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Archives: Week Of July 14-20, 2003
-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,967 Monday - July 14, 2003-

Raymond M. Corbin's services are described in a Baltimore Sun article that quotes from the SAM broken wand ceremony. The article reported that, "An audience of more than 100 friends, family members, admirers and fellow magicians looked on as two pastors and a past president of the Society of American Magicians remembered Corbin as a gentleman, a family man, a consummate entertainer and a master conjurer who inspired generations of children to try their hand at magic." Mentioned in the article were Scott Albin, Bill Andrews, Scott and Jenny Alexander. To read the Jul. 13 article by Jennifer McMenamin titled "Peers bid farewell to magical performer" click: HERE.(7/14)

Milbourne ChristopherThe annual Milbourne Christopher Foundation awards, which honor magic excellence and creativity, and are regularly presented at the SAM convention, were handed out on Jul. 10 in Las Vegas. This year five deserving winners got the honors. Channing Pollock received the Lifetime Achievement award, Dr. Robert J. Albo (Literary Award), Jeff McBride (Illusionist), Jeff and Tessa Evason (Mentalists), and Jason Latimer (Newcomer).(7/14)

Success in magic outside Las Vegas is discussed in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that spoke to several magicians at the SAM convention last week. Mentioned in the article were Joe Devlin, George Schindler, Dan Garrett, Glen Gerard, George Sateriale, and Michael Chaut. Also mentioned was that Dirk Arthur's show at the Silverton just closed and that Steve Wyrick's show at the Sahara that closes on Aug. 31, "will announce a new location on the Strip; the Sahara hasn't announced a replacement, but it's rumored to be another magic show." Devlin closed the article by saying, "I think a part of every show-business person still wants to play Vegas… Our heroes work here, and when you idolize someone, you want to be where they are." To read the Jul. 13 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Succeeding in Vegas is tricky" click: HERE.(7/14)

David Copperfield's appearance on Conan O'Brien's show on Jul. 10 turned dangerous when O'Brien accidentally spanked Copperfield with the wrong side of a spanker paddle that was rigged with gunpowder and ignited Copperfield's clothes, burning a gaping hole through his sweater, jeans, underwear and skin. Copperfield's publicist, Phil Lobel, reported that, "Apologizing profusely, Conan offered to replace the outfit and take care of any expenses. When Copperfield, who is a huge fan of Conan's told him, 'Sure, that was a three-thousand dollar Italian Cashmere sweater.' …After the show, Conan made amends by giving Copperfield a $20 gift certificate to the Gap." You can catch a rerun of the show this week on the Comedy Channel. For TV listings click: HERE.(7/14)

Marc SalemMarc Salem is featured in a Montreal Gazette article that reported, "The mentalist is an expert in non-verbal communication and he's coming to the Centaur Theatre July 9 for 13 performances over 11 days of his one-man show Mind Games." The article also reported on some upcoming projects, "Salem is working on a 13-episode television series about the mind for Britain's Thames Television. His book Mind Tools (Simon & Schuster) will be out in December, 2003." To read the Jul. 5 article by Kathryn Greenaway titled "Marc Salem is watching you" click: HERE.(7/14)

David Merry presents his hysterical one-man show "Don't Panic" at the Comedy Nest in Montreal, Quebec on July 15-19 with one or two shows per night. Admission is $10-$12 per person.(7/14)

Joe Monti, Oscar Muñoz, Handsome Jack, Joycee Beck, Paul Green, Danny McKinnon, Cheri Soleil, and Chris Mitchell appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jul. 14-20. Patti Sinclair lectures on Sunday Jul. 20.(7/14)

Pat Hazell's new play "Bunk Bed Brothers" is featured in a Times-Picayune article that reported, "Hazell began (as many comics do) as a magician (card tricks figure into 'Bunk Bed Brothers') and there's more than a bit of the vaudevillian in him. He seems unwilling to give up material that he thinks might still have something in it." The show runs at Le Chat Noir in New Orleans through Aug. 16. To read the Jul. 12 article by David Cuthbert titled "Sibling revelry" click: HERE.(7/14)

Steve Ryder's magic camp at the Monroe County Community College is featured in the Monroe Evening News where they reported, "Mr. Ryder, known to his students as 'Magic Steve,' has performed nearly 6,000 shows. Though he's been cast as an extra in several movies, he works full time as a professional magician." To read the Jul. 11 article by Erica Pluff titled "Camp shows kids they have the magic touch" click: HERE.(7/14)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,968 Tuesday - July 15, 2003-
Darren RomeoDarren Romeo who is appearing at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is featured in a St. Petersburg Times article that reported, "Destiny has done all it can for him for now. Siegfried and Roy are sending him out into the world, to find some fans. Maybe they will bring him back to the Mirage some day. Maybe they will bequeath their slot to him when they retire. 'That's up to them,' Romeo says." To read the Jul. 14 article by Kelley Benham titled "The lucky, cheesy life of Darren Romeo" click: HERE.(7/15)

