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Archives: Week Of September 8-14, 2003
-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,009 Monday - September 8, 2003-
Mac KingMac King's show at Harrah's Las Vegas is reviewed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal where it is reported, "You can tell from the comments of people around you that King's one-man show gets a lot of repeat visitors, which could be surprising because it doesn't change that much. But a second or third viewing gives you a chance to appreciate how carefully it's constructed, how many laughs there are per minute, and how many of those laughs tie back to things said earlier." To read the Sep. 5 review by Mike Weatherford titled "Magic show transports audience to simpler times" click: HERE.(9/8)

The War Magician continues to get closer to becoming a movie. A Film Force article reported, "According to Variety, Aussie filmmaker Peter Weir (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World) is in talks to direct The War Magician for Paramount Pictures. Tom Cruise and partner Paula Wagner will produce. Cruise had long wanted to star but has opted not to now. The screenplay is by Peter Buchman (Jurassic Park 3, the unfilmed Alexander the Great)." To read the Sep. 5 article by Stax titled "Weir'd War Tales" click: HERE.(9/8)

"The World's Greatest Magic Show" which is expected to open next month at the Sahara in Las Vegas and the recently closed Steve Wyrick show are the subject of a Las Vegas Review-Journal article. To read the Sep. 7 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Sahara gives magic another go" click: HERE.(9/8)

David OliverThe Mystery Lounge will begin its 8th season on Tuesday Sep. 9 at 8pm the Comedy Studio (1236 Mass Ave) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Featured performers this week are Mike Bent, Steve Kradolfer, Alexander Foolski, Erik Rochelle, and David Oliver. Bob Riordan performs the pre-show close-up beginning at 7pm. Admission is $10 per person. For reservations phone: 617-661-6507.(9/8)

David Blaine's stunts' progress is mentioned in a Cape Argus article, "Some of the spectators teased the 30-year-old New Yorker with burgers and hot dogs mocking his decision to survive eating nothing and drinking just water for the next 44 days in a box which measures two metres high, two metres long and just one metre wide." To read the Sep. 7 article titled "Blaine's outrageous stunt draws London crowds" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 7 Telegraph article by Mark Steyn titled "Box of tricks" click: HERE.(9/8)

David Blaine's "Above The Below" continues to get coverage around the world with updates and insights into his ordeal.
--To read the Sep. 6 News Interactive article titled "Illusionist begins starvation stunt" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 6 Associated Press/CBS article titled "David Blaine Begins Life In A Cage" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 6 New York Daily News article by Ellen Tumposky titled "It's Boxing Day for magician" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 7 Scotsman article by Claire Smith titled "Illusionist defends starvation stunt as 44-day ordeal begins" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 7 Independent article by David Usborne titled "David Blaine: Dah-daaah!" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 6 The People article titled "Blaine All An Illusion" click: HERE.(9/8)
--To read the Sep. 6 Sky News article titled "Blaine's First Day In Box" click: HERE.(9/8)

Jason Latimer, Joshua Jay, Reed McClintock, Allan Hayden, Marshall Magoon, Mark Haslam, Rob Zabrecky, and Trissia Baughman appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Sep. 8-14. Joshua Jay lectures on Sunday Sep. 14.(9/8)

Keith BarryKeith Barry is described as "Ireland's biggest magic sensation" in a People article that reported, "Now Irish people are to get the chance to see what all the fuss is about when his ten part show, Close Encounters with Keith Barry, debuts tonight on RTE1." The article also reported that "…he's heading back to LA where he will be launching a show called The Druidmaster on MTV - where he'll try the death-defying stunt of shooting himself with a live bullet." To read the Sep. 7 article titled "Irish magician Keith takes bullet in bid to be the best" click: HERE.(9/7)

Magic in the Rockies is featured in a Coloradoan article that reported on the local community's help to keep convention running, "Magic in the Rockies also received a grant from the city of Fort Collins' Fort Fund, designated for arts and entertainment. The event also collected numerous sponsors including First National Bank, Markley Motors and New Belgium Brewing Co." To read the Sep. 7 article by Bob Mook titled "Conventional Wisdom" click: HERE.(9/8)

At the TAOM (Texas Association of Magicians) convention held in Lubbock Texas on Aug. 29-Sep. 1 the competition winners were: David Elliott (Senior Close-Up), Kelvin Y. S. Chun (Senior Stage), James Robert (Jim) Wicker (Senior Comedy), and Evan O'Quinn (Junior Close-Up). Steve Burton was elected the new TAOM president and convention chairman for the 2004 event that will be held on Sep. 3-6 in Houston, TX.(9/8)

