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Archives: Week Of September 15-21, 2003
-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,014 Monday - September 15, 2003-
Barry TaylorBarry Taylor and a visit to his Barry's Magic Shop in Wheaton, Maryland are featured in a Washington Post article that reported, "Magicians appear here -- amateurs and pros of every stripe who come to talk and perform tricks. But it's kids who often fill the place, eagerly watching a trick and then imagining their own potential audience for it. That was how Barry, now 50, fell in love with magic." The article also reported that the shop is now close to 30 years old. To read the Sep. 14 article by Jim Paterson titled "Feel the Magic" click: HERE.(9/15)

As David Blaine enters the second week of his "Above The Below" stunt he continues to be taunted by onlookers. They recently sent a remote controlled helicopter with a burger attached to it and tried to organize a group to shine laser pens on him. A majority of the thousands of people who are regularly visiting the site continue to encourage him. An article in The Age reported that "He has been drinking four litres of water a day and producing three litres of urine, which is passed through a tube to the ground where it will be analysed for signs of kidney or liver damage. …The New Yorker has been sleeping for a total of about eight hours a day, although passers-by have been doing their best to keep him awake."(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 14 New York Daily News article by Ellen Tumposky titled "Blaine's cage rattled" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 13 The Age article titled "Magician dumps a shocker on crowd" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 14 The Observer article by Amelia Hill titled "Blaine's cool crumbles in a national test" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 14 Sun article titled "Blaine is buzzed by burger" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 13 BBC News article by Mick McGann titled "Friday night cheers for Blaine" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 13 The Mirror article by Emma Britton titled "Blaine And The Tease Burgers" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 12 Scotsman article titled "Police look out for Blaine botherers" click: HERE.(9/15)
--To read the Sep. 12 Scotsman article by Anita Singh titled "Estefan Not So Happy to Hear About Blaine’s Nappy" click: HERE.(9/15)

Danny Cole's appearance in "It's Magic at the Gaslight Theatre" is mentioned in an Arizona Daily Star article that discusses his credentials and may accomplishments. Also on the show is Matt Marcy who is described as "…one part 'Saturday Night Live,' two parts David Copperfield." To read the Sep. 11 article by Cathalena E. Burch titled "Magical rising star Danny Cole to perform" click: HERE.(9/15)

Magic CastleBruce Cervon, Cody Fisher, Larry Wilson & Co., Ice McDonald, Thom Peterson, Brian Gillis, Howard Jay, and Stoil Stoilov appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 15-21. Larry Wilson lectures on Sunday Sep. 21.(9/15)

Jasper Maskelyne, in conjunction with the Tom Cruise movie "The War Magician," is the subject of a Channel 4-Real Lives article that features a biography of Maskelyne and his accomplishments both in and out of he military. To read the Sep. 13 feature titled "Magic At War" click: HERE.(9/15)

NEVADA: The 2003 Las Vegas Magic Invitational convention will be held on Sep. 14-16 at The San Remo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The convention will be followed by a special "Coinvention" on Sep. 17 at the same location. Scheduled performers include Shoot Ogawa, Joe Givan, Simon Lovell, David Roth, Jamy Ian Swiss, Geoff Williams, Armando Lucero, Geoff Latta, Dean Dill, Curtis Kam, Michael Rubenstein, Kainoa Harbottle, Curtis Kam, Bob Kohler, Reid McClintock, Mutobe, and David Neighbors. The special guest of honor is Martin Nash. Both events have sold out. For more information click: HERE.(9/15)

The Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States convention and it's first show are featured in The Sentinel where they mention Clark and Kathy Beurlen, Steve Friedberg, Bill Dickson, Samuel Patrick Smith, Three Street, Lee Germain and Judi, Hank Moorehouse, Mat Franco, Sylvester the Jester, Max Maven and Michael Finney. To read the Sep. 13 article by Ella McComas titled "Poof! Magicians appear" click: HERE.(9/15)

Children's entertainers and magicians are the subject of a Republic article that discuss the business side of party planning and mentions Craig Davis who says, "I spent literally hours practicing… I got to be really good, and could work with five and seven clubs. But it wasn't until I went to New England and saw street performers in Boston that I had any idea people could work anywhere." To read the Sep. 12 article by Patricia Bathurst titled "Presto! Fantasies for kids are just a phone call away" click: HERE.(9/15)

PRESS RELEASE: Charles Reynolds To Receive Parent Assembly Honor.

