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Archives: Week Of July 21-27, 2003
-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,972 Monday - July 21, 2003-
FISM 2003The 22nd FISM 2003 World Magic Congress takes place on Jul. 21-26 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The convention has already sold out its 2,150 openings and filled the dealers room with 90 displays. The main part of the convention is the international competitions where 150 contestants from 29 countries will compete in eight categories. With the Grand Prix award and the title of "World Champion Magician" will be given to the highest overall score. Performers and speakers booked include: Johnny Thompson, Max Maven, Jay Sankey, Quentin Reynolds, Eugene Burger, Tina Lenert, John Carney, David Williamson, Carlos Vaquera, Richard Sanders, Amos Levkovitch, Imam, Michel, Mahka Tendo, Yumi, Boris Wild, Wayne Dobson, Topas, Alexandra Duvivier, Philippart en Anja, Jean Pierre Vallarino, David Berglas, Sylvester the Jester, Dick Koornwinder, The Flicking Fingers, Raymond Crowe, Manuel Muerte, Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster, Yunke, Bob Sheets, Joshua Jay, Dan LeFay, Eric Mead, Irina, Doc Eason, Sylvia Schuyer, John Stetson, Jon Allen, Smith & Lever, Maarten & Otto, George Parker, Adam Fields, Dan LeFay, and Dr. Jaishen Rajah. For more information click: HERE.(7/21)

Whit Haydn, Oscar Muñoz, Shoot Ogawa, Eric Buss, Rich Cowley, Mark Allen, Tommy Garbin, Mike Elkan, and Howard Jay appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jul. 21-27. Billy McComb lectures on Sunday Jul. 27.(7/21)

David Copperfield is featured in an Orlando Sentinel article in conjunction with his show "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion." Copperfield is quoted about what he always wanted to accomplish with his magic, "My goal as a performer even as a child was to have a bunch of cool stuff to show people that they would be supportive of and not be put off by… I didn't really treat them as tricks. I never wanted to fool people or deceive them." To read the Jul. 18 article by Deborah Hirsch titled "Magic's main man" click: HERE.(7/21)

David Copperfield is profiled in a Miami Herald feature that describes him as, "In his 30 years in the public eye, the 46-year-old magician -- whose name conjures images of Las Vegas glitz, glamorous showmanship and supermodels -- has perfected a legendary list of illusions that includes walking through the Great Wall of China, making the Statue of Liberty disappear and thwarting explosions and attack dogs to escape from Alcatraz." Chris Kenner, who is Copperfield's new executive producer is quoted about the state of the show, '''It used to be a set-in-stone formula -- a piece in front of the curtain, a big illusion,' …Now, he says, the performance has moved beyond cutting attractive women in half, making them levitate, or making them disappear." To read the Jul. 18 article by Daniela Lamas titled "The Magic Man" click: HERE.(7/21)
--David Copperfield is also featured in a Miami New Times article. To read the Jul. 17 article by Juan Carlos Rodriguez titled "Tricking to Maui" click: HERE.(7/21)

Siegfried & Roy"Siegfried & Roy, Masters of the Impossible" is featured in a Las Vegas Sun article that gives the show 5 out of 5 stars. The article reported that "More than 25 million fans in Las Vegas have seen spectacular performances by the German natives, who met while working on a cruise ship in 1957." The article also pointed out that, "Though they have been performing together for almost 46 years, the pair seem to enjoy their work almost as much as their fans enjoy watching them. Siegfried & Roy have become icons of Las Vegas, symbolic of a grandiose and flamboyant style of entertainment the city has become famous for." To read the Jul. 18 article by Jerry Fink titled "Siegfried & Roy still making magic at Mirage" click: HERE.(7/21)

The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) convention scheduled for Jul. 31-Aug. 3 in Coquitlam, Canada is featured in a Coquitlam Tri City News quotes organizer Shawn Farquhar about the performers, "These magicians have won every major award in the world and they are all coming because they are my friends." The article also reported that Farquhar "…comes from a long-line of magicians, including his father, for whom an assembly of magicians in Victoria was named." To read the Jul. 19 article by Diane Strandberg titled "Magic event coming" click: HERE.(7/21)