Joe M. Turner's upcoming appearance at the International Dove Ball on Sep. 27 is the subject of a press release that quotes Lynda Lee Smith, Executive Director and CEO of the IAC, "Joe’s magic is a wonderful addition to our evening reception and we know he will help us reach our goal of raising $500,000 to help make those connections." To read the Sep. 6 press release titled "Atlanta Magician to Mystify Georgia Government Leaders at Adoption Fundraiser" click: HERE.(9/8)

Ruairi O'Connor is the subject of a Sunday Mirror article about his upcoming appearance on Steve Dacri's show in Las Vegas. O'Connor described what he does, "I specialise in the type of magic similar to that which David Blaine does on television. He does street magic but although I don't work outside, I do close-up magic which is the business of performing miracles right in front of your eyes and doing the impossible in normal circumstances." To read the Sep. 7 article titled "Ru's Illusions" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/8)

Louie Mabrey who performs as The Great Loudini is described in a Lake City Reporter article that describes him, "As full-time pastor of Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church for the past 11 years, Mabrey says he incorporates positive messages and lessons about ethics into his acts of illusion and surprise." To read the Sep. 7 article by Mary Savage titled "Magic man!" click: HERE.(9/8)

FLORIDA: John Tudor presents his "Slydini's Great Question" lecture on Sep. 8 at 7pm in Palm Beach (561-649-5633) and in Tampa on Sep. 9 at 8pm (727-532-4115).(9/8)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,010 Tuesday - September 9, 2003-
David Blaine: Above The Below - Copyright MagicTimesDavid Blaine's "Above The Below" stunt that his being aired and updated on Sky television has received excellent ratings with the opening segment's unofficial viewership being more that a million viewers and an 8.5 share. Things have not been easy with some mean spirited pranksters throwing eggs, golf balls, rocks, bottles, bananas and other objects at the plexiglass cage. An ITV article reported that, "By the end of the first night it was clear that security needed to be tightened around the box. A two-metre high fence was put up and the number of guards was doubled to eight."(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 9 News Interactive article by Toby Forage titled "Illusionist Blaine hung out to dry" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 8 BBC News article titled "Blaine show proves a hit for Sky" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 9 Scotsman article by James Doherty titled "Has the magic gone out of Blaine's act?" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 8 Daily Mail article by Valentine Low titled "Blaine: the hanging target" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 8 itv article titled "Starving Blaine pelted with eggs" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 7 Glasgow Evening Times article titled "Blaine takes a pelting as neds noise him up" click: HERE.(9/9)
--To read the Sep. 8 Belfast News Letter article titled "Blaine's hunger 'strike' is a mockery - republicans" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/9)

Some of the routines in the upcoming David Blaine special are described by a Mail on Sunday reporter that spent the day with him during one of the shoots. The article reported, "Blaine hands over the pack of cards. 'Unwrap it,' he says. A crowd has formed. Blaine shuffles the pack. Cards rise and fall, appearing, disappearing, reappearing. He puts a card through a man's hand. It comes out of the other side. 'You're too bad,' the man gasps." Another routine is described as, "Blaine tells the man to think of a card and produces the seven of diamonds before he's finished his sentence. The man is horrified. Blaine tears the card into pieces, dropping them into the man's hand. He closes his fist around the pieces and Blaine asks if he can feel the card getting hot. The man nods vigorously. 'It's hot!' he cries. He opens his hand as though the card is burning it. The card is now in one piece. The man is practically in tears. He scurries away." To read the Sep. 7 article by Olivia Stewart-Liberty titled "The Secret Of David Blaine's Tricks?" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/9)

Houdini is profiled in a Daily Mail article that compares him to David Blaine. The article reported, "With both men, there is the same mingling of fact and illusion, the same difficulty in disentangling the genuine from the fake. Blaine's 44-day incarceration sounds, on the face of it, a near impossible project that could damage his body and mind irreparably. Yet, say sceptics, as there will be no independent monitors, nutrients such as glucose could easily be introduced into his water tube." The article closed with a quote from Houdini which explains why these stunts are so engaging, "No one wants to see a man fall 100ft to his death. But they do want to be there when it happens." To read the Sep. 6 article titled "David Blaine claims he's the new Houdini" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(9/9)

Thin Air (Mark Phillips and Karen Beriss), Barry Wood, Jimi Gibson, and Bob Sheets headline in Wednesday Wizardry at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn (311 Kent Square Road) in Kentlands, Maryland on Sep. 10 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12-$15 per persona and are available by phoning: 301-258-6394.(9/9)