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,015 Tuesday - September 16, 2003-
David Merry David Merry who was nominated for "Best One Man Show" at the Canadian Comedy Awards ceremony on Sep. 13 received second prize behind Second City alumnist Marc Hickox. Asked if he was disappointed in not winning Merry said, "No, not at all, it was a thrill to be recognized. The last time I was that excited was the day I found out they took credit cards in the liquor store." Merry was the first magician to ever be nominated for the award.(9/16)

David Blaine speaks: A one-way microphone in Blaine's cubicle that transmits his voice through "Sky One's Sky Active service or on the Channel 4 website" recorded him saying, "I think it's about to get tough. I was just thinking it's only nine days - I have another, oh God, 35 to go. That's a long time, 35 days… So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna pretend that I'm just starting now and that's it's 44 days from now - that should help. But I'm vividly seeing food." To read the Sep. 15 Evening Standard article titled "Food fantasies sending Blaine crazy" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep.15 Ananova article titled "Blaine 'fantasises' about food" click: HERE.(9/16)

David Blaine's "Above The Below" stunt may be gaining respect according to a number of articles. An Associated Press article reported that, "One newspaper dubbed Blaine-baiting 'the new national sport.' That may be changing, as Londoners come to admire the endurance or at least the curiosity value of the New York showman." A Telegraph article reported, "Yesterday, however, seemed a good day for Blaine. The abuse he has suffered from a derisive and unimpressed British public appears to have given way to a grudging admiration."(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 Associated Press article by Jill Lawless titled "Blaine Endures Ridicule in Latest Feat" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 Telegraph article titled "Admirable or stupid?" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 Sky News article titled "David Blaine V Britons" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 16 The Age article titled "Britons taunt caged Blaine" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 16 The New York Times article by Sarah Lyall titled "Death-defying nappy man" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 Guardian article by Mark Borkowski titled "Playing the Blaine game" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 itv article titled "Estefan appalled by Blaine's nappy" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 13 New York Times article by Sarah Lyall titled "Disillusionment Over the Thames" click: HERE.(9/16)
--To read the Sep. 15 London SE1 article titled "New security measures for beleagured Blaine" click: HERE.(9/16)

Thomas Blacke headlines at the Houdini Historical Center in Appleton, WI on Sep. 17. Blacke will also perform at the Victorian Fair in Winona, MN on Sep. 20-21.(9/16)

Alain Nu, Bob Sheets, Barry Wood, Frank Paparozzi, and Eric Starkey perform at Wednesday Wizardry on Sep. 17 at 7:30pm at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn (311 Kent Square Road) in Kentlands, Maryland. Tickets are $12-$15 per person and are available by phoning: 301-258-6394.(9/16)

A large lot of rare magic magazines are being auctioned on Sep. 16 at Bonham's Auctioneers (New Bond Street) in London. The can be found in sale number 10513 - Printed Books & Maps in lots 69-74. For more information click: HERE.(9/16)

Steve Brown, Andre Kole, Tony Spina, David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield surprised everyone when he appeared on stage during the "Louie" award presentation to André Kole at Tannen's 41st Annual Magic Jubilee on Saturday September 13. Pictured are Steven Brown, André Kole, Tony Spina and David Copperfield. (Photo: Magic Times).

