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Archives: Week Of August 18-24, 2003
-VOLUME: 68 / ISSUE: 1,993 Monday - August 18, 2003-
The state of magic is the subject of a Scotsman article that reported "Whether it's sleight of hand, extreme acts of endeavour or extraordinary mind reading, magic is making a massive comeback as a new generation learn the tricks of the trade." The article also promotes the Magic Circle show at Falkland Palace and mentions magicians, David Blaine, Derren Brown, Paul Daniels, Drew McAdam, Houdini, The Great Lafeyette, Charles Cameron, Paul Brignall, David Copperfield, Marc Salem, Gary James, Ali Bongo, Jay Scott-Berry, and Paul Dabek. To read the Aug. 15 article by Michelle McGinty titled "Illusionists have cast their spell over us all" click: HERE.(8/18)

Ali BongoThe Palace of Magic at Falkland Palace produced by Mark Fisken is the subject of a Glasgow Herald article that quotes Ali Bongo, "Magic is all about problem-solving skills, lateral thinking, logic, psychology. It requires a scientific approach to create fantastic illusions. You also have to let your mind dream, to ramble, while knowing how to construct the whole event. Performance counts the most. First you imagine what the audience must see, then work backwards from there. It can take quite a while to work it out. …Unlike actors, we magicians do our own lighting, music, scenery, make-up, and costumes. It's a very individual art and in many ways it's a lonely road that we travel. It's the only way to remain original." Also mentioned in the article are Paul Daniels, Jay Scott Berry, Paul Dabek, Pavel, Flip, and Gladys Chucklebutty. To read the Aug. 15 article by Cate Devine titled "Why the magic circle isn't square" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/18)

The Magic of Lyn starring Lyn dillies appears at the Tilden Arts Center at the Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable, Massachusetts on Aug. 19-21 at 7pm. Tickets are $12-$17 per person and are available by phoning: 508-375-4044.(8/18)

Michael Finney, Boris Wild, Dimmare, Terry Lunceford, Jonathan Neal, Jack Murray, Butch Schoen, and Alfonso appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Aug. 18-24. Curtis Kam lectures on Sunday Aug. 24.(8/18)

Marc SalemMarc Salem is featured in a Scotsman article in conjunction with his show in Edinburgh. The article described his show as, "He seemed to know what people were thinking before they did. It was genuinely thought-provoking, not to mention a little unsettling. 'I'm a bit freaked out,' said my partner after Salem stopped his pulse and then her watch. I was a bit freaked out too. It isn’t that there is anything spooky or supernatural about Salem's show, but by the time the curtain goes down the world isn't the same place as it was when the curtain went up." Describing the differences between this show and the previous ones the article reported, "This year he has moved away from the solo format of his show to include a panel of celebrity guests. As well as Salem's signature pieces, each of the guests participates in a mind game crafted towards his or her skill or talent." The feature also discusses Salem's career and thoughts about what he does. To read the Aug. 17 article by Jonathan Trew titled "It's Salem's lot to read your mind" click: HERE.(8/18)

Street magician Lee James is featured in a Stroud News & Journal article that quotes him, "I tell my kids a little fairy dies every time you reveal a secret." James also discusses his career and the magic business in general. To read the Aug. 15 article by Sam Bond and Simon Harwood titled "Now that's entertainment" click: HERE.(8/18)

ARKANSAS: Dondrake presents his "Fantasy In Black" lecture on Aug. 19 for IBM Ring #308 in Searcy.(8/18)

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-VOLUME: 68 / ISSUE: 1,994 Tuesday - August 19, 2003-
David Blaine -A MagicTimes PhotoDavid Blaine unveils his upcoming stunt in a New York Times article that reported, "Beginning Sept. 5, Mr. Blaine says, he will spend 44 days in a Plexiglas box, 7 feet long by 7 feet tall by 3 feet wide, suspended over the Thames River in London. He will have just a set of clothes and a blanket, no food, and will receive only water via a feeding tube." The endurance stunt will be made into a documentary by Harmony Korine and several British television stations have already committed to covering the event on a regular basis. Also reported is that Blaine has signed a "new deal with ABC for four more specials." The article also recaps much of Blaine's career in the public eye and quotes Steve Cuiffo about his impact on magic, "I think the thing about David Blaine is that he was able to take close-up magic and brought it to a whole new, tremendously large audience." To read the Aug. 19 article by Jesse McKinley titled "A Magician Seeking Simplicity in a Cage" click: HERE.(8/19)

