexiglas prison." The article discussed many possible solutions to the current slew of negative publicity. To read the Sep. 22 article titled "Revealed: how Blaine could be out in days" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/23)

David Blaine's "Above the Below" is the subject of a Philadelphia Inquirer article that gives an overview of the stunt and reports, "Not everyone, including admirers who visit Blaine, is convinced that his water supply isn't spiked with sugar, salt or other nutrients." The article also added that "Most of the curiosity-seekers, tourists, and passing office workers who gather beneath Blaine's temporary home to support him during the day say they, too, are embarrassed by their misbehaving countrymen, whom they equate with soccer hooligans." To read the Sep. 22 article by Andrea Gerlin titled "For illusionist, the trick is winning over Brits" click: HERE.(9/23)

Taking advantage of David Blaine's publicity by advertising agencies is discussed in a Telegraph article that reported, "In creative departments all over London, you can bet that staff are trying to shoehorn a client's requirements into the weird world of magician David Blaine. …Two advertisers have struck lucky so far, both with print ads. …Parodies work only if the audience is in on the joke. But few people have not heard of Blaine or seen him on television in recent days, so these two ads certainly make the product more memorable." To read the Sep. 23 article by Caroline Marshall titled "Some of that old Blaine magic" click: HERE.(9/23)

The purpose of David Blaine's stunt is discussed in an Evening Standard article that surmised, "From the snippets of conversation I overheard, it's clear that some people reckon Blaine isn't in the box at all, while others suspect he's already planned a premature finish to his self-imposed incarceration. But whatever they think, they're all talking about him, and that's the real trick he's pulled off." To read the Sep. 22 article titled "Blaine's boxing clever" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/23)

Roy is featured on the cover of the Sep. 28-Oct. 5 issue of Showbiz Weekly that has the caption: "Roy's Birthday Bash, The Magician Celebrates The Good Life." To view the cover click: HERE.(9/23)

MARYLAND: Bev Bergeron lectures on Wednesday Sep. 24 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(9/23)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,021 Wednesday - September 24, 2003-
The World's Greatest Magic Show"The World's Greatest Magic Show" that is scheduled to open next week at the Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas announced it's intended cast of magicians. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that Joseph Gabriel, Kevin James, Nicholas Knight, The Majestics, Sylvester the Jester, Jason Byrne and Jeff Hobson will appear for the first three months. To read the Sep. 23 article by Mike Weatherford titled "New entertainment tax brings price hike to Dion's show" click: HERE.(9/24)

David Blaine's "Above The Below" stunt was relatively uneventful yesterday when London was hit with torrential rain and cool weather. Blaine's plastic cage did spring a leak that Blaine sealed using some of the toilet paper he had on hand.(9/24)

ENGLAND: The IBM British Ring Convention 2003 takes place on Sep. 25-28 in Southport. Featured performers include Michael Ammar, Michael Bailey, Stephen  Bargatze, Jason Latimer, Shoot Ogawa, Laurent Beretta, Loki, Craig Dickson, Peter Scarlett, Apollo, Jeremy Pei, Danny Archer, Chris DeRosa, Franck Faver, Nicolas Lepage, Mirko, Julie Llusion, Rachel Wild & Tom Jones, Simon Hart, Ward Allen, Tr'Espace, Sly Smith, John Styles, Jon Marshall, John Dixon, Il Duo Luis, Paolo Giua, Theo Dari, Simon Pierro, and The Great Nardini. For more information click: HERE.(9/24)

Indian magician Gopinath Muthukad weighed in on the David Blaine stunt in a Times of Oman article where his Gandhi Mantra magic tour is discussed. The article reported that he will, "…soon going to make a Gandhi statue talk and later catch a bullet in his mouth, as part of his world tour to propagate Gandhian principles and values." Muthukad is also interviewed about magic and his two year world tour. To read the Sep. 24 article by Adarsh Madhavan titled "Mahatma through magic" click: HERE.(9/24)

MARYLAND: Danny Tong lectures on Thursday Sep. 25 at 7:30pm at Denny & Lee Magic Studio (325 South Marlyn Avenue) in Baltimore. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 410-686-3914.(9/24)