The Magical Life Of Long Tack Sam"The Magical Life Of Long Tack Sam" is given a mini review in the National Post where it is given 2 ½ stars. The review stated that "The movie uses archival footage and photographs, the latter livened up by being animated. This effect is mixed -- sometimes they look like Terry Gilliam's Monty Python cartoons -- but when a hundred-year-old photo suddenly blinks or waves, it provides a startling reminder of the vibrancy of Sam's almost forgotten life." To read the Sep. 8 review by Chris Knight titled "Festival Mini Reviews" click: HERE.(9/9)

Erick Olson will temporarily replace Tony Brent in Devaney & Brent's "Outta Control Magic Show" in Orlando, Florida. Brent broke his ankle on Sep. 2 while rehearsing a new routine. For more information about the show click: HERE.(9/9)

Mark and Sheila Cannon are featured in a San Bernardino County Sun article that discusses their escape artists' supplies business and performances. The article reported, "During an interview for this story, he squeezed into a small steel box with his hands shackled to his neck and his ankles. Sheila then locked the box with a combination lock. After getting out of the shackles, he moved his left hand out of the box and picked the combination lock without seeing it." To read the Aug. 30 article by Alan Schnepf titled "Yucaipa man unlocks secrets of artful escape" click: HERE.(9/9)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,011 Wednesday - September 10, 2003-
David AcerThe Canadian children's TV series "Mystery Hunters" which was co-hosted and co-written by David Acer was nominated for three Gemini Awards on Sep. 9. The Gemini is a Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards. The nominated categories are "Best Children's Non-Fiction Program or Series," "Best Photography in an Information Program or Series" and "Best Picture Editing in an Information Program or Series." The Gemini Awards will air live on CBC in Canada on Oct. 20. Mystery Hunters has been running in Canada and Europe for the past year and began airing on Discovery Kids in the U.S. on Jul. 1.(9/10)

PENNSYLVANIA: Max Maven, Michael Finney, Sylvester the Jester, Samuel Patrick Smith, Ron Geoffries, Lee Germain & Judi, Three Street, Dondrake, Hank Moorehouse, Mat Franco, and Bill Dickson headline at the the Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States (MAES) 2003 Convention on Sep. 11-13 at the Clarion Hotel in Carlisle. For more information click: HERE.(9/10)

Channel 4's broadcast (first non-satellite/cable airing) of the beginning of David Blaine's "Above the Below" is seen by 2.1 million viewers and received a 12% share according to a Guardian article that reported, "The show won its slot against BBC2 and Channel Five competition, and although the audience was sizeable for the time slot, it may have been dented by the fact that one million viewers watched Blaine begin his latest endurance test live on Sky One on Friday evening." To read the Sep. 9 article by Jason Deans titled "Blaine's magic brings 2m to C4" click: HERE.(9/10)
--To read the Sep. 9 DeHavilland article titled "Blaine starvation stunt pulls in viewers" click: HERE.(9/10)

David Blaine stunt updates are being reported around the world. An Australian Times article reported, "Hundreds rather than thousands of tourists milled around the site yesterday, and many waved at Blaine who, stripped to the waist on a muggy day, waved lazily back as he lay stretched on the floor of his cage, his tiny windows open and a white sheet protecting him from the sun." To read the Sep. 10 Australian Times article by Alan Hamilton titled "The eggs, breasts and drumming are no illusion" click: HERE.(9/10)
--To read the Sep. 9 South London Press article by Chris Pragnell titled "Blaine it on the boogie" click: HERE.(9/10)
--To read the Sep. 9 Sky News article titled "Burger Van Smells Torture David Blaine" click: HERE.(9/10)
--To read the Sep. 10 Scotsman article by Kirk Elder titled "The day when Mr Blaine will start to resemble a man on the state pension" click: HERE.(9/10)

A very interesting article about what David Blaine's body will be going through as the days progress. To read the Sep. 9 Mirror article by Nick Henegan titled "How Illusionist Blaine Will Suffer" click: HERE.(9/10)

Robert BaxtRobert Baxt and Chris Christian join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Sep. 11 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $7.50 (includes one free drink) per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(9/10)

Harmony Korine who is currently working the David Blaine "Above the Below" documentary is profiled in the Evening Standard that reported, "Mr and Mrs Korine [his parents] would, presumably, be horrified by their son's latest venture. The documentary of Blaine's 44-day stunt - to be shown on Sky One and Channel 4 in October - could net Blaine and Korine up to £5 million in worldwide sales." To read the Sep. 9 article by Andre Paine titled "Blaine's strange friend" click: HERE.(9/10)

