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Archives: Week Of July 7-13, 2003
-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,962 Monday - July 7, 2003-
Society Of American MagiciansThe 75th Annual Society Of American Magicians National Convention takes place on Jul. 7-10 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Featured performers include Alan Ackerman, Stan Allen, Frank Brents, Nathan Burton & Sarah, Chris Capehart, Ellis & Webster, Dick Franco, Mat Franco, Hikari Furuyama, Joseph Gabriel, Gamesters, Goldfinger & Dove, Paige Grosenheider, Paul Green, Joel Howlett, Phelston Jones, Tomo Maeda, Jeff McBride, Billy McComb, Kenrick "Ice" McDonald, Eli Portala, Mandy Reed, George Schindler, Terry Seabrooke, Farrah Siegel, Bob Steiner, Larry Wilson, and Frank Zak. For more information click: HERE.(7/7)

Misty Lee's show at the Upstage Theater in Detroit on Jun. 21 is profiled in a South End article that quoted her, "I built the show around a trailer full of magician's props… It wasn't the show I wrote originally, but it's evolved into the one it is today, and will probably continue to be tweaked from performance to performance." The article also reported that, "Misty Lee combines magic, music and comedy to create a spectacular production for audiences of all ages." To read the Jul. 4 article by Wendy Clem titled "'Mistyfying' show debuts" click: HERE.(7/7)

Tom Mullica will be presenting his Red Skelton Tribute show in Canada and Indiana this week. You can catch it at the Hiawatha Racetrack in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada on Jul. 7 at 2 and 6:30pm (519-747-0009), and at the Good Time Theater at Bearcreek Farms in Bryant, Indiana on Jul. 8 at 2pm and 7:30pm (260-997-6823).(7/7)

Samrat Shankar's blindfold drive on a motorcycle through the streets of Chandigarh, India is reported in a Chandigarh Tribune article, "During his 'melodramatic ride' he shook hands with residents and even demonstrated some of the magical tricks to the crowd. He stopped at Divya Yog Mandir in Sector 30 for a few minutes and again started the 'incredible ride'. The ride culminated in Sector 17. As he parked the bike, the spectators rushed forward with garlands and flowers in their hands." To read the Jul. 4 article titled "Blindfolded Shankar leaves residents awestruck" click: HERE.(7/7)
--Samrat Shankar is also planning to open a magic academy. To read the Jul. 4 article by Monica Sharma titled "Magician plans to set up academy" click: HERE.(7/7)

Amos Levkovitch, Steven Youell, Richard Forget, Danny Cole, Woody Pittman, Jim Blantz, Jon Armstrong, James Warren, and Randall Kappe appear at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles on Jul. 7-13. Oscar Muñoz lectures on Sunday Jul. 13.(7/7)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,963 Tuesday - July 8, 2003-
Ray-Mond M. Corbin (September 29, 1916-July 4, 2003) who was a past national president of the Society Of American Magicians died Friday at the age of 86. Visitations are scheduled for Jul. 10 (7-9pm), Jul. 11 (2-4pm and 7-9pm) at the Fletcher Funeral Home (254 E. Main Street), Westminster, MD (800-722-2477). A broken wand ceremony by the SAM will be held at the Carroll Arts Center (91 West Main Street) in Westminster on Saturday Jul. 12 at 8pm. A Baltimore Sun obituary recounted his life as a magician highlighting the many peaks in his career. To read the Jul. 8 obituary by Frederick N. Rasmussen and Jennifer McMenamin titled "Magician Ray-Mond Corbin dies at age 86" click: HERE.(7/8)

The International Brotherhood of MagiciansChase Curtis won the coveted "Gold Cups International Award Of Excellence" at the IBM convention that took place on Jul. 1-5 in Kansas City, MO. Other winners in the Close-Up division included Adult Close-Up Competition: Pattrick Przysiecki (1st Place), Jon Born (2nd Place). Junior Close-Up Competition: Chase Curtis (1st Place), Kelvin Kwong (2nd Place). The gold medal for stage was not given out this year but the winners in the stage division were Adult Stage Competition: Mirko Callaci (1st Place), Yijia Hong (2nd Place). Junior Stage Competition: Matthew Stanley (1st Place), Shayna Reed (2nd Place).(7/8)

Tim Scarbrough who performs as Lyndel discusses family entertainment in a News Chief article that reported, "Scarbrough expects to play a soda jerk and mentor to junior detectives in a movie called 'Crimebusters' now in pre-production at Universal Studios Orlando with Winslow and Ernest Borgnine. The kids use magic to help solve crimes, Scarbrough said." To read the Jul. 8 article by Steven N. Levine titled "Magician takes pride in conjuring up a clean act" click: HERE.(7/8)

Steve Crawford who performed at the Hulbert Public Library is featured in a Tahlequah Daily Press article that related, "Crawford, originally of Ponca City, entertained his audience of young readers in the new Hulbert Senior Citizens Center, pulling off trick after trick while incorporating important messages about reading and learning." To read the Jul. 7 article by April Stone titled "Magician visits Hulbert" click: HERE.(7/8)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,964 Wednesday - July 9, 2003-
Marc SalemMarc Salem presents his Mind Games show as part of the Montreal Comedy Festival on Jul. 9-20 at the Centaur Theatre (453 Saint-Francois-Xavier St.) in Montreal, Canada. The show is being described as "A funny and breathtaking display of mind-reading, mirth and mystery. He doesn't bend spoons, saw women in half or communicate with the dead, but he does read thoughts and identify hidden objects as he takes his audience on a captivating excursion into the possibilities of the human mind that is hilarious, astounding and completely mystifying." Tickets are $29.50 per person and are available by clicking: HERE.(7/9)