Mark Towers' motivational show, "How to Stay Up, No Matter What Comes Down!," is featured in a Whindbey Island Crosswind article where he is described as, "…an accomplished author, teacher, counselor, magician and entrepreneur." Towers explained that "If you specialize in one specific topic, you limit yourself from being able to address people on different subjects." To read the Jul. 18 article by Mindy Ransford titled "Motivational speaker inspires workers" click: HERE.(7/21)

Dennis Regling presets his "Professor Denno's Travelling Medicine Show" at Scio Public Library in Scio, OH on Jul. 21 at 11am and 2pm, Clark Memorial Library in Freeport, OH on Jul. 22 at 11am and 2pm, and Puskarich Public Library in Cadiz, OH on Jul. 23 at 11am and 2pm.(7/21)

"World Magic in Alba" that takes place in Italy on Aug. 29-31 is mentioned in a Agenzia Giornalistica Italia article that listed some of the performers, Philippe Taccoes, Jean Marie Le Royer, Serip, Juan Mayoral, Chouff, Smith, Brando and Silvana, and Tony Binarelli. To read the Jul. 19 article titled "In Alba World's First Magic Festival" click: HERE.(7/21)

Chris Stolz is featured in a Times Colonist article that describes what he is doing, "Stolz is sharing his expertise, showing novices what's really up his sleeves. For Qualicum Beach theatre company Bard to Broadway, he's running a workshop for would-be magicians this weekend, repeating the sessions again Aug. 1-2." To read the Jul. 17 article by Susan Down titled "Theatre workshop is magical" click: HERE.(7/21)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,973 Tuesday - July 22, 2003-
Martin Gardner's Are Universes Thicker than Blackberries?Martin Gardner is profiled in a Tech Central Station article that discusses his impressive career and his most recent book, "It is hard to think of anyone who has done more than Gardner to promote scientific and mathematical literacy in America. Now nearing age 90, he is the author of some 70 books. His latest book Are Universes Thicker than Blackberries? (W.W. Norton) is an interesting, and characteristically eclectic, collection of columns and articles. The book carries the subtitle 'Discourses on Gödel, Magic Hexagrams, Little Red Riding Hood, and Other Mathematical and Pseudoscience Topics.'" The book also deals with magic, "Gardner, who is an amateur magician, peers into the details of 'eyeless vision' (whereby people see things even though they're supposedly securely blindfolded). More broadly, he gives an overview of the various stage-magic tricks that have been used by claimants to psychic and paranormal powers. As he points out, magicians, rather than scientists, are typically the observers best equipped to detect such cheating." To read the Jul. 21 article by Kenneth Silber titled "The Eclectic Skeptic" click: HERE.(7/22)
--To buy the book click: HERE.

David Lovering (Pixies) and Rob Zabrecky (Possum Dixon) are profiled in an LA Weekly article that looks at their career paths from successful musicians to magicians. Lovering and Zabrecky regularly perform at the Magic Castle, "Recently, the Magic Castle newsletter featured an article on Zabrecky, Lovering, and another magician, called Fitzgerald. In true DIY fashion, the three of them, joined occasionally by a friend called 'Handsome Jack,' have taken to performing unofficial shows every Friday night in an unused basement theater of the Castle, believing that the only way to truly perfect their craft is to perform constantly. The night management at the Castle began referring to them as 'The Unholy Three' for their offbeat and irreverent performing styles." The article also pointed out that, "…it might just be within an art form like magic, precisely because it has been so neglected, that we suddenly discover something fresh and new. As Zabrecky says, 'When I started getting into magic, I quickly focused on the people I really liked. It was like listening to a bunch of records and deciding you like Black Flag over something more mainstream. It felt just like it did when I was discovering music at 13, and I still feel that way about it. It really feels like what I’m doing now is new and unexplored.'" To read the Jul. 18-24 article by John Albert titled "Rock Magicians" click: HERE.(7/22)

Jeff McBride Magicopolis flyerJeff McBride will be appearing at Magicopolis (1418 4th Street) in Santa Monica, California on Jul. 23-27. McBride will also give a special "Magician's Only" lecture on Jul. 22 at 8pm. Also appearing through the run is Andrew Goldenhersh who will be presenting a separate Close-Up show. For more information and reservations phone: 310-451-2241.(7/22)