The Pendragons appear at the 74th anniversary of the Paramount Theatre (1124 Meridian St.) in Anderson, Indiana on Aug. 20 at 7:30pm. Tickets cost $20-$34 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/19)

Todd Robbins and his show "Carnival Knowledge" are featured in a New York Post article that discusses what he does, "the 45-year-old showman walks on broken bottles, eats fire, swallows swords . . . and nonchalantly pounds a nail up his patrician nose." To read the Aug. 18 article by Barbara Hoffman titled "Crunch Time" click: HERE.(8/19)

The College Of Magic in Cape Town, South Africa will be expanding their Magical Arts Center to include a special tribute to Siegfried & Roy. Plans are underway to expand the Secret Garden that will "feature mystical illusions as well as becoming a sanctuary for the college's feathered friends and rabbits." Construction is scheduled to begin later this year.(8/19)

PRESS RELEASE: Mike Bornstein's "Polaroid Money Outdone" Released.

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-VOLUME: 68 / ISSUE: 1,995 Wednesday - August 20, 2003-
Juliana ChenJuliana Chen is featured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that reported, "…when she moved into a gated townhouse here in November 2002 from her home in Canada, it was a cue she has selected Las Vegas as the staging ground for the next phase of her career. One day, Chen says, she'd like to have her own show here." The article gives a thorough biography of her career, training and the many awards she has earned. To read the Aug. 19 article by Joan Whitely titled "Up Her Sleeve: In the Cards" click: HERE.(8/20)

David Blaine's announcement about his upcoming stunt which is titled "David Blaine: Above the Below" where he will be suspended over the Thames River in London for 44 days (Sep. 5 to Oct. 19) in a Perspex box gets huge coverage in newspapers all over the world. The entire event is scheduled to be streamed live on the web on the UK's Sky One and Channel 4 websites. The television special/documentary by the same name produced by Harmony Korine will air on Oct. 19 and 20 and will also feature Blaine performing magic on the streets of London. All of the following articles are similar but some manage to add new information about the event.
--To read the Aug. 19 article titled "Blaine to live in a box for 44 days" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 Guardian article by Jason Deans titled "And for Blaine's next trick..." click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 icNorthernIreland article by Anthony Barnes titled "Magician Blaine to Live in Box for 44 Days" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 BBC News article titled "Blaine reveals UK crane stunt" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 Ananova article titled "David Blaine plans major stunt for London" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 This is London article titled "Blaine's magic box" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 London SE1 article titled "David Blaine to live in perspex box in Potters Fields" click: HERE.(8/20)
--To read the Aug. 19 itv article titled "Magician to live in box for 44 days" click: HERE.(8/20)

Dirk ArthurDirk Arthur has announced that he will be opening his "New Art of Magic" show at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas on Sep. 24. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that quotes him about the gigantic vintage showroom, "Everything is going to seem so big… with a 30 foot-wide stage. The backstage logistics will be 'kind of like a huge jigsaw puzzle, but the good thing is the illusions will appear to be absolutely gigantic." To read the Aug. 19 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Magician Dirk Arthur moving his menagerie to Plaza" click: HERE.(8/20)

Rick Ford, Jason Dean, David Sandy, Monty Stratton, Jim Holt, Darrin Springs, Matthew Grunwald, are the subject of a St. Joseph News-Express article that talks to all of them and gives some background on their careers. Ford explained, "Everything is pretty much black and white. Magic takes you beyond that 'cause it's not at all what you expect it to be. It's just a twist in life's plot." To read the Aug. 17 article by Kristen Hare titled "Local magicians stir up a little enchantment" click: HERE.(8/20)

B.J. Odom is featured in a Bonita Daily News article that reported about his show at the  Harborside Theater in Fort Myers, Florida where he, "…ignited the room with his own brand of sometimes bawdy, sometimes silly, consistently trivial comedy that kept his audience laughing for the better part of 45 minutes." The article also pointed out that, "Remarkable indeed, considering that four months ago -- almost to the date -- Odom was in Tampa General Hospital receiving the new heart he needed just to stay alive." To read the Aug. 20 article by Liz Ernst titled "Local heart recipient still believes laughter is the best medicine" click: HERE.(8/20)