Before the 22nd annual FISM 2003 convention begins there are many countries vying to host the 2006 convention. In the running are: The Magic Club of Vienna (, The Swedish Magic Circle (, and there are plans to bring it to France. There may be others that we are not aware of but the decision and announcement will be made by July 26.(7/15)

Marc Salem's show is reviewed in The Montreal Gazette where they reported, "Mentalist Marc Salem's fantastic Mind Games show had the audience gaping in disbelief on opening night." The review continued, "Marc Salem's Mind Games show at the Centaur Theatre (part of the Just for Laughs comedy festival) is nothing less than mind-boggling - a triumph of lightning-fast banter, incredible audience rapport and mind games that leave folks gaping and asking, 'How the hell did he know that?'" To read the Jul. 11 review by Anne Sutherland titled "He gets inside your head" click: HERE.(7/15)

SideshowHarry and Elizabeth Anderson's new store, "Sideshow," opened on Monday Jul. 14 in New Orleans where Harry was working the counter. Jon Racherbaumer attended the grand opening and sent us some exclusive photos that have been added to the July 4 MagicTimes feature. To read the story and view the opening day photos click: HERE.(7/15)

Michael Bairefoot who won the 'Magic Idol' competition at the IBM convention is featured in a Sun News article that recounts his career as a magician and quotes Ron Conley, "…the accolade from the brotherhood is a testament to Bairefoot's work ethic and determination. 'He's kept at it,' he said. 'I don't think he'll ever do anything but magic.'" To read the Jul. 14 article by Kent Kimes titled "Voila! America's 'Magic Idol' a Strand performer" click: HERE.(7/15)

David Copperfield's appearance on the TV show Extra is covered on their website where they report, "Now only 'Extra' takes you behind the mystery and inside his Manhattan home to see some of the master magician's tricks and treasures." To read the Jul. 14 article click: HERE.(7/15)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,969 Wednesday - July 16, 2003-
Mike Super is featured in a Daytona Beach News-Journal article that reported, "From levitation to standing ovation, the 27-year-old magician from Pittsburgh wooed, ooed and aahed a crowd of about 200 at the city's Performing Arts Center with his distinctive mix of illusion and Jerry Seinfeld-like humor." To read the Jul. 15 article by Ray Weiss titled "A 'different' kind of magic" click: HERE.(7/16)

Dirk ArthurDirk Arthur whose show at the Silverton in Las Vegas closed last week is featured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal that looks at his options. The article also reported that "By midday Monday, Arthur still had not signed a deal with a new property, and did not want to announce the new location until it is official. But he did say his show will most likely end up downtown, which makes the Lady Luck the most likely candidate." The article also mentioned that David Saxe's "V -- The Ultimate Variety Show" that opened in Atlantic City on Jul. 3 features Jeff Hobson and Russ Merlin. To read the Jul. 15 article by Mike Weatherford titled "Magician looking toward downtown" click: HERE.(7/16)

Joe M. Turner will be presenting his show, "Main Street Magic," on Thursday Jul. 17 at 7:30pm at the First Baptist Church of Tucker Ministry Center on Main Street in Tucker, Georgia. Turner explained that, "Main Street Magic was produced to give our community's families a fun night to enjoy together." For more information phone: 770-938-1688.(7/16)

Leading Formula One racecar driver Fernando Alonso who will be competing at the British Grand Prix this weekend talks about his passion for magic in a Sun article. Alonso is quoted, "I've been fascinated by magicians all my life and used to be glued to the TV whenever one was on a show… My parents bought me a magician's kit at a very early age and I’ve just progressed from there… I still work on different tricks." To read the Jul. 15 article by Stan Piecha titled "Fernando's just magic" click: HERE.(7/16)
--A related article titled "Alonso Casts Spell On Formula One" appeared in Home of F1 on Jul. 15. To read the article click: HERE.(7/16)

VIRGINIA/D.C.: Ryan Swigert will be lecturing on Thursday Jul. 17 at the Divine Magic Shop in Richmond, VA and at Al's Magic Shop in Washington D.C. on Friday Jul. 18.(7/16)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,970 Thursday - July 17, 2003-
Las Vegas LifeJimmy Grippo is featured in the July issue of Las Vegas Life where he is described as, "Grippo arrived as a man of mythical proportions--his life a phantasmagoria of fact and fiction, candor and mystery, connections and secrets. He was, for sure, a master prestidigitator, an incomparable manipulator of coins and cards who had astonished the likes of Ike, JFK and Churchill." Lance Burton described Grippo's magic as, "He was kind of like a jazz musician… He could improvise, make it up as he goes. He knew so much magic and had so many tools to draw from, that he could perform and take advantage of the situation and improvise," Also mentioned in the article are Gary Darwin, Daniel Cros, Johnny Thompson, Lance Burton, Siegfried & Roy and Johnny Paul. To read an excerpt of the article by Christopher Hagen titled "Grippo the Great" click: HERE.(7/17)