Tom Potter who appears at the Gaslight Theatre in Arizona is featured in an Arizona Daily Star article that reported, "In May, he retired from TUSD after 27 years of teaching and is devoting all his attention to his comic magic and acting career." The show he will be appearing is called "Its Magic" and will also feature Matt Lemm and Emily. To read the Jul. 17 article by Cathalena E. Burch titled "Magician makes laughs appear" click: HERE.(7/22)

NEW JERSEY: Ron Geoffries lectures on Wednesday Jul. 23 at 8pm for JMMRT at the V.F.W. Hall (20 Pennsylvania Ave., two blocks from the NJ Transit -- Linden train station) in Linden. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. For more information click: HERE.(7/22)

The Northwest Ring of Fire magic group's annual picnic is reported in the Daily Herald where magicians mentioned included Bruce Meyers, John Pomeroy, Vaclav Havlik, and Brian Melicher. To read the Jul. 21 article by Victor Balta titled "Magicians hang out at picnic" click: HERE.(7/22)

David Knight who has been looking for a new assistant found Rebecca Holt. A Huddersfield Daily Examiner article reported, "David, 27, of Crosland Moor, appealed for a new assistant to work on a series of new cruise ship and holiday resort contracts. The act, Dreamscape, is a series of five illusions. They include sawing an assistant in two and sealing her together with fire." To read the Jul. 17 article titled "Rebecca's got that magic look" click: HERE.(7/22)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,974 Wednesday - July 23, 2003-
A new show titled "The World's Greatest Magic Show" has been announced to open at The Sahara in Las Vegas after Steve Wyrick leaves at the end of August. A Las Vegas Review-Journal article reported that "It will be a variety format in the vein of the similarly titled 'World's Greatest Magic' TV specials. Like 'V -- The Ultimate Variety Show' at The Venetian, the idea of 8 to 10 magicians doing their best segments seems like such an obvious one, it's a wonder it hasn't been done yet." Show producer Dick Feeney's reasoning for the format is explained, "…most illusionists are distracted by the Lance Burton business model and get starry-eyed about having their own headline show on the Strip. …The result has been many a magic 'headliner' in which a strong signature segment is padded with '45 minutes of stuff they bought from someone else or don't know how to do.'" The article also mentions that Rick Thomas' show at the Tropicana is in jeopardy because of remodeling of the premises. To read the Jul. 22 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Las Vegas magic scene settling down" click: HERE.(7/23)

Dorothy DietrichDick Brooks and Dorothy Dietrich's Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania is mentioned in the current issue of Country Discoveries magazine where they describe what the tour entails, "A guided tour showcases silent films produced by Houdini's production company, newspaper clippings detailing his amazing feats and various props used in performances. You’ll even hear one of the few remaining recordings of his voice. …The tour ends with a magic show by Dorothy Dietrich, the museum’s director and one of the world's leading female magicians and escape artists, and magician Dick Brooks." To read the July-August article by Weldon B. titled "Abracadabra! Houdini Museum Pays Homage to the Legendary Magician" click: HERE.(7/23)

"The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam" documentary by Ann Marie Fleming will be premiered at the 28th Toronto International Film Festival on Sep. 4-12. Sam is described as, "Acrobat, magician, comic, linguist... Long Tack Sam was one of the greatest vaudeville acts of all time but is virtually unknown today. In The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam, writer and director Ann Marie Fleming travels the globe, searching for the story of her great-grandfather, the cosmopolitan Long Tack Sam." To read the Jul. 22 press release titled "National Film Board of Canada premieres Acrobats, Animation, and Aboriginal Tradition at the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival" click: HERE.(7/23)

Robert Baxt, Jim Skaggs and David Groves perform as wizards in a special "Celebration of Harry Potter" at "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Jul. 24 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(7/23)

Darryl Miller's show at the Monroe Civic Center is reported in The News-Star that quoted miller, "The best part is having a little kid want to give you a hug afterward… You can't buy that anywhere. …It's also nice to be able to make a living doing something you love." To read the Jul. 22 article titled "Magic show mystifies youth" click: HERE.(7/23)