Phil and Telly Sass are featured in a FSView & The Florida Flambeau article that looks at their success with their magic and costume shop. Their secret is reported as, "…an unwavering passion for magic. For decades, they have been wowing and fooling crowds with their expertise in tricks and gags and have invested an even larger amount of time into running their magic shop at 1787 W. Tennessee St." To read the Aug. 18 article by Christine Perez titled "Sleight of hand that feeds Tallahassee" click: HERE.(8/20)

The Tucson SAM assembly's annual "Stars of Magic" show is the subject of an Arizona Daily Star article that mentioned performers John Shryock, Adrian Van Vactor, Norm Marini, and Tim Mansfield. The article reported, "The club, which provides a forum for magicians of all skill levels, has hosted its annual extravaganza for 16 of its 26 years. Most of those years, the show has been sold out." To read the Aug. 15 article titled "'Stars of Magic' to shine twice on Saturday" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/20)

Derren Brown's Mind Control television show is discussed in a Dominion Post article that reports that it, "…features the extraordinary psychological magic of Derren Brown, a scary but hypnotic psychological illusionist who not only displays his talent but also teaches you to learn his skills." To read the Aug. 19 article titled "Magician moved to minds" supplied by YellowBrix click: HERE.(8/20)

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-VOLUME: 68 / ISSUE: 1,996 Thursday - August 21, 2003-
Mark WilsonHoudini Days which takes place on Aug. 29-30 in Appleton, Wisconsin is featured in a Post-Crescent article that reported, "Houdini Days was conjured up to honor legendary magician Harry Houdini, a native of Hungary who emigrated to Appleton with his family as a toddler in 1876. He was born Erich Weiss; his father was Appleton’s first rabbi." Organizer and magician Chris Cochrane explained, "It just makes sense that one of the most prestigious magic festivals on the planet should occur in Harry Houdini's hometown… I'm pleased that we're doing something that should have been done a long time ago." Also mentioned in the article is Mark Wilson who will "hold a book-signing Aug. 27 at Barnes and Noble on Casaloma Drive." To read the Aug. 19 article by Linda Martinez titled "Houdini Days debut drawing attention" click: HERE.(8/21)

David Blaine's endurance stunt is described in The Mirror as, "…[Blaine] is now about to spend 44 days locked in a glass case with no food. The case, seven feet long and three feet wide, will be suspended from a crane 40ft above the River Thames, near Tower Bridge in London, and the entire bizarre stunt will be broadcast live on TV." The article also discusses what could go wrong, "There is a risk Blaine's eyesight will be affected, which may be irreversible. After three weeks, he could suffer hallucinations and dementia. Bones weaken after four weeks and potentially permanent brain damage can set in at five weeks." To read the Aug. 20 article by Nicola Methven titled "Blaine Crazy" click: HERE.(8/21)

David Blaine's upcoming stunt is featured in a Reuters story that was picked up in newspapers around the globe. The article reported that, "The flamboyant, 30-year-old New Yorker, famed for spectacular stunts atop poles and frozen in ice, is to be hauled into solitary confinement on September 5 in what he called 'the most extreme exercise in isolation and physical deprivation ever attempted.'" To read the Aug. 20 article titled "Magician Blaine To Live In Box Over Thames" click: HERE.(8/21)

André KoleTannen's has just announced the lineup for their 41st Annual Jubilee on Sep. 12-14 at Kuscher's Country Club in Monticello, New York. Headlining this year will be André Kole, Shinkoh, Meir Yedid, Richard Forget, Devlin, Joe Monti, Kostya Kimlat, Chris Capehart, Joe Rindfleisch, Kenny Brown, John Born, Winston Helling, Jr., Robert Herritt, James Brandon, Steve Rodman, and Anna Jack. Receiving the "Louie" award this year will be André Kole. Registration is $115 per person. For more information click: HERE.(8/21)

Eric Mead presents his "Stream Of Consciousness" show on Aug. 22 and 23 at 8pm at the The Theatre Of Dreams Arts And Event Center (735 Park St.) in Castle Rock, Colorado. Tickets are $20 per person and are available by phoning: 303-660-6799.(8/21)