Frank Thurston is featured in a Herald and News article that reported, "Known as the 'Magician of Family Fun,' Thurston gives programs that are 'interactive, fun-filled and laughter-packed.' His shows are known for giving special attention to children." To read the Sep. 2 article titled "Variety show includes magic, music, more" click HERE.(9/10)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,012 Thursday - September 11, 2003-
ShinkohNEW YORK: André Kole, Shinkoh, Meir Yedid, Richard Forget, Devlin, Joe Monti, Kostya Kimlat, Chris Capehart, Joe Rindfleisch, John Born, Winston Helling, Jr., Robert Herritt, James Brandon, Steve Rodman, and Anna Jack are the featured performers at Tannen's 41st Annual Magic Jubilee on Sep. 12-14 at Kuschers Country Club in Monticello. André Kole will receive the "Louie" award. One-day registrations of $50 and full registration of $115 per person will be available at the door. For more information click: HERE.(9/11)

Fouad Filali and Carl Cloutier are featured in a Montreal Gazette article that reported,"Through his organization Magiciens Sans Frontières (MASAF), Filali has organized a magic and comedy benefit performance at Salles du Gesù on Friday. Proceeds go to the organizations that help the Algerian orphans." The article further reported, "Friday's benefit will feature the work of seven magicians - Filali, who incorporates a belly dancer into his act, Mario Choinière, Mehdi Talbi, Yannick Lacroix, Donald Côté, Cirque du Soleil magic consultant Stéphane Bourgoin and the internationally lauded Carl Cloutier." To read the Sep. 10 article by Kathryn Greenaway titled "Magic makes a difference" click: HERE.(9/11)

David Blaine's fifth day of the "Above the Below" stunt is discussed in The Sun where they report, "Things are not looking too good for David Blaine as he enters his fifth day in his glass box home." To read the Sep. 10 article by Ellie Curtis titled "Blaine's battle begins" click: HERE.(9/11)
--To read the Sep. 10 CBBC Newsround article by Claudine Spera titled " David Blaine: watching the box" click: HERE.(9/10)

David Blaine in a Express And Star article that reported, "The crowds survey the box, scanning every inch, from the front, back and sides. Hundreds were there at midday, and by 2pm the throng has approached the 1,000 mark. And that's not including the watchers lining Tower Bridge or the motorists causing traffic chaos as they slow down to try to catch a glimpse." To read the Sep. 10 article by Deanna Delamotta titled "The ultimate test or a box of tricks?" click: HERE.(9/11)

Kenrick "Ice" McDonaldKenrick "Ice" McDonald was presented with The Commanders Medal For Excellence from Commander Lt. Colonel Trent R. Pickering from the United States Air Force Space Squadron after McDonald's USO performance in Alaska on Aug. 19. McDonald was also the recipient of the 2003 Entertainer of the Year Award from The Mr. Black America Association on Jul. 19.(9/11)

Monty, Harvey Ouchi, Yona Chock, David Brown, and Monica will be appearing at the Yum Yum Tree in Ward Center, Hawaii on Sep. 12 at 7pm. Tickets are $20 per person (includes dinner and show) and are available by phoning: 808-592-3580.(9/11)

Houdini and the facts surrounding his death are discussed in a Gulf Daily News article that "Another misconception has it that Houdini's death resulted from a blow to the stomach: Houdini was known for his tremendous physical condition, and could withstand blows to the abdomen by tensing his muscles. While performing in Canada, however, he was challenged by a student who didn't give him time to prepare for the punch. Whether or not the blow ruptured his appendix, it did not cause his appendicitis, which is a bacterial infection." To read the Sep. 11 article by P. Picky titled "No escaping facts" click: HERE.(9/11)

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-VOLUME: 69 / ISSUE: 2,013 Friday - September 12, 2003-
Poof! A play with Magic!"Poof! A play with Magic!" by Walter L. Newton opens on Sep. 12 at the Miners Alley Playhouse (1224 Washington Street) in Golden, Colorado and will run on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Oct. 19. The play surrounds a "down on his luck magician, a theater owner and a couple of gangsters who want to close the theater down and turn it into a parking lot." The show will also feature "a history of the magical arts, presenting many of the traditional magic effects of the last century. Illusions created by Houdini, Kellar, Blackstone, P.T. Selbit and many others are showcased throughout the story." The original show was staged in Dallas, Texas in 1976 and 1978 and has rarely been seen since then. Tickets are $15-$17 per person and are available by phoning: 303-935-3044 or clicking: HERE.(9/11)