Monty received a Po'okela Award for Excellence in Service for the 2002-2003 Theatre Season in Honolulu, Hawaii on Jul. 21 for his magic productions around Hawaii.(7/23)

Felix Snipes' show at the First Baptist Church of Hesperia is reported in the Hesperia Star to have "…focused mainly on his magical illusions, but he touched briefly on what he considers a true miracle -- the ability to be spiritually born again." To read the Jul. 22 article by Ellen Porter titled "Magician uses his magic for God" click: HERE.(7/23)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,975 Thursday - July 24, 2003-

David AcerDavid Acer will co-hosts the comedy special "Crossing The Main" with Sylvain Laroque on CBC-TV in Canada on Friday Jul. 25th at 7pm. The show is part of the Trans Canada Comedy Trail series where Acer and Laroque will "take viewers on a tour of Montreal and the great comedic divide between English and French Canadians."(7/24)

The Amazing Johnathan's show at the Flamingo in Las Vegas is featured in this week's Showbiz Weekly where they report, "The zest and zeal with which Amazing Johnathan performs his seemingly spontaneous, over-the-edge numbers is outrageous. Taking his audiences totally by surprise and making them laugh until they nearly fall out of their seats is a Johnathan specialty. Eccentricity is another: Johnathan's out-there sense of humor is highly impulsive, adding to the intense shock value of his wild performances." To read the Jul. 27-Aug. 2 article by Carla Zvosec titled "Johnathan Amazes" click: HERE.(7/24)

Steven Best appears at the Maple Ridge Fair (23588 - 105 Ave.) in Maple Ridge, BC Canada on Jul. 25 at 5:30pm on the Main Stage. For more information click: HERE.(7/24)

The Flying Calamari Brothers (Mark Cassettari and Rich Stewman) who performed at the Livermore Public Library are featured in a Tri-Valley Herald article that reported, "Handkerchiefs disappeared and reappeared, a plastic egg suddenly became real and a brave volunteer found himself levitating." To read the Jul. 23 article by David Zhou titled "Sleight of hand delights youth" click: HERE.(7/24)

MASSACHUSETTS: George Sateriel, Kohl & Co., B.J. Hickman, Ralph Dewey, Gary the Silent Clown, Royal Sorell, Steve Thomas, Bob "B.B." Widdop, Donna Marie, Todd Neufeld, and Sandy Snay appear at the "Magicians, Clowns & Twisters University" convention on Jul. 25-27 at the Boston Marriott Hotel in Burlington. For more information click: HERE,(7/24)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,976 Friday - July 25, 2003-
David MerryDavid Merry's show "Don't Panic Remain.Com" was nominated for the Canadian Comedy Award for best "One Person Show." The nomination was announced on Jul. 24 at a press conference in Toronto. The awards will be presented on Sep. 13 at "The 2003 Canadian Comedy Awards" show in London, Ontario. Merry has been touring his show for the past 8 months with stops in West Palm Beach, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Syracuse. Merry will also be showcasing the show in Las Vegas on Jul. 28 at the Flamingo Hotel.(7/25)

"Music City Magic" which purports to be "Nashville's first and only weekly venue for magic performance" is scheduled to debut on Monday Jul. 28 at 7pm with shows every Monday after that. Johnny Dellarocca and Nelson are the permanent performers with 2-3 guest magicians joining them every week at Miss Marple's Dinner Theater (135 Second Ave North) in Nashville, Tennessee. Show cost $35 per person and include dinner. For information and reservations phone: 615-242-8000.(7/25)

The Pendragons who are scheduled to appear at the 74th anniversary of the Paramount Theatre in Anderson, Indiana on Aug. 20 are profiled in The Star Press. The are called "the world's true masters of grand illusion by performing the most innovative and entertaining illusions of the world today." The executive director of the theater is quoted, "There are no trap doors at the Paramount… No hidden wires. What you see is what you get and that is why the Pendragons are simply amazing." To read the Jul. 24 article titled "Paramount will celebrate 74th with evening of illusion" click: HERE.(7/25)
--For more information about the show click: HERE.(7/25)