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,016 Wednesday - September 17, 2003-
André KoleAndré Kole will be touring his full evening show in the east coast for the next two months with appearances at the First Baptist Church on Tarrytown, NY on Sep. 18 (914-631-6372), Valley Brook Comm. Church in Granby, CT on Sep. 20 (860-844-0001), Belmont St. Baptist Church in Worcester, MA on Sep. 24 (508-753-0312), Brookdale Baptist Church in Bloomfield, NJ on Sep. 26 (973-338-8536), and South Shore Comm. Church in Bridgewater, MA on Sep. 27 (508-279-4900).(9/17)

David Blaine encounters trouble on Tuesday around 5am when a man began climbing the scaffolding that leads to his cage. A Sky News article reported that "The man then tried to cut through the cable supplying water to the 30-year-old during his 44 days of self-imposed starvation." The man was charged with "criminal damage and an offence of threatening behaviour" and was released on bail until a Sep. 30 hearing. The police are also looking for two men who distracted the security guards. Although the man did not destroy anything the water system stopped working and his crew had to give him water through improvised means.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 17 Sky News article titled "Man Charged Over Blaine Box Sabotage" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 16 Associated Press article titled "Police: Man Tried to Cut Blaine's Water" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep.16 AFP article by Eric Thomas titled "Blaine - in-a-box has London chins wagging" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 16 IC Network article titled "Man charged over Blaine stunt" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 17 Scotsman article by Tracey Lawson tilted "US fails to think outside Blaine's box" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 16 Telegraph article titled "Man charged after Blaine stunt disrupted" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 16 Edinburgh News article by Diane King titled "David Blaine has been in the box for ten days" click: HERE.(9/17)
--To read the Sep. 17 Sun article by Lucy Hagan and Ben O'Driscoll titled "Where are the cops?" click: HERE.(9/17)

Michael GrandinettiMichael Grandinetti was involved in a television commercial for the United States Treasury that was taped on Aug. 29 and will be used to promote the release of the new twenty dollar bills. Grandinetti's hands will be seen performing magic with the new bills. The commercial is scheduled to begin airing this fall.(9/17)

David Groves will hold and open-mike night on Thursday Sep. 18 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. If you are interested in performing a routine (under 7 minutes) at this week's "Magic In The Burbs" show you must e-mail Groves at: Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(9/17)

Infantino performs at the Governors Comedy Club (90 Division Ave) in Levittown, New York on Thursday Sep. 18 at 8pm. For tickets and information phone: 516-731-3358.(9/17)

2003 SEAM ConventionTENNESSEE: Allan Ackerman, Vito Lupo, Abb Dickson, Glen Ghirardi, Harry Allen, BJ Harris, Daniel Herron, Michael P. Lair, Joe Lefler, John Measner, Adrian Van Vactor, Tom Vorjohan, Scott Fillers, and Andy Still appear at the 2003 SEAM Convention on Sep. 18-20 in Chattanooga. For more information click: HERE.(9/17)

K.C. Pandey plans on making the Eiffel Tower disappear in October 2004. An Asian Age article reported that "Pandey and his team have been 'working on the magic since 1998' and have already inspected the tower from all angles twice. He is at present looking for a sponsor who will finance his performance in late 2004, which is expected to cost nearly Rs 25 lakhs." He article also stated that, "Mr Pandey said he is planning one more visit to France in March for the final preparations before he can make 'one of the world's most popular tourist attractions' disappear in front of millions of people." To read the Sep. 16 article by Kounteya Sinha titled "Pandey to make Eiffel vanish" click: HERE.(9/17)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,017 Thursday - September 18, 2003-
The Rouclere SAM Assembly #25's Annual Banquet & Magic Show takes place on Friday Sep. 19 at 7:00pm at the Russian all (4 Woodhull Ave., Little Falls, NJ). This year's stage performers are: Maritess, James Brandon, Larry Maples & Raven, and Meir Yedid who will Emcee. Scheduled close-up performers include: Eric DeCamps, Bob Elliott, John Mintz, Bill Wisch, Dave Corsaro, Richard Bangs, Mike Randazzo, Bob Delaney, Daryl Barnes, Mike Bornstein, Warren Kaps, Paul Zevin, Mel Fields, Ted Lee, Ben Intorre, Harry Parkhurst, Ben Schneider, Stuart Schneider, Chris Shamown, Josh Zenreich and some surprises. This show, which usually sells-out months in advance, has a few openings this year. If you want to go, phone Phyllis at 201-797-5504 for a reservation. Tickets are $35per person and include the close-up shows, stage show and dinner.(9/18)