Bob Bloenk, Gene Anderson, and Stephen Bargatze are the subject of a Bay City Times article that is discussing their show at the State Theatre in Michigan. The article gives a brief bio of each performer and quotes Bloenk about magic, "Magic is a special bond of camaraderie, a true art form, going back almost as old as time… It's for the hobbyist, amateur and professional." To read the Aug. 14 article by Pati LaLonde titled "Multiple Magic" click: HERE.(8/21)

The award winners at the recent Abbott's Get-Together are Tim Wright as Skilldini received the Bil Baird Manipulation Award, John Archer received the Senator Crandall Comedy Award and Shimada received the Jack Gwynn Stage Magic Award. The winners in the magic competition were: Senior Contest: Jason Hudy (1st place), Julie Sobanski (2nd place), Steven Rice (3rd place). The Junior Contest winners were: Areil & Damara Chaudhuri (1st place), Shayna Reed (2nd place) and Alan Smola (3rd place).(8/21)

The Little Magician is the "first Indian American 3-D film to be released in the U.S." The film has some magic in it which a Newindpress article described as, "Indrajit feels the only way of reaching his grandfather is through magic, some of which he learnt back in India -- real magic and superimposed reality as the third dimension turns even ordinary things into magical things." The film will open in the US on Sep. 14. To read the Aug. 20 article by Ians titled "Hollywood dog, Bollywood kid in first Indian American 3-D film" click: HERE.(8/21)

The Abracadabra gala fundraiser which preceded the annual show in Cincinnati is discussed in a Cincinnati Enquirer article that reported, "The event raised about $100,000 to be used for educational outreach at the Playhouse." To read the Aug. 20 article by Jim Knippenberg titled "Magical party conjures up cash for Playhouse" click: HERE.(8/21)

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-VOLUME: 68 / ISSUE: 1,997 Friday - August 22, 2003-
A new TV show titled "T.H.E.M" (Totally Hidden Extreme Magicians) is in the making for an NBC airing this fall. A Hollywood Reporter article that was reprinted in the Boston Globe reported that the show "…features a troupe of 10 to 12 tricksters who confound unwitting bystanders they encounter on the street with mind-boggling illusions." The article also added that, "It's like 'Candid Camera' meets the world of magic," said Ken Mok (UPN's 'America's Next Top Model'), who serves as executive producer and director of "T.H.E.M." To read the Aug. 21 article by Andrew Wallenstein titled "NBC to show more of 'T.H.E.M.'" click: HERE.(8/22)

Richard ForgetRichard Forget was the winner of the International stage contest and the overall Grand Prix winner at the 5th annual Eddy Magic festival and competition held in Hong Kong on Aug. 15-17.(8/22)

David Blaine's stunt is featured in an Associated Press article in The Age that stated, "Unlike his hero, Harry Houdini, the challenge for Blaine will not be to escape, but to survive. All he will have in the box is a tube for water, and a tube for urine." To read the Aug. 22 article titled "A touch of magic for London" click: HERE.(8/22)

André Kole performs at the First United Methodist Church in Mesa, Arizona on Saturday Aug. 23. For more information phone: 602-635-9685.(8/22)

Eddie Ganim who now runs his family business, a tavern that was renamed "Eddie G's Sports Bar" is featured in a Daily Mail article that reported, "On any given evening, it's not unusual to find him dazzling patrons at the bar or walking from table to table making coins disappear, change hands and then reappear. Ditto with cards: a quick shake and he turns queens into aces then, magically, one of the aces becomes the card that was randomly picked from his deck." Ganim explained, "Magic and sports -- it's a weird but great combination… Most of the people who watch sports are attentive, so it makes a good crowd for close-up magic." Magicians mentioned in the article include: Richard Bartram Jr., David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, Basil Smith, Everett Chapman, Michael Ammar and Gary Plantz, and Harry Blackstone Jr. To read the Aug. 21 article by Michael Lipton titled "He's got new tricks up his sleeve" click: HERE.(8/22)

David Groves who has been running "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursdays has expanded to Saturdays with a new format show titled "Comedy in the 'Burbs." The shows which are Emceed by Groves will feature mostly comedians with an occasional magician making an appearance. The premier show is on Saturday Aug. 23 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company (661 W. Arrow Hwy) in San Dimas, California. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(8/22)

Torkova, Throwdini, Rich Marotta, and David Condon headline at Monday Night Magic on Aug. 25 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(8/22)

Carl Mercurio performs for Fantasma Magic at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Aug. 23 at 2pm and 4pm.(8/22)

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