The Magician's Alliance of Eastern States (MAES) convention is featured in a Patriot-News article that mentions John Beinhaur, Joseph Curcillo, Lee Germain, Hank Moorehouse, Bill Dickson, Samuel Patrick Smith, Three Street, Ron Geoffries, Mat Franco, Sylvester the Jester, Max Maven and Michael Finney. To read the Sep. 11 article by Matt Miller titled " Hocus pocus! Magicians have Carlisle in focus" click: HERE.(9/12)

David Blaine's "Above the Below" stunt, which has been mocked by a few of the spectators, is also being ridiculed by some in the British press. A Guardian article reported that "…the prospect of Blaine at the mercy of a good humoured, but predominantly satirical crowd, composed of visitors of all ages, classes and ethnicities, hints at some residual, collective good sense, which can tell the difference between a huckster and a hero, and thus differentiates us from Americans." To read the Sep. 11 article by Catherine Bennett titled "The Blaine bashers make me proud to be British" click: HERE.(9/12)
--To read the Sep. 11 Scotsman article by Nick Foley titled "Why Brits Love Blaine Bashing" click: HERE.(9/12)
--To read the Sep. 11 Huddersfield Daily Examiner article by Jenny Parkin titled "So, is this a Blaine drain on all our imaginations?" click: HERE.(9/12)

Manon von Gerkan (David Blaine's girlfriend) gets even with some of the roudy onlookers by throwing an egg back at one of them. Gerkan is quoted in the Evening Standard, "It was the most physical thing I have ever done. I just planted one right smack in the middle of him. It's been so frustrating seeing David have all these things thrown at him over the last few days, it was a great moment to finally fire one back in the other direction. …The guy I threw the egg at saw the funny side and was encouraging me to throw it. He kept saying: 'Go on then, I deserve it. I chucked one at him so you can chuck one at me'." To read the Sep. 11 article by Graeme Culliford titled "Now Blaine's girl hurls eggs" click: HERE.(9/12)

David Blaine was startled recently when he spotted a red laser pointer hitting him. A Daily Record article quoted one of his security men, "He was scared someone was trying to kill him. In America, a dot of light means somebody is aiming a gun at you.'' To read the Sep. 11 article by Nathanyates titled "Blaine: Call Me Poodini" click: HERE.(9/12)
--To read the Sep. 11 Megastar News article by Podge Clarke titled "Blaine it on the boredom" click: HERE.(9/12)
--To read the Sep. 11 BBC News article by Chris Heard titled "All's quiet with Blaine in the rain" click: HERE.(9/12)
--To read the Sep. 11 Sun article by Ellie Curtis titled "Blaine looks safe and dry" click: HERE.(9/12)

David Merry who has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award as the "Best One Man Show" has been presenting his 75-minute "Don't Panic" show this week at the Canadian Comedy Festival. All the award winners will be announced on Saturday Sep. 13 at the 2003 Canadian Comedy Awards held at the The Grand Theatre (471 Richmond Street) in London Ontario, Canada. For tickets and information click: HERE.(9/12)

David Sandy's appearance at the United Way's annual fund-raising drive is described in a Sentinel-News article, "To make a point for the United Way, Mr. Sandy recruited four men from the audience. Sitting one in front of another, the magician had the men lean back to rest on the knees of the man behind them, and then they locked their arms. As Mr. Sandy pulled the chairs out from under each man, the crowd waited for the recruits to collapse to the floor. They didn’t. It just goes to show, the magician told his audience, the strength of people when they work together." To read the Sep. 11 article titled "UW sets a modest goal" click: HERE.(9/12)

Ben Robinson will be appearing at The Fenix in downtown Seattle, Washington on Saturday Sep. 13 sometime between 8pm and 11pm.(9/12)

Torkova, Michael Chaut, and Master Lee headline at Monday Night Magic on Sep. 15 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(9/12)

K. Lal's upcoming Sep. 26 show is mentioned in The Tribune where they report, "The master of abracadabra, K. Lal, has been India’s ambassador of magic to many countries in the world, since his first show in East Africa in 1962. …The magical journey of K. Lal is of more than six decades. No other magician of the world has actively performed for such a long duration. He has the world record of performing more than 22900 stage shows across the globe so far." To read the Sep.  11 article by Nalini Ranjan titled "Like father like son" click: HERE.(9/12)

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