David Blaine -- ©MagicTimes.comDavid Blaine's "Above The Below" stunt is now getting a lot more betting action on whether he survives for the full 44 days. Graham Sharpe who is a spokesman for William Hill explained in an itv article "Almost all the money we are taking is for Blaine to fail. …Despite the fact that he has achieved every other target he has set himself, people seem to think that this may just be one stunt too far. His chances are getting slimmer, like him." The odds have been reduced from 2/9 to 4/9 that he will succeed. The betting angle of the stunt also gives many people a vested interest in having him fail, or succeed depending on the bets placed. It could also be a driving force for some of the outrageous behavior exhibited recently.(9/18)
--To read the Sep. 17 itv article titled "Blaine's stunt odds shortened" click: HERE.(9/18)
--To read the Sep. 17 Reuters article titled "Brits betting on failure for magician David Blaine" click: HERE.(9/18)

David Blaine's chances of succeeding are discussed in a Sky News article that reported, "Illusionist David Blaine will fall unconscious long before he reaches 44 days in his box without food, it is claimed." The article references a New Scientist article that surmised, "It looks as though Blaine cannot win. If he does take just plain water, he will be unconscious by the end of September and the stunt will end early… If he lasts the distance, on the other hand, it will be highly likely he has been lying to us." To read the Sep. 17 article titled "Blaine's Chances 'Getting Slimmer'" click: HERE.(9/18)

David Blaine is being targeted by a "Flash Mob" that plans on getting as many people as possible to arrive at the site of the stunt on Oct. 13 at 7:44pm. An Internet Magazine reported that "Participants in the Blaine Flash Mob are asked to bring: 'a food item – the more delicious and smellier – the better'." To read the Sep. 17 article titled "Blaine faces new Flash Mob challenge" click: HERE.(9/18)

A David Blaine protester is injured in a scuffle with Blaine's security staff. An Evening Standard article reported that "He was forced to leave the grounds by the guard but as he was being pushed on he fainted, bleeding profusely from a cut. …The man lay on the ground for about 20 minutes, tended by his friend and watched by dozens of onlookers. He managed to get up and when leaving, said: 'I came here, and I got assaulted. This is outrageous.'" To read the Sep. 17 article by Abul Taher titled "Blaine guards in scuffle" click: HERE.(9/18)

Glenn StrangeGlenn Strange will present his "Mayberry Magician" show at the Absolute Theatre in South Carolina on Sep. 19-20 at 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Tickets are $10 per person and are available at the box office or by phoning: 803-407-9905. For more information click: HERE.(9/18)

NEW YORK CITY: Danny Tong lectures for the combined IBM Ring 26 and SAM Parent Assembly on Friday Sep. 19 at 7:30pm at the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmens Club (283 Lexington Avenue) in Manhattan. Admission is free to club members or $20 for non-members.(9/18)

The All-Arizona Close-up Magic Competition in Scottsdale, Arizona is discussed in an Arizona Republic article that "Arizona's top professional and amateur magicians will come together in hopes of being crowned Arizona's 'Magician of the Year.'" Mentioned in the article are Kirby Romine and Robb Weinstock. To read the Sep. 17 article by Matthew D. Garcia titled "Magicians vie to be Arizona's best" click: HERE.(9/18)

SPAIN: The Jornadas Internacionales De Magia takes place on Sep. 19-21 in Victoria. Featured performers include: Rene Lavand, Nicholas Night & Kinga, Amos Levkovitch, Salvano, Julius Frack, Mac Ronay Jr., Murphy, Mago Anton, Mag Lari, and more. For more information click: HERE.(9/18)