Puck, Todd Robbins, Bobby Baxter, Simon Lovell, Richard Cohn, and Dennis Kyriakos headline at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 28 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(7/25)

India's leading magician P.C. Sorcar will be performing at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie, IL on Jul. 27 at 3:00 pm. Sponsored by the Bengali Association of Greater Chicago tickets range from $25-$75 per person.(7/25)

Brian Kaufman who presents his "Magic on the Run" show on Sunday at the Tampa Improv is mentioned in a St. Petersburg Times article that reported, "The magician is still a teenager, but he's been a professional for years, touring the country during his breaks from school to perform at theme parks and corporate events." To read the Jul. 24 article titled "Hot Ticket" click: HERE.(7/25)

Scott Wells performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Jul. 26 at 2pm and 4pm.(7/25)

Kelvin Saline's "Magic Village" show scheduled for Jul. 26 at the Carlton High School is discussed in The Pine Journal where he is quoted about a recent show mishap, "Recently at an arts festival… I did the rope escape on an outdoor stage. It started raining, the stage technicians turned off the power for their own safety, and I was left on the stage -- with no power -- tied to a chair with 100 feet of rope, in the rain. I'd never done this in the rain before. And yes, I got out. Whew!' To read the Jul. 23 article by Wendy Johnson titled "Carlton Daze celebration starts Friday" click: HERE.(7/25)

Devlin and BronwynDevlin and Bronwyn have followed in the footsteps of many of the leading illusionists of our time by getting married on July 12 in Newark, Delaware. There has been a long tradition of magicians marrying their chief assistants and this time the wedding was captured for the TLC series "A Wedding Story" which will also air segments from their show at the Wyndham's Crystal Palace in Nassau, Bahamas. Magician/guests who also performed at the wedding and might appear on the special included George Schindler, Eric DeCamps, James Brandon, Joe Monti, Michael Chaut, and Imam. The show is scheduled to air later this year. (Photo from Devlin).(7/25)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,977 Saturday - July 26, 2003-
FISM 2003The 22nd FISM 2003 World Magic Congress that took place on Jul. 21-26 in The Hague, The Netherlands is over and winners are:

This year instead of awarding a single overall Grand Prix Award and the title of "World Champion Magician" they have decided to present two awards: Norbert Ferré won the Grand Prix Stage Award and Jason Latimer received the Grand Prix Close-Up Award.

The complete list of winners as announced by the organizers is:

Manipulation: 1- Norbert Ferré* (France), 2- Eun-Gyeol Lee* (Republic Of Korea), 3- Kenji Minemura (Japan).

General Magic: 1- Pat Perry & Archibald* (Switzerland), 2- Simon Pierro (Germany), 3- (a tie): Danny Cole (United States) and Mirko (Argentina).

Stage Illusions: 1- Not Awarded, 2- Prince Of Illusions (The Netherlands), 3- Doctor MarraX (Germany).

Parlour Magic: 1- Not Awarded, 2- (a tie): Ken Bardowicks (Germany) and Chris Joker (Germany), 3- Robert Jagerhorn (Finland).

Mental Magic: 1- Not Awarded, 2- Aaron (Belgium), 3- Chris Joker (Germany).

Micro Magic: 1- Jason Latimer* (United States), 2- (a tie): Nicholas Einhorn (United Kingdom) and Shawn Farquhar (Canada), 3- Ferenc Galambos (Hungary).

Card Magic: 1- Magomigue* (Spain), 2- Gregory Wilson (United States), 3- (a tie): Iňaki (Argentina) and Etienne (United Kingdom).

Invention: Jason Latimer (United States), Jan Ditgen (Germany), Arsene Lupin (Poland).

Comedy Presentation: The Great Nardini (Scotland).

Most Original Act: Pat Perry & Archibald (Switzerland).

*The performers with an "*" next to their names scored high enough to be considered for a Grand Prix award and presented their act once again on Saturday at the Final Gala.

It was also announced that the next FISM convention would take place in Stockholm, Sweden in the summer of 2006. The host society is The Swedish Magic Circle. They have already purchased a website for the convention:

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