The Society Of American Magicians annual convention is featured in a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that quotes George Schindler, "Magic lets people briefly live the dream that says a 13-year-old boy can enroll in a school for wizards, fly a car across a field or hold a conversation with an owl." Also mentioned and quoted in the article are Dirk Losander, George Kovari, Mac King, and Victor & Diamond. To read the Jul. 8 article by Richard Lake titled "Magic World" click: HERE.(7/9)

Andrew Goldenhersh and Zach Dubnoff join David Groves in "Magic In The Burbs" on Thursday Jul. 10 at 7:30pm at the Home Brew Coffee Company, (661 W. Arrow Hwy.) in San Dimas, California. Admission is $5 plus a one-drink minimum per person. For reservations and information phone: 909-394-1964.(7/9)

Danny Ray is featured in a Redlands Daily Facts article that refers to him as, "The magician who heads up the new Yucaipa-based company Upright Illusions, Ray combines a pastor's love of God with a magician's love of illusions that inspire wonder in people of all ages." Ray explained, "Unlike many forms of art, there are almost no barriers to enjoying magic… You either like country music or you don't, but you can enjoy magic if you're 82 years old or 5 years old." To read the Jul. 8 articleby Anderea Feathers titled "Magic with a mission" click: HERE.(7/9)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,965 Thursday - July 10, 2003-
Tony Eng is featured in a Sooke News Mirror article that coincides with his appearance at the SEAPARC Family Festival on Jul. 20. The article reported, "Eng said he loves to interact with the audience and the Chinese-Canadian always tries to involve them in his act, which includes magic in both East and West traditions. The magician, who is assisted on stage by his wife Ann, has been featured on a variety of television shows and is a favourite at conventions, trade shows and conferences." To read the Jul. 9 article by Robin Wark titled "Eng brings magic touch to festival" click: HERE.(7/10)

David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield who was scheduled to appear on the Friday episode of the Conan O'Brien show has been rescheduled to appear one day earlier. Copperfield will be the lead guest on the Thursday show that airs in the East Coast on Friday Jul. 11 at 12:35am on NBC-TV.(7/10)

Austrian magician Harry Lucas' sealed prediction of the total contributions for a "Feel the Flow - Charity, Arts & Fun" will be revealed on Jul. 11. On Jun. 27 Lucas made a prediction that was sealed and notarized where he predicted the total that will be donated to the charity. The fundraiser is to help abused children.(7/10)

Mike Super is quoted in a News Journal article, "When I was a kid I'd watch magic and the magician would make his assistant float… I vividly remember saying, 'If you could really do it, why wouldn't you just get someone from the audience?' …My entire show is 100 percent audience participatory -- I mean 100 percent. We really make an audience member disappear for three and a half minutes, and we make an audience member levitate 4 1/2 feet off the ground." To read the Jul. 10 article by Rick de Yampert titled "Fun, magic boost festival youth appeal" click: HERE.(7/10)

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-VOLUME: 67 / ISSUE: 1,966 Friday - July 11, 2003-
Society Of American MagiciansMirko Callaci  from Argentina sweeps all the stage awards at the annual Society Of American Magicians convention in Las Vegas on Jul. 6-10. Callaci won the stage competition, the Brad Jacobs' People's Choice award, a trip to Japan, the rarely given Originality Award, the Gold Medal Of Honor and around $2,500. Mike Douglas won second place in the stage competition. The Junior Stage winner was Kyle Scheel. In the senior close-up division Patrick Przysiecki won first place and a silver medal and Sheldon Casauant took second place. Brian Ochab received the Brad Jacobs' People's Choice award for the Close-Up division. In addition to the contest winners there were many other winners: Darcy Oake (S.A.M. Incentive Award), Derek Selinger (Mystic Craig Award for Professional Promise), Sheldon Casauant (Genii Close-Up Award), Jayson Morrison (Genii Stage Award), and Matthew McArthur (A trip to perform in Alaska). Most of the above awards also included cash prizes with the trophies, plaques and medals.(7/11)

Torkova, Throwdini, Jeff Moche, Jamy Ian Swiss, Michael Chaut, Asi Wind, and David Condon headline at Monday Night Magic on Jul. 14 at 8pm in NYC. For tickets phone Ticketmaster at: 212-307-4100. For more information click: HERE.(7/11)

Marc De Souza performs for Fantasma Toys at FAO Schwarz (58th Street and 5th Avenue) in New York City on Saturday Jul. 12 at 2pm and 4pm.(7/11)

The Houdini Days festival continues to get press. A WBAY-TV report stated that "Cochrane is an organizer of what promises to turn Appleton into a magician's paradise with free shows by top acts around the country, including Mark Wilson, Rondini, and Sylvester the Jester." To read the Jul. 10 report by Lisa Manna titled "Houdini Days Festival Promises to be Magical" click: HERE.(7/11)

VIRGINIA: Ryan Swigert presents his Hit & Run Lecture on Monday, Jul. 14 at 7pm for IBM Ring 320 at the Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center in Staunton. For more information phone: 540-255-2525.(7/11)

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