Gopinath Muthukad is the guest of honor at 13th annual get-together of the Trivandrum Medical College Alumni Association of Oman where he will perform. To read the Sep. 18 Times Of Oman article titled "Start a discussion on this topic" click: HERE.(9/18)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,018 Friday - September 19, 2003-
Criss Angel and Mr. MaricCriss Angel will begin taping segments for a Japanese television special this weekend in Tokyo. The two-hour show titled "Super Magic Biggest Battle! Criss Angel Vs. Mr Maric" will pit Angel who is described as "The most powerful magician in the United States" against Mr. Maric. The first hour of the show will feature Angel performing magic on the streets of Tokyo plus some special illusions and a segment from his "Mindfreak" special. He will also tape a couple of segments performing with Mr. Maric. The second hour features Mr. Maric who will close the show with a stunt that pre-qualified teams of contestants will try to guess the method of for 10,000,000 Yen. The show will air on Oct. 4 at 7pm on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) in Japan. Angel's new U.S. special is scheduled to air on Halloween on the Sci-fi channel.(9/19)

"The Greatest Magic Tricks In The Universe...Ever" television series that that begins airing on channel Five in the United Kingdom is discussed in The Belfast News Letter that quoted Pete McCahon who is one of the hosts, "A lot of people say you should learn to do the classics of magic. You should learn to do the linking rings, and cups and balls… All those tricks would be great to learn to do, but I also think you should do things that suit your personality." To read the Sep. 18 article titled "It's magic stuff" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/19)

David Blaine continues to get flack from various onlookers which are now termed "Blaine-baiters." There are websites dedicated to harassing Blaine and the British tabloids are publishing ideas on how to irritate him. The nature of the stunt is one where the dangerous and life threatening aspect becomes more serious the longer it goes on. Until then all the press has to report on are the "Blaine-baiters." The harassment will continue as long as ordinary people can get their 15 minutes of fame by trying to derail his mission -- which should be for around two more weeks. A Daily Mail article reported on the taunting, "Over the past 14 days, total strangers have felt compelled to abuse him, pelt him with missiles, tease him with food, disrupt his sleep and even try to blind him."(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 Reuters article by Peter Graff titled "Blaine's Stunt Prompts Anti-U.S. Displays in Britain" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 Evening Standard article titled "Pub revellers target Blaine" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 Sun article by Steve Kennedy titled "I've got Blaine damage" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 NBC News article by Jim Maceda titled "Illusionist faces tough London crowd" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 BBC News article titled "Punters expect Blaine to fail" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 18 Daily Mail article titled "In America, his stunts are met with quiet respect or indifference" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 16 Northern Scot article by Ian Gill titled "Above the below and beside the point" click: HERE.(9/19)
--To read the Sep. 19 Gulf Daily News article "'Starving magician' laps up the publicity" click: HERE.(9/19)

Le Grand David Spectacular MagicLe Grand David Spectacular Magic Company opens its 28th season on Sep. 21 at 3pm at the Cabot St. Cinema Theatre (286 Cabot St.) in Beverly, Massachusetts. Shows will continue to run every Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are $18 for adults and $12 for children under 12. For more information and tickets phone: 978-927-3677.(9/19)

Infantino performs at the White Post Farms Fall Festival (250 Old Country Road) in Melville, New York every Saturday and Sunday through Oct 26. For more information click: HERE.(9/19)

Jeremy DuCharme is featured in a Napa News Register that reported that "the 25-year-old conjurer can trace his family's sleight of hand to the French court of King Louis XIV where a relative -- with a number of "greats" defining the lineage -- served as jester." DuCharme explained, "I never play with a full deck anyway… I like to bring magic to adults. It makes them feel like a kid again. I like bringing them that feeling." To read the Sep. 17 article by L. Pierce Carson titled "The sleight-of-hand of Jeremy DuCharme" click: HERE.(9/19)

Puck, Robert Baxt, John Graham, Jamy Ian Swiss, David Condon, Justin Style, and Asi Wind headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 22 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/19)

Jeff McBride's quest to "put real magic into his life and his performances" is the subject of a press release about his recent appearance at the Burning Man Festival. McBride described what happened at the Festival, "To add my magic to the radical mix of art and chaos was a real thrill! …For me, the moment of spinning cards into the desert wind was the highlight of the performance because the winds took the cards soaring hundreds of feet into the air, accompanied by an incredible laser light show." To read the Sep. 13 press release titled "Magician Finds Real Magic At Burning Man" click: HERE.(9/19)

Rich Cohn performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Sep. 20 at 2pm and 4pm.(9/19)

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