"The Fercos Brothers Untamed Illusions" which opened on Sep. 12 at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey had to postpone its press conference and Gala Party to Sep. 24. To read the Sep. 22 press release titled "Hurricane Isabel Forces the Fercos Brothers'Untamed Illusions Gala Press Party to be Rescheduled for Wednesday, September 24th, 2003 at Taj Mahal" click: HERE.(9/24)

Wayne Kawamoto and Jim Skaggs join David Groves in the Wizard's edition of "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Sep. 25 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(9/24)

Jon Dorenbos who is the long snapper for the Buffalo Bills and a magician is featured in a Buffalo News article that reveals his life as a magician and his rough childhood. To read the Sep. 21 article titled "The Great Escapist" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/24)

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Gallo's Siamese Coins Released On DVD.

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,022 Thursday - September 25, 2003-
Diamond Jim Tyler has just opened a new magic/novelty/toy store called Magical Gadgets, Inc. (7151 Preston Rd. #125) in Frisco, Texas. The store opened on Sep. 2 and will operate on Mon.-Wed. at 10am-6pm and Thurs.-Sat. at 10am-8pm. Tyler told MagicTimes, "Our shop offers something for each level of magician and each type of magician. We've got more brass and wood magic than you can shake a magic wand at! You'll also find juggling apparatus, remote control vehicles, robots, scientific kits, novelties, unique gifts and much more!" Tyler will also be holding magic lectures at the store, the first being Dan Fleshman on Oct. 14. For more information phone: 214-387-8388.(9/25)

Gopinath Muthukad who started his Gandhi Mantra expedition in Oman had part of his performance described in a Times Of Oman article that reported, "…he conjured up a full-length, gold-coloured statue of the Father of India out of thin air as hundreds watched in amazement." The article continued, "The multipurpose hall was filled to the brim and seemed to be at bursting point when the lovable magician who has a special affinity for Oman made his appearance." To read the Sep. 25 article titled "Magician conjures up Gandhi statue out of thin air" click: HERE.(9/25)

A David Blaine update in The Sun reported that "Today Blaine is certainly looking exhausted, lying down in his box for most of the day apart from an occasional listless wave to his fans below. Tired, depressed, starving - and he's still not even half-way through his marathon challenge. Looks like David will be needing some of that magic pretty soon." To read the Sep. 24 article titled "It's becoming Blaine-ful" click: HERE.(9/25)

Lawrence Sullivan has a magic video clip titled "Magic Hustla" on MTV Asia's "Whatever Things" episode 4. For more information or to view the performances click: HERE.(9/25)

Thorsten Strotmann's blindfold drive was stopped by police according to an Ananova article that reported that he, "…had been specially flown in to Tyrol in Austria by helicopter and was all-set to go with a steel mask and a black sack over his head when police officers informed him the stunt was off." To read the Sep. 24 article titled "Police pull plug on blindfolded mountain drive" click: HERE.(9/25)

NEW YORK: Matthew Puglisi lectures on Sep. 26 at 9pm at the Rogue Magic & Funshop (85-08 Queens Blvd.) in Elmhurst. Admission is $25 for members and $30 for non-members. For more information phone: 718-505-0316.(9/25)

Dorothy JansenPictured is Dorothy "Dolly" Jansen holding a print of her father Dante. Ms. Jansen who is 92 years old is Dante's oldest daughter. The Dante Memorial Fund, which she has endorsed, has already raised more than US $9,000 of the necessary $13,000 that it will need to purchase an inurnment niche for Harry and Edna Jansen (Dante and his wife) at The San Francisco Columbarium where he will be relocated to his final resting place. To make a donation e-mail: (Photo: Phil Temple).(9/25)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,023 Friday - September 26, 2003-
Gerry McCambridgeGerry McCambridge who has been filming his mentalism themed television special for the past few months told MagicTimes that they finished taping on Sep. 23 in Los Angeles. The one-hour show titled "The Mentalist" is scheduled to air on NBC-TV on Tuesday November 25.(9/26)