William Lindsay Gresham who wrote "Nightmare Alley" is featured in the July/August issue of The Skeptical Inquirer where the article makes many references to magic, magicians and especially Houdini and The Amazing Randi. The article reported, "Because Gresham was also an amateur magician, student of the occult, and the author of other fine books (including one of the earliest Houdini biographies and a mesmerizing book on the history and workings of the sideshow), I was quite interested in learning more about him and his dealings with magic and the paranormal." To read the Jul. 1 article by Massimo Polidoro titled "Blind alley: The sad and 'geeky' life of William Lindsay Gresham" supplied by Infoseek click: HERE.(7/17)

Adam Grace and Obediah Thomas join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Jul. 17 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(7/17)

Australian firefighter and magician Tom Hoppner is featured in a Frankston Journal article that reported, "After giving school fire safety talks and learning the art of magic for the past eight years, Mr Hoppner said joining the two skills together was a natural progression. …It took him six months to develop the show. 'Everything in the show is geared to a fire safety message,' he said." To read the Jul. 16 article titled "Tom fires up his strong safety message with magical touch" click: HERE.(7/17)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,971 Friday - July 18, 2003-
Jeff McBride, Rick Thomas, Victor & Diamond and Bill Smith join Lance Burton in "Lance Burton & Friends" is a special benefit show for the Zelzah Shrine Temple that will be held on Sunday Jul. 20 at 6pm at the Lance Burton Theatre at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. Tickets are $20-$22.50 per person and are available by phoning: 702-382-5544.(7/18)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield begins his summer tour of "An Intimate Evening Of Grand Illusion" on Friday Jul. 18-19 at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, FL. The rest of the month Copperfield will appear at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre in Orlando, FL (Jul. 20), Curtis M. Phillips Ctr. for Perf. Arts in Gainesville, FL (21), Broward Center for the Perf. Arts Au Rene in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (23-25), Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, GA (26-27), and the Beau Rivage, in Biloxi, MS (Jul. 29-Aug. 3).(7/18)

Tom Durnin, Jamy Ian Swiss, Rocco, Todd Robbins, Justin Style, Andy Roberts, and R.J. Lewis headline at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 21 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(7/18)

A fourth possible sponsor for FISM 2006 is in the running. The Scandinavian Magic Circles have already created a website for the event ( and are pushing for Stockholm as the city of choice. We have already listed the first three possible sponsors on Jul. 15.(7/18)

Uri Geller has added a new piece to his repertoire. A South Devon Herald Express article reported that, "The world famous psychic stunned his audience by bending spoons, and lifting a 14 stone man with just the finger-tip help of three inmates at Channings Wood jail." Geller also "…insisted that he was not a magician or a miracle worker. And he confessed that in the 1970s when he was the most famous man in the world, he had been on 'a massive ego trip, when all I cared about was money, fame and fortune.'" To read the Jul. 17 article by Richard Davies titled "Geller Stuns Prisoners With Finger Tip Lift Of Man" click: HERE.(7/18)

Justin Style performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Jul. 19 at 2pm and 4pm.(7/18)

Irwin RoyesIrwin Royes who is known as the "World's Smallest Magician" is featured in a Times-Picayune article that reported, "Royes became fascinated with sleight-of-hand techniques and the adroit ways the hands could be used to entertain people. Even though he studied commercial art at Delgado Community College, Royes said he always knew that he wanted to be a magician and entertainer." To read the Jul. 17 article by Earl Hodges titled "A Little Bit Of Magic" click: HERE.(7/18)

Bob Infantino appears, in an acting roll, in "American Dating Catastophes" on Jul. 21-23 at 8pm at The Brokerage (Merrick Rd.) in Bellmore, NY. For more information and reservations phone: 516-785-9349.(7/18)

Kent Cummins who is the director at The Magic Camp in Austin, Texas is quoted on a News 8 Austin story about the power of magic on young people, "When kids learn how to get up in front of a group and do a magic trick it makes it a lot easier to get in front of the class and do a book report." To read the Jul. 17 transcript by Erin Ochoa titled "Tricks up their sleeves" click: HERE.(7/18)

PRESS RELEASE: Fantasma Magic Demonstrators Wanted!

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