David Blaine's promoters have agreed to pay for the extra security that the police are providing at his "Above The Below" stunt. Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens is quoted in a BBC News article, "We have asked the people who have been staging the event to pay for the policing. It is important to say that there has been a considerable expense." A Reuters article reported that "Scotland Yard said Sky had paid for the cost of policing the crowds of onlookers last Saturday and Sunday and would continue to pay for an extra police presence every weekend till Blaine's scheduled climb down from the box on October 19." The Independent revealed that "Television executives have agreed to pay up to £100,000 for the policing of rowdy crowds gathered around the illusionist David Blaine's public fast."(9/26)
--To read the Sep. 25 BBC News article titled "Blaine may have to pay police cost" click: HERE.(9/26)
--To read the Sep. 25 Reuters article titled "Magician Blaine's Sponsors Face Charge for Stunt" click: HERE.(9/26)
--To read the Sep. 26 Independent article by Jason Bennetto titled "TV stations foot £100,000 bill for Blaine police watch" click: HERE.(9/26)
--To read the Sep. 25 Evening Standard article by Graham Keeley and Chris Millar titled "Met chief says Blaine must pay" click: HERE.(9/26)
--To read the Sep. 26 Sky News article titled "Hard To Stomach: Blaine Billed For Stunt" click: HERE.(9/26)

David BlaineDavid Blaine's apparent healthy look is the latest angle the critics are taking to try and prove that he is cheating and not really starving. An article in The Sun reported that, "Blaine seems to be doing the impossible -- eating nothing and still putting on weight. If he knew how to do the opposite, eat loads and lose weight, he would never have to work again. Last night doctors and slimming experts were divided on whether he really was eating nothing. GP Ian Banks, a men’s health specialist, claimed Blaine was probably being fed a high-protein liquid food." To read the Sep. 25 article by Jacqui Thornton titled "Why's Blaine not thinner?" click: HERE.(9/26)

The popularity of the "Above The Below" stunt is discussed in a Coventry Evening Telegraph article that reported, "If people aren't talking about him, they're making the trip to London to see him. Tube bosses at London's Tower Bridge have placed signs directing people to David Blaine as well as their usual attractions, such is the interest." To read the Sep. 25 article titled "Everyone's Talking About: Magician David Blaine's latest stunt" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/26)

David Blaine and his stunts and website are discussed in Daily Bulletin article that observed, "Some people may think David Blaine has nine lives. From being buried alive in a coffin to withstanding the cold of an ice block, Blaine has defied death a handful of times." To read the Sep. 25 article by Kimberly Pasquis titled "Modern Houdini" click: HERE.(9/26)

WASHINGTON: Max Maven presents his full show and a lecture on Saturday Sep. 27 at the Everett P.U.D., (2320 California St.) in Everett. For information phone: 360-652-5779.(9/26)

Frederick Barlow who is now 100 years old is featured in a Portsmouth Today article that reported that, "Mr. Barlow entertained at children's parties and after-dinner events into his 80s and was known on stage as The Great Barlow. The magician still wows staff at the home by performing tricks -- including making items disappear and plucking them from people's ears." To read the Sep. 25 article titled "Century old, and the magic remains" click: HERE.(9/26)

Will Thomas describes himself in a Plainfield Flyer as "I do a little of everything… I do magic, juggling and am just about the best balloon sculptor around." To read the Sep. 25 article by Brenda L. Holmes titled "Plainfield resident builds amazing business" click: HERE.(9/26)

David Oliver, Chris McDaniel, Jeff Moche, Jamy Ian Swiss, Richard Cohn, Rob Herritt, and Dennis Kyriakos  headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 29 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/26)

Thorsten Happell performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Sep. 27 at 2pm and 4pm.(9/26)

FLORIDA: Summer Splash Bash 2003 sponsored by The Wizards Of Winter Haven takes place on Saturday Sep. 27 beginning at 10am at the Chain of Lakes Complex (Highway 17 and State Road 540) in Winter Haven. Featured lecturer is Glenn Strange and the day will include a flea market, auction and show. Admission is $20 for adults and $10 for children. For more information click: HERE.(9/26)

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